Hostinger Hosting
Review 2020

Hostinger is An European-based hosting provider that caters to more budget-conscious users.


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hostinger hosting full review

Why Choose Hostinger?

Hostinger is a web host that specializes in low-cost, yet high-quality shared hosting and cloud hosting. As a leading provider, they offer hosting in data centers all over the world. Whether you’re a blogger or owner of a leading eCommerce site, chances are that they’ll have a plan for you!



Free Domain (for a year)

This will save you a bit of money as you get started!


Customer Support Speaks Multiple Languages

Hostinger prides itself on providing multilingual support. Chances are that they will speak your native language!


Ease of Use

The entire signup process is very easy to do! After that, accessing the panel and doing whatever you need to get done is also very easy!


Data Centers All Around the World

As there are data centers in seven diverse locations, you won’t miss out on customers due to slow loading time!


Money-back Guarantee

Unlike most hosts, Hostinger does have a money-back guarantee on certain services.



No Phone Support

Unfortunately, no phone support is provided, but there are other options.


Misleading Pricing

While the initial price may be low, the renewal prices for almost all their plans are much higher.


No cPanel

Many webmasters are familiar with cPanel. Likely to save money, Hostinger uses a custom panel. You can still perform all the actions you can with cPanel.

hostinger powers 20 million users

What is Hostinger?

If you’re looking for a cheap web host with reasonable loading times, Hostinger may be for you. The company isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the cheapest web hosting options out there for shared hosting.

Those who have been in the shared hosting market for a while may recognize the name “000webhost”. Hostinger is “000webhost” rebranded. It provides all the standard services you’d expect.

Because it used to be completely free, it carried many customers with it from its “000webhost” brand to its “Hostinger” brand.

According to the company, they have approximately 29 million users right now, and they get approximately 20,000 new users per day.

Hostinger states that they do not provide customer information beyond their subscriber count, so there’s no definitive answer on how many sites they host, but it’s safe to say that their site count is well into the millions!

hostinger plans and services

Types of Services

1. Web Hosting (currently ranges from $0.99/mo to $4.09/mo promo prices)

Shared hosting intended for small to medium sites at a low price.

2. Cloud Hosting (currently ranges from $9.99/mo to $35.99/mo promo prices)

Dedicated computing power with guaranteed resources for large projects at affordable prices.

3. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) (currently ranges from $3.95/mo to $29.95/mo promo prices)

Provides root terminal access with guaranteed resources without the hassle and cost of a fully dedicated server.

Ease of use

Botton Line: Even though Hostinger uses a home-brewed panel, it makes everything quite easily accessible. 

From the lightning-fast signup through installing WordPress or making a site based on a template in their custom Site Builder, you can be up and running in almost no time at all!

Getting Through the Check-in

Signing up for Hostinger is very easy. Follow these simple steps to get started:


Get There!

Visit the home page and click “Get Started.


Pick Your Plan!

Select the hosting plan you wish to get. Click “Add to Cart.”

Then, select the duration of time you wish to purchase the plan for. Note that the advertised prices all count on you picking the 48-month plan. Be careful on this page!


...And Pay the Piper!

Enter in your payment info. You will get an email with links to control panels.

Need to Transfer a Domain?

The two higher-tier shared hosting plans include a domain, which you would specify during the signup process. However, you may also transfer your existing domain from another provider. No worries! Just follow these simple steps.


Get There!

Got to your Hostinger account Member’s Area. Click Domains, then click Transfer Domain


Plug in the Info!

Next, type your domain name into the field requesting it. Hit the button that says “Transfer”. You will then need to give payment info.


The Hard Part

You will need to grab your “EPP Code” from the host who currently has your domain. Some hosts call it the “auth” or “authorization code”. Essentially, it’s a long string of characters, or key, that you will need to prove you indeed have ownership of the domain. 

You’ll need to refer to the host currently holding your domain for info on how to grab it. If in doubt, refer to that host’s customer support! Once you have the EPP Code, just enter it into the field asking for it, and then the process is done!

I Need WordPress!

Need to install WordPress? Like many hosts, Hostinger implemented a one-click way to get WordPress up and running as soon as possible! Take a look below for information on the panel and how to use it to get WordPress!

The Panel

You can use the link that was emailed to you to access the panel. This is their custom version of cPanel. You can easily use their Site Builder (linked on the homepage of the panel). You can also use their “Softaculous” one-click installer that’s also linked in the panel to install WordPress in a single click!

hostinger hpanel
hostinger more features

Hostinger's features


Botton Line: Hostinger provides a wide range of features, even for their cheaper plans, at lower costs than many competitors.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get; each feature comes with every plan unless otherwise noted.

WordPress Optimization

Since WordPress is an easy-to-use, open-source platform, Hostinger’s “Web Hosting” plans are optimized for it. Each web hosting plan comes with a one-click WordPress installation tool. They have “custom-built caching plug-ins” and claim to have the “industry’s fastest WordPress hosting.”

Fully Solid State Drive (SSD)-based Hosting

Hostinger runs its sites on solid-state drives. This type of storage allows data transfer to flow much more quickly than traditional storage media.

Domain Hosting

For Premium and Business hosting plans, free domain registration is included for the first year (You will need to pay for this in subsequent years).

SSL Certificate

For Annual Business hosting plans, a free SSL certificate is included. This secures your site, prevents “man-in-the-middle,” or eavesdropping attacks on your customers, and provides a more professional online presence.

hostinger features by plan

Daily Backups

For Business hosting plans, a free Daily Backup of all your content is performed. In the case of a hack or data loss, you will be able to get things back to normal, keeping your business flowing!

Weekly Backups

For every web hosting plan, you will get a free weekly backup. While this isn’t as ideal as a free daily backup, it still can come in handy!

Business Email Account

Every web hosting plan comes with one free business email for six months. This comes with 10 GB of dedicated storage. After the six months is up, you will need to pay the “then-current” price. A dedicated email @ your domain will show potential customers that you mean business! There’s no need to use an email address from your Internet Service Provider or a free host!

Site Builder

Like most hosts do, Hostinger has an easy drag-and-drop Site Builder that allows users to easily make websites even if they have no coding experience!

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

Hostinger guarantees 99.9% uptime on every plan they offer! Many hosts only offer this guarantee on higher-level plans. This ensures that you are actually getting the hosting you’re paying for! Your customers will always be able to access your site, so you don’t lose sales due to a site outage. (Uptime will be discussed in the “Performance” section later)

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare’s “free” Content Delivery Network (CDN) is offered to Hostinger users. This means that a “mirror” of your content will be available on other servers in the event of an outage. It also means that people around the world will be able to view your site quickly!

24/7 Support

Offered with every plan, Hostinger offers support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and every day of the year! It is in the form of live chat, meaning you can speak to an agent without having to pick up the phone! (This is also discussed in the “Support” section later)

Custom Control Panel

Rather than use cPanel as most hosts do, Hostinger has made its own control panel! Depending on your preferences, this custom panel could be a benefit or a downside. You can give it a test run here.

File Management

However, you like to manage files on your server; the chances are that you can do it with Hostinger. They offer custom online File Manager. They also provide FTP over SSL (a secure way to transfer files through an FTP client), and SSH (another way to access your data securely).

Advanced Developer Features

A less common feature for cheap web hosts, Hostinger offers a variety of more advanced features. This includes the use of “Cloud Linux,” which is a Linux distribution geared towards fast web serving, “CURL” allowance, which lets you grab files remotely. It also supports “Git”, which is version control software for developers. These features are less important if you are not yet an advanced user.

hostinger best for wordpress performance

Hostinger's Performance


Botton Line: Hostinger has been around for over a decade now, and their speeds, page loading times, and uptime are all at least the industry standard, but their guarantees don’t have much backing.


Hostinger provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is great for businesses that always need to be available to customers for purchases, but what happens if that promise is broken? According to their Legal Terms page, Hostinger is the sole authority of what their uptime is, and you’re eligible for a five percent credit on your monthly payment if they fail to meet their agreement. However, it excludes many causes, including DDoS attacks, which often cause outages.

While Hostinger guarantees 99.9% uptime very prominently, they do not advertise their recourse for failing to meet that obligation as much! The remedy is mediocre at best. Additionally, many other web hosts have a 99.99% guarantee with a full refund guarantee, so Hostinger is certainly lacking in this category!


Hostinger offers the standard 1000 Mbps connection speed that most web hosts do for every plan. Here’s where their data centers are:


  • United States (they do not disclose states where servers are)
  • Netherlands
  • Indonesia


  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • Singapore
  • Lithuania

Regardless of where you and your customers live, there will be a data center close enough to you to provide sufficient speeds! This, combined with the CloudFlare CDN, will ensure fast access for everyone!

hostinger security

Hostinger's Security


Botton Line: Hostinger’s security is that the company takes it very seriously. While they place some of the responsibility on the customer’s shoulders, they also proactively lock their members’ sites down.

With so many data breaches in the news, security is often at the forefront of webmasters’ minds. Hostinger uses “advanced security modules.” This means that they utilize various tools on the server-side to lower the likelihood of a data breach. These include:

  • Apache’s “mod_security,” a Linux tool that performs multiple cybersecurity functions
  • Suhosin PHP Hardening, a tool that blocks many common attacks performed against PHP-based sites
  • PHP openbase_dir protections, which stops attackers from being able to access the “root” of your website and steal files they should not have.

Hostinger also advertises that it uses “custom security software” but does not specify exactly what it is. They also protect users with the well-known program “BitNinja” (see this link for more information). This is a program intended to be an all-in-one solution for Linux server security. It assists administrators with detecting potential attacks and thwarting them, keeping your site safe!

Although it is only included in the “Business” web hosting plan and higher, SSL Certificates also play a significant role in security. As stated earlier, they provide users with a guarantee that the site they’re visiting is genuine. You may purchase them for varying rates depending on how long you need them for smaller plans.

In addition to all of this, Hostinger provides everyone (even people who do not use their service) with a helpful support base of security-related articles. It is clear that the host takes security very seriously!

hostinger DDos security
hostinger plans and services prices

Hostinger's Plans and Services


Botton Line: Hostinger offers one of the widest ranges of plans we’ve seen of any host. You can get any level of shared hosting, cloud hosting, and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. However, they do not offer dedicated server hosting at this time, but their high-power VPS plans make up for that!

Every plan’s storage is in the form of Solid-State Drives (SSD). These are more expensive storage media, but they allow data to be processed, sent and received much more quickly than older drives. Please see the “Features” section for more details!

For Small Businesses, Blogs, and Forums

Shared hosting is the best for blogs, smaller businesses, and other sites that are not resource-intensive and do not have too much traffic. Here are the available plans and prices:

hostinger cheapest hosting

“Single” Shared hosting (currently $0.99/mo when purchasing 48 months)

10 GB Disk Space (SSD), 100 GB bandwidth (web traffic); Great for businesses just getting started, new bloggers, and small forums!

“Premium” Shared Hosting (currently $2.59/mo when purchasing 48 months)

Double computing power of “Single” Plan, 20 GB Disk Space (SSD), Unlimited bandwidth; Best for those who need to host multiple websites or blogs, need a bit more computing power and storage, but don’t run resource-intensive applications.

"Business” Shared hosting (currently $4.09/mo when purchasing 48 months)

Quadruple the computing power of the “Single” Plan, 30 GB Disk Space (SSD), Unlimited bandwidth; As the name says, great for business-oriented users. If you already have an established site, blog, or forum with a good bit of traffic, this is the plan for you!

For Medium-Sized Businesses, Medium Forums, Higher-Traffic Blogs

Need root terminal access for an extensive forum, site, or blog? Developing a cutting-edge application? Then take a look at Hostinger’s VPS Plans!

"Cloud Startup” Plan (currently $9.99/mo for a year, then $15.90/mo upon renewal)

Up to 300 sites, a dedicated IP address, 40 GB Disk Space (SSD), Unlimited Bandwidth, 3 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores; Great for startups or applications that need some resources, or anything that requires terminal access.

"Cloud Professional” Plan (currently $18.99/mo for a year, then $31.80/mo upon renewal)

Up to 300 sites, a dedicated IP address, 80 GB Disk Space (SSD), Unlimited Bandwidth, 6 GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores; Great for web apps that are used heavily and depend on a good bit of resources but are not enterprise-level.

"Cloud Enterprise” Plan (currently $35.99/mo for a year, then $71.55/mo upon renewal)

Up to 300 sites, a dedicated IP address, 160 GB Disk Space (SSD), Unlimited Bandwidth, 12 GB RAM, 6 CPU Cores; Great for enterprise-grade applications that have heavy traffic and need a good deal of resources.

For Resource-Intensive Web Applications, Developers, and Very High-Traffic Sites

While Hostinger does not offer fully dedicated servers, they do offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

There are plans with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 virtual CPU Cores. Each plan comes with the same GB RAM as the number of CPU cores (so the 2 CPU Core Plan would have 2 GB RAM). 

If you multiply the number of virtual CPU cores by twenty, you will get the amount of SSD storage (so the 4 CPU Core Plan would have 4 * 20 = 80 GB SSD Disk Space). 

Finally, if you multiply the number of virtual CPU Cores by 1,000, you will get the amount of bandwidth that comes with it. For example, the 3 CPU Core Plan would have 3 * 1,000 = 3,000 GB or approximately 3 TB Bandwidth.

If you need a Windows VPS, Hostinger offers those here. However, they are far more expensive, and Linux is generally faster (and free).

Just a Domain

Just need a domain without hosting? Domain names start at only $0.99/year. A “.com” domain is $8.99/year.

hostinger choose your domain
hostinger global office locations

Hostinger's Customer Support


Botton Line: Hostinger offers every common customer support method. You can chat around the clock with knowledgeable representatives, send support tickets if you have detailed issues, or consult their Knowledge Base if you’d rather do it yourself! No Phone Support is offered, but with all these options, that shouldn’t be an issue!


Live Chat

This is a 24/7/365 service that is provided in many different languages, including English, Spanish, and French. Support is near-instant, ensuring you will not miss a new client opportunity! There is no audio, and it is simply in an instant messaging format. While there is an option for pre-sales chat, technical support chat can only be accessed by logged in users. This is the only “live” support option provided.


Ticket System

Like most hosts, Hostinger provides a Ticket System. You just type information into a form about what you need help with, and they say the tickets will be turned around within 24 hours. However, if you need live help, Live Chat is your best bet.


Knowledge Base

Typically, a Knowledge Base would not even be counted as a support mechanism. However, Hostinger provides an unprecedented volume of articles and help in this searchable, self-service list of guides. They are incredibly helpful and include detailed tutorials.

hostinger hosting full review

Final Verdict


If you’re looking for an affordable host, spans multiple continents, provides scalable plans for all sizes, and will even give you a free domain to start, Hostinger might be the right choice!