How to Attach an Email to Another Email in Outlook

attach outlook email to another email how to attach an email to an email in outlook

There are ways to include an email inside an email you are sending. Forwarding and copy-paste are the most used methods. However, the recipient of your email might need to see the original email you want to attach to yours. In that case, you should know how to attach an email to another email in Outlook.

We’ve written this tutorial with helping you learn about Outlook in mind and how to attach an email to an email in Outlook. Outlook is like any other email provider. It’s often clouded by the word Microsoft, which makes lots of people wary of using it. It’s about understanding, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

I Never Heard Of Outlook

The Microsoft suite embraces every little thing you’ll ever need in an office such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and so on. One of the apps is Outlook, which is an email provider within Microsoft.

Most of us have Gmail or another email provider, so many people never even notice Outlook. On the other hand, there are Microsoft users who never step outside Microsoft for things like OpenOffice (Word competitor) or email providers. With that said, you should know more about Outlook before learning how to attach an email in Outlook.

How Outlook Works

Outlook works like any other email provider. You’ll set up your account with your username, password, and email address ([email protected]) You might be asked for extra information if this simple setup doesn’t work the first time.

When the account is set up, you’ll notice the bar, either on top of the screen or to the left of the screen, just like in other email providers. Here, you’ll tap on your contacts, photos, calendar, tasks, emails, and more. You now have Outlook email just like your Gmail.

How To Attach An Email To Another Email In Outlook

Now you’re ready to discover how to attach an email to an email in Outlook.

1. Tap Compose Email

A screen will open. You’ll see the To bar and the Subject bar. Type in the email address of your recipient in the To bar. Type in the subject of your email in the Subject bar. Move your cursor down to the body of the email box. Compose your email.

2. Open The Email You Want To Attach

Open a new window. Select “Email” on the left side or the top of the screen. Scroll until you locate the email you want to attach to the one you’re sending. Save the email to your computer. It will show up in the Downloads list on your computer. Now, return to the window with the email you’re composing.

3. Attaching The Original Email

Sometimes it’s at the top of the screen, sometimes at the bottom. You’ll look for an icon of a paperclip. Tap on it.

  • A window will open asking you from where you want to upload something. Tap on Downloads.
  • A window will open detailing your downloads. Scroll down the list. On the right side of your screen, each download will display. They could be photos or documents. Tap on the email you want to attach to the one you’re sending. Tap on Open to attach it.
  • The email you want to send in your email will appear as a paperclip icon. The recipient of your email will tap on the paperclip icon. The original email will open on a new screen. The recipient will be able to go from one window to another until the email you sent and the one you attached in Outlook are understood.

Troubleshooting: How To Attach An Email To Another Email In Outlook Isn’t Working

Some days nothing works. If you don’t see attachments in your Outlook email, there are things you can do to fix them.

Check With The Original Sender

The original sender might not have attached the email correctly. He could have only sent you a link to upload. Either way, contact the original sender to ask if he could resend the email correctly.

The Paperclip Icon

The paperclip icon could appear beside the subject on the subject line of the original email. Always look for this icon, because it could be located anywhere in the original email, sometimes at the end of the signature line at the bottom of the email content.

Drag And Drop

If there’s no paperclip icon, then you can always drag and drop the original email into the email you’re sending. Copy and paste works, too.


Most email providers offer options while composing emails like the pop-out option. Some email providers put this arrow at the top left or right of the compose box. When you tap on the arrow, it usually opens another window. You’ll be able to navigate between windows as you compose your Outlook email.

Check Your Settings

Outlook might block attachments due to security reasons. Check your settings to disable any antivirus or malware-type apps just until the email is attached and sent. Remember that many viruses get into computers by opening infected emails.

Change The File Extension

Outlook blocks executable (EXE) files. Follow the instructions for changing the file extension in the Windows registry.

File Sharing

If absolutely nothing works, consider using a file-sharing site. Google Drive is popular, as are Dropbox and OneDrive.


When all else fails, send your email as a message. Facebook Messenger is a good method of sending your email. WhatsApp works, too.

How To Attach An Email To Another Email In Outlook: Tips And Tricks

Attaching an email to an email is done every day, in Outlook and in other email providers. Check out these tips and tricks.

1. Attached File Menu

Did you know you don’t have to search high and low for an email to attach to the one you’re sending?

  • Tap “Control” and “N.” A new message will open.
  • Tap on Message at the top of the page.
  • Tap on Attach File.
  • Choose the email you want to attach to the one you’re sending.

2. Flag Those Emails

We bet you didn’t know in learning how to attach an email to another email in Outlook that you could flag emails you think or know you’ll be passing on. They’ll be easier to find. Simply tap on the flag icon in the open email. The icon will turn red to show you the email has been flagged. Tap on it when you’re finished to dismiss the flag.

3. Pin It

Do you know you’ll be passing on this email to another recipient? Use the Pin icon to pin the email to the top of the Inbox or the Folder it’s in. If you don’t see a Pin, right-click on the email. Choose the Pin option from the drop-down menu. When you’re finished with the email, you can choose to unpin it.

4. Outlook Files Viewer

The email you’re attaching to the email you’re sending to a recipient might have included an attachment you want your recipient to see. Tap on the Paperclip icon. A drop-down menu will open. Search for the name of the file in the search box. You can also choose email folders, Word, Powerpoint, and more. Attach the file to your Outlook email.

Final Thoughts On How To Attach An Email To Another Email In Outlook

Emails whiz through the ether at the speed of light. Business, personal, advertising, and much more use email to reach their target market. Sometimes Outlook emails need an attachment their recipient should see. How to attach an email in Outlook is a simple matter of using the Paperclip icon to upload a downloaded email.

Every now and then, something goes wrong. The Internet signal might not be strong enough to upload an attachment. Your machine’s security might not allow a strange email to be uploaded and attached. Sometimes you just have to log out of Outlook and reload it.

There are tips and hacks to finding the email you want when you learn how to attach an email to another email in Outlook. We hope this tutorial has helped you learn more about Outlook and how to locate emails you wish to forward to a new recipient.

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