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Today’s extra cash largely comes in the form of a gig economy, one popular gig of which is learning how to be a dog walker on Wag.

Walking dogs has become a thing. There’s a process to go through, and you have to be vetted when you sign up to be a dog walker. Read on and follow this step-by-step tutorial if your big dream is being a dog walker.

Create An Account

Create An Account become a wag walker

No one does anything in this world without an account. You’ll tap on Dogwalking on the app. A screen will appear on which you’ll type your name, phone number, and valid email address. You’ll tap on Get Started. A screen will come up which is the usual “hi, how are you” stuff. You’ll tap on Get Started.

Now we come to the beginning of the questions. You’ll need to be 18 or older to become a Wag walker. You’ll need a driving license, passport, or some form of approved ID. You’ll give them your address, email, gender, and if you own an Android or iPhone. You’ll tap Submit.

Test Your Knowledge

Next, a screen comes up asking you to take a quiz about your pet care knowledge. There will be something about endorsements, but you can get past that. The test will come next. They’re multiple choice common-sense questions about the care of dogs and cats. When you’ve finished, a page will come up saying whether you’ve passed. Tap Continue.

Establish Your Profile

The first page that comes up will be where you’ll input your bio. This is where the pet parents will read all about you and choose you to walk their pets. Next, you’ll create a tagline or a catchphrase. The pet parents will see this, and it will stick in their minds when they hear your name (mine was “nobody puts Baby in the corner.) Next, you’ll be asked what tasks you’d like to perform (walking, pet-sitting, boarding, or drop-ins.)

The next page will list things with which you have experience such as walking dogs who pull, giving dogs medications or shots, or having experience with senior dogs. Then you’ll tell them about your home to see if it’s suitable for pet sitting or boarding. Now upload the best picture of yourself, and you’re done with this part of how to be a dog walker on Wag.

Agreements And Background Check

Everyone has Terms and Agreements. Wag has conveniently arranged it so you can electronically sign and initial the TOAs. An email with a link to pay for the Wag background check will be sent. When you’ve paid for the check and passed it, an email will be sent to you detailing the last step of the application to become a dog walker on Wag.

Personal And Business Emails

Personal And Business Emails become a dog walker on wag

Filling out an application is all well and good, but most companies want to know what other people think of you. Back in the day, it was called a letter of reference and was supplied by former business associates, the Reverend at church, and one or two friends. These provide the company with a well-rounded picture of your character, virtues, and personality.

Many people have a folder in their email account holding just such information. If you don’t have one, it might take a week or so to accumulate the character references you’ll need to attach to the application. Be sure to make up a folder to keep them in as well as any future references.

Training Videos

Training Videos wag background check

In order to know how to be a dog walker on Wag, you’ll need training. The site gives you 11 videos detailing dog crates, the importance of good leashes that don’t fray or break, dog aggression, overheating, and harnesses, among other dog walking subjects.

Pet Care Quiz

Pet Care Quiz wag background check

You’ll be given a Pet Care quiz with several multiple-choice questions. The questions cover everything from how to meet your first dog, how to tell if the dog is overheating, how to handle an aggressive dog, and so forth. If you fail the quiz the first time, your application will be rejected. You’ll have one more chance to take the quiz, though, so don’t worry if you don’t pass it the first time.

Background Check

Background Check how to be a dog walker on wag

Many companies pay for background checks as a matter of routine, but Wag requires the applicant to pay the $30 background check fee. It usually takes three to five days for the results to come back. If it takes longer than that, contact Wag support to find out what to do.

Background checks are about sensitive information such as social security numbers, names, and birthdates, passport numbers, driving license numbers, and you get the idea. For you to become a dog walker on Wag, the company needs to check on possible criminal behaviors, employment records, and educational background for the safety and security of their clients and pets.

Application Status

Application Status how to be a dog walker on wag

It usually takes three days for all the information on an applicant to be processed. We know waiting is no fun, especially when you love the fur babies for which you’ll be caring. If the company doesn’t reply by phone or email after the three days, call them.

Apply For Jobs

Apply For Jobs how to be a dog walker on wag

Now that you’ve completed the app to sign up to be a dog walker, it’s time to look for jobs. The client will request a 20-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute walk with their four-legged buddy. You have to download the Wag app in order to request walks. The gigs will all be in your area. Booking and payment will all be done through the app.

Wag Walker Pay

Wag Walker Pay

Keep in mind that you are not a Wag employee but an independent contractor. That means you take care of your own taxes and insurance. You’ll receive 100 percent of your tips, but Wag takes 40% of the base cost. For example, Wag charges $12.75 to $19.99 per 20-minute walk, $17 to $26.99 per 30-minute walk, and $25.50 to $36.99 per 60-minute walk. Do the math.

Wag uses the Stripe online payment processing app. It works much like PayPal, Square, or Payoneer. You’ll type in your debit card number and banking information to link your Stripe account with your bank. You’ll choose a PIN number, and you’re all set to receive payment for your dog walking efforts. It usually takes a couple of days to settle charges, after which the money will be transferred to your bank account.

Additionally, and most importantly, Stripe encrypts all its credit card numbers. The decryption information is kept strictly separate, so people have to jump through hoops to decrypt a credit card number. All this is carried on secure servers.


Insurance become a wag walker

How to be a dog walker on Wag means taking care of the basics. As an independent contractor, you’ll need to keep an eye on tax information as well as insurance. So what insurance do you need?

Why You Need Insurance

Let’s say you agreed to pet sit overnight. The dog is pretty, snuggly, and doesn’t bark a lot. He does, however, like to mark his territory in addition to making sure your throw pillows aren’t a threat by destroying them. Cleaning the marking and replacing the pillows will cost money. Who pays for it – you or the client?

The company will stand 100 percent behind the client. That leaves you paying for any damages, not to mention paying the court if the client sues you for defaming her fur baby’s character. You need insurance.

Another example of the need for insurance is the pet escaping his dog walker. He runs up to a stranger and bites him or attacks the stranger’s dog. Blood and possible injury are involved. You need dog walking insurance.

What Kind Of Insurance?

Regarding how to be a dog walker on Wag, the very least you’ll need is liability insurance. This protects you in the event the dog does physical damage to property or environment or harms another individual or animal while in your care.

If the insurance company includes veterinary charges reimbursement, take it. This could cover you if a dog is injured or dies while in your care. Let’s say you’re walking a dog who decides to check out crumbled masonry. He breaks his leg scrambling over the piles of cement or brick. You have to take him to your vet to repair the broken leg. Animal bailee coverage could pay for it.

Does Wag Provide Insurance?

Yes, but only for the dog to offset any injury to the animal. Regarding how to be a dog walker on Wag, walkers are encouraged to carry their own insurance, although walkers are bonded by the company.

Wag Dog Walkers FAQ

Can I Bring Someone With Me On A Walk?

You can, but it’s not recommended. If it’s later at night or you’re in a questionable area, then taking someone along for security purposes is a wise move. If, however, someone comes along on the walk for social reasons, then this is heavily frowned upon. After all, you’re a professional. Your focus should be on the pet and only the pet.

Do Walkers Have To Wear A Company Shirt?

Not necessarily. The object is to look like a professional, so wearing a company shirt fosters that look. A bonus of one dollar comes if you take a picture of yourself wearing the shirt and the dog wearing a Wag bandana.

Can I Bring My Own Dog On A Walk?


What Happens If I’m Running Late For A Walk?

The app only features an ETA update on iOS. Otherwise, the dog walker is advised to call the pet parent with their location and ETA. Failure to do this results in cancellation of the gig, and non-payment, even of the cancellation fee.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to be a dog walker on Wag provides entrepreneurs extra pocket money. It gets you fresh air and sunshine. It gives you a chance to interact with people and their animals. That’s worth something, after being stuck indoors during this pandemic. All you have to do is answer some questions, get a background check, sign up for the payment processor Stripe, and then accept walks. Now get out there and have some fun!

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