These days, everyone wants to design the perfect home office. Work-from-home positions are on the rise, meaning that an ideal setup is essential to productivity. Realistically, the perfect home office probably looks a bit different to everyone. Your aesthetic choices, budget, and time you spend in your office will drive your office looks and ultimate function. That’s why we decided to research the best office chairs under $400

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Still, there are some essentials you’ll find in almost any home office. For instance, the center point of most offices is your computer. It connects you to the internet and allows you to efficiently and effectively work from home. For most people, this means they’ll also need a desk and a chair. However, those who have an eight hour day likely want to at least invest in a high-quality, ergonomic chair.

Ergousit Ergonomic Office Desk Chair. Definitely One Of The Best Office Chairs Under $400

If you’re looking for an excellent, high-quality chair that provides lumbar support, this is a perfect choice. The majority of the chair is mesh, allowing it to be breathable and comfortable throughout the day.

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  • You can adjust this chair in many different ways to fit your posture and working style. It comes in multiple sizes, up to extra-large, meaning you can find the perfect fit for you based on your needs.
  • The chair features a 4-inch lift, allowing you to adjust your chair to the height you’re most comfortable with for your desk.
  • Includes dynamic lumbar support, where you can adjust the tension of the back of the chair to help keep you comfortable during the day.
  • The chair’s waterfall seat edge helps prevent circulation loss and keeps your legs from falling asleep.

KOVALENTHOR Office Chair High Back Racing Executive Chair

Who doesn’t love a plush, comfortable chair? This chair comes in a more traditional, “executive” style, made of synthetic leather. It’ll definitely help you feel important when you’re at home working in your home office.

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  • The waterfall seat edge helps keep your legs from falling asleep during long working hours. Overall, this chair is a workhorse. Its design is ideal for individuals who want to maintain their professional demeanor affordably.
  • The chair is graded to hold up to 250 pounds, meaning it’s the perfect fit for tall people who don’t quite fit a big and tall chair.
  • The tilt settings allow you to lean back for a more relaxed seating position.
  • The chair’s base is made of high-quality metal to prevent scratching your floors.

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair

The Steelcase chair is known for its high-quality features. It’s a well-designed chair made for the office and perfect for home use. In fact, the chair is so widely used that you’ll likely notice it in studio pictures for your favorite artists, on television and in other forms of media. It’s highly ergonomic, breathable, and perfect for those days you spend working long hours at your desk.

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  • Has an optional headrest, meaning you can choose the kind of support you want regularly.
  • The breathable mesh back ensures you’ll stay comfortable and have a good airflow all day.
  • Adjust the arms as you see fit and customize the chair to meet your comfort needs.

CHAIRLIN Big and Tall 350LB Home Office Task Chair

A modern-style chair with forward-thinking features; this is one of the best office chairs under $400 because it provides everything you need to be comfortable throughout the day. It features a broad back and a reinforced seat to ensure it withstands the test of time.

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  • Can hold up to 350 pounds with ease, making it comfortable for a wide range of individuals.
  • Includes arms that can be adjusted in a variety of ways, allowing you to maximize your ergonomic needs throughout the course of the day.
  • The chair can tilt back up to 135 degrees to allow you to adjust your posture as needed while you work.
  • It’s a relatively simple-looking chair with many more advanced features. Ultimately, it’s a great chair for those who want something simple and supportive to sit in during the day.

WorkPro(R) Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh/Fabric Chair

Though this chair comes at a higher price-point, it’s absolutely worth it. The WorkPro(R) features a variety of ergonomic features for all-day comfort. Plus, it features a removable armrests, meaning you can customize the chair how you see fit Additionally, it’s great for a variety of people, as it can hold up to 250 pounds. Ultimately, it’s a high-quality, ergonomic chair that’s perfect for any home office.
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  • The chair is made of mesh, allowing it to remain breathable throughout the entire day.
  • Features fully adjustable armrests, allowing you to tailor your chair to your personal needs and improving your comfort throughout your workday.
  • Lumbar support is adjustable to help you maintain good posture.

CLATINA Ergonomic Big And Tall Executive Office Chair - One Of The Best Office Chairs Under $400

Let’s face it, even the tallest of men want to have a comfortable office chair. A big and tall chair is a perfect solution for people who need that high-up upper back support. Plus, made of faux leather, it’s comfortable and looks professional. Whether you’re going for a classy statement piece or a high-profile executive office, this chair has a comfortable place in a variety of different environments.

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  • Can hold up to 400 pounds, making it a perfect solution for men and women who are big and tall.
  • Bonded leather offers a soft, genuine leather solution that lasts for years without fading or cracking while promoting comfort. Plus, it looks great!
  • Includes a waterfall seat edge, promotes and improves circulation, and prevents your legs from falling asleep in the chair. That’s why it one of the best office chairs under $400.
  • Whether you’re going for a classy statement piece or a high-profile executive office, this chair has a comfortable place in a variety of different environments.

Boss Office Products CaressoftPlus Executive Chair

For those looking for a sleek, modern-style chair with faux leather that’s comfortable and durable, this is a great choice. It offers plenty of features – for instance, the Caressoft Plus upholstery provides a level of breathability that genuine leather can’t. Additionally, it’s highly ergonomic, making it an obvious choice for one of the best office chairs under $400. Plus, it’s easy to clean – simply use soap and water, and your chair will look like new.

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  • This chair features a contoured back, providing critical support that follows the curvature of your spine. This chair is comfortable for sitting in throughout long works days thanks to this!
  • Thanks to the faux leather design, it’s durable – it won’t crack or fade with regular use, but still remains comfortable and breathable.
  • Includes multiple adjustments, such as height and tilt tension, to keep your chair comfortable throughout the day.

Komene Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair - One Of The Best Office Chairs Under $400

When it comes to the office chairs, this chair takes the cake in a lot of ways. The chair contains a breathable mesh, meaning you can comfortably sit in it throughout long work hours without overheating. Plus, the chair is highly affordable without skimming on a variety of major features. If you’re looking for something modern, stylish and comfortable, this is the chair for you.
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  • Includes adjustable arms and headrest, allowing you to customize the chair to your comfort.
  • The chair is tall and rated to hold up to 250 pounds, making it an excellent choice for the big and tall category.
  • Features four supporting points to improve posture and reduce desk fatigue.

Allezol Ergonomic Office Task Chair

This ergonomic office chair, designed for individuals who need a little more space, can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. Unlike some of the other chairs, this model features a wide back and larger headrest for individuals with broad shoulders. It still features lumbar support, as well, ensuring you’re comfortable and have support. Whether you’re at the office or working from home, this is a great choice and easily one of the best office chairs under $400.

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  • Multiple ways to adjust the chair, including tilt adjustment up to 110 degrees, a backrest pressure adjustor and up, down, forward and back seat adjustments.
  • Chair arms can be lifted up, allowing you to use it with or without the arms.
  • Mesh back and neck provide enhanced air circulation for maximum comfort.
  • It comes in several color options, meaning you can pick the color most suited to your office decor. Plus, you have your choice of fabric or mesh backing, meaning you can choose what’s most comfortable for you. Overall, it includes all the key features and ensures all-day comfort.
  • Includes a unique seat and back synchronization, allowing the arms of the chair to tilt back as you recline.
  • Features various ergonomic adjustments, such as seat height, depth, arm height and angle and the positioning of lumbar support.
  • The well-padded seat ensures you’re comfortable throughout the day, reducing desk fatigue.

Ergousit Ergonomic Office Chair High-Back Executive Chair

Another great choice by the Ergousit brand, this one is one of the best office chairs under $400 for those who are big and tall. It’s large, holding up to 275 pounds, with a wide back and adjustable arms to ensure your comfort.
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  • Made of mesh to provide proper airflow throughout the day.
  • Provides lumbar support to ensure proper posture and reduce desk fatigue.
  • Arms and headrest are adjustable, along with tension control and tilt, allowing you to customize the chair to your needs.
  • While this chair is very affordable, it hosts a variety of features that make it excellent for long working hours. Ultimately, it’s a great chair for long working hours.

Bush Business Furniture Modelo High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

This chair, made of beautiful, colored leather, is a statement piece that wouldn’t break your budget. It’s highly affordable, ergonomic, and lets you show that you mean business. Thanks to the bonded leather, you know the chair will last for years to come without fading or cracking. Plus, it’s highly ergonomic, meaning you can sit in this chair for hours on end without becoming uncomfortable or developing desk fatigue.

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  • Slim design with minimal padding makes it incredibly comfortable for individuals who prefer support without the restrictions of padding.
  • Includes a variety of features, such as tilt lock and adjustable height to help keep your chair comfortable throughout the day. It’s definitely one of the best business chairs under $400.
  • Lumbar support across the back allows you to keep from suffering from the problems associated with desk fatigue.

OFM Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair

This gorgeous, racer-style chair provides you with all the support you need to get through your workday. If you’re a gamer, it’s excellent for both the office and gaming. Made of soft, threaded leatherit will last for years without wearing down or cracking, making it one of the more unique best office chairs under $400.

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  • The unique, bucket-style seat helps provide support throughout your workday, while you game or in the office.
  • The chair has a waterfall seat edge, which helps reduce desk fatigue and keeps your circulation flowing. This way, your legs won’t fall asleep after a short period of sitting.
  • The chair has padding along the back, providing lumbar support and support along the neck to ensure good posture throughout the day.
  • Allows for reclining position so that you can stay comfortable all day long.

La-Z-Boy Sutherland Quilted Leather Executive Office Chair With Padded Arms

One of our favorite, highly affordable and relatively luxury picks for best office chairs under $400, this chair has a lot to offer. La-Z-Boy designed this chair to be comfortable, form-fitting and ergonomic.

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  • Because of its elegant design, it is perfect for various environments, including the home office or the workplace. Plus, the chair contains bonded leather, meaning it’ll last for years to come without fading or cracking.
  • This chair is heavily padded, providing layers of added comfort throughout the day through the headrest, arms and back. It’s great for long days in the office or casually lounging at home.
  • It is a highly affordable chair while still including various high-level features such as tilt lock and height adjustment.
  • The included lumbar support is built-in to the padding, adding comfort without being distracting from the sleek design.
Q&A Part 1

Best Office Chairs Under $400

How Do I Choose a Desk Chair?

Choosing a desk chair doesn’t have to be complicated. When you make a purchase, you should consider, first-and-foremost, what you’re looking for in a chair. Consider options, such as price, ergonomics, material, and features. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can make a smart buying decision.

What is the most comfortable desk chair?

Determining what size desk chair you need will depend upon the individual chair’s size guidelines. Typically, most chairs have a small, medium and large size. Alternatively, they may have options A, B and C, or something similar. Look up the manufacturer’s buying guide to determine what size fits you best.

Ergousit Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair is five out of five! This highly affordable office chair is excellent for those looking for a breathable, comfortable chair that can work both in the home and the office. The chair, made entirely of mesh, provides support along the spine in critical areas. It helps improve posture, keeps you comfortable, and prevents desk fatigue. Ultimately, it’s stylish and will keep you comfortable day-in and day-out.

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  • The chair comes in several different size selections and can hold up to 300 pounds, making it a perfect fit for a variety of individuals.
  • It can be adjusted in a variety of ways, allowing you to customize the chair to your body for comfort.
  • It provided a fully adjustable headrest to meet your needs. 
  • Mesh is highly breathable while also durable.

Big And Tall Wide Seat Desk Chair

Another option in the big and tall office chair department is this one. What sets this chair apart is the fact that it comes with an extra-wide seat and can support up to 500 pounds. This is a great, affordable option that offers back support and more room to keep you comfortable throughout the workday.

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  • The padded seat is breathable and retains its shape. The mesh back ensures that air flows over your body to keep you cool and comfortable. It also comes with lumbar support to ensure that your spine is aligned properly to reduce pain and discomfort.
  • With a swivel base and sturdy wheels, you’ll be able to easily maneuver around your office to get any file or information you need to get your work done effectively and efficiently.

STARSPACE Bonded Leather Executive Computer Chair

Executives and other professionals know that even your chair is important when considering your reputation. If you’re looking for one of the best office chairs under $400 that gives you the appearance of a professional, provides support where you need it and can accommodate your height or weight, this is an excellent solution.

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  • The chair, made of bonded leather, is a favorite among many business professionals.
  • The chair can tilt up to 120 degrees, allowing you to make adjustments for comfort throughout the day.
  • Ergonomic design helps support the upper and lower back along with the neck while working.
  • Bonded leather material will not crack or fade over time, ensuring it remains comfortable for years to come.

ErgoRo Ergonomic Office Chair-Rolling Desk Chair with 3D Adjustable Armrest

This chair is a fantastic choice for one of our top contenders in this category for the best office chairs under $400. It is highly customizable, which is essential for many individuals. It helps improve your posture, support your neck and provides you with all-day comfort. Additionally, the chair contains high-quality material, meaning it will last for several years to come. Considering its affordable price point, it’s a great buy.

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  • You can adjust the chair’s arms in four directions, including moving the arms forward and backward, side to side, up and down, and adjust the padding.
  • The chair features an ergonomic back and headrest, designed to provide you with comfort and support throughout the day.
  • Tilt this chair back 135 degrees for optimal comfort and viewing positions.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back White LeatherSoft Executive Swivel Office Chair

What looks better than leather and rose gold? Almost nothing. This chair has a sleek design while still remaining ergonomic. 

It’s aesthetic and straightforward, meaning you can make this chair a centerpiece for your room without sacrificing your comfort on long workdays. 

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  • It features LeatherSoft material – a unique combination of leather and polyurethane – to improve its durability and make the chair that much more comfortable.
  • Sleek design and rose-gold finish makes it great for adding a dash of style to your office.
  • It has lumbar support, meaning you don’t have to worry about lower back pain.
  • Features tilt resistance, allowing you to customize your chair to be comfortable for you.
  • Waterfall edge helps prevent the loss of circulation in your legs and feet.

Modway Jive Ribbed High Back Tall Executive Swivel Office Chair - Best Office Chairs Under $400

One of the best things about this chair is that it comes in a variety of colors. It has a very modern design, as well, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a clean, sleek and simple office. It’s a perfect choice for individuals looking for a statement piece or a chair they can work in throughout the day. Plus, it’s exceptionally cute and super comfortable!

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  • Minimal padding with optimal support makes this a sleek but highly ergonomic chair perfect for the home office, whether you’re a secretary, call center agent or an executive professional.
  • Ribbed back provides support and reduces desk fatigue, making it perfect for long hours in the home office.
  • Comes in a variety of colors to make the perfect statement piece in the home or the office.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair With Adjustable Headrests

A lightweight, breathable chair with plenty of customization options, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable and ergonomic chair. The chair has a variety of features to allow you to sit comfortably throughout your workday. Thanks to its slim, breathable and aesthetic design, the chair is perfect for various office spaces. Overall, it’s an ideal addition to any room.
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  • The headrest can be adjusted up to 3.9 inches in height and to a 45-degree angle, allowing you to use it in the way that is most comfortable for you.
  • The waterfall seat edge improves circulation, reduces desk fatigue and keeps your legs and feet from falling asleep.
  • Armrests on the chair are adjustable, allowing you to adjust them up, down, forward and backward.

SIDIZ T50 Adjustable Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Sitting on this chair is like sitting on pure air. It’s exceptionally comfortable, provides all-day support and ensures you don’t experience desk fatigue. This chair style is highly prevalent in office places and other areas where you’ll sit for long periods of time. It also boasts a wide variety of features, helping keep your posture in check and provides you with comfort during those long work hours. Definitely, one of the best office chairs under $400.
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  • Features a fully adjustable headrest for additional support, along with an adjustable lumbar support bar along the back.
  • Features a fully adjustable lumbar support bar along the back.
  • The mesh design allows for proper airflow and ensures you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Offers five different tilting angles, responding to the way your body moves naturally to ensure you maintain a natural posture throughout the day.
Q&A Part 2

Best Office Chairs Under $400

What Are the Best Chairs For Sitting All Day?

Ultimately, selecting the best chair for sitting all day will vary, based on how you sit. However, a general rule of thumb is to look for a chair that provides lower back and lumbar support. These chairs will help keep you comfortable and reduce your chances of developing desk fatigue throughout the day.

Should an Office Chair Have Arms?

Office chairs with arms serve a variety of purposes. Typically speaking, armrests help provide support and prevent pain when performing computing tasks, such as typing. However, they aren’t for everyone. They help improve the ergonomics at the end of the day, though, and most professionals, therefore, recommend them.

One Of The Best High Back Big Tall 400lb Office Chair Under $400

People who prefer a leather chair will find themselves satisfied with this chair. It’s rated to hold a weight of up to $400 pounds, making it an optimal choice for many individuals. Additionally, the seat features padding and a double spring insole, preventing the cushion from deteriorating over time. With all the adjustments you can make with this chair, it’s an obvious pick for one of the best office chairs under $400.

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  • The waterfall seat edge improves your circulation and prevents your legs from falling asleep during the day, making it great for long days of work.
  • Bonded leather will not crack or fade over time, ensuring it remains comfortable and durable for years to come.
  • Tilt tension allows you to customize the chair to your optimal comfort level.

Ergonomic Office Chair, High Back Mesh Desk Chair with Lumbar Support and Tilt Function

If you’re looking for a chair to help improve your posture during your workday, this is one the best office chairs under $400 you can get. It’s design features key ergonomic concepts to help you stay comfortable and provide plenty of support to the back and neck. Plus, it’s super breathable and all-around very durable, so you know it will last!

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  • Included backrest and headrest help support both your back and your neck, reducing the pain of sitting in the chair throughout the day and ultimately eliminating desk fatigue.
  • Arms can tilt 90 degrees upwards, allowing you to use the chair with or without them.

Sadie Executive Computer Chair

This chair is one of the best office chairs under $400 if you’re looking for a chair that is firm and supportive. While there is some give to the faux leather, it provides a firm lower back and shoulder support to help you maintain your posture and reduce back pain throughout the day. Plus, it looks exceptionally professional, making it great for executives.

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  • The fixed arm support reduces the risks of potential ergonomic problems.
  • Overstuffed and plush arms and back feature faux-leather, which won’t crack or wear down over time, allowing you to use your chair for years to come.
  • Chair reclines up to 110 degrees, allowing you to adjust your posture while you work for maximum comfort.

SAMOFU Office Chair

This chair features a mesh design, allowing it to be highly breathable and improve your air circulation. There are several ways in which the chair supports ergonomics, including lumbar support and an adjustable headrest. As it is rated to hold up to 300 pounds, this chair is suitable for various individuals, including those who have broad shoulders and need additional neck support.

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  • Ergonomic design provides support to both the neck and the lower back, reducing your chances of desk fatigue throughout the workday.
  • Both the headrest and the arms are adjustable, allowing you to make changes to the way you’re sitting throughout the day.
  • Features a tilt-lock mechanism for angle adjustment.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair - One Of The Best Office Chairs Under $400 From The Ergonomic Category

When it comes to office chairs, you need to look for what counts. This chair provides a great mix of everything you could need at an affordable price point. You can adjust this chair in various ways, taking advantage of many of the ergonomic designs. Plus, it’s super affordable! And it’s definitely one of the best office chairs under 40.

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  • Includes an adjustable headrest and movable lumbar support, allowing you to determine where you need support for your back.
  • Made of high-quality, breathable mesh to help keep you comfortable throughout your workday.
  • The chair has a tilt-and-lock feature, meaning you can recline or sit forward as needed while working in your home or office.
Q&A Part 3

Best Office Chairs Under $400

How Do You Relieve Lower Back Pain in an Office Chair?

Reducing lower back pain is exceptionally important. One of the most important features you can look for is lumbar support when sitting in an office chair. Even more importantly, look for chairs that have tension controls to allow you to customize the level of tension. Also, don’t forget to stand up and stretch regularly!

Is Vinyl More Durable Than Leather? - Best Office Chairs Under $400

The answer to this question is somewhat tricky because the answer is yes and no. Vinyl is sturdier than leather, in the long run. However, it is prone to cracking and wearing away more quickly, which can be problematic. Leather will likely last longer and will not deteriorate like vinyl.


There you have it – our top picks for the best office chairs under $400. Keep in mind that your ideal chair will depend on you and how you sit. However, there are dozens of options, just based on the kind of material you want, the features included, and your overall budget. Remember, also, to check the manufacturer’s sizing guides – this will help ensure you get a chair that fits you.

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