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Cryptocurrency is one of the best investments you can make in modern times. Companies like Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to grow, meaning you could eventually make a massive profit.

You may want to determine if a cryptocurrency is worth investing in before purchasing it. If you bought your investments, you might want to know when it is the right time to sell. A crypto calculator can help in tremendous ways.

Find the best crypto profit calculator for your needs in the guide below. Continue reading to learn about some of the best browser and mobile app options.

How to Use a Crypto Profit Calculator coinbase profit calculator

Best Cryptocurrency Calculator | Best App, Websites, & Tools

Best Website Calculators best crypto profit calculator

This step-by-step guide will help you learn about the best crypto profit calculator. This type of product can help you keep track of the gains and losses you achieve through your investments in digital currency.

What is a Crypto Calculator?

A Bitcoin or Coinbase profit calculator helps you understand the profits and losses associated with your investments. It will not work for any stock, but you can monitor the money you put into digital currency businesses.

You will learn how to convert fiat currency to crypto to be much simpler when using one of these calculators. Determine if the price of the crypto is worth your investment. You can also convert the cryptocurrency back to fiat if you decide to sell.

You can also use a calculator to convert one crypto to another. If you invest in Bitcoin, you can transfer your funds to Ethereum. You must follow the latest trends to determine a good time for trading your crypto.

How to Calculate Crypto Profit Percentage

How to Calculate Crypto Profit Percentage best crypto profit calculator

When you start investing in cryptocurrency, you will find that most gains and losses show in percentages. Typically, you want at least a 10% profit on the digital currencies you purchase.

You can learn how to calculate crypto profit percentage using the steps outlined below.

  1. Subtract the selling price of the digital currency by its purchase price.
  2. Divide the result by the purchase price when you bought the cryptocurrency.
  3. Multiple that result by 100.
  4. The result you receive will be a percentage.

You will see a negative percentage if you have more losses than gains.

What is a Crypto Profit Calculator?

A crypto profit calculator helps you determine the current valuation of your investments. It works with any digital currency business, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin.

This type of crypto earning calculator helps you predict the profits and losses you may experience from an investment. You must consider current exchange rates, buying prices, and selling profits.

Some of these calculators let you determine your profits and losses automatically. They will work within an Application Programming Interface, or API, to help you learn if you should invest.

How to Use a Crypto Profit Calculator

The steps below will help you get comfortable with a Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Coinbase profit calculator.

  1. Go to the website of a crypto investment calculator. You can also download one of the mobile apps listed below.
  2. Provide the date that you made your purchase or want to buy currencies.
  3. Choose the fiat currency you used to pay for the crypto.
  4. Enter the amount you invested into cryptocurrency.
  5. Provide the title of the cryptocurrency you purchased.
  6. Press “Calculate” to see your potential profit or loss.

These steps are not specific to every crypto earning calculator in this article, but they will provide some insight.

Best Website Calculators

Learn more about the best crypto profit calculator available on the internet in the list below.

Influencer Marketing Hub Crypto Profit Calculator

You may consider the Influencer Marketing Hub option the best crypto profit calculator. You can determine if your investments are worth it when using this simple tool with the below steps.

  1. Provide the purchase date of when you bought your cryptocurrency.
  2. Write how much money you put into the cryptocurrency in the “Amount Invested” field.
  3. Choose the type of crypto you bought in the dropdown menu.
  4. Press “Calculate.”

When using this calculator, you will see the current valuation. It will appear next to the dropdown “Crypto” menu.

NiceHash Profitability Calculator

NiceHash offers a unique tool if you need a Coinbase miner fee calculator. You can manually or automatically enter the data associated with your investments.

The manual calculator lets you input any data. The automatic only works with Windows 64bit users. You can learn to use the manual option by following the steps below.

  1. Click on the “Manual” option once going to the NiceHash profitability calculator website.
  2. Change the type of currency you used to make your investment.
  3. Enter the purchase amount of the investment.
  4. Provide the “El. Costs.”
  5. Use the dropdown menu to select the device you used for the investment and change the quantity.
  6. Press “Calculate.”

You can also use the “Comparison” tab instead of the Coinbase miner fee calculator. This table will help you understand the prices of specific investments and technologies.

Minerstat Profitability Calculator

The Minerstat Profitability Calculator shows a long list of results when determining the worth of your investments. You will see the estimated growth of several cryptocurrencies on the website after following the list below.

  1. Go to the Minerstat website and look for the options on the right side of the screen.
  2. Use the dropdown menu to change the currency of your investments.
  3. Adjust the electricity costs and power offsets.
  4. Determine if you want to see the current, average, or median reward
  5. Press “Save Settings.”

You can get real-time alerts about your investments on Minerstat. Use the checkboxes on the right side of the screen to filter the results.

2Miners 2CryptoCalc

The 2Miners 2CryptoCalc helps is another Coinbase miner fee calculator. It will help you forecast the growth of your investments at the current moment. You can also adjust for the past 24 hours.

The default mining method mentioned on this calculator uses a 300 Nvidia 1070Ti GPU. You can enter information by “Model” or “Hashrate,” and the results will load automatically.

Crypto Gain Loss Calculator

Crypto Gain Loss Calculator coinbase staking calculator

Another type of Coinbase profit calculator you can use shows specific gains and losses. This option works similarly to those tools listed above.

How to Calculate Gain/Loss

Learn how to calculate gain and loss before you can use the best crypto profit calculator. The steps below will help show you the differences you achieved in your investments.

  1. Find the sale price you received when selling your cryptocurrency.
  2. Multiple the sale price by how much you sold.
  3. Subtract the amount you paid for your initial investment.

Website Calculators

Some of the best web options for learning how to calculate cryptocurrency profit with a gain/loss calculator are below. Crypto Profit/Loss Calculator


The Crypto Profit/Loss Calculator lets you calculate the gain/loss margins from your investments. You can use it by following the below information.

  1. Go to on your browser of choice.
  2. Click on “Cryptocurrency Profit/Loss Calculator.”
  3. Press “Select Coin” to choose the cryptocurrency you sold.
  4. Enter how much you invested into the cryptocurrency in the “Investment Amount” field.
  5. Type how much you bought the cryptocurrency for in the “Initial Coin Price” field.
  6. Enter what you sold the cryptocurrency for in the “Selling Coin Price.”
  7. Provide the “Investment Fee” of your holdings.
  8. Look for the “Profit/Loss” in the middle box under the calculator.

WhatToMine Crypto Calculator

The next best crypto profit calculator comes from WhatToMine. This option is one of the most complicated tools listed.

You will see how profitable your investment is compared to other cryptocurrencies. Enter how much you purchased in the boxes at the top of the screen. You can make your calculation by following the below steps.

  1. Enter the initial cost of the currency in the “Cost” field.
  2. Select your quantity in the “Volume Filter” dropdown menu.
  3. Choose the average you want to select.
  4. Select how you want to sort the results.

Crypto Compare Currency Calculator

The CryptoCompare Currency Calculator could be the best crypto profit calculator for your needs. You will know if your numbers are positive or negative as soon as you enter the below details.

  1. Go to the Crypto Compare Currency Calculator on your browser of choice.
  2. Click the type of cryptocurrency you currently hold.
  3. Enter the details for the “Hashing Power” of your cryptocurrency.
  4. List the “Power Consumption” and “Electric Cost.”
  5. Provide the “Pool Fee” of your investment.

Coinbase Staking Calculator

Coinbase Staking Calculator how to calculate crypto profit percentage

A Coinbase staking calculator helps you learn how much you can earn with your investments. These tools show the monthly rewards you can expect from your cryptocurrency holdings. These graphics help you determine when you should sell.

Coinbase claims that the staking model is much more secure. You can receive rewards in the month or cash them all out at once. It is similar to owning a dividend stock yield.

What is Staking?

More specifically, crypto staking lets you earn passive income from your investments. You only have to sit and hold onto the funds that come from the digital currency.

It is similar to a stock that you deposit into a bank. The money goes onto a loan for another customer, but they have to pay interest. You will receive a portion of that added fee.

You will lockdown the cryptocurrency coins to help maintain their security. You will earn rewards depending on how long the investments are in holding. Typically, investors receive much more from these percentages than from high-yield stocks.

Staking Calculator Websites

Read more about the best Coinbase staking calculator available in the list below.

Invezz Cryptocurrency Staking Calculator

The best crypto profit calculator you can use when staking comes from Invezz. This tool will help you monitor the profits you can earn on the blockchains. The steps required to use the Invezz Cryptocurrency Staking Calculator are below.

  1. Use the dropdown menu to select the “Staking Currency” you have.
  2. Enter the number of rewards you want to earn.
  3. Type how long of a staking time you want to take. Use a number of days.
  4. Determine if you want to use compounding methods. This feature requires you to reinvest your rewards.
  5. Press “Calculate” to see your profit in fiat and digital currency.

Staking Rewards Calculate Your Earnings

The Staking Rewards Calculate Your Earnings calculator lets you select the specific types of rewards you want to achieve. You can will see the results, including the percentage of your profit, on the right side of the screen. Use the steps below to predict your staking rewards with this calculator.

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you hold.
  2. Choose the type of reward you want to receive.
  3. Enter the money you put into your cryptocurrency.
  4. Type out how many days you had on your staking cryptocurrency.
  5. Press the toggle button if you want to compound your rewards.
  6. Wait for the results to load automatically.

Calculator Apps

Calculator Apps coinbase profit calculator

You can also download the best crypto profit calculator on your iPhone or Android. There are apps available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Two of the most popular options are below.

BitConvert - Crypto Calculator

The first cryptocurrency profit calculator app you can download on your iPhone or Android is Bitconvert – Crypto Calculator. You can quickly transfer your funds between virtual, crypto, and real currencies.

There are over 1,000 altcoins supported on this app. You can transfer them to 33 different types of currencies. If you need to access your data on the computer, download the desktop widget.

Sign up for a premium subscription to this app to see the increases and decreases of specific currencies in real time. You can also convert between crypto types, using multiple funding sources simultaneously within this crypto calculator app.

Bitcoin Calculator - Realtime

Bitcoin Calculator – Realtime is another cryptocurrency profit calculator app available on the Apple App Store. You can check the Bitcoin exchange rates any time and for any currency.

You will receive real-time alerts if you have notifications turned on with this app. It automatically checks for change every minute.

The data you will receive on Bitcoin Calculator – Realtime comes from Bitcoin Average. Bitcoin Average is a trustworthy database, but Bitcoin Calculator – Realtime cannot guarantee its accuracy.

Find the Best Crypto Calculator

There were several options in this article for the best crypto profit calculator. You can use these tools for staking, monitoring your profits and losses, or making predictions.

There are browser-based and mobile app versions of these calculators. It is up to you to determine how you want to monitor your investments.

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