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YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites online, and it has more than two billion users worldwide. One of the things that make YouTube appealing to viewers is the ability to comment on creators’ videos — but this is also a downside for content creators.

Viewers may not always have the nicest things to say to a creator, which can be incredibly unproductive and frustrating. YouTube itself has done what it can to moderate and regulate comments, but with so much content, getting rid of all the bad stuff is almost impossible. That means that channel owners are in charge of their own comment sections, which means they are looking for moderators.

If you are wondering how to be a moderator on YouTube, your services are probably in high demand. To help you get started on this endeavor, we’ve put together the ultimate guide on what is necessary for chat moderation on YouTube.

Hone Your Skills to Become a Successful Moderator how to be a moderator on youtube

How to be a Moderator on YouTube

Deciding to become a moderator on YouTube could be a lucrative career move. If this is something you’re interested in doing, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

Step 1: Figure Out What a Moderator Does

Figure Out What a Moderator Does how to be a moderator on youtube

The first thing you’ll need to do when learning how to be a moderator on YouTube is to know exactly what the job entails.

As a moderator on YouTube, you will be working specifically for a creator and will be in charge of making sure that the content that is shared in their comment section is appropriate and not harmful to the creator or other posters.

You will accept or reject any comments that don’t abide by the rules — this could include the main rules set up by YouTube and requirements developed by the creator. Your job is to make sure the reputation of the creator stays intact by getting rid of any comments or remarks that could be disparaging or inflammatory.

To do this, you’ll have to go through and read every comment to see if it’s worthy to be posted on the site. Depending on the channel, this could be a process that takes a long time or a short while; it all depends on how many comments the channel receives.

In addition, you may be responsible for providing topics for people to discuss, encouraging participation in the discussion, and answering any questions that might arise.

Step 2: Learn How to Become a Moderator

youtube moderator on linkedin youtube moderator list

The next step in the process when learning how to be a moderator on YouTube is to determine what skills and/or education are required.

When it comes to being a YouTube moderator, there are no formal education requirements, which means you don’t have to go to school to learn this skill. To prove that you can be good at what you do and to get an idea of what the job entails, you might consider volunteering to moderate chat rooms, message boards, and online groups.

You can search on job board sites, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Google Careers, Jobzmall, and others to find moderator jobs. You might also consider reaching out to creators directly and asking if they are looking for a moderator.

YouTube Moderator Payment

how much do moderators get paid how to be a moderator on youtube

As you consider becoming a YouTube moderator, one of the questions you might be asking is: How much do they get paid? The answer: it depends.

The amount you get paid will depend on the type of channel you’re working for and the content you’re working with. On average, it appears that you could make $19 per hour, with the possibility of making more or less.

Other channels will potentially pay less, but you can still expect to be compensated for your work moderating the comments.

Step 3: Hone Your Skills to Become a Successful Moderator

Now that you have a better understanding of how to be a moderator on YouTube, the next step in the process is being successful at your job. Even though there aren’t any educational requirements, there are job-specific skills that will set you apart from others and get you included on a YouTube moderator list.

These might include knowing how to change stream title as a mod or helping commentators troubleshoot problems they might be having during the live stream, among others.

Some of the other ways to hone your skills to become a successful moderator include the following:

1. Research Topics Prior to the Live Stream

Research Topics Prior to the Live Stream youtube moderator list

Part of your job requirements includes moderating the YouTube live stream chat. Before the event, it’s in your best interest to research the topics that can and are allowed to be discussed. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what is acceptable and what’s not during the event.

2. Prepare Appropriate Questions

Prepare Appropriate Questions youtube moderator list

Keeping people engaged and encouraged to post comments sometimes requires asking questions. This means you’ll have to know how to chat on YouTube live stream and use your judgment to determine when the best time to ask questions is.

If you know the live stream topics beforehand, you can put together a list of questions that is relevant and fun to get people talking.

3. Stay Neutral

Stay Neutral chat moderation

When learning how to be a moderator on YouTube, one of the most important skills you can have to be successful is the ability to stay neutral. Your job is to remove inflammatory comments before they cause problems, and this could upset the people who are being silenced.

All you have to offer them as an explanation is to let them know that they violated YouTube’s commentary rules or the regulations of the specific stream — and then leave it at that. By staying neutral, you’ll prevent the situation from escalating further than it has to and keep yourself out of trouble.

4. Pay Attention to All Interactions

Pay Attention to All Interactions how to be a moderator on youtube

YouTube live stream can get incredibly busy. Your job as moderator, first and foremost, is to protect the reputation of the channel creator, but you also have to be aware of how other posters are interacting with one another.

Some commenters may not need to hurl their abuses at the creator but could find someone else to target and bully. By paying attention to all interactions, you can make the event fun for everyone by getting rid of comments that are hurtful and abusive, no matter who they are directed at.

5. Use Sound Judgement

Use Sound Judgement chat moderation

As mentioned, live chats can get chaotic, and keeping track of everything can become challenging. As the moderator, it’s up to you to decide which comments should be included and which should be deleted.

While there are some rules in place, most of the time, you’ll have to rely on your own judgment to make a final decision. No matter what that is, stick to your guns and remain consistent. Not everyone will like what you choose, but if you base your decision on the rules and your values and morals, you’ll be able to sleep well knowing you did the right thing.

6. Have Excellent Communication Skills

Have Excellent Communication Skills how to be a moderator on youtube

One of the biggest reasons that people get into disagreements is because they aren’t communicating clearly with one another. Being online and using text makes it really hard to determine the tone and intent of another person, which could lead to a lot of misunderstandings and issues.

After using your sound judgment to determine whether or not a comment should be posted, you then might have to explain to the person why you made that decision. If you have excellent communication skills, you’ll be able to explain it to them without making the situation worse.

Step 4: Know How to Set the Moderation Tools

Know How to Set the Moderation Tools how to be a moderator on youtube

The next step when asking how to be a moderator on YouTube is to know how to set the tools that are used for moderation. Honing these skills before you’re hired as a moderator will ensure that you are incredibly successful at your job.

Some of the things you might be required to do before the live stream chat include the following:

  • Determine if the live stream will be for subscribers only, then set the tools appropriately
  • Assign moderators, which may mean you’ll need to have a YouTube moderator list of who can and should be there during the live stream
  • Use the YouTube chat filter to block messages that contain certain words; this could prevent a lot of unwanted messages from getting through in the first place
  • Determine if the feed should be in slow mode
  • Know how to change stream title as mod (if necessary)
  • Turn the chat on; this may seem like a no-brainer, but if it’s not done by someone, then no one gets to chat during the live stream

Once the stream goes live, in your role as moderator you’ll be responsible for:

  • Moderating messages and ensuring that no disparaging remarks get through
  • Hiding/unhiding viewers to make the stream enjoyable for everyone

After the live stream event, some of your duties might include:

  • Replaying the live chat
  • Viewing and potentially deleting the chat history
  • Making sure the comments are visible to others after the live stream is over

A Job of the Future

The internet is changing the types of jobs that are available, and becoming a moderator could be a good way to earn some money and have a flexible, work-at-home schedule. You are also providing a valuable service to YouTube, the content creators, and the people who watch and comment on their channel. You may think that you’re just getting rid of awful comments, but you are protecting people’s reputations and saving them from having hurt feelings — or worse.

It would be nice if we lived in a world where people only said kind things to one another, but we don’t. Social media platforms make it far too easy for trolls and bullies to say horrible things anonymously, but no one has to stand for that type of harassment.

With YouTube cracking down on what commenters are allowed to post, that means that moderators will become increasingly important, and that could have an impact on demand.

If you’re wondering how to be a moderator on YouTube, here’s what you need to do:

  • Figure Out What a Moderator Does
  • Learn How to Become a Moderator
  • Hone Your Skills to Become a Successful Moderator
  • Know How to Set the Tools for Moderation

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