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If you’re pondering how reliable is Lyft scheduled rides, then you’ve come to the right place. Lyft didn’t like the idea when it was first suggested. As the years went by and their customers clamored for it, though, Lyft changed its mind. After all, it already scheduled rides; why not let Lyft schedule a ride in advance?

The snag to that is that no ride-share company is reliable. Lyft isn’t even reliable in their ordinary rides. They’re not likely to be reliable when you schedule Lyft in advance. There are some circumstances, though, in which a Lyft scheduled ride is a good idea. Read our step-by-step tutorial on how to schedule a Lyft ride in advance, and we’ll give you all the details.

What Are Scheduled Rides?

In various regions, Lyft offers scheduled rides for modes like XL, Lux, and Lux Black ride choices. In this offer, rides are scheduled up to seven days in advance. However, scheduled rides are not always obtainable, not obtainable in every region, and/or not available in any region. When they’re accessible, you’ll see a “schedule” button on the ride choice portion of your screen.

Can you schedule a ride with Lyft? Of course, you can. It’s a 24-hour service in which you have access to instant rides. You can schedule a ride in advance as much as seven days ahead of time.

For What Occasions Would You Schedule A Lyft In Advance?

One of the most important scheduled Lyft rides is when you have a flight you have to make on-time. Knowing how to schedule a Lyft ride in advance will net you a driver who has snagged that request. You should make your flight barring no unforeseen circumstances.

Other occasions upon which a scheduled Lyft ride would be a good idea are making a board meeting on time, arriving at an event of which you are the host, an event for which some of your guests require a ride, or even getting a scheduled ride to the hospital for the birth of a baby. There are multiple reasons to discover how reliable is Lyft scheduled rides.

Are Scheduled Rides Reliable?

Are Scheduled Rides Reliable how reliable is lyft scheduled rides

No, they aren’t 100% reliable. Drivers could be finishing another ride, they could be too far away from your pickup address or your destination, there could be no cars at that time, drivers aren’t scheduled at the time of your request, nor does Lyft guarantee rides. This is on an ordinary day, so it stands to reason that the same things could go wrong with scheduling a ride in advance.

On the other hand, knowing that can you schedule Lyft in advance puts Lyft in the position to have drivers on hand for those scheduled rides. It’s in the system, so drivers can book those rides in order to be available when you need to be picked up. As they scroll through ride requests, they will also see the possible earnings along with the pickup and drop-off addresses, so they’ll book the ride. This is the other side of the how reliable is Lyft scheduled rides coin.

Lyft Scheduled Ride Confirmation

Lyft Scheduled Ride Confirmation how reliable is lyft scheduled rides

How will you know your Lyft ride in advance is confirmed? The app gives drivers a notification of the scheduled ride. When the driver accepts the scheduled request, your app will show that your ride has been confirmed.

How does it work? Open your app. At the bottom right of the ride choice screen, a box will read “plan ahead.” When you tap on it, your scheduled rides will appear. It’s that simple. It’s also the answer to the question of how reliable is Lyft scheduled rides.

How To Schedule A Lyft Ride In Advance

If you’ve used the app before, then all you have to know is to tap the “schedule” button on the ride choice part of your screen. Follow your usual steps to schedule a ride. If you’re a newcomer to ride-sharing, then you’ll need to know can you schedule Lyft in advance. Yes, you can. Here’s how:

1. Open the app.
2. Input your destination.
3. Tap “Plan Ahead” in the bottom-right corner of the app.
4. Check to see if all the information is correct. Tap “schedule.”
5. Input a date and time for pickup.

Tap set pic up time how reliable is lyft scheduled rides

6. Confirm the pickup location

Open the app and Input your destination how reliable is lyft scheduled rides

7. Select the right of ride

Check to see if all the information is correct Tap schedule You’re all done how reliable is lyft scheduled rides

last update 06/01/22

8. You’re all done.

Making Cents Of Scheduled Rides

Making Cents Of Scheduled Rides how reliable is lyft scheduled rides

One of the things that anger ride-share riders is surge pricing. You’ll find that rides are more expensive at certain times of the day on certain days in certain locations. For example, for me to take a Lyft from my home two miles down the road to the doctor’s office at 1:00 pm costs approximately $9. To take the same ride two hours later would cost $6.

Rush hour is a beast, whether you’re driving home from work, delivering food, or asking for a Lyft. Weekends, however, tend to be prime time for Lyft drivers. Everyone is out doing their marketing and errands. There’s more traffic on the roads. The businesses open on the weekends tend to be high-profile shops or urgent care offices. This is where surge pricing kicks in.

The one bonus of scheduling a Lyft in advance is that you lock in the price for that day, that time, and that location. Lyft estimates the demand for rides, the length of the ride, as well as the prime time of the ride in its prices. To avoid surge pricing, schedule your ride in advance.

Another bonus of using Lyft is that Uber is more in demand. There’s no supervision or oversight on their pricing, so their surge pricing tends to be more of a bite out of your bank account. Lyft isn’t like that. I’ve used Lyft exclusively for years and never had a crossword to say about them or their prices.

Should I Use Lyft Scheduled Rides?

Should I Use Lyft Scheduled Rides can you schedule a ride with lyft

Absolutely! If you have somewhere to go, by all means, schedule a ride. Catching a Lyft is preferable to using ride-share companies that are too expensive or too busy.

I, personally, will walk rather than try to get a taxi. In my experience, they don’t show up at all, don’t call to say why, nor do the dispatchers even tell you when it’s too busy to get a cab. Scheduling a ride with Lyft is trouble-free, and the app tells you when it will be a while before a driver can pick you up.

Not only that but scheduled good-paying rides will be picked up by a savvy Lyft driver. How reliable is Lyft scheduled rides? Just ask one who’s working hard every day to pay the rent and the bills. That works for me.

Will Lyft Cancel A Scheduled Ride?

Will Lyft Cancel A Scheduled Ride how to schedule a lyft in advance

The company can’t cancel something you did. Only you can cancel your scheduled ride. Here’s how to cancel a scheduled ride:

  1. Tap the calendar icon in the right corner of the app.
  2. Touch the scheduled ride.
  3. Tap “cancel ride” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Touch “confirm.”
  5. Now, you have to understand that when you cancel a scheduled ride, cancellation fees apply. Lyft has invested in this ride, so you’ll be charged if or when:
  6. You cancel the ride after a driver picks up the scheduled ride.
  7. The driver is driving to you for pickup.
  8. The driver is almost there to pick you up within the time window.

Scheduling A Ride In Advance | FAQs

Is Lyft Or Uber Better For Scheduled Rides?

Uber is more about luxury vehicles and rides for four or more persons. Some cities offer rickshaws, bikes, or scooters. Uber and Lyft both have pet policies for riders with animals. However, Uber charges additional fees based upon service fees, booking fees, time and distance rates, duration rates, tolls, and more.

Lyft charges by minimum and maximum fares, cost per minute, cost per mile, service fees, and prime time demand. Thus, Lyft is the best way to go expense-wise and type of car-wise (I mean, do you really want a scooter or a rickshaw?)

Is It Cheaper To Schedule Lyft Ahead Of Time?

Lyft goes by the quoted price when you schedule in advance. They might estimate the charge for driving during rush hour or the length of the drive which means surge pricing. However, they stick by their original pricing, surge and all. If you were to wait for a ride on the date and time of your appointment, you might pay more, depending on the time of day and length of ride. So, yes, it’s cheaper to schedule a ride in advance.

Do Lyft Drivers Know If You Don’t Tip?

The platform shows drivers your location, your destination, as well as the estimated price of the trip. Since you tip your driver following completion of the trip, yes, the driver knows if you tipped him and how much you tipped him. You also have the option of customizing your tip and explaining why. So if the driver went above and beyond, then you can recognize this with a custom tip.

Scheduling A Lyft Ride In Advance Tips And Tricks

Tips for Scheduling A Lyft Ride In Advance can you schedule a ride with lyft
  • We bet you didn’t know Alexa could call a Lyft for you. Go into your Alexa app, tap on Skills, search for Lyft, and add it. Input your number, and your Lyft and Echo accounts will be linked.
  • Forgot your phone? Use a friend’s phone to log into Lyft. Input the phone number of the phone you’re using. The platform will send you a code. Type that into the browser, type in your location and destination, type in your payment information, and touch Request.
  • Had to move down the street a bit? Not to worry, just drag the pin at your location to the spot to which you’ve moved. Your driver will pick you up at that spot.
  • Did you know you can sync your calendar with Lyft? If you have a meeting to attend and need a ride, go to Applications on your phone. Navigate to Applications Manager. Go To Lyft Permissions. Turn on Calendar.

Final Thoughts

How reliable is Lyft scheduled rides encompasses more than just price and timing. There are times when more drivers are on the road than rider requests. There are times when the only cars on the road are Lyft SUVs. These circumstances constitute the best idea: schedule a ride in advance.

This is easily done by opening the app, typing in your pickup address and destination, tapping on the “schedule” button, and boom, you have a ride when you need it. The app locks in your price and your ride will be confirmed. You’ll receive a notification that your ride is on its way.

You can always cancel your scheduled Lyft ride, but you’ll pay cancellation fees for the privilege. Otherwise, this tutorial should answer your question of how reliable is Lyft scheduled rides.

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