36 Gifts Software Developers Can’t Resist

cool gifts for software developers

The Coolest Gifts for Software Developers

No matter what the occasion is, it can get difficult to pick out gifts for software developers. Especially if you aren’t familiar with the industry, it can be almost like reading a foreign language! That’s why our expert reviewers (and software developers) have created this list of 36 excellent gifts for your favorite software developer, and programmer.

Buying Tips for Gifts for Software Developers

(Don’t) Go for the Gold!

Subscriptions and gift cards for services like Xbox Live Gold can seem like easy presents to grab, but don’t presume every developer loves video games! Think outside the box.

If in Doubt, Ask Before Buying Gifts for Software Developers!

If you don’t know the genre of gift to go for, feel free to ask if a software engineer needs any technical stuff. Developers and programmers are able to describe exactly what it is (and chances are that it’ll be on this list).

Don’t (Always) Do Digital Gifts

Although there are some digital presents that every software developer would appreciate, don’t feel like you have to get something on a screen! Just like everyone else, there are plenty of physical presents we appreciate!

We’re Not All Nerds!

When you’re looking at gifts for programmers and software developers, remember that our only interest isn’t development (although many of us are very passionate about it, even on our off-time). 

List of Gifts For Software Developers, Engineers and Programmers!

gifts for programmers and a white mug that says engineer in capital letters and shows a nutritional chart

This sturdy porcelain mug has “nutritional facts” on it that go into making one “highly efficient software developer”. With a list of several common qualities of software developers with percentages on the “nutrition label”, this coffee mug is sure to be used at the office and at home by any developer!

  • Uses “insider humor” to make it the perfect gift for a software developer.
  • 11 ounces and dishwasher and microwave-safe.
  • Low-priced gift that will be appreciated (and is very practical).
gifts for computer programmers and the A vintage brown paper with the first computer patent drawn on it

This 11” x 14” image is a perfect copy of the world’s first computer patent. Software engineers aren’t exactly famous for our interior design skills, so if you’re looking for gifts for programmers and software developers with more empty offices, this is another great option!

You can clearly see what went into the first computer invented, and this can even serve as additional inspiration!

  • Artist’s rendition of the first computer patent is perfect to a “T”.
  • Can be hung up at home or office and appreciated by anyone.
  • Shows some authority and establishment at the field, too!
One of the best gifts for programmers. Black t-shirt with a meme drawn on the front

If your software engineer needs a wardrobe upgrade, this could be perfect. This shirt shows a meme that is famous in the industry and plays on the industry joke that “software engineers don’t understand why their code does work and doesn’t work”. It’s a very common office joke, but the shirt can serve as an icebreaker in a new work environment or just as a personality statement!

  • Uses universally understood the joke in the industry.
  • Perfect for engineer gatherings or the workplace.
  • Shows an appreciation for your software developer’s occupation!
  • Definitely a funny gift for your favorite programmer. 
gifts for computer programmers. A laptop showing a man on a videoconference, a light tripod and two more lights

Lights like this make great gifts for programmers. We all know that programmer who insists on staying in their room, all day, every day. If they can complete a meeting over text, call, or video chat, they’ll almost always do that before seeing someone in-person. That’s why this is one of the best gifts for software developers – it makes it easy for them to conduct high-quality video calls and even stream videos on platforms like Twitch.

  • Great for Interviews.
  • Small enough to be easily portable for your programmer on the go.
  • Has an adjustable brightness and color temperature.
  • Set it up using the tripod or the suction cup!
A rectangular pack with yellow ends showing a drawing - Geek Pack

Cards Against Humanity is a very famous game among software developers. Chances are that your software engineer does own the base card game, which is why this expansion pack is an affordable and excellent gift! It adds some more fun to the original game, especially if they play the game with other engineers.

  • Builds on a very famous game in the field.
  • Adds unique options to the Cards Against Humanity game.
  • Affordable because you don’t need to buy the whole game, only a pack of cards!
gifts for computer programmers. Arduino kit showing tech devices parts, wires, lights and circuit boards.

Arduino is a physical robot that can be programmed. Lots of programmers do this as a hobby, and there are even competitions centered around this skill. This kit provides over 200 pieces and is the most complete Arduino kit on the market. Although it does not come with a book (that’s the next item), it comes with everything needed to spark a new hobby! One of the best gifts for programmers.

  • Every piece of physical hardware necessary for Arduino development.
  • Completely compatible with Arduino specs.
  • Contains pieces for maximum creativity, like different-colored lights, circuit boards, etc.
  • The Smaller Version: ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial
A black ergonomic mouse and keyboard pad with a cushion

Anyone who has worked on a computer for more than a few hours a day likely knows how essential ergonomics are in avoiding injuries and desk fatigue. That’s why we chose this as one of the best gifts for computer science majors. After all, they spend all day on the computer – they’ll need the extra support.

  • Large size makes it perfect for large desks.
  • It reduces the chance of hurting your wrist when coding all day.
  • Gifts for programmers like this are incredibly functional while also being awesome.
A metallic Sceptre computer monitor screen showing three views of a red car

This is a highly affordable computer monitor. It’s a perfect gift for software engineers and programmers since we love working with multiple screens. This computer monitor is lightweight and thinPlus, the design is wall-mount ready, meaning your favorite programmer can use it with a monitor stand for maximum desk space management. When it comes to ultra-slim options and high-quality monitor, this is one of the best computer monitors under 300.

  • This monitor includes adaptive sync technology, closing the gap between the graphic card speed and the monitor’s 75-hertz refresh rate to reduce stuttering and lag. It also includes two HDMI ports, which allows to link multiple screens. 
  • The built-in speakers included on this device help limit wire-clutter and ensure your software developer can hear meetings without having to purchase external speakers or plugin headphones.
  • Includes an additional VGA port, allowing you to connect the monitor in different ways based on the computer’s connection ports. 
One of the best gifts for programmers. A black rack with usb wires stuck on it

If you look at any tech-enthusiasts desk, you’ll probably notice that they have a TON of wires. And if there’s one thing that engineers hate more than a line of code that just won’t work, it’s wire clutter. Thankfully, these cable clips are the perfect solution. We picked this as one of our favorite gifts for programmers because it gives them exactly what they need – a convenient and easy way to keep their desks, workstations, cars, and even their television consoles free of wire clutter.

  • Sticks to any smooth surface using an adhesive strip.
  • Peel-and-stick adhesion lets you can move it from one location to another easily!
  • Comes in three, five, and seven-slot options.
A soldering kit with multiple electric tools, a scalpel and a case

One of the most sought-after gifts for IT engineers and developers is a soldering iron. Many are interested in technology’s electrical aspect despite traditionally expecting digital or coding-related gifts for software developers. When it comes to building and repairing electronics, a soldering iron kit has everything the developer in your life needs to get started.

  • Made of high-quality and professional-grade materials.
  • Designed with eco-friendly materials that last virtually forever.
  • Use it on dozens of different projects, including electronics, jewelry, home appliances, and all sorts of DIY projects!
Black Corsair headset with an integrated microphone

Plenty of coders are also game developers. That’s why we picked this for our list of gifts for computer programmers. Headsets make the coding and gaming experience much more enjoyable. It’s also the perfect accessory for when they’re ready to relax and unwind with a few rounds of their favorite game at the end of a long day.

  • Surround sound audio.
  • High-Quality Mic. 
  • Super comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
A set of stickers with multiple icons like python, CSS, JavaScript, angular, react, apple and many more

Stickers may have been the last thing on your mind when it comes to purchasing gifts for software developers! However, engineers and programmers often use laptop and desktop stickers to identify themselves. This pack has a lot of waterproof stickers that can be easily applied to laptops with nostalgic brand names, such as SEGA. These decals can be placed almost anywhere, ranging from 2.5” wide to 4” wide.

  • Comes with 100 different brand stickers, so your software developer will definitely find something for their laptop!
  • All stickers are waterproof and “fade-proof”, so they should last a while.
  • Guaranteed that there are no duplicates in the pack!
One of the best gifts for programmers. Grey backpack with thick straps showing safety zippers and a little pocket for tech device's wires.

This unique backpack is designed to hold tech. There’s a spot for your headphones, laptop, charger, and more, and it’s completely waterproof! Perfect for expeditions where some work might be done, or even just for regular travel. It also has an anti theft feature; the zippers are essentially “locked”, so you’ll minimize the risk of being pickpocketed! 

  • Block theft attempts, protecting one of a software developer’s biggest assets: their laptop!
  • Charge your devices as you go with this backpack!
  • Hold everything you need for a mobile tech setup!
Grey fabric beanie with bluetooth buttons on the side

Software engineers tend to love their beanies, and this adds a bit of tech to the beanie, making it even cooler! You probably read that title twice and thought “What on Earth is a Bluetooth Beanie?” It’s new tech that has a microphone and speakers, and it connects with any Bluetooth device, like a phone. You can take calls and listen to music in high fidelity just by wearing the beanie!

  • Takes only two hours to charge for thirty hours of use!
  • Volume and call-answering controls are on the beanie!
  • Don’t get headaches and earaches anymore! Just get sound directly through an affordable beanie.
A Kit of four white smart power plugs

Smart devices are all the rage these days, and they’re often a fan favorite for many programmers. If you want to buy gifts for computer science majors that make their lives easier, this is a great pick. They can control various devices with these plugs, meaning they won’t have to worry about getting up to turn on the light after a light nide coding session ever again.

  • Works with both Alexa and Google Home.
  • Lets you voice control a variety of electronic devices.
  • Super easy to set up and start using immediately.
A black Razer mouse with a green logo on it

When you look at the facts, most programmers are also gamers. Some programmers even code games. Therefore, they’re going to want the best of the best when it comes to their peripherals. That’s why the Razer gaming mouse is one of the best gifts for software developers. It’s well-known and often used by pro-gamers, so you know it’s reliable.

  • Comes in both black and white.
  • Can choose between wireless and wired.
  • Mechanical switches support up to 10 million clicks.
One of the best gifts for programmers. A black ergonomic office chair with a high back, arms and a silver stand

One of the gifts for computer science majors they’ll appreciate the most is a high-quality chair. It’s no secret that programmers spend a lot of time in front of the computer. A common joke is that they sit like “hunch-shouldered goblins” when they code. Buying them an ergonomic chair can help improve their posture and reduce excessive pain.

  • Recognized by the Ergonomics Application Association.
  • Plenty of ways to adjust this chair for comfort and support.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
A green book that says cracking the coding interview and showing an alarm clock

Software engineers are known for “job-hopping” to better opportunities because of how new the field is and how many options there are! It’s always best to stay current on “need-to-know” content for your next interview so you aren’t caught unprepared! This applies especially if the software developer you love is trying to get into one of the “big N” companies (industry slang for one of the huge tech companies, like Netflix, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.). This book has a list of all the classic questions and clear examples of how interviews typically pan out at these major companies, making it a staple for every engineer!

  • Excellent gift for any engineer, because interview questions apply industry-wide!
  • Contains optional content that is specific to certain larger tech companies for your loved one to make that next step up!
  • A consistent best-seller in job interview prep in a very competitive field because it’s so concise and useful!
gifts for computer programmers. A set of five different shapes speed cubes

I promise that we aren’t obsessed with cubes, but there’s one more set of cubes to discuss! This set includes a variety of cubes based on the Rubik’s Cube. Software developers’ minds have to stay sharp during the entire process. Often, items like Rubik’s Cubes are used as brain teasers and during development breaks, making this a practical and fun present!

  • Comes with a standard-sized Rubik’s Cube.
  • Also contains four other Rubik’s puzzles that are not the exact cube for extra challenges!
  • Compete with friends to see who can complete each puzzle at the fastest speed!
A black standing desk with a screen monitor, a plant and a lamp on it

Developers sit a lot, and sitting has been linked to lots of health problems. When you’re considering gifts for software developers, also think about their health! This specific workstation can fit two monitors on it, and it adjusts between sitting and standing positions! That way, if a software developer wants to keep working but do it standing up, they can. If they don’t feel like it, they can just ease it back down.

  • Shows your favorite developer that you care about their health.
  • Fits two monitors, which is the standard developer’s setup.
  • Functions as a computer desk, as well!
One red shot glass and a black box with Rick and Morty's cartoon face on it

Rick & Morty is a common favorite television show among many developers. It’s science-based humor, and many developers discuss it in the office. Unless you’ve been told that your favorite software developer is not a fan of the show, it’s safe to assume this is a great stocking stuffer! It’s marked as a “Szechuan Sauce Cup”, an inside joke to fans of the show.


  • Collectible shot glass that is part of a series.
  • Fans of the TV show will appreciate the sauce reference (it’s fine if you don’t!).
  • Almost everybody needs a shot glass every now and then!
Black Bose small cylinder shape speaker with an LCD screen

This high-quality Bluetooth speaker by Bose delivers high-fidelity sound and allows you to use Alexa’s voice control. Coming in black or white, it even has an LCD screen showing you what’s playing (and also allows you to control the device). It has the widest stereo range possible, making this an awesome find if your software developer ever has to work alone or remotely!


  • Allows for both voice control and control via LCD screen.
  • Comes from the most respected brand in sound.
  • Supports lots of apps, like Google Play Music and Spotify.
A hand pushing down a portable french press coffee maker

Let’s face it: game development is a tiring and stressful (but rewarding) job or hobby. Many people in the industry love using coffee as a morning boost, but buying it can get expensive, and that cheap office coffee might not taste so great… That’s where the portable french press maker comes in! As a common accessory of tech professionals, this handheld item under $20 can make a great-tasting drink on demand. 

  • Acts as both a coffee maker and a coffee cup!
  • It is completely BPA-free, so it’s safe to use!
  • When sealed, it is air-tight, so it doesn’t leak, and it makes the highest quality French Press possible!
One of the best gifts for programmers. A small black and white smart train device displaying blue lights

Whether it’s the holiday season or not (and whether you’re a kid or an adult), miniature trains are always a blast! They’re even more of a blast when they’re fully programmable, like this one! Although this “Smart Train” may be marketed as a “STEM Toy”, adults can still have plenty of fun with it, especially if they have the skills to unlock large customizations (i.e. software development, programming skills)!

  • Fully customizable and programmable Smart Train!
  • Comes with engine, wagon, snapping pieces of track, and everything else you’ll need!
  • Show off coding skills with your masterpiece!
gifts for computer programmers. A dark gray multiple power plug box

It’s no secret that software developers often need to plug in a lot of devices! Since everything else is “smart” these days, why not get a “smart” power strip? Your favorite developer will be able to save energy and give it voice commands. It functions via Google Home and any WiFi network, so there’s no paid subscription involved. Three USB ports and three standard outlet ports are there for all your favorite dev’s devices!

  • Electronic protection with style!
  • Takes advantage of smart technology to save energy.
  • Can control via your voice or an app!
A black professional DAS keyboard

This is no ordinary keyboard! It’s a pretty industrial one, meant for heavy use, just like software developers do! Keys are reinforced so they don’t wear nearly as much. It has physical large media controls for watching videos or playing music, as well. It even comes with its own USB ports, perfect for plugging in mice or other devices! The keyboard is engineered by a respected brand, and it’s a great choice if you want to make your favorite software developer’s job just a little easier!

  • Designed for lots of use, as most developers’ keyboards get.
  • Physical, oversized media controls, perfect for taking a break and streaming.
  • Has its own USB ports, perfect for any device!
  • For Mac and PC
A white mug with programming jokes

Programmers everywhere know exactly how frustrating debugging code can be, which is what makes this mug hilarious. This mug is even one of the best gifts for software developers, as it perfectly expresses how they feel when they try and fail to run a line of code.

  • Keeps their coffee warm for when they forget about it.
  • Will 100% make the programmer in your life laugh.
  • It’s an 11oz cup, perfect for their favorite drinks.
Black Apple watch showing a color wheel on the screen

Let’s face it – tech-gurus are always on the go, which is why smartwatches make great gifts for programmers. They can perform tons of different tasks easily, without having to stop what they’re doing. It’s one of the many reasons that everyone loves them. But, it’s an especially practical gift for the coders in your life, who never know when they’ll need both hands on the keyboard.

  • Hands-free reading and responding to messages.
  • Reminds them to get up and stretch, as well as breathe occasionally.
  • Helps them stay organized throughout their workday.
gifts for computer programmers. A black t-shirt with white letters saying trust me, I'm a developer, and a vintage videogame print

This T-Shirt uses a retro design with the text “Trust Me, I’m a Developer”. Many developers will find this funny, since there is an industry joke that even developers don’t fully understand what they are doing many times. This also serves as an excellent and affordable gift for any software developer; it shows an appreciation for their profession and their “insider humor”!

  • Show your favorite developer you care about their job!
  • Comes in eight different colors!
  • Casual T-Shirt design perfect for many coding workplaces.

More T-Shirts

Purple Fitbit watch showing the time on the screen

Fitness is often neglected, or at the least, not prioritized by many developers. Putting fitness in a digital form will help a lot of tech professionals get into better shape! Did you know that some companies give out Fitbits to their employees? make sure the individual for whom you’re buying doesn’t have this perk at work. This specific Fitbit can track walking, running, swimming, sports, and sleeping, rounding out most forms of exercise! It double-functions as a “smart watch”, so there’s no reason not to wear it and see metrics of your health in detail!

  • Tracks pretty much every health metric and puts it in graphs, allowing engineers to see where they should improve.
  • Helps ensure programmers get enough sleep so they can function optimally at work!
  • Also it is a pretty fancy smartwatch!
A brown leather laptop bag

When it comes to gifts for programmers, this one stands out for a lot of reasons. They always seem to be on the go, which means they’ll need to take their laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices with them. This bag is gorgeous and functional, making it one of the perfect gifts for software developers in your life.

  • Made of genuine Colombian leather.
  • Perfectly sized for laptops and tablets up to 15.6 inches.
  • Each bag is unique in style.
A black kindle with a white screen showing some text

The newest model of Kindle is near the top of the list of best gifts for software developers! So much of the profession involves constantly learning, and whether it’s on the train, at home, or in the office, software developers always have new materials to brush up on. Rather than purchasing a hardcover or paperback book, a Kindle lets them get books free or at a much smaller cost, saving them money and time as they do their job!

  • Now has a backlight, perfect for reading in bed at night!
  • Easy access to millions of books with any Internet connection.
  • Almost indistinguishable from paper – gives their eyes a break from their screen but keeps the advantage of being digital!
A blue cube with multiple international plugs on it

This gift is useful for anyone who travels often, but especially for the “digital nomad” (person who works online and travels the world). For a low price, you can ensure that you can use all your electronic equipment, regardless of which country you go to. Avoid paying huge amounts for this at expensive locations like airports and foreign electronics stores and be prepared with this awesome gift!

  • Allows any conversion from: the US, UK, EU, and AUS outlets!
  • Perfect for developers who travel a lot!
  • Don’t let your favorite software engineer get ripped off!
  • Lets you get to work right away in almost any country.
Black Beats Studio headphones with pads on each side.

Contrary to the name, these headphones are often used in office environments. Software development is a very focus-intensive occupation, so it’s crucial to have silence, even when it’s not technically possible. These headphones have unparalleled sound quality, brand recognition, and work without a bunch of annoying cords getting tangled up!

    • Your software developer will have 22 hours of enjoyment, so it doesn’t have to live on the charger!
    • 10 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of playback time!
    • Uses real-time audio calibration, allowing complete noise cancellation!
gifts for computer programmers. A white book that says Programming Arduino showing electronic parts on it

If your software engineer either already owns an Arduino kit or just wants to learn more about it before investing in it, take a look at the best-selling book on the technology! This covers how to prototype Arduino projects and draft them through sketches. Written by Simon Monk, a renowned expert in the field, it has everything an engineer will need to get started with Arduino!

  • Same quality as a textbook but much smaller cost.
  • Written by a master of the field.
  • Demonstrates why things are done the way they are and how to do them.
One of the best gifts for programmers. A yellow cylinder shape lamp with a silver base and a smartphone on the side

16 million colors can be changed from your smartphone.  It works with Google Assistant and Alexa, and you can make it pretty much any specific color and bright or dim it as much as you’d like. This will satisfy your favorite software engineer’s desire to tinker! You can program different schedules and timers from the app.

  • Both Alexa and Google Assistant compatible!
  • Color is dynamic and can be easily changed via app or remote control!
  • Unique gift for you favorite, software developer, software engineer, programmer, and coders. 

Clever Sequence is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission for referring you. 

Clever Sequence is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission for referring you.