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3 Tips to Make Money With Blogging

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Are you passionate about writing? Do you find it relaxing to write down your feelings along with a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite tea after a hectic day? Is your favorite childhood memory owning a diary and writing down who you had a crush on back then? 

If so, the chances are you do already own a blog, or you are the perfect candidate to start one!

Regardless of whether you own one or you simply have the potential to have so, owning a blog can be so much more than a hobby and a place where you can talk about your exciting road trips, delicious food recipes, or about documenting your life experiences.

It can be *drum rolls, please* a way to make money of it!

Yes, you’ve read well, your passion for writing can be a great alternative to adding additional source of income or either make money with blogging from which you can live a comfortable life.  

Once you’ve let that sink in, you can move onto reading our top tips on how to get paid for blogging.

Our first tip which will probably surprise you is to:

Tips to Make Money With Blogging

Abandon Advertising

Abandon advertising? What are we talking about?

You don’t even have to be a blogger to know that placing advertisements on your blog page is one of the simplest and most common ways to make money and chances are if you own a blog too, you’ve been probably tempted to place adds too.

Surely, money earned overnight sounds amazing enough, but don’t be fooled by it. As surprising this might sound to you, avoid the entire advertising strategy, especially if you consider yourself a serious blogger and you want to make for a living out of it.

Wondering why?

First and foremost, besides being the most popular way to earn money in the area of blogging, ads are also the slowest and most painstaking path to monetization. Most of the times, the ads on your blog will be placed through the Google AdSense program, which based on numerous factors will choose ads relevant to your content. 

The most popular type of add is the Cost per Click (pay per click) one, and it functions by paying you, for example, $0, 50 per a single click. In translation, this means that you will have to have thousands and thousands of visitors daily, which will click these ads, which will ultimately bring you money.

On top of this, if you are passionate about writing, and it is truly your hobby, you surely put a lot of effort into creating the content. However, bottom line, all the effort goes to waste because the advertising on your page will distract the readers from the actual content you’ve created for them. Besides this, the blog ads definitely undermine your blog’s goals. With their bright and blinking settings, ads are literally annoying as hell and will devalue your website.

This sucks right? We know.

However, instead of selling your readers for cents and losing your reputation in the blogger’s world, there are alternative creative ways to make money from blogging. Once you create a bond with your readers, wisely use it to sell something you’ve built yourself.

Sell Services

working on affiliate marketing

Not only does your text need to be keyword-rich, but it also needs to make sense, too. Sprinkling in keywords haphazardly, known as keyword stuffing, can get you in trouble with Google. Therefore, find your keyword phrases and build content around them. Make sure they appear in the title and first paragraph of the blog. 

Additionally, ensure the blog is grammatically correct, well-organized, easy to understand, and completely original; copying content is not going to do anything for you. Always proofread and make titles succinct, somewhere between 25-80 characters.

Sell your services on

Sell Products

sell products online

Other than selling services, if you are wondering how to make money with a blog for beginners, you can also create a product according to your audience’s needs such as e-books, membership sites (create communities which will have premium access to content, weekly classes, printable materials, or tutorials), books, t-shirts with your niche, all sorts of prints and accessories.

Truly take the time to do a profound research and based on your readers and their needs create a product which will sell like crazy. Don’t be scared to be unique, creative, and most importantly, true to yourself when inventing new things.

Sell products on

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have the will or simply lack of time to create a product or invent a service to sell yet you are willing to know how to start a blog and make money, you can always focus on selling someone else’s products. 

This is professionally called affiliate marketing; nevertheless, of its name, you can act as an affiliate and promote/sell products in an honest and trustworthy way. This process will be much easier if you choose products or services which you truly believe in and find useful. 

Trust us when we say, the last thing you want to lose is your reputation by promoting low-quality products simply because you need the money. Affiliate marketing is as simple as placing a link that leads to another website where your reader may purchase a certain product or sign up for a service. 

In return, you will get a commission of the sale. Don’t forget that the key component in such marketing is to provide your readers with true value. This means to promote products you’ve personally evaluated and truly believe it would benefit your readers.

Amazon Associates is the most prominent affiliate program up to this date. 

amazon associates home page


We know that everything we’ve mentioned besides our top three tips on how to make money out of blogging might sound overwhelming and all, but there is no need to worry. One step at a time, you will reach your goals and your “destination.” Blogging is not a plain writing “thing.” Instead, it can be as complex and delicate as any other job, and the road to consistent high wage from it can be difficult and paved with challenges on a daily basis.

However, don’t forget why you started doing this in the first place. Don’t forget that you are passionate about it! And lastly, aim always to deliver valuable content that you are proud of. This is indeed the key component to having a shot at making your dream lifestyle a reality!

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