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Sending emails is one of the fastest and easiest ways to stay in contact with people you care about. Whether you use email for personal use or for a small business, creating newsletters to keep people informed about what’s going on can be fun and helpful. This may have you wondering how to create an email newsletter in Word.

Microsoft Word is an incredibly useful word processing tool, and it is used by millions of people to create eye-catching and informative documents. If you are wondering how to create a newsletter in Word, there are several steps you’ll need to follow.

How to Create an Email Newsletter in Word

When it comes to creating newsletters, they need to include some common elements. More often than not, these include a banner, images, information boxes, and columns. The steps listed below will help you add all of these items to your document and help you learn how to create an email newsletter in Word.

Step 1: Open Word

The first thing you need to do when asking how to create a newsletter in Word is to open Microsoft Word on your computer.

Depending on how you have your computer set up, the icon may be in your Task Manager toolbar, or you may have to go to your Start Menu.

In either case, look for the blue box with a white “W” and click on it.

After clicking on this, once Word is open, click on the “Blank” page option.

Step 2: Change the Page Layout

When learning how to create an email newsletter in Word, once you’ve opened a new blank Word document, you’ll then need to go to Layout in the toolbar at the top of the page.

After clicking on this, a new set of options will appear at the top of the screen. Look for “Columns,” then click the down arrow.

From the list of options, you’ll need to decide how many columns you want to include in your newsletter. If you don’t have a ton of information to share with your readers, then two might be sufficient.

Should you have a lot of stuff to say, then choose three or more columns. The number of columns in your newsletter will come down to personal preference and how you want to present the message to your recipients.

However, keep in mind that this information will be going into an email, and some people may be reading it on their mobile phones, so don’t make the formatting overly complicated.

Once you’ve decided how many columns to include, click on that option.

Step 3: Change Your View

When asking how to create an email newsletter in Word, depending on how you have Word set up, after choosing the number of columns, if you don’t see any obvious changes to your document, you can click on the View tab in the toolbar at the top.

When the list of options appears, look for “Ruler” and make sure there is a checkmark in the box next to it.

This will add a ruler to the top of the page and show you exactly where each column in your document is located.

Step 4: Design Your Newsletter

Once you have an idea of where the components of your newsletter are, the next thing you want to do is choose a design.

Click on the Design tab in the toolbar at the top of the page. A new set of options will appear, and you can choose which one you want by either clicking on the list of items in the menu bar or by clicking the down arrow at the end of the options.

You might also decide that you want a certain theme in your newsletter, and to find the one you want, click on the down arrow under the “Themes” option found at the far left of the menu bar.

Other options you can choose in the Design tab include the colors of your newsletter, different fonts, effects, and paragraph spacing. If you want, you can also add a watermark, change the color of the entire page or add a border.

This is where you’ll let your creative sideshow. If you’re a business and have certain colors in your logo, add those to your newsletter. This can make it stand out from all the other messages your recipients get in their inboxes.

A word of caution: be careful with the color choices you make, especially if you are changing the color of the page and font. You always want to make sure you choose contrasting colors to make it easy for people to read, and you don’t want colors that are so bright that they hurt people’s eyes.

Do some experimenting to find color combinations that stand out but still get your message across.

Step 5: Add Your Information

The design phase is when you want to add your information to your newsletter. This includes the text you want to share with your recipients.

Adding this will ensure you know exactly where your columns are and let you know how long your newsletter will be. You’ll also be able to determine how easy it is to read your newsletter with the color schemes you’ve chosen (if any) and make changes if necessary.

Step 6: Add a Banner

When learning how to create an email newsletter in Word, once you have the basic layout and design determined, you’ll then want to add your banners and text boxes.

Banners appear at the top of the page and introduce your newsletter. More often than not, this is the title of your newsletter. Whether you’re creating this newsletter for business or pleasure, make the banner eye-catching and fun. It’ll encourage people to want to find out what you have to say in the rest of your email.

To add the banner, you’ll want to click on Insert at the top of the page. When the list of options appears, find “Shapes” and click on the down arrow.

If you want your newsletter to be fairly typical, then you’ll click on a shape that is rectangular. However, if you want to change things up and make it thrilling, then find another shape you like and add that.

Make sure to insert this above your columns.

Once you have the banner in place, you’ll then want to right-click on it and choose “Insert text.” You’ll then type in the title of your newsletter.

To change the font, you can either go back to the Home tab at the top of the screen and click on the dropdown menu to choose a font and size, or you can go to the “Styles” section and choose your font from there.

Step 7: Add Text Boxes

To add callout boxes to your newsletter, you’ll need to place your cursor in one of your columns. Once it’s there, go to the Insert tab at the top of the page and click on it.

From the list of options, look for “Text Box” and click the down arrow. Typically, the Simple Textbox will do the trick, but you decide how you want your newsletter to look. Once you’ve found the text box you want to use, click on it. It will automatically be inserted into your column.

Once the text box is in place, you can add your text. If you prefer, when learning how to create an email newsletter in Word, you can also change the border around the box to make it stand out.

Step 8: Insert Some Images

Another element that will make your newsletter pop is to add some images. For this step, you’ll need to place your cursor in the column where you want the image to appear. Then, click on the Insert tab at the top of the page.

Find the “Pictures” option and click the down arrow. From the list, choose the location of the picture and click on that option.

Once you’ve found the picture, double-click on it to place it in your newsletter.

After it is in place, you can then make changes to it. You can change the size to ensure it fits perfectly in the space, and you can also change its location, placing it in front of or behind the text, or you can have the text wrap around the image.

Step 9: Save Your Newsletter

When learning how to create an email newsletter in Word, after adding the information and making it look good, you’ll then want to save your document.

If you want, you can even save it as a template so that you don’t have to go through all of these steps every time you want to create an email newsletter.

To do this, you’ll go to File at the top of the page, then select “Save As.” Click on “Browse” to choose the folder to place your document in. After typing in the name of your file, you will see another dialogue box that says, “Save as type.” Click the down arrow and click on “Word Template.”

Click “Save” at the bottom of the menu box, and your newsletter template will be available for future projects.

How to Create a Newsletter in Gmail

Creating a newsletter in Word ensures that you can send that information using any email provider you might have. However, if you are wondering how to create a newsletter in Gmail, the steps for that are a bit different.

Probably the easiest way to do this is to use a Chrome extension called Flashissue. Not only does it come with premade newsletter templates, but it also allows you to import your email contacts quickly and easily. This can save you a lot of time and hassle if you plan on sending your email to a large list of recipients.

To add this extension when learning how to create a newsletter in Gmail, you’ll follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Chrome

The first thing you’ll need to do is open your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Go to the Web Store

Once you’re in Chrome, go to the web store and look for the Flashissue extension.

Click on the “Available on Chrome” button on the right-hand side of the screen and follow the instructions on how to download.

Step 3: Open Flashissue and Start Designing

Open Flashissue in Chrome and find the newsletter template you like best. Add your information and recipients, then send your document off.

Sharing Important News

Whether it’s business or personal, using email to send important information to others is quick and easy. Formatting it properly may even encourage people to read what you have to say, so if you’re wondering how to create an email newsletter in Word, these are the steps you’ll take:

  • Open Word
  • Change the Page Layout
  • Change Your View
  • Design Your Newsletter
  • Add Your Information
  • Add a Banner
  • Add Text Boxes
  • Insert Some Images
  • Save Your Newsletter

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