Whether you are working from home or commuting to the office, you need to make sure you have the right office chair. Spending hours a day sitting and working will take a toll on your body. The right office chair will ensure that your back doesn’t hurt and your posture doesn’t suffer.

Not only do you want to find a comfortable and supportive office chair, but you also need one that fits into your budget. Finding the best ergonomic office chair under $200 doesn’t have to be hard. There are a lot of options to choose from, and you are sure to find the chair that will keep you comfortable all day long.

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Q&A Part 1

best ergonomic office chair under $200

How to choose the best office chair?

There are several things you need to consider. These include the following:

  • How much time you spend at your desk
  • If you have any particular support needs

Every person is different, and finding the best ergonomic office chair under $200 that supports your back and encourages good posture will take some research. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from, and we have put together 25 options to make finding the right chair that much easier.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

The best chair for sitting long hours is one that can be adjusted to support your body. Throughout your workday, your support needs will change. Finding the best office chair  that can be adjusted to meet those needs is in your best interest.

What is the best cheap office chair?

There are many affordable office chairs. When it comes to the best ergonomic office chair under $200, doing some research to find the one that’s right for you is imperative.

There is no one-size-fits-all chair, which is why there are so many options available. We want to help you find the best chair as quickly as possible, so we’ve created a list of 25. We’re sure you’ll find the chair that’s right for you!

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $200

There is a wide range of office chairs to choose from that will support your body and your budget. Out of the 25 listed below, we’re sure you’ll find the one that will work for your every want and need.

  • It is a simple chair, but perfect for those looking for something to provide support throughout the day.
  • Comes in several colors, allowing you to match your chair to your office based on your personal preference.
  • Includes adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock, allowing you to make adjustments throughout the day to maximize your comfort.
  • You can adjust the height and position of the arms to your ideal height to create a working environment tailored to you.

Komene Mesh Mid Back Computer Chair With Lumbar Support

If you’re looking for one of the best office chairs under $200, this is definitely a top contender. It’s a very comfortable chair, offering a host of features to ensure you remain cool and keep a good posture throughout your workday. Plus, it offers great lumbar support to eliminate back pain from sitting at your desk.

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  • Included lumbar support is adjustable, allowing you to make changes to the tension as needed for maximum comfort.
  • The armrests flip-up, allowing you to easily tuck the chair under a desk and therefore creating a simple storage solution from this ergonomic chair.
  • The mesh design ensures proper airflow throughout the chair, keeping it from becoming overly warm and uncomfortable when working long hours.

DRAGONN - Ergonomic Office Chair

When it comes to the most modern way to be ergonomic, the DRAGONN by VIVO has everything you need and more.

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  • This kneeling chair comes equipped with an adjustable stool and angled seat to improve your posture. Not only does it support your back, but it also supports your knees, shins and buttocks.
  • You can adjust the height to ensure that you can easily reach your keyboard, and the tilting seat keeps you upright so that you don’t have to hunch. The design of this seat gives you the benefits of standing while you kneel. You’ll improve your posture and be able to focus on your work.

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back Desk Chair with Elastic Lumbar Support

This ergonomic office chair has a lot to offer. It includes an adjustable headrest and a lower back pillow. Both of these have plenty of customization options, allowing you to tailor the chair to your specific needs and comfort level.

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  • The chair tilts back up to 114-degrees, making it stand out as one of the best office chairs under $200.
  • Armrests offer three-dimensional movement options, allowing you to adjust their positioning based on your specific, ergonomic needs.
  • Comes with an ergonomic backrest & headrest, allowing you to select a chair that perfectly fits you and your needs. Additional adjustments allow you to ensure you fit and sit comfortably all day long.

Hylone Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Another great choice on our list for the best office chair under $200, this chair is truly unique. It features a thin, executive design which makes your office or home luxurious. It is an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, allowing you to make adjustments to stay comfortable all day long.

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  • Bucket-style seat promotes better posture and comfort while ensuring you don’t sit at an angle.
  • It is a highly ergonomic office chair with a headrest built-in, giving you total-body support.
  • Armrests fold upward for total control and customization. This also makes it easier for you to store your chair underneath your desk or work station.
  • The wheels roll smoothly, and they do not harm wooden floors.

STARSPACE Executive Computer Desk Chair With Adjustable Lumbar Support Knob

This modern office chair is ideal for working professionals. Made of Faux leather, and a heavy-duty nylon base, it is the perfect statement piece for any office space. Plus, as an ergonomic office chair with a thick padded headrest, it will keep you comfortable all day long. With the various other benefits this chair offers, it was an easy pick for the best ergonomic office chair under $200.

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  • Includes a waterfall seat edge to reduce pressure on the back of the legs which helps increase leg circulation and reduce fatigue.
  • Chair reclines so that you can sit comfortably, relax, maintain good posture, and support while working from a more relaxed angle.

YarStore Ergonomic Desk Chair With Adjustable Armrest And Lumbar Support

If you’re looking for an office chair under $200 for your home office or workplace, this is a great choice. It’s an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, meaning you’ll stay comfortable in it all day long. Plus, the thick bucket-style seat is perfect for improving posture while you work.

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  • Adjust the lumbar support to your liking easily.
  • Chair tilts backward up to 125-degrees with included tension control.
  • Arms fold upward for easy storage when not in use.

HEALGEN Gaming Chair with Footrest Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

When it comes to office chairs under $200, this is one of our favorites. The chair has so much to offer and provides all-day comfort. It is perfect for individuals who spend a lot of their time working in front of the computer. It suits various body types, and it supports shoulders, neck, and head Plus, it can hold up to 250 pounds, making it ideal for big and tall individuals.

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  • Highly ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, and massage capabilities.
  • Includes a built-in footrest and reclining features for maximum comfort.
  • It’s covered in high-density foam. The fixed arms are padded and offer extra upper body support to ensure your comfort. 
  • Five different color options to choose from, meaning you can choose an option that best suits your personal style. No matter what your office color scheme is, this chair will match.
  • The seat height can be adjusted, and the back reclines. You’ll be able to adjust this chair to suit your personal preferences.
Q&A Part 2

best ergonomic office chair under $200

How often should I get up from my desk?

You want to do what’s best for your body, but you also have to be productive. That means getting up from your desk every so often. It’s recommended that you get up from your desk every 30 minutes. You don’t have to be away for long. Even a three-minute break can be beneficial. The goal is to get up and get moving.

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Short answer, no. Gaming chairs are designed to recline, making it easier and more convenient for individuals to see the screen they are playing on. If you use a gaming chair for work, you may have to strain your body to reach your office equipment. Finding the best office chair under $200 that keeps you upright and supports your back is the better alternative.

What is the most comfortable desk chair?

The most comfortable desk chair is one that you can adjust to fit your specific wants and needs. You can find the best ergonomic office chair under $200 from this list that is budget-friendly and will keep you comfortable all day long.

Ovios Ergonomic Office Chair, Modern Computer Desk Chair

When it comes to style and sophistication, this chair has it in spades. With a more traditional look, this ergonomic office chair will add class to your office.

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  • You can also choose between dark brown and brown to ensure that it matches your décor. It is definitely one of the best ergonomic office chairs under $200.
  • The back of this office chair is slightly curved, ensuring that it supports your back all day while you sit at your desk. You can also adjust the height of the seat and tilt the back to give you the most comfortable working experience ever.
  • The thick, large cushion supports and comforts your body as you sit throughout the day. Whether you are in a meeting or working at your computer, this chair is so comfortable, you’ll feel like the CEO of your company.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair

This chair stands out on our list of the best office chairs under $200 for several reasons. As a drafting chair, it offers a unique design, perfect for individuals who are sitting at a desk working on papers. Plus, it includes a built-in foot wheel, giving you a convenient place to rest your feet while working.

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  • Comes in sixteen different color options, including several pastels, making it further stand out as one of the best ergonomic chairs.
  • Offers an extended cylinder, making it perfect for standing desks or regular workstations. It will help you stay comfortable and maintain good posture throughout your workday.
  • Includes tilting options, which can you can alter using the built-in tilt-lock.

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Office Star High Back ProGrid Back FreeFlex Seat

Being able to customize your office chair is essential when it comes to ergonomics. You need to find the right height and tilt that allows you to easily and comfortably access your computer and other office equipment.

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  • This office chair comes with a one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment that makes it easy to position it the way you like it.
  • You can also adjust the arms to the height and width that works best for you. This is another way to ensure that your upper body is supported and keeps you in the ideal posture as you work.
  • Like so many of the other best ergonomic office chair under $200, this one comes with a mesh back to keep you cool. It has a fixed back height, but you can adjust the seat and forward pitch to get in the most comfortable position.

Homall Office Chair High Back Computer Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair

It’s great for a variety of settings, including gaming desks, the home office, or your workplace. This chair includes a sunken, wide seat. It’s soft while also providing support in the areas that need it most.

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  • There are multiple layers on the back that curve with your spine, encouraging good posture and preventing desk fatigue.
  • The design is great for many different reasons and comes in a variety of colors. It lets you make a statement without being overly flashy.

Ergonomic Rolling Swivel Mesh Chair With Lumbar Support And Headrest

While lumbar support is necessary for back comfort, having a chair that can be adjusted in other ways is beneficial as well — and this chair has what you’re looking for.

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  • The seat height and recline angle can be adjusted on this chair to fit your unique wants and needs. The flip-up armrests help you retain the right posture. For added comfort, there is a cushioned headrest that is in place to relieve spine and neck pressure. This is why it’s one of the best ergonomic office chairs under $200.
  • The mesh construction ensures that you don’t overheat during the day. Fatigue won’t set in when you add this comfortable and supportive chair to your office.

HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

If you’re looking for a chair that can support up to 450 pounds and comes with an adjustable back and armrests, then you’ll want to check out the Big and Tall Office Chair.

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  • It comes with an extra thick cushion to ensure your comfort. It is also equipped with a 360-degree swivel base so that you can quickly and easily spin to grab items from the far side of your desk or behind you. This is one of the best ergonomic office chairs under $200 you can get. 
  • The nylon casters ensure that this chair rolls freely across smooth surfaces, which not a lot of chairs have.
  • The back of the chair comes with lumbar support and mesh backing. This keeps you supported and cool as you work throughout the day. 
  • The adjustable armrests can be moved to six positions to ensure that your body is positioned correctly to reduce discomfort and bad posture.

HOMEFUN High Back Executive Desk Chair Adjustable Armrests with Lumbar Support

This chair is perfect for the minimalist lovers. It is a highly ergonomic office chair with lumbar support and adjustable armrest options, but it doesn’t look flashy. Despite its minimalist appearance, it offers plenty of features that make it comfortable for sitting in all day long, hence why it’s a top pick for the best ergonomic office chair under $200.

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  • Mesh back ensures the chair is breathable, making it perfect for individuals who work long hours. Air flows easily through the fabric to eliminate uncomfortable heat.
  • The chair reclines for a more relaxed seating position without affecting your posture negatively. You can work in any way you find comfortable.
  • Included headrest provides neck support for all-day work and allows you to make adjustments to the way you sit as-needed for comfort.

Tribesigns High Back Desk Chair with Lumbar Support

We love this ergonomic office chair with headrest attachments for so many reasons, and it’s on our list thanks to its innovative design. Since it has so many features, and functions, like adjustable headrest and armrests, it’s hard not to love this chair.
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  • Armrests move in three different directions for maximum comfort. It also allows you to ensure you can store the chair under your desk or workstation.
  • Includes built-in lumbar support to encourage better ergonomics. You can adjust the tension of the lumbar support easily using the built-in tension knob.

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ZLHECTO Ergonomic Desk Chair

This chair was put through a variety of different tests to ensure that it can stand up to anything you throw its way. The seat and rotation device will last up to 10 years.

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  • The extra cushioning in the seat pad gives you double coverage for added comfort.
  • This ZLHECTO is still one of the best ergonomic office chairs. It also comes with lumbar support and the height can be adjusted. The armrests flip up and down. They can provide you with extra upper body support, or you can move them out of the way to accomplish other tasks.
  • With the ability to support up to 300 pounds during the eight-hour workday and a mesh back to keep you cool, this is an affordable office chair that will get you through your day in comfort.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair With Adjustable Headrests

Next up on our list of the best office chairs under $200 is this simple, comfortable chair. It is an ergonomic office chair with a headrest included, offering tons of support while you work or game.
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  • Recognized by the Ergonomics Application Association for being an ergonomic office chair.
  • Lumbar support tension is adjustable to suit your level of comfort. This way, you’ll have the support and comfort you need during your workday.
  • The chair reclines backward for ultimate comfort. Allows you to easily work from a relaxed angle without affecting your posture.
Q&A Part 3

best ergonomic office chair under $200

What is the best material for an office chair?

The best material for an office chair is one that is breathable and easy to clean. These include:

  • Fabric
  • Mesh
  • Leather
  • Vinyl

Are mesh office chairs better?

Mesh office chairs are usually more breathable, so they could be a good option if your office is warm. If you’re looking for a chair that’s more elegant and sophisticated, then a mesh chair may not be the best choice.

How long should office chairs last?

On average, you can expect an office chair to last seven to ten years. However, this will depend on how it’s used and what it’s made out of.

Duorest Gold Ergonomic Office Chair with Twin Backrests

Lumbar support is important when looking for an ergonomic office chair, but having upper back support is imperative as well. When your entire back is supported, it can reduce pressure and muscle fatigue. This can keep you energized and alert to get your work done.

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  • This office chair comes with a high back and a headrest, further supporting your body throughout the day. The headrest is adjustable and curved, so not only will it support you while you work, but you’ll be able to lean back and take a quick break.
  • You also have the ability to adjust the chair’s height and tilt. This ensures that you can easily and comfortably access your computer or other office equipment necessary to do your job. The Twin Backrest keeps you cool. 
  • As an added bonus, this best ergonomic office chair under $200 also comes with an adjustable backrest. The dynamic sitting theory is applied to the backrest to help you reduce pressure on the back when tilted and maintain a good posture. You’ll look professional and put together when you add this chair to your office.

DEVAISE High Back Mesh Computer Desk Chair

This reclining ergonomic office chair with lumbar support and adjustable armrest options gives you all-day comfort, no matter how you like to sit. The bucket-style seat ensures you don’t sit tilted, reducing pain in the lower back. Plus, it is fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the chair so that it meets your needs.

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  • Includes an additional footrest, allowing you to use the chair as a recliner instead of a traditional desk chair.
  • The chair reclines almost all the way back, ensuring you can relax and still maintain good posture while working from a more comfortable angle.
  • The back of the chair is made of mesh, promoting better airflow and ensuring you stay comfortable during long working hours.

Ergonomic Executive Chair with Lumbar Support and High Back Swivel

This chair is the best ergonomic office chair under $200 for an office space that is simple. The chair may not be flashy, but it still provides support and comfort.

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  • You have the ability to adjust the seat height and recline. The arms flip up, and give your upper body the support you need to maintain good posture.
  • The breathable fabric and mesh back ensure that air flows over your body. You’ll be cool and comfortable all day long.

DAVEJONES Ergonomic Office Chair high Back with Lumbar Support, 3D Adjustable Arms

With built-in lumbar support and a headrest, this office chair has everything you need to maintain good posture while finishing your projects, answering emails or conducting business over the phone.

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  • You also have the ability to adjust the tilt. Once you find the ideal position, you can then lock it into place. The seat height can also be adjusted so you can be comfortable as you type on your keyboard.
  • The fixed arms will provide support, but they can also flip down so that you can slide the chair under your desk, saving space in your office.
  • When it comes to the best ergonomic office chair under $200, the cushioned seat and breathable mesh back are in place to keep you comfortable no matter how long your workday might be.

Hbada Ergonomic Home Office Recliner Chair

If you’re looking for a high-backed ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, this is a great office chair for you. The chair offers a whole host of features to keep you sitting comfortably throughout the day. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, letting it meet your stylistic needs.
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  • Utilizes a Y-shaped back for maximum and adjustable lumbar support. This chair helps correctly position your shoulders and lower back to minimize pain.
  • The mesh back and seat design ensure proper airflow, allowing you to stay comfortable and cool in your chair for up to eight hours at a time.
  • The headrest is totally adjustable, allowing you to position it in a way that is comfortable for you throughout the day.

SIHOO Breathable Mesh Office Chair

SIHOO makes some of our favorite choices for the best ergonomic office chair under $200, including this one. This chair is super simple. However, it provides plenty of lumbar support to ensure you maintain good posture and stay comfortable all day long.

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  • Lumbar support is liftable and reversible.
  • Waterfall seat edge keeps legs from falling asleep.
  • One of the best ergonomic office chair with lumbar support and adjustable armrest options.

Ergonomic Office Chair, High Back Desk Chair, Adjustable Mesh Chair with Headrest Lifted Armrest

Everybody is different, so you need a chair that adjusts to your wants and needs. You can find that in the high back executive computer desk chair.

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  • This chair comes with seven different ergonomic features, allowing you to adjust the chair to ensure you have proper posture and can comfortably reach your desk.
  • It even comes with a headrest to provide further back support. The mesh backing keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day. The chair is also modern and sleek, so it adds something extra to your office. Both function and style combine into this computer desk chair to encourage a productive workday.

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