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Juan Herrera


Juan is the owner and administrator here at CleverSequence. As a WordPress expert and digital marketer, he created CleverSequence to share his knowledge and experience with people around the world.

He spent years making successful WordPress sites as a freelancer for clients in industries where marketing is crucial, like Real Estate. Of course, he still remembers what it feels like to be a beginner in the wonderful world of WordPress and online marketing, from making his first blog, to using his first plugin, to making his first amazing site!

Between his years of digital marketing and plugin expertise, his mission here is simple: deliver easy-to-follow tutorials starting from square one without assuming any experience level in the industry and to drop unbiased, honest reviews of services to help you make an informed purchase without those annoying sales tactics!

That’s why he made a strict policy for articles and tutorials: no fluff, just the good stuff! Tutorials are designed to help you down the road of marketing and development in minutes, not just thinly veiled promos!

As a pioneer of the ethical tutorial and review industry, Juan hopes that you’ll enjoy your stay and learn a lot!

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