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You’ve filled out all of your information and submitted it, only to realize that you typed your birthday incorrectly. You want to protect your privacy, so you want inaccurate information in your social media to make your passwords and security questions harder to crack. There are a lot of reasons why someone might need to change their birthday on Instagram. A lot of social media apps make this deliberately difficult. Fortunately, Instagram isn’t one of them.

With the step-by-step guide below, you can learn how to change your birthday on Instagram in just a few minutes. As long as you’re able to access your account, you can follow this simple process to alter your profile however you need to.

How to change your birthday on Instagram

Changing your birthday on Insta is a snap.

From the app

First, open the app on your phone. If you’re already logged in, it should take you right to your timeline. If not, log in now.

Step 1. Go to your profile

Tap on your profile picture (it should be in the lower right corner). This will take you to your personal feed.

Go to your profile how to change your birthday on instagram

Step 2. Tap on the menu in the upper right corner

There should be a “hamburger icon” (three horizontal lines) in the upper right. Tap on it to view a list of options.

Tap on the menu in the upper right corner

Step 3. Tap Settings

The first option should be “Settings.” Tap on this, and it will bring you to a list of account settings.

Step 4. Tap Account

Choose “Account” from the list. This will take you to a list of more specific options.

Tap Settings account how to change your birthday on instagram

Step 5. Tap Personal Information

The top option should be marked “Personal Information.” Tap on this.

Tap Personal Information how to change your birthday on instagram

Step 6. Change your birthday

Since Instagram is linked to Facebook, both platforms try to keep this information consistent. This means that there are two ways to learn how to change your birthday on Instagram.

Change your birthday how to put my birthday on instagram bio
If your Instagram and Facebook accounts aren't linked

If your social media accounts aren’t linked, or you don’t have a Facebook account, you can just tap on the right arrow icon beside your birthday. This will allow you to change it right in the Instagram app.

If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked

If your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, you’ll need to go into Facebook in order to change your birthday. Updating it in Facebook will automatically change it here.

You should see a blue link that says “Update on Facebook.” If you tap on it, it will automatically take you to the Facebook login screen. From there, you can log in and update your personal information.

Tip | 1
Use consistent filters

People prefer to follow feeds that have a consistent look and feel. If you filter your images, try to use the same filter each time. This will help give your content cohesion.


If you’re using a computer instead of your phone, you can still learn how to change your birthday on Instagram.

Step 1. Log in to the site

Navigate to, and log in.

Step 2. Click your profile picture

Your profile picture should appear in the top right corner. Click on it to go to your profile.

Step 3. Click Profile

You’ll see an icon of a generic profile picture, marked “Profile.” Click on it, and choose “Edit Profile.”

Step 4. Click Birthday

On the Edit Profile menu, “Birthday” should be at the bottom. Click “Birthday,” and it will take you right to a form for changing or adding your birthday.

Step 5. Enter your information, and submit

Make sure your birthday is correct, then click “Submit.” You’re all set!

How to add birthday on Instagram

What if you never originally entered your birthday in the first place? Unfortunately, as of 2021, Instagram is forcing users to do so. The good thing is, they’ve made it pretty easy.

Step 1. Add your birthday

If your account doesn’t have a birthday associated with it, you can either follow the steps above to navigate to your personal information and add one, or the app will prompt you to enter one. Pop-up windows and alerts with a button marked “Add Your Birthday” will appear over your feed. All you have to do is tap the button, and the app will take you to a screen that will allow you to do so.

Add your birthday how to change your birthday on instagram

Step 2. Double-check your information, and tap Submit

Make sure your birthday is correct. Even if your account isn’t a personal one (for example, an account for a business, memes, or a pet), use your own birthday. Tap the “Submit” button, and you’re all set.

Double-check your information and tap Submit
Tip | 2
Optimize your profile

You probably know that hashtagging photos can help them appear to more people, but did you know you can do the same to your profile? Optimize your profile by adding keywords to your bio (like “fashion” or “baking”) in order to increase the chances that you appear on Instagram’s Explore page. This can help you reach more potential followers.

How to add a birthday to your bio

Note that none of the above steps will make your birthday public on Instagram. They’re just used for age and identity verification. If you’re reading this and thinking, “But I want to know how to put my birthday on Instagram bio,” then you need to follow a few extra steps.

Step 1. Go to your profile

In the app, go to your personal profile. You should see a button marked “Edit Profile.” Tap on it.

On the website, go to your personal profile. Click on “Profile,” then “Edit Profile.”

click on edit profile on your instagram account

Step 2. Edit your bio

Tap or click on the Bio section. This will let you add whatever information you like. Type in your birthday, then tap “Done,” the blue checkmark icon, or “Submit,” depending on which platform you’re using. Your birthday will now appear on your profile.

Step two Edit your bio click on confirm how to put my birthday on instagram bio

How to find someone's birthday on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t offer a way for you to see someone’s birthday. Unless they’ve added it to their bio, you’ll have to go by other clues. Check their posts and stories for signs of a birthday party. If they tend to keep this kind of thing private, you can also look at posts they’ve been tagged in to suss out how to find someone’s birthday on Instagram — chances are, a friend or family member made a post about the special occasion!

A lot of people don’t celebrate their birthdays on the exact day, so it can be hard to pin down their actual birthday. This can still get you in the ballpark so you can send gifts or birthday well-wishes.

Tip | 3
Filter your comments

Trolls and bots happen. You can help keep them out of your comment section by filtering new comments by keyword. On the app, go to “Options.” Choose “Comments,” and make sure that “Hide Inappropriate Comments” is active. If you like, you can also enter specific keywords that will automatically trigger the comment filter.

Ever since Facebook and Insta made entering your birthday mandatory, it’s important to know how to change your birthday on Instagram. Fortunately, it’s easy to do right in the app itself. Your profile gives you a lot of control over the information you present, and you can add or remove your birthday, or even use keywords to attract more followers.

How to reinstate an account by verifying your age

There are a ton of reasons why you might want to learn how to change your birthday on Instagram. A big one is the Instagram age checker. The app’s terms of use state that it’s only for people age 13 and above — you can have your account disabled if they think you’re underage. At that point, you’ll have to submit an Instagram age verification form to have it reinstated.

Step 1. Go to the form

Step 2. Fill out all of the fields

Type in all of your information in the required fields. Make sure to enter your correct birthday, and double-check everything.

Step 3. Submit your ID

Instagram uses an ID to verify your age. You need to submit a photo of a valid form of identification that clearly shows your identifying information.

Step 4. Add any other relevant information

If you have any other information that may help your case, enter it into the text field marked “Any additional info.” Otherwise, leave this blank.

Step 5. Click Send

There’s a blue button marked “Send” below the form. Click it. You’re all set, and all you have to do now is wait. Be patient — this actually has to be verified by a human Instagram age checker, so it may take a bit.

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