How to Indent in WordPress

I know what happened. You tried indenting your sentences, paragraphs, bullet points in WordPress, but couldn’t find a way
Maybe, you tried adding 5 spaces or using the “tab” key, but it still didn’t work. 
Well, This is how you can indent in WordPress in seven easy steps. 
  1. Go to Plugins > Add new, and look for the “TinyMCE Advanced” Plugin. Install and activate it. 
  2. Go to  settings > and  select “TinyMCE Advanced”
  3. Choose your current editor, either “Block” or “Classic” 
  4. Scroll Down and look for the two indent icons. Then, drag them to the toolbar
  5. Important! Save Changes 
  6. Go back to your post, and choose “Classic Paragraph”
  7. Have fun indenting as much text as you can! 
Hope you liked this tip! and remember: Always Share Knowledge! 


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