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Becoming an influencer is one of the best ways to make money in a fun way. You can promote your favorite company’s products, earning a paycheck while doing it.

To become an influencer, you have to pitch yourself through email or an initial meeting. 

You can learn how to approach a brand for collaboration with the step-by-step guide provided below.

Infographic how to approach a brand for collaboration how to reach out to brands as an influencer

How to Pitch a Collaboration with Brands

This step-by-step guide will help you learn how to approach a brand for collaboration. 

You can reach out to other companies by visiting them in person or sending an email.

Collaborating with a brand will help you and the company. They will gain more customers, and you will make a small income from your partnersh

Why Should Influencers Collaborate with Brands?

There are several reasons why you should learn how to pitch to brands as an influencer. You will develop a following and strong relationships with the business owners you meet.

When you make a sale, you will receive compensation. The business will also likely send you free products to show to your followers.

What is a Pitch?

Before you learn how to approach a brand for collaboration, you have to know what a pitch is. You must email or visit a specific company or person to start your partnership.

That email or visitation is the pitch. You can provide two to three paragraphs or a five-minute conversation about your experiences and yourself. 

The brand will decide if they want to collaborate with you.

How to Write a Collaboration Email

First you need to learn how to email brands for collaboration. The below list will help you know what you should include.

  • A brief introduction
  • Why you want to partner with the company
  • Analytical data
  • A media kit
  • A rate card
  • Information on relevant experiences

Brief Intro

The first item you should include when learning how to write an email to an influencer for collaboration is an introduction. This section should include information about yourself and what you do.

Why You Love Their Product or Brand

When learning how to approach a brand for collaboration, praise the company. Share why you want to partner with them. 

Provide details as to why you love their brand and the products they offer.

Verified Analytics Report

Provide an analytics report when learning how to approach a brand for collaboration through email. 

Access this information from the social media platform you use for your followers.

An analytics report provides information about your followers and how they access your information. Businesses have specific audience members they want to attract for their products. 

They want to ensure that you already have a following that will work for their needs.

Media Kit

You should also provide a link to your media kit in your email. This information will act as a digital portfolio detailing your experiences.

When building your media kit, provide details about your achievements and selling proposition. Show your conversion rates and other successful partnerships you held.

Rate Card

When you learn how to email brands for collaboration, you have to know your price. Only apply to partner with companies that pay fair wages.

Some companies do not provide upfront information about how much they pay. When pitching yourself to them, give a rate sheet about how much you cost.

Relevant Brand Partnership

Finally, the most important piece of your email pitch is the part that details your previous partnerships. You want to prove the successes you had with other companies.

Ask the companies you partnered with previously for references. Have them provide details about the customers that came through your posts.

Brand Pitch Email Template

Follow an email template when learning how to approach a brand for collaboration. It can feel overwhelming to start from scratch.

In a collaboration email template, you will see details about what to include in your subject line and closing message. You can read more about every part of your message in the information below.

Subject Line

Subject Line how to find brands looking for influencers

The first part of your brand ambassador pitch is the subject line. Write something like the quote provided below.

“Jane Smith: Grow Your Brand by 10% in the Next 30 Days”

The subject line should include your name and some type of statistic. You want to get the brand interested from the start.

Put Your Name in the Subject Line

The first item in the subject line should be your name. You want it to stand out, and the brand should immediately know who you are. They can quickly navigate to your social media profiles to see your work just by the subject line alone.

Include Statistics

After you provide your name, you should give some type of statistic. Use your data analytics from previous jobs to show how much you can help a specific company. You want the business to know how much they can grow with a partnership with you.


Introduction how to reach out to brands as an influencer

The first part of the body of your email should be the introduction. This section should further help the company learn more about you. An example introduction is below.

“My name is [Jane Smith], and I am so excited to partner with you. I love your products and have experience using them for the past several years. As indicated below, I have several previous roles as an influencer. I helped companies like [insert company name] and [insert company name] grow [insert percentage] in just 30 days, and I think I can do the same for you!

Who Are You?

The first section of the introduction should detail who you are. You want to give your name and how you know about the company.

Make your message seem personalized to seem like a real person. You can also provide your location in the introduction or where you use social media.

What Do You Do?

After providing your name, write about what you do. Write out details about your current job role and your future goals.

You can also provide information on your hobbies, especially if it is a brand that sells products for one. Again, the goal is to make yourself seem as personable as possible.

Who Have You Worked With?

Finally, provide information about your previous job experiences. Write about the companies you worked as an influencer for previously.

You should also provide statistics about the growth you helped other companies achieve. Type out the numbers and statistics accompanying your work, linking them to the analytical information you will attach.

The Body

The next part of your email to brands looking for micro-influencers is the body. This section should be two to three paragraphs long.

In the body, you need to go into more detail about your interests and previous experiences. Talk in detail about why you want to work with the brand.

Personalize It

First, you need to personalize the body of your pitch. Do not bore the companies you want to email. They want you to be an exciting person who can attract new customers.

Try to be personable. Do not make the information too formal, especially if you want to partner with a more informal brand.

Previous Campaign Information

First, you need to write about previous campaign information. Provide detailed statistics about the growth you achieved with other customers.

This section of the body should also provide information about your current social media following. Write about how many audience members you have and the types of people you attract.

How You Discovered the Brand

Finally, you need to provide more information about how you discovered the brand. Detail if you are a long-term customer or if you are new to the company.

Write about the types of products you use from the brand. This section makes you look like an expert in the business.

Call to Action

Call to Action how to approach a brand for collaboration

After the body of the paragraph, write a call to action. You can use the below example or write one yourself.

“If you want to speak further about this partnership, please reply to the email used. You can also call me at [phone number].”


Closing how to approach a brand for collaboration

After you provide your call to action, write your closing. Start it on the same line, leaving your salutations under, as seen below.

“I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

[Jane Smith]”

Follow Up

Follow Up how to approach a brand for collaboration

After you write your initial email when learning how to reach out to brands as an influencer, wait up to 48 hours for a reply. Write a follow-up message if you do not hear anything in a few days. You can use the template below for additional assistance.


This is [Jane Smith]. I’m following up in regards to the email I sent last [Monday]. I was hoping you had a chance to review the provided information about a potential partnership.

Feel free to call me at [phone number], or you can reply to this email. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thanks again,

[Jane Smith]”

How to Find Brands Looking for Influencers

There are several places you can find brands looking for influencers. You can visit websites dedicated to these partnerships, attend events, and network with people in your community. There are endless opportunities.

Visit Websites for Influencers Looking for Brands

Visit Websites for Influencers Looking for Brands how to email brands for collaboration

If you want to learn how to find brands looking for influencers, you can start with websites. There are several options that post opportunities for individuals who want to build partnerships.

Aspire IQ

Aspire IQ how to approach a brand for collaboration

Aspire IQ is the first website you can visit. It primarily works with e-commerce brands that have a need for high growth opportunities.

Businesses can view your profile on the platform, sending you a message if they enjoy what you can offer. They can find individuals based on social media, keywords, or aesthetics. is a professional networking site for influencers. You can learn from one another, looking for job opportunities in the networking process.

You can showcase your work directly on the website, providing details about new information you learn. The money will come directly to your account, giving you your paycheck in a few days.


Brandbacker is another platform where you can connect directly with other businesses. There are over 30,000 influencers already on the site.

When you build a profile on Brandbacker, you have to produce high-quality content. The goal is to show that you can influence purchasing decisions for another company.


Tapinfluence how to email brands for collaboration how to approach a brand for collaboration

Tapinfluence already works with some of the top brands in the world. Some companies using the platform include Universal Music Group and Jackbox Games.

Tapinfluence helps companies grow via their social media platforms and websites. They constantly expand on the offerings they present to influencers.


Famebit YouTube BrandConnect how to approach a brand for collaboration

Famebit is technically YouTube BrandConnect now. It lets you monetize with other creators to develop branded campaigns with other individuals.

You have to be 18 and a member of the YouTube Partner Program to use these services. You will get an email within a couple of days if you get approval for the application.

Attend Events

You can also find brands looking for micro-influencers by attending events in your community. Most of these opportunities are in larger cities in your state.

When you attend these events, you can network with other individuals. 

You can learn tips, especially from those with years of experience. Sometimes, businesses attend the events to meet new influencers.

Network with People In-Person

Network with People In-Person brands looking for micro influencers

Finally, you can network with business owners in-person to learn how to reach out to brands as an influencer. Visit local restaurants and stores in your community, especially those not franchised.

Some business owners do not want people to discuss an opportunity at the door. Try to call them or visit to set up an initial meeting about what you can offer.

Pitch a Collaboration with Brands

You should know how to approach a brand for collaboration now. The easiest method is to write an email.

Your email should include information about yourself and your previous experiences. You can also give details about your social media following and successes.

You can also approach companies in person when reaching out to brands as an influencer. Visit networking events and schedule appointments with local stores and restaurants in your area.

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