17 Best Ring Lights for Video Conferencing

The Best Ring Light For Video Conferencing

More than ever, video conferencing has become one of the primary ways we communicate with other people, both personally and professionally. However, many of us encountered the same problem when we started taking our business meetings virtual – the lighting is terrible.

Sure, it may not seem like a huge issue – after all, plenty of us have been struggling with some combination of low-quality webcams and low lighting. But, what if we told you there’s a fairly simple – and, usually, relatively affordable – solution to improve your video quality and make you look like a star, even when on your built-in webcam? Ring lights are a little-thought-of form of magic that can make your video quality skyrocket.

Naturally, you won’t accomplish high-quality videos if you buy a low-quality light. But don’t worry – we’ve made it easy for you. Read on below to learn about your options for the best ring light for video conferencing.

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Top Choices for the Best Ring Light For Video Conferencing

We found the top picks for some of the best ring lights for video conferencing that will ensure your videos are well-lit and high-quality.

QIAYA Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

When it comes to powerful, adjustable lighting, this is an easy choice on our list of the best ring light for video conferencing. It includes a variety of features to ensure you have the perfect lighting for all of your video conferences. Additionally, the included remote allows you to change the hue and tone of your lighting from a distance. It’s perfect for when the lighting in your room changes for any reason

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  • The light is movable and adjustable, allowing you to maneuver the light to your optimal position for perfect, consistent lighting.
  • Includes a tripod, which is the perfect size for using on your desk or in other small areas – it doesn’t take too much space.
  • It is adjustable, meaning you can extend the tripod length from anywhere from 27.5 inches to 46.5 inches. All you have to do is lock it into your preferred height for perfect lighting.
What Buyers Say
  • It’s the perfect solution for using in your home office thanks to its size and how easy it is to use.
  • Compared to other ring lights, it’s highly affordable and high-quality.
  • The light is actually very bright despite its size.

Video Conference Lighting Kit | Ring Light For Remote Working

When you combine the small size of this pick for best ring light for video conferencing with the variety of features it has, it’s no wonder it ranks so high. This ring light is super affordable, but you can use it in a variety of ways to maximize the effectiveness of your lighting. Plus, it comes with an in-line switch, letting you easily take control of your video quality. It’s easy to make adjustments, meaning you can easily stay well-lit and looking good on the fly.

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  • You can plug this into almost any power source or laptop for quick activation.
  • It has 3 color temperatures (white light/warm light/natural light)
  • This choice for the best ring light for video conferencing features a design made with streaming in mind, which is why it’s easy to set up and adjust as needed.
What Buyers Say
  • It’s super easy to set up – it takes 2 minutes to use it straight out of the box.
  • Compared to other lights, it’s super bright and feels sturdy.
  • Given the overall quality of the light itself, it is very well priced.

10.2 Inch Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

One of many contenders for the best ring light for video conferencing, this light has quite a lot to offerIt includes a remote, which allows you to determine the brightness based on your personal needs. Plus, it is relatively large, coming in at just over 10 inches in total. It’s perfect for brightening up and stabilizing the lighting during your video conferences. You’ll highlight yourself while dimming the background around you easily, allowing your image to come through crystal clear.

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  • The included tripod expands, allowing you to use it at heights of anywhere from 16.4 inches to 53 inches tall for maximum effectiveness.
  • Includes two universal phone holders, perfect for taking part in video conferencing from your phone. Professionals who want to utilize the high-quality camera built into their phone will be able to do so easily.
  • You can choose from several different brightness levels, allowing you to perfect your lighting needs.
What Buyers Say
  • The quality of this ring light easily makes it one of the best ring lights for video conferencing.
  • The included remote is exceptionally high-quality, as well, making it easy to use the light when you’ve set it up out of arm’s reach.
  • Given the quality, it’s very fairly priced.

IVISII 19 Inch Ring Light With Remote Controller

For us, this is one of the best ring lights for video conferencing for professional Instagrammers, and one of the best ring lights for video conferencing. It comes with dozens of features to ensure your lighting is perfect for your next video conference. The included remote allows you to make changes on the fly, meaning you can adjust your lighting in real-time. This light is powerful, colorful and makes it easy for you to set up professional-style lighting with relative ease.

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  • Includes four separate color filters, along with gradient color adjustments to create lighting for any situation. You can adjust the lighting intensity from 0% to 100% to your liking.
  • Comes with several accessories, including two remotes and a carrying case to take your setup with you on the go.
  • This light is large, approximately 19 inches in diameter, providing great highlights and eliminating shadows in your video.
What Buyers Say
  • The remote offers impressive lighting control.
  • It is made of high-quality material and the light reacts well to minor adjustments.
  • Despite the various professional features that make this one of our picks for the best ring light for video conferencing, it is still relatively intuitive and easy to set up to use.

UBeesize 10’’ LED Ring Light With Stand And Phone Holder

One of my favorite choices for the best ring light for video conferencing, this one comes with its own tripod! You can also attach your professional DSLR camera to it. 

Given the fact it’s hard to say when you’ll be in the office versus working from home, having a ring light you can pack up and take with you easily is super beneficial. Plus, for this on-the-go lifestyle, the included phone holder makes it super easy to set up a video conference on smaller devices while still looking good.

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  • The light is 10 inches, making it perfect for providing light in the office or at home without excessive shadows.
  • Includes a tripod, which is made of aluminum to keep it lightweight and easy to travel while still remaining sturdy.
  • You can adjust the stand height from 16.5 inches to 50 inches, giving you more flexibility in where and how you position your lights.
What Buyers Say
  • Given how well the product works, it’s super affordable – a perfect alternative to high-end products.
  • It’s incredibly easy to adjust – both in height and in light positioning – so even a newbie can use it.
  • The light is super easy to pick up and move.

Aduro U-Stream Selfie Ring Light

When video conferences began becoming more and more prominent, many companies came out with some of the best ring light for video conferencing solutions. This light definitely lives up to those standards, combining high-quality features with gorgeous lighting and an affordable price-point. While the company designed this product to take the perfect selfie, we’ve found it’s awesome for video conferencing.

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  • The light includes an in-line remote, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the light settings without worrying about moving the light itself.
  • It also includes a phone holder, perfect for when you’re on the go or using an external camera. It lets you set up your camera and light close to each other for the perfect lighting effect.
  • One of the reasons we choose this as a pick for the best ring light for video conferencing is that the light and the phone holder are both 24 inches long and move freely, allowing you to perfect their positioning.
What Buyers Say
  • Compared to other products, this one stands out. It’s the best ring light for video conferencing at its price point.
  • Despite being lightweight, it’s still super sturdy.
  • Though it’s small, the light is super powerful and doesn’t leave much to be desired.
Q&A Part 1

The Best Ring Light for Video Conferencing

Does A Ring Light Make A Difference?

Ring lights can make a huge difference in the quality of your video and even your pictures. The ring light works by providing a light source around the outside of whatever you’re focusing on – in this case, it’s usually your face. The circular light source helps eliminate shadows and makes it easier for people to see you on-screen.

Are Ring Lights Good For Video?

Absolutely! Ring lights make it easier for people to see you on video calls. Additionally, they can help combat the pixelation that occurs with your computer’s built-in webcam. They’re a great, affordable solution to needing to purchase additional room lighting or a more expensive webcam.

How Far Away Should A Ring Light Be?

Determining how far away your ring light should depend on a variety of factors. You’ll need to turn on your webcam and place the ring light, making adjustments until you’re satisfied with the brightness. Most people, however, put their ring light two or three feet away, but your needs might vary. It’s part of why it is important that you pick the best right light for video conferencing.

Evershop 8'' Ring Light For Laptop Video Conferencing

One of my favorite things about this pick for the best ring light for video conferencing is the fact that it rotates 360°! It can be adjusted to any angle to meet your needs.

It’s also brighter than a lot of the other lights on the list, thanks to the 64 LED bulbs the ring light uses. It still provides a soft, florescent glow, though. It ensures that you highlight the features you want people to notice while you’re on video. Plus, it effectively eliminates background shadow and improves your overall video quality, no matter where you are.

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  • The small, compact size makes it perfect for using on table tops – however, the 10-inch radius makes it a perfect contender for the best ring light for video conferencing.
  • It’s USB powered, giving you multiple ways to connect it – perfect for portability and maneuver it as you see fit.
  • It has 3 Lighting Modes & 10-Level Brightness.
What Buyers Say
  • The 360-degree rotation delfie
  • It’s inexpensive, but helps improve the quality of Zoom calls consistently.
  • The quality of the light is actually consistent with high-end products.
  • The universal phone holder makes it perfect for on-the-go meetings. It supports the phone in the middle of the light for the perfect on-call glow.

ELEGIANT 6.3" Selfie Ring Light With Clamp Mount

Unlike many of the other options on this list, this light stands out to us for several reasons. One of my favorite things about it is that it is so simple – just a ring light attached to a desk clamp. It’s also larger, making it perfect for setting just a bit farther away. Since you can rotate it 360-degrees, there’s almost no end to the ways you can set up this light for your video conferencing needs.

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  • It includes a long USB power adapter, allowing you to easily plug the lamp in nearby without worrying about running out of cord.
  • You can use the lamp itself for a variety of reasons – it’s great for taking selfies or streaming video!
  • The clamp is very sturdy, meaning you don’t have to worry about it accidentally breaking or your pick for the best ring light for video conferencing accidentally falling off where you clamped it.
What Buyers Say
  • Despite the fact it is a larger clip-on choice for the best ring light for video conferencing, it’s super lightweight.
  • It’s made of high-quality materials and doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.
  • The various light modes make it easy to adjust the settings to your desired brightness.

8'' Selfie Ring Light With Adjustable Tripod Stand

Next up on our list for the best right light for video conference, this TODI ring light features upgrades for even higher-quality lighting effects. All the same, the light itself isn’t expensive and has a whole host of features that make it perfect for highlighting your best features. It’s a highly versatile ring light, with an included phone holder. Plus, it functions as a tripod and a selfie stick, making it the perfect addition for someone looking for something to take on the go.

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  • The light is USB powered, giving you tons of different ways you can charge it, including hooking it up to the computer, a wall outlet or a battery back for on-the-go meetings.
  • It’s made of high-quality aluminum, making it sturdy enough to last for years without being overly heavy.
  • There are 11 different brightness levels you can choose from, with three separate lighting modes to let you create the perfect amount of light for your room.
What Buyers Say
  • It is definitely one of the best ring lights for video conferencing options and helps reduce shadows and provide visual clarity.
  • Compared to other ring lights, it is high-quality at an affordable price point.
  • It’s super versatile and the perfect size for carrying with you on the go – meaning you can even use it in the office.

BlitzWolf LED Ring Light With Stand

Realistically, there’s something wonderful about a small, compact light with plenty of functionality – which is why it’s one of our choices for the best right light for video conferencing. This light has a lot to offer, coming in at just over 10 inches in diameter. Plus, the small tripod feature allows you to place your phone or other video recording device within the light, ensuring you eliminate shadows and dark spots with ease.

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  • The light is USB powered, giving you flexibility to connect it to your computer, a power outlet, or other USB source.
  • It includes 120 individual LED lights for maximum brightness and clarity, making it one of the best ring lights for video conferencing choices.
  • There are three separate light modes and 11 total brightness levels. This way, you can set your lighting preferences based on the room you’re in, where you place the light and what type of effect you need.
What Buyers Say
  • This ring light provides professional-looking results at an affordable price.
  • It takes less than five minutes to set up the light straight out of the box.
  • You can use it for so many things, but it makes videos look so much better.

Rovtop Selfie Ring

One of the best things about these picks for the best ring light for video conferencing is just how universal they are. This light features high-quality LED bulbs, which provide a beautiful, radiant glow to improve your overall video quality. Plus, it also comes with a phone holder – which you can use for your webcam, even – to make it easy to have a clutter-free video call. It’s a great choice for those who want something straight forward and to the point.

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  • The clip is large and can easily attach to monitors, desks, tables, and any other surface that requires the perfect lighting setup.
  • It includes no-glare technology, meaning you’ll never have to worry about dealing with glares that make your video hard to see.
  • You power this lamp through the included USB power supply – simply plug it into a USB port, and you’re ready to go.
What Buyers Say
  • It’s made of high-quality material and feels sturdy.
  • This light is definitely the best ring light for video conferencing for those who are always on the go.
  • Overall, it is very fairly priced and definitely compares well to high-end portable ring lights.

Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

If you’re looking for a light perfect for various situations, it is definitely one of the best ring light for video conferencing. It is rechargeable, meaning you can connect it to a variety of power sources. Hook it up to your computer, laptop, a portable battery or an outlet, and you’re ready to go. An added bonus, EMART offers a full year of quality assurance – so you don’t have to worry about your light breaking within the first year.

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  • Includes three light settings, allowing you to make adjustments for the perfect glow for your room and camera.
  • The tripod stand is adjustable from 19 inches to 50 inches, allowing you to set the light on your desktop or the floor for optimal lighting.
  • Multifunctional – you can use it as a tripod for your phone and camera and as a selfie stick, too!
What Buyers Say
  • It’s the perfect size for lighting small areas, such as office spaces.
  • The light itself does a great job of eliminating shadows, even in low-light areas where traditional lighting methods fail.
  • Given the quality of the light, it’s definitely a contender for best ring light for video conferencing.

10" Ring Light Selfie Light Ring With Tripod Stand

Online teaching and live streaming can be difficult to set up, but this choice for the best ring light for video conferencing makes sure it doesn’t have to be. It has a relatively small form factor, making it perfect for placing on your desktop. With a wide variety of features and functionality, it’s the perfect lighting solution for all your conferencing needs. Plus, it’s affordable, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to get a professional-looking video from home.

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  • It is USB-powered, meaning you can connect it to a variety of external power sources for a quick setup.
  • The included phone holder lets you connect external video devices for hands-free use. It’s perfect for those who use their phone to video conference thanks to their high-quality cameras.
  • This light has 120 LED bulbs for maximum lighting efficiency and crystal-clear video enhancement.
What Buyers Say
  • The included phone holder works even with webcams – meaning you can hold your external webcam in it for the perfect ring-light effect.
  • This light is clearly the best ring light for video conferencing because it’s high-quality and easy to set up.
  • Given how affordable it is, the overall quality was delightfully surprising.
Q&A Part 2

The Best Ring Light for Video Conferencing

How Does A Ring Light Make A Difference?

The primary function of ring lights is to help illuminate you while you are on a video call. It eliminates the background shadows and can help provide enough light to keep your webcam from looking pixelated. Basically, it improves your video’s overall quality without glare or other distracting interference, allowing people to focus on what you’re saying instead of the quality of your video output.

How Do You Take Good Pictures With Ring Lights?

Ring lights are also excellent for taking pictures, and it’s fairly easy to do. Most ring lights in this section include a phone holder – simply place your phone in the ring light. It allows the phone’s camera to get just enough light to highlight your best features. You can then use the included remote to snap a picture!

Does Ring Light Size Matter?

The size of your ring light will determine how and where the light concentrates. For instance, if you’re using your ring light in a relatively small and reasonably well-lit area, you can go with a smaller light. However, larger lights are important for larger, less well-lit spaces to eliminate shadows and pixelation.

Cell Phone Holder With Selfie Ring Light

Who doesn’t want the best ring light for video conferencing to sit perfectly on their desk or monitor? This light gives you everything you need – including a flexible phone stand. It easily clips onto the side of your desk, making it perfect for those of us working with smaller spaces. Despite its small size, this light is still super powerful and gives you a variety of color options for the perfect, high-quality, well-lit video you need.

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  • The gooseneck arm design allows you to easily move the light in any direction you need, giving you endless options for positioning your light.
  • Just like the regular-sized counterparts, this light has three color settings and ten brightness levels so that you never have to worry about having the perfect light settings, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • It’s USB powered, making it easy to connect it to your computer or external power source.
What Buyers Say
  • This light works perfectly for Zoom meetings – in fact, it might just be the best ring light for video conferencing, especially in small spaces.
  • Given the small form factor, it’s perfect for on-the-go video conferencing needs!
  • It is super easy to use, right out of the box – you don’t have to worry about a bunch of complicated settings.

IVict 24 LED USB Book Clamp Light

Professionals who are looking for a simple, affordable and clean option for the best ring light for video conferencing will likely be satisfied with this choice. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles and other fancy add ons many of the lights on this list do. However, it is perfect for someone who needs a bright light solution to eliminate shadows and clarify your video output. The included clip sits perfectly on most monitors or desks for out-of-the-way lighting.

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  • This lamp includes three color modes and ten separate brightness levels – meaning you can easily create the perfect environment for your video conference.
  • It uses 24 LED bulbs, creating a soft light that doesn’t strain your eyes. In fact, the company uses a non-flickering technology to make your video smooth and stutter-free without causing you a headache, making it an easy choice for the best ring light for video conferencing.
  • The included power cord is 59 inches – meaning you can set it up in dozens of different ways without worrying about charging restrictions.
What Buyers Say
  • It stands out as the best ring light for video conferencing when you have to go for many long hours, thanks to the eye-care tech it uses.
  • The price value of the ring light is incredible.
  • You’ll see an improvement in your video quality for your work calls with this lamp.

LED Ring Light With Tripod Stand

One of the really cool things about this ring light is how versatile it is. It’s one of the deciding factors in why we picked it for our list of best ring light for video conferencing. This model of ligh2t features upgrades to make it even more high-quality than before. In fact, it compares to many high-end ring lights in performance and features. Plus, it’s super affordable and very compact, making it perfect for someone who is on-the-go and wants well-lit videos.

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  • Move the light in any way you need – it features a fully adjustable base, with 360-degree rotation. It’s perfect for shadow elimination!
  • This choice for the best ring light for video conferencing is made of high-quality plastic and lightweight metal, making it very sturdy and reliable.
  • Its 10-inch diameter provides full light coverage, no matter what you’re doing. The company designed this light with streamers in mind, meaning it’s perfect for enhancing your video quality.
What Buyers Say
  • The customer service for this light is awesome – they’re willing to help you replace any broken pieces or fix any problems you encounter.
  • It’s perfect for streaming videos.
  • Ring lights like this are hard to come by – it’s high-quality and super affordable.

To Conclude

There you have it – our picks for the best ring light for video conferencing. No matter what kind of needs you have from your ring light, there’s likely an option on this list that is perfect for you. Plus, they’re highly versatile – when you’re not using them for video conferencing, you can use them for live-streaming, taking pictures or even just as a reading light. They’re highly adaptable and provide you with dozens of different ways to light up any room.

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