35 Significant Childbirth Gifts For Dad

childbirth gifts for dad

When asked what the most important aspect of life is, there was a resounding plurality in a Gallup poll on the subject. Over health, money, friends, and religion, family trumps all. Having a child is a stressful yet joyful moment, so why not grab some childbirth gifts for Dad?

Making the Moment Even Brighter

Fathering a child is one of the most life-changing events there is. It can be overwhelming, which is why your dad likely needs support even though it’s a joyous occasion. Here are some things to consider before getting him a present.

Childbirth Gifts for Dad Should Be Simple

Remember, Dad is already going through an exhausting time. The last thing he needs is a present that will occupy even more of his time!

Keep It Personal

Yes, cash is one of the easiest childbirth gifts for Dad. However, this is sometimes considered callous or rude, since it doesn’t show any interpersonal effort. Remember, Dad will remember the effort you put in, not the dollar amount.

Childbirth Gifts for Dad: About the Baby or Dad?

The answer to this question is either! Something to give Dad a bit of support or something to help with the newborn would be equally appreciated!

The Ultimate Roundup: 35 Childbirth Gifts for Dad

Though bringing a child into the world will inevitably be stressful, finding a gift for someone who does shouldn’t be! Memory in Waves is here to save the day with this list of 35 possible childbirth gifts for Dad!

MemoryWaves: A Sentiment That Lasts a Lifetime

If you’re looking for a meaningful, sentimental gift for Dad that won’t break the bank, consider getting a MemoryWave. You first record 30 seconds of sound, whether it’s the baby’s first laugh, Dad’s first words to the baby, or anything else meaningful. A professional sound engineer processes this data to create an image of a unique soundwave.

As one of the most unique childbirth gifts for Dad on the market, you can customize the color and size of the shirt, so all dads big and small qualify! Next, you can choose between a HeartWave and a LateralWave. A HeartWave displays the soundwave right over Dad’s heart, keeping it near and dear to him as long as he wears the shirt. A LateralWave allows for a bit more space and is laid out laterally on the shirt. 

Choose Your Style!

You can choose between Lateral MemoryWaves (laterally printed) or for even more sentimental gifts for dad from son, you can choose Heartside MemoryWaves. The Heartside variety is printed right over your dad’s heart, so your message will stay with him wherever he goes.

Though many men won’t admit it, they often are afraid when a child is imminent. They don’t know if they’ll handle it well, if they know how to handle it at all. The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook will help guide Dad through this challenging period, making it one of the more pragmatic childbirth gifts for Dad.

  • Available in Kindle and physical formats.
  • Has info on both how to support Mom and the baby!
  • Can be used by both Mom and Dad to help ease the anxiety that comes with giving birth.

During this stressful period, many parents only have minutes alone before they need to tend to their new baby. Unfortunately, that means that a chiropractor is out of the question.

This wearable back and shoulders massager has 8 deep-kneading modes and can even be worn on the go. Becoming a new parent is a full-time job, so chances are that Dad will appreciate any break he can get!

  • Completely customizable, from speed to intensity, so this is one of the childbirth gifts for Dad that he can truly make his own!
  • Dad and Mom can both share the massager (although there may be a tug of war!) to chill out.
  • It’s FDA-approved and safe.

Let’s face it: once you go Dad, you don’t go back. Dad will tell bad jokes by default, so why not give him a head-start? As one of the most universally acceptable childbirth gifts for Dad, this family-friendly book has hundreds of bad puns that will make you cringe while he finds them hilarious!

This affordable gift may make you wish you could disappear at public gatherings, but Dad will get a kick out of it.

  • Jokes in the book are kept clean so kids can also enjoy them!
  • Dad will have plenty of new ammo (this could be a con!).
  • A light-hearted, non-controversial gift that Mom can also appreciate.

As those who watch The Office know, there’s the running joke that the main character is the “Regional Manager,” and there’s an “Assistant to the Regional Manager” who always calls himself “Assistant Regional Manager”.

This gift is a set of two shirts; one says “Regional Manager” and is for Dad, and the other says “Assistant to the Regional Manager” on a unisex baby bodysuit.

  • Uniquely a combination gift for both Dad and the baby!
  • One of the few childbirth gifts for Dad that has a relevant (and kid-appropriate) pop-culture reference!
  • Bonus points for you if Dad is already a fan of The Office!

Meant as a gag gift, this hilarious contraption should lighten Dad’s spirits up a bit. It’s designed to poke fun at dads trying to get out of diaper-changing time.

This is one of those childbirth gifts for Dad that’ll hit home, since it includes an apron, disposable diaper, some rubber gloves, and even a toy for the baby! It’s also practical, since it’s a reusable kit.

  • Functions as both a gift and a useful item for Dad to have.
  • Makes changing diapers a bit less bad for Dad, but there’s only so much we can do…
  • Shows respect for the role Dad plays in raising the baby with some humor attached!

This one is only for warrior dads! It comes in four colors of camo and actually is made of 600D tactical polyester, the same material the military often uses for uniforms.

It is designed to securely carry a baby and has an open back so that body heat doesn’t get trapped inside. An interesting feature that sets it apart from other childbirth gifts for Dad is that it grows with the baby! The baby pouch is designed to easily accommodate a baby or toddler anywhere from 8 to 33 pounds.

  • Badass carrier shows Dad means business!
  • Very secure and safe to hold babies and toddlers.
  • Baby can face inward or outward.

This “board book” called My Dad Loves Me! is meant for assisted reading with Dad and his baby. Parents can initially have trouble figuring out how to relate to their babies, and this gives them the perfect way to bond! With cute illustrations of the many ways dads show their love for their babies and toddlers, this one is sure to be a hit for both parties!

  • Comes as a hardcover and Kindle version, as well.
  • It’s a great way for Dad to show his love and for the baby to feel it!

The reality is that Dad will need to carry around diapers. That doesn’t mean he needs a fashion regression to a fanny pack, though!

This camo-colored backpack sports lots of additional features for Dad to enjoy, such as a USB charging port and stroller straps. It looks like a regular backpack, but there’s a specialized compartment for diapers.

  • Help Dad out a bit and don’t let him resort to a fanny pack!
  • Charges electronic devices and is made to strap to a stroller.
  • Waterproof diaper compartment ensures that other items in it aren’t ruined.

This shirt combo is possible the best out of ones designed to be childbirth gifts for Dad. The shirt set features a phone battery on each one. The baby has a full 100% charge.

Unfortunately, Dad’s at a very low 2% charge. Though funny, this gift also demonstrates that you understand how tiring his new job is.

  • This shirt set will be a riot at any gathering.
  • Show Dad you understand the struggle!
  • Also save Dad a trip to the store with a brand new shirt.

One of the most common dad-cures for sleep deprivation is coffee. These coffee tumblers have the year in which the baby is born and simply say “Dad Est. [year]” on them.

In one fell swoop, these childbirth gifts for Dad give him an excuse to brew that extra cup (or five) of coffee and celebrate the new life he’s helped bring into the world.

  • This mug will always have the year of the baby’s birthdate.
  • It’s double-insulated and made of stainless steel, so it’ll last for Dad!

This one might not be a great one to share with the baby, but Dad certainly won’t mind it! This set of two whiskey on the rocks glasses that say “#1 Dad” in etching is great for recognizing Dad’s sacrifices and for giving him an excuse to pour a glass of liquor! In case Dad gets too drunk and breaks one, there’s always the backup glass!

  • Give dad a pat on the back and permission to drink at the same time!
  • Dishwasher-safe and fortified, these glasses are made to last.
  • One of the best childbirth gifts for Dad since it allows him a brief respite from stress (just hopefully not too often!).

After a baby is born, parents often find themselves at odds over whose turn it is to feed the baby, change their diaper, etc. Before this, it was just a series of arguments.

Give Dad the power to challenge Mom to a coin toss! This 39mm coin is made of antique brass, and one side says “Your Turn”, and the other says “My Turn”. 

  • Add some comedy into the very real situation of spousal disagreements over “whose turn it is”.
  • Give Mom and Dad a little game to play and minimize arguments.
  • Uniquely engraved and designed coin makes this a keepsake!

Made by “DadWare”, the “Bondaroo” shirt allows babies to physically bond with their fathers the same way they do with their mothers as they’re breastfed. The shirt has a little pouch to safely hold a baby to help promote a stable and trustworthy relationship between father and child.

As a bonus, it’s made of hypoallergenic materials, so no more worrying about causing a rash!

  • Based on scientific evidence that father-bonding is necessary.
  • These shirts help validate him and his relationship with his child.

Most dads aren’t up to date on modern parenting lingo. With so many experts coming out with so much jargon, some dads are hopelessly lost! Fortunately, The New Dad Dictionary is coming to rescue them. It’s an A-Z dictionary on every parenting word that dads would possibly need to know.

Take the burden off Dad and make it so he doesn’t have to Google every parenting term he hears!

  • Funny, casual tone throughout with serious information.
  • It even has some jokes that (only) dads would find funny!
  • Helping Dad learn what he needs in order to be the best father he can be is one of the best childbirth gifts for Dad you could get.

This is a simple yet elegant gift for a new dad. It is a wooden photo holder with two slots. The first says “The Original” and is meant to have a picture of the couple who has recently had a child.

The second says “The Remix” and is meant to hold a picture of the baby. With a moon and stars decorating the frame, it works as great home decor and a reminder of the family bond anywhere in the house.

  • Humorous gift that will likely be a life-long treasure.
  • Just the right size. You can put it on the mantle, the table, or just about anywhere else!

While on its own, this certainly wouldn’t qualify as one of the better childbirth gifts for Dad, it has potential when mixed with a real present. Just don’t give this to a dad who’s prone to heart attacks!

This joke toy box is very convincing and looks like it’s a kit that allows a child to start a fire “with accelerant added”. It’s meant to be used as a gift box for the actual gift, which hopefully doesn’t match the box!

  • (Almost too) convincing that you’re giving the dad’s child a pyrotechnic kit.
  • The price is comparable to standard gift boxes that don’t have the laugh factor.

Show Dad you’re one step ahead by getting some ethically-sourced baby food for him! Of course, he’ll likely need to freeze the food until the baby is about six months old.

However, it’s also crossing one more thing off of Dad’s list. Out of these childbirth gifts for Dad, this is the only one that requires delayed gratification. However, it shows that you’re looking ahead to the future for him!

  • All meats in food are ethically sourced.
  • 8-pack, 3.5-ounce containers make this great for convenience.

This pack of 60-snacks is approved by hungry dads around the world! With single-serving snacks, there’ll be plenty of food for Dad to enjoy. Raising a baby burns calories, and buying these in bulk all at once will likely save him a good bit of money in the long run.

Whether you wanted to gift him 45, 50, or 60 snacks, you can choose before ordering!

  • A snack pack will go straight to Dad’s heart!
  • Dad can always share with Mom (after taking the candy out) and indulge once in a while.
  • This shows that you care about overall well-being of the whole family.

Help Dad not look like the expecting member of the family with this health food pack! This pack has 32 healthy food items where Dad can’t go wrong. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s great for sustainable energy when he doesn’t have time for a meal!

Show Dad you care about his health, not just his insatiable appetite with one of the more holistic childbirth gifts for Dad.

  • The listing shows exactly the snacks Dad gets! No surprises!
  • This helps replace the calories Dad burns while helping with the new baby.

One of the biggest worries of expecting parents are all of the costs associated with having a new child.

It can be impossible to anticipate the needs of a child, especially if it isn’t even your own child! If these gifts so far aren’t cutting it for you, consider giving Dad the gift of freedom to purchase Baby products of his choice!

  • You can choose any amount between $25 and $200.
  • It can be delivered via email or physical mail.

We went over a coffee tumbler with “Dad Est. [year]” earlier. This is similar, but for more old-school dads.

You can choose between black and silver for the external color of the pocket watch. With “Dad Est. [year]” engraved on the side, it’s something Dad can always carry with him to remember the miracle he brought into the world.

  • Affordable, yet classy gift. Goes well with a suit!
  • Comes in a fancy watch box, so Dad will know you mean business!
  • You get to pick the text of the box it comes in to further personalize the gift.

Right after Crocs, sandals are one of the most dad-friendly shoes out there! These shoes use acupuncture technology in sandals.

This would be an especially nice gift to combine with one of those Shiatsu massagers we discussed earlier. It is made to help with foot and heel tension and pain that he’ll probably get from all the running around!

  • Helps relieve stress and tension, one of the childbirth gifts for Dad that he’ll remember for a lifetime!
  • It’ll likely help him be an even better, more energetic dad!

Any dad, especially one in the engineering and science fields, would get a kick out of this one! This “owner’s manual” describes how to care for babies in a very logical manner. Though it’s filled with even more dad jokes, it’s very informative.

This is one of the better childbirth gifts for Dad if he is more logic-oriented. Help him be the best father he can be with this budget-friendly book!

  • Funny and informative for Dad!
  • Easy for science and math-minded dads to comprehend.
  • This gift could potentially make a lifelong change for the better in Dad’s life as well as the baby’s life!

Many parents would say that they wish they could have frozen the moment their child was born.

That’s (somewhat) possible with this kit! Essentially, you press the baby’s handprint and footprint into clay that hardens. The kit even comes with two areas to fit standard-sized pictures of the baby!

  • This is a gift that will help Mom and Dad always remember the birth of their child.
  • You can immortalize the memory for Dad by giving him the opportunity to keep a snapshot of the beautiful moment of his child being born!

The duty of changing a baby’s diaper is rarely described as “fun”, but it can certainly be made more manageable. This changing station is just like commercial ones in restrooms, but in the privacy of Dad’s own home! It makes the process much faster, and it’s built to last. It can be mounted anywhere convenient, like a bathroom.

Dad can get to work mounting it, knowing it’ll come in handy for many months to come!

  • It can support up to 200 pounds and is even ADA-compliant!
  • Can be used on any infant, even up to three years old.

Every dad will naturally worry about the safety of his kids. The soft and breathable memory foam of this affordable pillow is comfortable, but it also serves a more important function. It’s built to prevent “Flat Head Syndrome”.

It also comes with two washer-friendly covers, so if there’s a mess to clean up, the pillow won’t be stained!

  • One of the best safety-based childbirth gifts for Dad, since he can sleep soundly, knowing his baby is safe.
  • Helps prevent a known medical condition and provides comfort, so a 2-in-1 gift!

This surprisingly affordable monitor packs in just about every feature a tech-savvy (or not so much) dad could imagine! It provides a live 1080p video feed with high-fidelity audio that can be viewed through an app anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Night-vision and two-way audio, you can even yell at possible intruders.
  • It even has Artificial Intelligence that alerts you to the possibility of an issue with the baby, making this one of the most conscientious childbirth gifts for Dad!

If Dad isn’t fond of all these newfound gadgets, he might be overwhelmed by a “smart” device like we just talked about.

A cheaper, more traditional multi-parent monitor like this one might be in order! With just a five-level sound indicator, a simple battery source, and even automatic white-noise elimination, any dad should be satisfied!

  • No-nonsense monitor perfect for already exhausted dads.
  • Configurable to an extent.
  • White-noise filter allows Dad to hear exactly what the baby is doing.

Even though many toys encourage the baby to be solitary with the toy, this one is open to collaboration with Dad! Of course, you won’t be able to use it right away, as the recommended age is six months. However, it has a variety of large-sized, simplified versions of instruments.

Dad and the baby can bond over making songs or trying to replicate old ones!

  • Features several different versions of instruments.
  • Unique bonding opportunity for both Dad and baby.

Of course, Dad will want to interact with his baby as soon as possible. More sophisticated toys like the one above can be fun once the child is old enough. This toy is much simpler, consisting of “Roller Pillars”.

This affordable option for childbirth gifts for Dad helps babies learn the basic rules of physics as they tinker in the world they just entered, and Dad can join in on the fun!

  • The toy has educational value for the baby and bonding value for Dad and the baby!
  • Its “Little Einstein” theme even introduces the baby to famous scientists.

Of course, the health of a newborn baby is at the forefront of Dad’s mind. That’s why it’s important to have a complete nursery kit for a new baby.

This is not just one of the ordinary childbirth gifts for Dad; it has everything he needs complete with instructions to handle baby-related issues in a heartbeat!

  • Has everything Dad will ever need for his newborn.
  • Saves him expensive trips to the pharmacy for common items.
  • Think of it like a first-aid kit, but exclusively for babies!

This pack of disposable diapers is a necessity that Dad will have to purchase anyhow.

Why not show him you support the life he’s brought into the world by getting him a cheaper, bulk pack of diapers? Both parents will be forever grateful!

  • Mom and Dad will need these immediately, so you’re filling a desperate need.
  • You’ll make everyone’s lives easier by running the errand yourself!

The last thing on Dad’s mind as his baby is being born is how he’ll bathe the baby. Pretty soon, though, he’ll need to.

Then, it could dawn: there’s nothing he can use to clean the baby! Well, this won’t happen to Dad if you pitch in and grab this 5-item set! It has soap, lotions to keep the baby from developing rashes, and more.

  • Has shampoo, rinsing gel, cleansing water, body lotion, and even rash cream.
  • Mom and Dad will always remember that you went out of your way to give childbirth gifts for Dad that truly mattered!

Dad can introduce his new baby to swimming without fearing any danger! After waiting a few months, the baby will be ready to utilize this new toy!

The mat has depictions of sea creatures and water, helping his baby to not develop a phobia of water. It’s a fun playmat in general, and it can insulate the baby from being harmed while playing.

Wrapping Up Choosing Childbirth Gifts for Dad

Remember, it truly is the thought that counts when picking out these gifts. What might be a brilliant idea for one dad might be a mediocre gift for another. While it’s important to not overthink the gift, try to think of a way to make it personal if it isn’t already personalized by default.

Especially for those who know Dad well, it’s the thought behind childbirth gifts for dad that count, not simply the quantity of gifts.

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