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Credit cards expire. Sometimes people change banks. These aren’t usually a big deal but can turn into one if you’ve used a card to sign up for online shopping, subscriptions, or other services. In that case, you have to go in and change your payment method. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber who just changed your credit or debit card, this guide can show you how to change your payment method on Amazon Prime Video.

Changing payment methods can often be confusing. This is for security reasons, as well as to make sure that people always have a payment method on file. If you’re ready to change your Amazon Prime payment method, get your new card ready and follow these simple steps.

How to Change Payment Method on Amazon Prime -- Step by Step

To start with, decide if you’d rather use a browser or mobile app to complete this process. You can use either, but the process will be slightly different depending on which you choose.

How to Change Payment Method on Amazon Prime Video Using a Browser

On either a mobile phone or computer, open a new tab or window in your favorite browser and go to the Amazon website.

1. Log in.

Make sure you’re signed in using the right credentials. If you have multiple Amazon accounts, make sure you’re signing into the account associated with the payment method that you want to change.

2. Click on "Account & Lists."

In the top right corner, you should see a spot that says “Hello, [Your Name]” with “Account & Lists” directly below it. Mouse over this to reveal a dropdown menu.

3. Click on "Account," and "Your Payments."

This will take you to your account page. Near the middle, there’s a button labeled “Your Payments.” Click on it.

4. Make sure you're in the "Wallet" area.

Clicking on “Your Payments” should take you to your Amazon wallet by default. If not, click on the “Wallet” tab to go there.

5. Add or change a payment method.

Your Amazon wallet should show your default payment method near the top, under “Your credit cards.” This will show you how to remove a card from Amazon, add a new one, or just edit the name, address, or expiration date associated with an existing one:

To delete a payment method

If you need to know how to remove a credit card from Amazon Prime, here’s how: Just click on the “Remove” button mentioned above. This will delete that card from your account.

To add a new payment method

Scroll to the bottom of the Wallet screen. You should see the “Add a New Payment Method” header. Below that, there’ll be a blue link labeled “Add a card.” Click on this link to add the new card to your Amazon Prime payment plan.

To edit your payment method

Click on the down arrow icon to the right of your current payment method. This will show a dropdown with the name and address tied to the card, as well as two buttons: “Edit” and “Remove.” To change any of the information associated with this card, click “Edit.”

From there, you can change the name, address, or expiration date on this card. You won’t be able to change the card number, however. To do that, you’ll need to add a new card.

You’ll be taken to a form that will allow you to enter a new credit card number, name, and expiration date. Fill this out, and click on the yellow button marked “Add your card.” This will connect this card to your account, and let you use it as your Amazon Prime payment method.

6. You're ready to shop.

At this point, your default payment method should be changed to the correct card. You’re all done!

How to Change Payment Method on Amazon Prime Video Using a Mobile Device

Tap on the app to open it. You’ll most likely already be signed in. If not, sign in now using the account credentials associated with the card you want to change.

1. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom of the screen.

This looks like a stylized picture of a person’s head and shoulders. Tapping on it will take you to a page with several options, including “Your Orders,” “Buy Again,” “Your Account,” and “Your Lists.”

2. Tap on "Your Account."

This button will take you to a long list of options, but most of these won’t show you how to change your payment method on Amazon Prime Video. Ignore them, and scroll down until you see “Payments.”

3. Tap on "Your Payments."

This will take you to your Amazon Pay wallet. You’ll see a representation of all of the cards associated with your Amazon accounts, including all of your Amazon Prime video payment methods.

To add a card

To add a new card, click on the “+ Add” link at the top right. Select the kind of card you’d like to add. This will take you to a form that will allow you to enter your name, card number, and the card’s expiration date. You can also scan your card using your phone’s camera, or link a card directly from your bank.

When you’re ready, click the yellow “Add your card” button.

To remove a card

If you’d like to know how to remove a card from Amazon through their mobile app, just tap on the card that you’d like to remove. This will show you a graphical representation of the card itself, and a link marked “Edit.” Tap on this link.

You’ll be taken to a screen that will let you change the name, address, and expiration date associated with this card. There’ll also be a bright red link marked “Remove from wallet.” Tap on this.

You’ll next be asked to update your payment method to make sure that you don’t disrupt any subscriptions or services. Scroll through the options provided until you see your preferred Amazon Prime video payment methods. Tap on one to select it, followed by the “Remove and update” button.

You can also remove a card without selecting a new Amazon Prime payment plan, but this may result in disruptions if your subscription expires before you’ve set a new default payment method.

To remove a card how to delete payment method on amazon

To edit a card

Follow the instructions as you would remove a card. Instead of tapping on the “Remove from wallet” link, just edit your card information and tap on the yellow “Save” button. You can also set a new card as your default, by checking the “Set as default payment method” box before tapping “Save.”

4. You're all set.

You don’t need to worry specifically about how to change your payment method on Amazon Prime Video — the service uses your default payment method. Whatever card you’ve chosen to be your new default will be charged for your Amazon Prime subscription. You’re good to go!

For more information, visit Amazon's "Help & Customer Service" section.

From there, you’ll be able to find more resources for changing your payments, modifying your subscription, and learning what to do if you need to change the payment method on an open order.

Amazon Prime Tips and Tricks

1. You don't have to wait for Prime Day.

Prime Day is known for its deep discounts, but there are pre-Prime Day deals a few weeks beforehand. Amazon is also offering a $10 credit if Prime users complete tasks like streaming video, listening to music, reading an e-book, and making an eligible purchase.

2. Save money on Amazon Fresh with Prime.

Starting at the end of June, 2022, Amazon Prime members will be able to save 20% on Amazon Fresh orders.

3. Set up deal alerts for Prime Day.

Visit the Prime Day event page, and you can set up special alerts for the items you’ve been wanting. When Prime Day comes, you’ll be notified about any special deals on these items.

How to Change Payment Method on Amazon Prime Video

You’ve got a new credit card, but do you know how to remove your credit card from Amazon Prime and set a different one as your default payment method? Even if you have no idea how to change your payment method on Amazon Prime Video, it’s pretty easy as long as you don’t mind doing a little navigating:

  1. Go to your account page on either the Amazon website or the mobile app.
  2. Navigate to your Amazon Pay wallet.
  3. Follow the relevant links to add, edit, or delete a card from your account.

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