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Juan Herrera


As a tech enthusiast, Juan created cleversequence.com to share his knowledge and experience with people around the world. His mission here is simple: deliver easy-to-follow, and step-by-step guides with self-explanatory illustrations starting from square one without assuming any experience. The tutorials are designed to help navigate common roadblocks people encounter with email platforms, social media, mobile apps, IT, and business software.


Kristina Manipon


Kristina has several years of writing and editing experience from a variety of freelance jobs. Her favorite odd jobs are the ones where she helps her clients get into their dream schools and dream jobs. Nothing is more satisfying to her than knowing she has successfully facilitated a person’s thoughts into words as authentically as possible. (And that goes for all the jobs she has taken!)

Jan Mráz

UX/UI Designer
Jan is a UX-design freelancer and design lead at Atheros Intelligence. He has a rich experience in the creative IT industry, education in business administration, and management from the University of Economics Prague. Contact Jan to talk about your next project.

Redona-Dida-UX Designer

Redona Dida

UX Designer Strategist
Redona is a UX/UI Designer. She has 11 years of international experience in the digital and creative industries. With her designs, she helps people and companies to achieve their goals.


Jimena Pes


Jimena has more than 12 years of experience writing on a wide range of tech topics. She also lives in a 100-year-old house, which has given her hands-on experience when it comes to improving and fixing things to make her space more inviting and functional. In her free time, she enjoys watching her sons play sports, reading, writing and watching documentaries.

Kai UX Designer

Kajetan Iżycki

Kajetan (ca-yeah-tan) is a User Experience/User Interface Designer, psychologist and a cycling addict. He helps businesses in creating useful, user-friendly and enjoyable apps and websites. Shortly speaking - digital products. Kajetan will be glad to talk about you next project!

Vandan Designer

Vandana Thota

I’m a passionate UI/UX Designer from India. I help businesses achieve their strategic goals in the long run through digital design (web/app). Feel free to contact me to build your vision.


Shir Zalzberg

UX Designer
Shir is a senior product designer at Salesforce and the founder of Startup Designers, a design community with over 9K members. Shir teaches in the B.des program at the Holon Institute of Technology and is currently an MBA candidate at IE business school.


Kalie Michelle

Designer | Web Developer
Kalie is the owner and founder of Kalie Michelle Creative. Specializing in working one-on-one with business owners, to help create beautifully crafted, strategic websites. Her love for helping others stems from her years of working in the medical industry. This is where she ultimately discovered her creative talents, excitement for technology, and aspirations for helping others level up their businesses. Get in touch with Kalie to talk about your next project.

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