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Everyone loves Amazon! You can purchase clothing, furniture, home goods, electronics, and more from this e-commerce website.

You can also sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription, giving you access to free two-day shipping to receive your products faster. With either type of Amazon account, you must provide your contact and financial details to make a purchase.

You risk having your Amazon account locked for suspicious activity if any of your information is wrong. Thankfully, in most cases, you can get access to your Amazon back. Learn about why Amazon locked your account and how to regain access to it by reading the guide below.

Amazon Closed My Account for Returns. Now What?

You will find your Amazon account locked for suspicious activity because of too many returns. This situation can happen if you are a relatively new customer.

There are additional reasons why Amazon may close your account. You can attempt to regain access to your profile, no matter the cause of the lockdown.

Why Did Amazon Close Your Account?

This article focuses on when an Amazon account is locked after order returns. Amazon will shut your profile down, especially if you are relatively new.

There are additional reasons you may find your Amazon account locked. Learn more about the other causes in the list below.

  • You make too many purchases as a new customer.
  • Your card information does not match your billing address.
  • You entered your card number wrong.
  • You made extremely expensive purchases as a new Amazon customer.
  • You provided false information on your Amazon account.
  • You use too many credit or gift cards on your account.
  • You used a VPN or proxy server when shopping at Amazon.

When Will Your Amazon Account Get Banned for Returns

You can avoid getting your Amazon account locked after order returns by learning when a ban may happen.

Amazon does not give a number of returns they allow a single customer to make. If you have a new profile, you need to keep it on the down-low. Do not return every product you purchase.

Most individuals recommend that you keep your return rate under 10%. This recommendation means that you only send back one in every ten purchases.

Amazon's Policy Warning Refund Letter

Amazon will send a return warning letter before your Amazon account is locked for suspicious activity. You must take this document seriously to avoid a hold on your profile.

If you start to return too many products, you will receive a warning letter in your email. Open it, read the details of the terms, and avoid returning another order for a while.

How to Reply to the Warning Refund Letter

You can reply to the Amazon warning refund letter to start learning how to recover a locked Amazon account. Provide detailed reasons for why you sent back the purchases. Provide pictures of the damage to your products.

How Many are Too Many?

As mentioned, Amazon does not give an exact number of returns you can make before you receive a return warning letter. As a new customer, you will likely receive the notice sooner.

You can avoid needing an Amazon account on hold solution by returning only 10% of your orders. Amazon will not find you suspicious if you do not have as many returns.

How to Open an Amazon Account After Suspension

There are several methods you can use to learn how to unlock your Amazon account. You can use a third-party company or go through the appeals process. You can also contact Amazon directly to find more details.

Contact Amazon

There are three primary methods you can use to contact Amazon to learn how to recover a locked Amazon account. Talk to the company through live chat, email, or phone.


Before you email Amazon, look for any from the company in your inbox. These messages may detail why your account got locked. You can reply directly to an email you received.

There are specific steps you can follow with Amazon account locked suspicious activity no email. Learn more with the steps below.

  1. Go to and click on “Need Help?”
  2. Press “Other Issues with Sign in.”
  3. Click “Account & Login Issues.”
  4. Press “I Cannot Sign into My Account.”
  5. Write an email about your locked account and ask for it back. Wait for a response with further steps.


You can also contact Amazon to learn how to unlock your Amazon account. Dial (206)-266-2992 if you are in the United States. If you are in another country, call 1-888-230-4331.

Provide your account number, receipts, and shipping address for verification. The customer service agent may also ask for your billing information and bank statement.

Live Chat

Finally, you can try to live chat with Amazon to reinstate your account. The steps below will help you get in touch with these customer service agents.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the “Contact Us” option.
  3. Press “Start Chatting Now.”
  4. Write a message about your account getting locked.
  5. Provide documentation to prove your identity.

Go Through the Appeal Process

Go through the Amazon appeal process if you find your Amazon account locked after the order returns. You will receive the steps in your email after contacting the company, or you can use the steps below.

  1. Click on your “Account” page after logging into
  2. Press the “Account Health” page.
  3. Click “Reactivate Account.”
  4. Follow the instructions and provide the necessary documentation to finalize the appeal.
  5. Press “Submit.”

What if the Appeal Did Not Come Out in Your Favor?

There is a chance that the appeal will not work out in your favor. There are different tips you can follow if you are a seller or a customer.

If You are a Seller

If you are a seller, you can buy another account. You can purchase one that aged. Consider starting your business from scratch.

If You are a Customer

As a customer, you will have to submit another appeal if you find your Amazon account locked for suspicious activity. The repeal may take longer than the initial review.

Companies Who Claim They Can Get Amazon Suspensions Lifted

Finally, some companies claim they can help you get your account suspension lifted. Do not fall prey to any scams when in this process.

Do Your Research

Research a company before sending them your personal information. You could lose money or your identity if an untrustworthy person gets access to your personal or banking details.

How Long Does It Take to Reinstate an Amazon Account?

You may wonder how long does it take to unlock your Amazon account? It depends on the severity of your hold.

Some minor violations only take a couple of hours to resolve. A customer service agent can review your verification documents, ensuring they match the information on your account.

If the suspension is more serious, reinstatement could take a few days. One of the more serious offenses Amazon has to deal with is someone impersonating you on a profile.


Why Did Amazon Lock My Account for Suspicious Activity?

If you find your Amazon account locked for suspicious activity, you may wonder why. Amazon could think you are fraudulent if you order multiple items with a new account.

Amazon could also lock your account if you have multiple returns or cards on your account. Finally, the company does not appreciate customers who provide false information or use proxy servers.

Does Amazon Send Emails Saying Your Account is Locked?

You will find an Amazon account locked for suspicious activity and no email. If you receive one of these messages, it is likely a scam.

Scammers want you to press the link in the email they send you. If you go to the website, they have the chance to steal all of your information. Do not fall for these scams!

How Long Does Amazon Hold Your Account?

Amazon will send an email saying, “Your Amazon account is temporarily on hold.” The hold blocks you from accessing your account for security reasons.

Amazon will keep the hold in place for as long as it takes a customer service agent to review your profile. They have to rectify suspicious billing information or mistakes put in your details.

You can contact Amazon customer service through email, phone, or live chat to find an Amazon account on hold solution. Provide them with any documents and details you need to verify your account. Soon, you will have access to your Amazon again!

What to Do After Amazon Closes Your Account for Returns

This article helped you with knowing why your Amazon account locked suspicious activity. In most cases, it is a resolvable concern.

Your account likely got locked because you are a new customer. You cannot make too many purchases or returns when signing up with the company. Amazon will immediately flag your account for suspicious activity.

There are specific steps you can follow to try to reinstate your account. Contact Amazon first by using their email, phone, or live chat features.

Provide details about why you believe your account got locked, especially if you got an email from Amazon. Submit any verification documents that can prove you are who you say.

You can also start a formal appeal process with Amazon. You will not automatically get your account back, but it is worth the try!

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