Bluehost Hosting
Review 2019

Bluehost is A Utah-based conglomerate specializing in shared hosting, though it also offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers.


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bluehost hosting full review

Why Choose Bluehost?

Bluehost is a great option, as it has a huge diversity of services offered at affordable prices. It’s been around for a long time, has great customer support, and has customized high-security options to keep you and your customers’ data safe. Bluehost is also loaded with unheard-of complimentary features!




Bluehost is one of three hosts to have the honor of being officially endorsed by WordPress!


Free Domains

Unlike most hosts, every plan comes with a free domain (well, for one year, at least…).


Elderly Host

Bluehost is over sixteen years old and is not a reseller; they’re one of the original web hosts and have grown over the years!


Site Secured!

Every plan they offer comes with a free SSL certificate, saving you time and money!


Lots of Unlimited SSD Storage Plans!

Not all, but almost all Bluehost’s plans for WordPress and Shared Hosting come with unlimited SSD storage, something almost unheard of!


One-click Installs!

You can install nearly anything with a single click onto your site!



No Backing of Guarantees

As we discussed, there is no refund if they don’t meet their 99.9% uptime guarantee!


One Data Center

Although Bluehost offers a Content Delivery Network (CDN), having only one Utah-based data center makes it a less viable candidate for international users.


Chat Support is Slow

We tried talking to them three times on different days. Each time, we waited a few minutes before we got to talk to an agent, then waited 3-6 minutes for each response!


Money, Money, Money

Bluehost is fairly expensive, even with their “introductory prices.” Remember, your renewal is always going to be more expensive!

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What is bluehost?

Botton Line: Bluehost is an all-in-one solution for webmasters, providing every service you could think of at an affordable price.

Types of Services

Bluehost is a famous web host. While they began as a small Shared Hosting reseller, they soon burgeoned into being a full-fledged host. 

The company states it “powers over two million websites worldwide”, so it’s a very popular host, most likely due to its age. 

They offer all the types of hosting you’d expect a good host to offer and much more: 

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Specialized WordPress Hosting
  • Domain Purchase and Management
  • Marketing & Managing Websites
  • Generous Referral Offer

Each plan has several options to choose from (we’ll talk about those a bit later!). It’s important to remember that Bluehost has been around since the 90’s like we talked about, so it’s a well-established company.

Ease Of Use

Bluehost has been around so long that almost all of their processes are streamlined, making the signup very intuitive; just make sure you avoid racking up additional monthly fees during it!

So, how easy is it from signing up through getting your first site up and running? We did the legwork for you so you don’t need to!

Get that Account!

The first part of signing up involves creating a user account. As most of their customers are Shared Hosting customers, you begin by hitting the “Get Started” button on the home page and are then taken to a page with all their hosting options.

Select one of these plans, and then continue.

Domain-ify Yourself!

You then are presented with a page asking that you provide your domain to transfer (free of charge) or if you’d like a domain from Bluehost. Remember, the first year is free, and then you must pay a renewal fee that varies by the type of domain it is.

Not in the mood? You can also skip this step and do it later!

The All-in-One Page

Most hosts have a bit cleaner of a wizard to walk you through this step. Unfortunately, all of your personal information must be entered on a single page. 

Remember GeoCities and its old-looking websites? This will definitely remind you of them! It’s not difficult to use, but the interface and styling are very outdated. The good news is that you’ll probably only have to see it at most once a year!

Want to spare yourself the pain? You can also sign in and sign up with your Google account! 

Remember when I told you to make sure you didn’t add a ton of money to your annual fee? Here’s where that knowledge comes in! They offer you a few tools.

One is called “SiteLock” that performs vulnerability testing on your website and does scans for malware. Most hosts just include this as part of their standard offering. Want it with Bluehost? Be prepared to pay $1.99/mo!

Another is called “CodeGuard.” This tool essentially only does backups. While Bluehost does offer “Courtesy Backups,” these are not done daily. However, the “CodeGuard” backups detect changes to files and instantly backs them up. You can also recover them instantly. You won’t be able to recover the $2.99/mo that you’ll need to pay to get it, though!

The last tool they try to upsell you are an SEO tool called “BlueHost SEO Tools.” For those not familiar, “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” This toolkit comes equipped with insight tools that show you what you can do to get your page to the front when people search for the service or merchandise you offer. You’ll need to pay $1.99/mo for the privilege, however.

Submit it All

Once you’ve done all of that, just send in the info! It takes a minute to post, but you’ll then see your site’s new home (i.e. cPanel). You can use their (Weebly’s) Site Builder from this panel if you don’t already have code you want to import, and then you’re done!

bluehost features

Bluehost's Features


Botton Line: Bluehost offers a large set of features for all users. Especially those who have lower-tier plans should be wary of “add-on” fees for some optional features.

So, what does Bluehost have to offer you? Let’s find out!

Unmetered Disk Usage

Bluehost prominently advertises unmetered disk usage that has a “Fair Use” limit, meaning that storing a ton of media files that are never accessed will probably get you banned. Users should check the exact details of their plan, as not every plan comes with this feature.

Unlimited Domains on ONE Account

Almost unheard of in cheaper hosting, Bluehost lets you keep unlimited top-level domains (this means “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, etc.) on your account. For those with lots of content and lots of sites, this can be a HUGE money saver!

New Site Builder

One of Bluehost’s disadvantages used to be that they had no Site Builder, meaning you had to import pre-existing code. However, due to customer demand, they have recently dropped in a new Site Builder to help you get your content up and ready faster than before!
Important Note: BlueHost uses Weebly’s Site Builder. It is not a custom tool.

ONE YEAR Free Domain

bluehost gives you free domain

With any plan, you get a free domain for one year. This is great for someone just starting out with a business to test a brand name and see how well it does. However, note that every domain will have to be paid for after the first year at a varying renewal rate.

Site-based Email Addresses

Again, with any plan, you get an unlimited number of email addresses for you and your colleagues to use. A possibly even more awesome addition is that you get a free webmail client, so that you can access your domain’s email from your browser! Talk about convenience!

cPanel Access

Rather than using a clunky, old, confusing custom site manager, Bluehost spares you the trouble by not cheaping out and shelling out the cash for cPanel licenses for all!

File Management Options

Rather than require you to use an FTP Client, Bluehost provides several options. You do get the classic FTP access, but you also get SSH access (a very secure way to manage your site via terminal), and even an online File Manager if you don’t feel like using an external client!

Custom .htaccess Support

For those in the crowd who aren’t developers, you may not be familiar with this (or care about it). The “.htaccess” file in the “root” (or the main part of your site’s file system) can set certain permissions and say how parts of your site may and may not be accessed. Most hosts maintain this themselves for security reasons. However, Bluehost lets you pick! Here’s more info on .htaccess.

One-click Script Installs

Rather than do the manual setup, Bluehost offers an in-house version of one-click installs of popular scripts, such as those behind forums and ticket systems. They also offer customized WordPress hosting!


A free SSL certificate is included with each site. Unlike most hosts, this certificate is set up in advance for you, so you don’t even have to worry about configuring it!

eCommerce Covered

There are a variety of scripts used for eCommerce. Some people prefer to use WordPress plug-ins, while others prefer to just install a script dedicated to a store. Whatever your preference is, it’s included with Bluehost! Popular players like Agora Cart, Cube Cart, Zen Cart, and OS Commerce are all included as one-click installable options!

bluehost ecommerce

Most Major DBMS Supported

If you’re not a developer, you may be asking what a DBMS is. It stands for “Database Management System” and lets you store customer and product data in “tables”. Regardless of the type of database your site uses, chances are that your DBMS is supported! Most MySQL and PostgreSQL versions are supported.

Statistics Dashboard

If you’re a customer of Bluehost, you’ll be able to view your site’s statistics, including who is visiting, when they visited, when someone logged into a certain account, etc. These are great when you’re trying to figure out which business strategies work and which don’t!

SSD Storage

SSD stands for “Solid State Drive. This storage mechanism is vastly superior to its predecessors, as information can be accessed and processed almost instantly. This makes a massive difference if you have a web application that requires any intensive data processing!

Official WordPress Endorsement

Not too many hosts share this bragging right! If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, look no further! WordPress has a little-known list of “recommended hosts” on file. These are hosts that provide an exemplary WordPress experience, and at the time of writing, only three hosts made it onto that list! Again, at the time of writing, Bluehost was the top on the recommended host list! Don’t believe it? Check out the list on their official web page!

wordpress endorsement bluehost
bluehost hosting full review

Bluehost's Performance


Botton Line: Bluehost has a single data center and a questionable “uptime guarantee”, so you’ll need to be the judge of whether it’s right for you.

Bluehost’s Uptime

Most webmasters know that uptime can make or break their sites. Even one lost minute could lose sales and site credibility! Unlike most hosts who proudly present their uptime promise, Bluehost was abstract and hard to find! 

Some of our colleagues who reviewed Bluehost stated that there was a 99.9% uptime guarantee (not 99.99%, but still reasonable for most people). Like always, we dug a little deeper for you. We even (shudder) talked to Bluehost to figure it out!

The only article from Bluehost itself on the subject essentially says, “just trust us; we’ll do our best.” They remind users of their support options should their site go down and admit that there are times when their servers do go down. They state that it “usually” takes 15 minutes to resolve anything, causing downtime, but that “extreme” issues (which are not defined) may take longer than 15 minutes to remedy.

Even Customer Support People Don’t Know!

So, what’s the deal? Quite honestly, our interactions with their customer support were somewhat alarming. When I asked about uptime, I was immediately told “99.9%”. Here’s the first part of our lovely little chat:

bluehost customer support chat 1

“We will meet the requirements” is not exactly a remedy for poor service! I was reminded that the only time you will get your money back is via prorated refund during the first thirty days of service. Customer support was not even able to find where this guarantee is published.

I pushed the agent a little more, asking in theory if the uptime were not 99.9% since there could always be an unpredictable issue. I got what I would euphemistically call a “direct answer”:

bluehost customer support chat 2

Apparently, the remedy for a failure to keep your site up is to “contact us.” Out of all the hosting reviews I’ve done, this is the only time there has not been at least a mediocre remedy for a failure to meet uptime requirements! The agent even confirmed, “there will not be money back” like you saw in the picture! 

As stock traders like to say, “past successes are not predictions of future performance.” It’s your choice whether to take a gamble with their “uptime guarantee” of allegedly 99.9% with no recourse.

Speed: Another Important Factor

I was certainly hoping that I wouldn’t have as much trouble with getting the juice on their server speeds! Spoiler alert: I did have as much trouble! Most hosts have a page detailing where their servers are, how powerful they are, and more specific information. I had to contact another agent for answers.

Data Centers? What Data Centers?

Bluehost does not have a choice for its customers when it comes to location. Well, that’s unless your choice is Utah, of course! All of its servers are in a single datacenter in Provo, Utah. This location is great if your customers are in the United States or Canada since it’s sort of a central point. However, it’s not so great for international businesses.

bluehost customer support

Blazing or Grandma Speeds?

Bluehost has standard speeds. Each of their servers is on a standard gigabit Ethernet port, which is the de-facto standard for web hosts, so you won’t need to worry about speeds within the continental United States and likely much of Canada!

bluehost hosting full review

Bluehost's Security


Botton Line: Bluehost claims it’s dedicated to customer security, but are they? Their Blog has an article detailing how customers can secure their own sites. By default, Bluehost does back up customers’ sites.

However, they do not guarantee they will do this on a regular basis or that you will be able to recover anything from their backups, unless you purchase the “Pro” edition of their backup service.

SSL Locked Down

One great security measure Bluehost takes is giving every customer, regardless of plan, a free SSL Certificate! That lets customers ensure that people can access their sites securely and not get their information stolen.

Knowledge Base-Heavy Security

Most hosts we’ve looked at offer some form of security to their customers, even if it’s just access to a premium WordPress plug-in. Bluehost seems to take a different approach, offering customers security advice in articles.

If you’re an expert with servers, this will not be a problem for you. However, it could present itself as a problematic situation if you aren’t as familiar with servers as you’d like to be!

Some Tiny Tools!

Don’t lose all hope! Bluehost offers a suite of tools that can be helpful in securing websites. Through their cPanel, customers can expect to get the following:

however, if you want increased monitoring, penetration testing (seeing if it’s possible to hack into your site), and more, you’ll have to pay up! In our “Features” section, we discussed how you could purchase SiteLock to help ensure your site doesn’t get hacked!

Again, the host has been around for more than a decade, so they have all their ducks in a row. Nonetheless, if you choose Bluehost, you should be sure to read their Knowledge Base Security articles before getting started!

IP Address Blacklist

You can block single IP addresses or ranges of them, potentially preventing attacks and site slowdowns!

Password Protected Directories

If you have a bunch of files you don’t want prying eyes to spot, you can easily protect them with a password!

Private Key/Certificate Management

For more advanced users, this can be great for managing who has access to the hosting account

however, if you want increased monitoring, penetration testing (seeing if it’s possible to hack into your site), and more, you’ll have to pay up! In our “Features” section, we discussed how you could purchase SiteLock to help ensure your site doesn’t get hacked!

Again, the host has been around for more than a decade, so they have all their ducks in a row. Nonetheless, if you choose Bluehost, you should be sure to read their Knowledge Base Security articles before getting started!

Bluehost plans and services

Bluehost's Plans and Services


Botton Line: Bluehost offers an exceptionally wide range of plans meant for different purposes, making it easy to get a custom plan to meet your needs!

Remember, although it isn’t prominently advertised, all of Bluehost’s storage is Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, making it really fast to access and process data!

WordPress Sites

Unlike most of their competitors, Bluehost has hosting designed specifically for WordPress users. Regardless of your WordPress site’s size, chances are that Bluehost has what you need!

eCommerce WordPress (WooCommerce)

Before we begin analyzing plans in-depth, there’s something you should know: if you only have a WooCommerce-based WordPress store, there are four different hosting options. Unfortunately, we don’t have space to discuss them at length here, but you can refer to this page to check out your options!

Managed WordPress

If you are not a WordPress guru, getting their Managed WordPress hosting is highly recommended. All of their Managed WordPress Hosting plans include unlimited sites, domains, and subdomains. You’ll even get unlimited SSD storage and unlimited traffic to and from your site! You’ll also cop a 30-day trial of Office365. With Managed WordPress hosting, someone else deals with the hassle! Here are the plans you can get:

“Build” Plan (currently $19.95/mo, renews at $29.99/mo)

Just starting out with WordPress, have a couple of low-traffic WordPress sites, or are trying out a small project? This is probably the plan for you. Comes with JetPack Site Analytics Basic Edition, Bluehost’s in-house “Marketing Center”, more than a hundred free themes, daily backups guaranteed, Malware Protection for your site, and domain privacy and protection. “Domain Privacy” means that when someone looks up who owns your domain (known as a “whois”), it will just come back as “BlueHost” and protect your personal information.

“Grow” Plan (currently $29.95/mo, renews at $39.99/mo)

Have some experience with WordPress, need some higher-level professional tools, and still would like Bluehost to manage it for you? The “Grow” Plan might just be for you. In addition to all the features included in the “Build” Plan, you’ll get JetPack Site Analytics Premium Edition, “Business Management Tools” that let customers leave good reviews on top search engines, built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so customers can find your site, 10 GB of video compression, and most importantly, access to WordPress experts 24/7 for free consultations about your site(s)!

“Scale” Plan (currently $49.95/mo, renews at $59.99/mo)

Have a big swath of WordPress sites, need to manage them all from one place but don’t want to mess with the server itself? This plan is uniquely situated for a video-hosting WordPress site, too! Along with everything in the “Build” and “Grow” plans, you’ll get JetPack Site Analytics Pro Edition, unlimited daily backups and restores, automatic PayPal integration to let your customers buy things in one click, unlimited video compression, elastic search use (this is a very fast method of searching through databases for content), and access to WordPress experts 24/7 via live chat for free consultations about your site(s)!

Unmanaged WordPress Sites

If you have confidence in your server management and WordPress-fu, you might benefit from the savings you’ll get with Unmanaged WordPress hosting. While you get a server with preloaded WordPress, you’re essentially on your own, minus their baseline support system and Knowledge Base! The offerings for all Unmanaged WordPress plans are different than those of Managed WordPress plans

You can expect to receive a free, automatic WordPress installation, the option to (pay for yourself) install Microsoft Office365, and a free domain name for one year, after which you’ll need to pay the renewal price that is typical $14.95/yr but does vary among the type of domain you have. Additionally, you will get automatic updates to your WordPress installation, saving you from security headaches, as well as a “staging environment,” or actual WordPress site you can use to test features you develop before making them live!

Note you do not get unlimited traffic and unlimited storage with all of these plans, as you do with Managed WordPress hosting! Keep in mind that with all of these plans, you will get a free domain for one year, after which you must pay the renewal price, usually $14.95/yr. Each one comes with a $200 Marketing Credit, as well, which essentially helps you advertise your new site on search engines initially for free! Now, let’s crunch some numbers:

“Basic” Plan (currently $2.95/mo, renews at $7.99/mo)

Just have a single WordPress site that doesn’t require too many resources? It doesn’t get much more basic than the “Basic” Plan! You can expect one site only, 50 GB of SSD storage, 25 subdomains, and 5 “parked” (unused but reserved) domains!

“Plus” Plan (currently $5.45/mo, renews at $10.99/mo)

Oddly, the intro price of this one is the same as the plan above it! It is the renewal rate that differs. This one is great if you’re someone with multiple sites but doesn’t need the top-tier quite yet. You’ll get unlimited sites, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited parked domains and subdomains! This plan packs quite a punch!

“Choice Plus” Plan (currently also $5.45/mo, but renews at $14.99/mo)

Need only the best for your WordPress empire? Then look no further! Expect to get everything from the “Plus Plan” and CodeGuard Basic access (this is a tool that backs up your site for you at least weekly). Really, that’s the only difference!

For Small Blogs, Sites, and Forums

You will likely go with Shared Hosting if you’re in this category. That means you’re on a server with other users, but since you all share the cost, it’s an affordable option! Here’s what your options are (assuming you aren’t doing WordPress, in which you should choose one of their managed or unmanaged WordPress options!). Again, you’ll get a free year of a domain, but you’ll need to pay their renewal price (usually $14.95/yr) for future years. The plans are:

“Basic” Plan (currently $2.95/mo, renews at $7.99/mo)

This plan is best for those just dabbling with web hosting who need an affordable option, but also a professional online presence. You’ll get one site hosted, 50 GB SSD storage, unlimited traffic to and from your site, Bluehost “standard performance” guarantee (this is the lower tier of guaranteed performance, so people with “high performance” plans will win resources if they become limited), up to 5 parked (unused) domains, and up to 25 subdomains.

“Plus” Plan (currently $5.45/mo, renews at $10.99/mo)

A large bump up from the “Basic” Plan, this one is great for those who have a good bit of content to host and know they’ll be getting significant traffic. Still, if you need a large number of hardware resources, this would not be the plan for you! The “Plus” Plan includes unlimited site hosting, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited traffic to and from your site, “standard performance” (lower tier of performance guarantee), unlimited domain hosting (but not unlimited, free domain registrations), unlimited parked (unused) and sub-domains, a spam blocker for your site, and a 30-day trial of Office365 mail.

“Choice Plus” Plan (currently $5.45/mo, renews at $14.99/mo)

This is the minimum plan that a small company should get. It comes with more security features, making it also a candidate if you’re looking for a good eCommerce host! Your “Choice Plus” Plan would include unlimited site hosting, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited traffic to and from your site, “standard performance” (lower tier of performance guarantee), unlimited domain hosting (but not unlimited, free domain registrations), unlimited subdomains and parked (unused) domains, spam protection for your site, free domain privacy (your name will not be tied to your domain), and free CodeGuard Basic (automated site backups at least weekly)

“Pro” Plan (currently $13.95/mo, renews at $23.99/mo)

The “cream of the crop” of Shared Hosting, the “Pro” plan is if you want the affordability of shared hosting without the headache of managing your own server. One of the biggest advantages of this plan is that you get a high-resource guarantee, meaning that your site will take precedence if there are limited resources on Bluehost’s Shared Hosting servers for any reason. You’ll also get unlimited sites, domain hosting (but not free registration), unlimited traffic to and from your site, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited parked (unused) and sub-domains, enhanced spam protection for your site(s), free domain privacy (your name won’t be tied to the domain), free CodeGuard Basic (automated site backups at least weekly), a 30-day free trial of Office365 mail, and a Dedicated IP Address (this means that you’ll have a “static IP”, or a numeric address to access your site that will never change!).

Businesses, Big Forums, Web Applications

Especially if you need guaranteed resources for a web application, mission-critical software for your business, or just anything that requires terminal access, then you’ll need to grab something a bit better than Shared Hosting. However, you may not want the hassle and cost of a dedicated server. Fortunately, Bluehost offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting!

Note that every VPS Plan comes with a free domain registration for one year, after which you will need to pay their renewal price, currently $14.95/yr for most domains. They also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with your service, you may request a full refund! 24/7 specialized, live chat support is also included. Finally, expect to get a full access control system and file management system to streamline your VPS experience!

Here are the various VPS Plans you may choose from:

“Standard” Plan (currently $18.99/mo, renews at $29.99/mo)

Need terminal access but don’t want to pay for excessive resources you won’t use? By far, Bluehost’s cheapest VPS Plan, you’ll get 2 CPU Cores, 30 GB SSD Storage, 2 GB RAM, 1 TB traffic to and from your virtual server, and 1 static IP address.

“Enhanced” Plan (currently $29.99/mo, renews at $59.99/mo)

Need to beef up those resources a bit, but don’t need to go “all-in” yet? “Enhance” your experience with 2 CPU Cores, 60 GB SSD storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 TB traffic to and from your virtual server, and 2 static IP addresses.

“Ultimate” Plan (currently $59.99/mo, renews at $119.99/mo)

As the name says, this is the “ultimate” VPS Plan you can get! It has the most resources you can get in a VPS before you need to turn to dedicated servers. Namely, 4 CPU Cores, 120 GB SSD storage, 8 GB RAM, 3 TB traffic to and from your virtual server, and 2 static IP addresses.

Very High-Traffic or Resource-Intensive Applications and Sites

If you aren’t using only WordPress and those Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting Plans just won’t cut it, you have one final option: Dedicated Servers. This means you are “renting” a physical server, that’s all yours! Of course, these won’t come too cheaply!

With every dedicated server plan, you’ll grab a free domain registration for one year, after which you will need to pay their renewal fee, typically $14.95/yr. These, like the VPS Plans, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied? Just put in a ticket and request a full refund!

Be Your Own Manager!

These are Unmanaged Dedicated Servers! That means that you have full control (and responsibility) of these servers. They do come with an “improved cPanel” designed specifically for Dedicated Servers, as well as the ability to create Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from a virtual server management panel!

Dedicated Server Plans

Does this sound right to you? If you think you need a Dedicated Server, check out Bluehost’s offerings here:

“Standard” Plan (currently $79.99/mo, renews at $119.99/mo)

If this is your first time trying out dedicated servers, this one is a great start. It provides all the resources you’d need for a medium-sized enterprise web application. You’ll get 4 2.3 Ghz CPU Cores, 500 GB (mirrored, or also stashed in different places) SSD storage, 4 GB RAM, 5 TB traffic to and from your server, and 3 static IP addresses.

“Enhanced” Plan (currently $99.99/mo, renews at $159.99/mo)

Need to pack a bit more of a punch than the “Standard” plan has to offer? No problem! You’ll get a slightly faster CPU with 4 2.5 Ghz Cores, 1 TB (mirrored, or also stashed in different places) SSD storage, 8 GB RAM, 10 TB traffic to and from your server, and 4 static IP addresses.

“Premium” Plan (currently $119.99/mo, renews at $209.99/mo)

If you have a huge web application and can’t accept anything less than the best, you’ll need the “Premium” plan. You’ll get 4 CPU Cores at 3.3 Ghz, 1 TB (mirrored, or also stashed in different places) SSD storage, 16 GB RAM, 15 TB traffic to and from your server, and 5 static IP addresses.

How About Just a Domain?

Bluehost offers domain registration-only services. Most domains will cost you $14.95/yr for base registration. 

bluehost customer resources

Bluehost's Customer Support


Botton Line: Bluehost does offer support through all channels, it may be limited in scope when it comes to technical support and also depends on which plan you choose.

Here are the various types of customer support Bluehost offers:


24/7/365 Chat

Bluehost offers both a pre-sales chat and a current customer chat about primary site issues. Certain plans, as discussed above, also offer specialized tech support, but not all.


Phone Support

Bluehost boasts a 24/7/365 phone support line. You can call them and either get pre-sales (or signup) support over the phone or technical support (please note this is also limited by the plan you chose). Their toll-free United States phone number is (888) 401-4678. They also offer an international phone line you may reach at +1 (801) 765-9400.


Ticket Support

Bluehost also uses a standard Ticket System, so you can send more detailed inquiries about issues you may be having, both with a pre-sales account and with an active hosting account. With selected plans, WordPress-specialized Ticket Support is available.


Giant Knowledge Base

bluehost customer support

Yeah, yeah, it’s everyone’s least favorite method of support. Some might say it doesn’t even qualify as a support mechanism. Fortunately, both customers and casual browsers can both benefit from their comprehensive Knowledge Base and Blog!

bluehost hosting full review

Final Verdict


Bluehost has been around for a while, offers decent support, and excellent plans. It does have seniority over almost all other web hosts, and it’s one of only a few to make it onto the official WordPress-endorsed list. For US-based businesses, its sole data center is in the perfect location if they can afford it!

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