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The business world is cut-throat at best. The flip side of that is that everyone on the planet has something to say or to sell. That means that those in business need to reach anyone that can hear or buy what everyone is saying or selling. The way to reach them all is knowing how to announce website launch on Instagram.

Social media has grown to the point that it rules our lives. We talk to family members across town, across the country, or across the pond on social media. We make friends, get our news, contribute to worthy charities, and even buy groceries on social media.

Enter you, with your new business to promote. You need a website, or no one will know you’re there. Without promoting said website, it will be lost in the gazillions of pages of Google. No one will know you’re there. Let’s begin with basics such as a website launch Instagram post, and then this tutorial will show you how to use Instagram to your advantage.

How To Announce Website Launch On Instagram

If you’re one of the six people living with no knowledge of or access to social media, then you’ll need reasons to use Instagram because you should know where your target audience is located:

  • Instagram has more users. Of the one billion users, over half of them use Instagram every single day. Think you can reach one or two of them?
  • Stories help. People need to relate to other people, so posting stories on IG makes a bond between you and the people you want to reach.
  • Engagement is power. Engaging with the people your stories reach means a personal (okay, sort of) relationship. These people will buy your products because they “know” you.
  • #Hashtagsrule. Hashtags take an IG user to your webpage, product page, or wherever you want them to go. Hashtags are a proven method of getting attention and directing it (example: include this hashtag in your #websitelaunch Instagram post.)
  • Mobile is life. That’s no joke or misprint. Most people spend their days and nights with their noses buried in their phones. Why wouldn’t you try to reach them? Make sure your website has a mobile app, write good website launch announcement text, and you’re on your way.
new website launch announcement example

Update Your Information Before Publishing

Information comes in all forms and categories:

  • Make very sure your website link is prominently displayed.
  • Make just as sure the email address linked to the website is accurate and prominently displayed.
  • Don’t confuse your target audience with the 30 hashtags you’re allowed. Limit hashtags to five or so, and you’ll be easier to follow.
  • Keep your IG profile updated.
  • Check your IG site statistics.
  • Establish the times and frequency of your posts.
  • Track your IG traffic.
  • Keep your IG bio updated.
  • Remember to interact with your followers; they’re responsible for passing the word about your how to announce website launch on Instagram efforts.
go to your iphone settings find the sounds and haptics option swipe the slide on ringer and alerts

Promote To Friends And Family First

You’ve heard it a hundred times: “You’ve got a new business? Why didn’t you tell us?!” Of course, we all know how hard it is to nail down friends and family for a reunion, celebration dinner, or just a simple glass of wine and good conversation. With that said, there’s a reason most first-time business persons fail to tell their friends and family first.

However, friends and family remain the business person’s staunchest supporters. Reach out and touch them with:

  • Email. While lots of people pass on accepting phone calls, they always, without fail, check their email. Your friends and family will forward your website link to their friends, who will forward it to their friends. Before you know it, you’re a big deal.
  • Social media. The above is true about Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and all the other flavors of the month sites. Your friends and family have friends who will see your website URL on their feed and tap on it. Nine times out of ten, they’ll post your URL on their page where people in their feed will see it. Rinse and repeat.
  • Threads and forums. Let’s say you’re into knitting or planting African violets. You belong to several threads and forums discussing trends in these things. Without spamming or being discourteous, include your website URL in your posts. These would be an excellent place to write website launch announcement text.
launching website on instagram

Get Ready For The Long Haul

Your website is up and running. It’s been a long and arduous journey, but you did it! Now what? Would it surprise you to hear that the journey has only just begun? How to announce website launch on Instagram goes hand-in-hand with what you do with that website after launching it.

For instance, if Google shopping and Amazon don’t have your product feed, your competitors will get your Instagram traffic to their pages. If your sitemap.xml file isn’t set up properly or at all, then Google can’t direct your IG traffic to your product pages, blog pages, or any of the other vital pages on your website. Here are some things you need to do in order to make the long haul a little more productive:

  • Install a backup plugin. All that work establishing your website could be lost due to a server crash or being hacked. Protect all that expensive work with a backup plugin.
  • Set up social media accounts. Okay, you’re promoting your website on Instagram, but do you have business pages on Facebook or Twitter? Professional business pages add legitimacy to your website launch. They tell people that you’re not a fly-by-night shyster, but an honest-as-the-day-is-long business.
  • Use press releases. Keeping in with the press alerts more people to your website as well as further legitimizes your business.

Tip: Sign up for Help A Reporter Out or HARO. It’s a free press email question offer that will get you about three emails a day from reporters hungry for news. Write something that gives them a double-take, and you’ve got yourself some great press.

  • Create content. Google bots search for keywords, which is what SEO is all about. Creating a steady flow of content with specific keywords keeps your website in front of the eyes that matter: Google. People searching for those specific keywords will find your website faster.
  • Speed is life. This is true not just for the Air Force, but for the owner of a brand new website. Instagram users will hit up your competition if your website loads slower than a snail. Speedy plugins help.

Run Ads

website launch announcement text Run Ads how to announce a new business on social media amazon native shopping ads

They annoy us on TV and the radio. On the ‘Net, they sometimes entice us to click on them because we need the product or service. For years, Google AdSense has been the benchmark ad service to monetize websites. However, over the years, others have stepped up their game to compete with Google:

  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads. The largest e-commerce site ever has the most impressive conversion rates. They use keywords and content to advertise their products. Instagram users click through, and whether they buy your product or service or not, you get a commission.
  • This ad service is run by the Yahoo and Bing network. They are to Yahoo and Bing what AdSense is to Google. It, too, runs on content and SEO, which will give you access to a whole new group of users.
  • Svorn | Commerce. Content is king here, too, but with a twist. Svorn converts product links into affiliate links. You get passive income. This tool allows advertisers to compete for your business, guaranteeing you the best prices and the most click-throughs. You just create amazing content, and the AI will do the rest.

Website Announcement Examples

All this information swirling around in your head could mean nothing if you don’t have examples to explain how to announce a new business on social media. The point of the exercise is to build anticipation and pique people’s interest before the launch. Here are some pointers:

  • Post on social media. No one will know about your new website if you don’t talk about it in a website launch Instagram post. A lot. On other social media sites, too. Include pictures of cute babies or baby animals (otters are particularly adorable) announcing something new or the number of days before launch.
  • Calls to action. Don’t just tell Instagram users that your new website is about to launch. Pique their interest:
    • “Our brand spanking new website is about to go live! Visit the site to register for free gifts, read our newsletter and blog, and sign up for email alerts!”
    • “We bet you didn’t know how much we love to blog! Read about the news, events, tips, hacks, and so much more!”
    • “New! Today! Our new website is easier to navigate, has more features, and is pretty awesome! Visit today to sign up for email alerts and free stuff before the launch!”
  • Announcement x three. Your followers don’t always check into Instagram due to work, family matters, or other reasons. They could miss your first announcement. Feel free to announce it once or twice a week for three to four to six weeks. Give people a chance to hear about it and check it out.
how to announce a launch on instagram

Announcement Tips

Announcement tips understand concepts foucs on others how to announce website launch on Instagram website launch announcement text

This is the most important thing in your life right now, so some extra tips could help:

  • Keep it short. Rambling posts make people scroll right past them. Keep it short, to the point, and well worded.
  • Focus on others. Thank the people that helped you get the website together. Ask Instagram followers what they want to see the most on your website. Then deliver.
  • Understand concepts. Make sure you thoroughly understand press releases, email messages about the launch, plenty of pictures, interacting with your Instagram followers, and all the other concepts of website launch announcements.
  • Creative ways of announcing your new business. Offer contests, free gifts, or a free session or product for the first 25, 50, or 100 people to sign up. This creates urgency, and they’ll rush to your website.
    • Use teasers to pique interest.
    • Make your blog work for you. Add banners and plenty of pictures or videos.
    • Never, ever launch on a Friday. Launch mid-week, when everyone is paying attention.
launching website on instagram


How to announce website launch on Instagram is the fun part of starting up a new business. You and your team are going to be working long and hard to keep your site viable, speedy, and attractive to visitors. Blogging, offering things or services, and social media interaction are just a few of the ways the announcement will have an impact on your Instagram followers and website visitors.

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