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Taking pictures is an incredibly deliberate act, and if you’re planning on sharing them online, you want them to look just right. Thankfully, we have photo manipulation software that helps us create ideal images that can be shared with others.

One of the most common photo editing techniques is to remove the background. Since you’re here reading this article, you’re probably wondering how to cut the background out of a picture, and we’ve got your answer!

How to Cut the Background Out of a Picture

There are many different reasons why you might need to remove background from image. Maybe there are people or objects in the background that will distract from the central focus of your picture. Perhaps the lighting is weird and you want to take it out, or maybe you really just want the subject of your photo to stand out.

No matter the reason, using photo editing software to create the perfect image and learn how to cut the background out of a picture is beneficial. If you happen to use Canva, you might be wondering: Can you remove backgrounds in Canva? Yes, you can. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log in to Your Canva Account

The first thing you’ll need to do when asking, “can you remove backgrounds in Canva” is to log in to your account.

While it’s possible to edit photos on your phone using the Canva app, you might want to consider using a laptop, desktop or tablet to achieve your goals. A bigger screen could be better suited to making sure your photo looks just right before you upload it to your social media.

Step 2: Upload Your Image

Once you have gained access to your Canva account, to remove background from image, you’ll need to upload the picture you want to edit.

The Uploads button can be found on the left-hand side of the screen.

Upload Your Image of the flower into canva

Step 3: Edit the Image

Once the image has been uploaded to Canva, you’ll then need to click “Edit Image,” which is found on the top toolbar.

Edit the Image remove background from image

Step 4: Remove the Background

Clicking on “Edit Image” will open a menu panel on the left-hand side of your screen. From the list of options, look for and click on “BG Remover.”

Step 5: Erase the Background

When wondering how to cut the background out of a picture, clicking on “Erase” will magically remove the background from your photo.

Who would have guessed it would be that easy?

Erase the Background remove background from image

Step 6: Apply and Save Changes

If you’re happy with the way your photo looks without the background, you can then click “Apply” and then save your changes.

Apply and Save Changes can you remove backgrounds in canva

Step 6a: Undo the Changes

Should you find that you aren’t happy with how the photo looks after removing the background and want to try some other edits, you can click the “Restore” button. This will undo any changes that were done to the photo so that you can start the process over again.

Undo the Changes remove background from image

Step 7: Download Your Photo

After editing your image (and potentially adding a Canva background image) so that it looks the way you envisioned, you can then download it so that it can be uploaded to your social media sites or wherever you want to share the photo.

Download Your Photo can you remove backgrounds in canva

Canva Background Remover Not Working

Sometimes, when learning how to cut the background out of a picture, you may discover that there are issues with the software and it won’t remove the background from your photo like it’s supposed to. If you find the Canva background remover not working, there are some things you can do to try to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Switch Browsers

Switch Browsers remove background from image

There are several different browsers that can be used to access the Canva website, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. For some reason, Canva seems to work best with Firefox.

If you aren’t currently using Firefox to access Canva, switch to that browser and log in to your account. Then, try making the background edits once again.

2. Delete Cookies and Cache

Delete Cookies and Cache how to cut the background out of a picture

In this day and age, visiting websites inevitably means that cookies are going to be placed on your computer. It’s the easiest way for companies to track your movements online so that they can tailor advertising directly to you.

It doesn’t take long for those cookies to pile up and wreak havoc on your computer — and they could be impacting the effectiveness of Canva’s background remover.

Do a cookies and cache clean-up, then go back to Canva to make edits and see if that solves your problem.

Canva Background Remover Still Not Working?

If you go through the quick fixes listed above and you discover that the Canva background remover is still not working, you might need to consider using a background remover app to finish your project. Some you should check out include:


PicWish was just released in 2022, and it uses AI cutout technology to remove backgrounds from your photos. It only takes a few seconds for this app to complete the job, and it’s pretty accurate in its endeavors.

The app also gives you the ability to remove the background on up to 30 images at one time. If you so choose, you can then replace the background with built-in templates that are included in the app. PicWish is a good option if you are removing the backgrounds of a lot of photos on a frequent basis.

upload the image to picwish
the image of the beach has not background

Apowersoft Background Eraser

This app can be used on a PC, an iPhone or an Android, and it is ideal to use if you have uneven edges around the background that need to be removed. It’s easy to use, with the background being removed after one tap.

With this app, you can also remove unwanted items from the photo quickly and unblur faces. Apowersoft Background Eraser can be used by both professionals and novices.

upload an image into apowesoft how to cut the background out of a picture
the image of a palmtree has not background


If you’re looking for a Photoshop alternative when wondering how to cut the background out of a picture, you’ll want to check out Pixelmator. Not only can you remove the background on your photo, but you can also remove other unwanted objects, and it also comes equipped with a cloning tool so that you can copy elements from your image and paste them in other places.

Pixelmator also has basic photo editing tools, so this could be a good app for all your background removal and other photo editing needs.

How to Remove the White Background from a Picture

When asking how to cut the background out of a picture, you might specifically be wondering how to remove the white background from a picture. For this task, there are a couple of different ways to accomplish this goal:

1. Go to

Removing the white background from an image is as simple as going to the website. Once you’re there, all you have to do is upload your image, then click the button to remove the white background.

After the site has worked its magic, you can download the image to your computer and then share it wherever you would like.

upload an image remove background from image
delete the background remove background from image

2. Use

Another online option you can use when it comes to removing the white background from a picture is to go to

You’ll then upload your image to the site, click to remove the background and then download the edited image to your computer.

It’s quick and easy, and — best of all — free to use this site for your white background editing needs.

upload an image into remove bg how to cut the background out of a picture
the image showing the person has not background

Photo Editing Software to Consider When Removing the White Background

Should you prefer not to use a website to remove the white background from your photos, there is always the option of downloading software. Depending on which one you use, there may be cost involved.

However, the software we list below has editing capabilities that go beyond removing the white background. If you plan on taking a lot of photos and manipulating them so that they look amazing, then investing in photo editing software may not be such a bad idea.

1. Canva

To use Canva when it comes to removing the white background, you’ll follow the same steps listed earlier in this article.

Once the background has been removed, you can then make other edits to ensure your photo looks the way you imagined it in your mind. You can even add a Canva background image to enhance your photo and make it look astounding.

2. Photopea

Photopea is an online photo editor that can help you remove the white background (and other backgrounds), as well as make other changes to your photo. You don’t have to use this tool online, it can be downloaded onto your computer.

To remove the white background, all you have to do is upload the picture you want to change, then use the tools to make your edits.

Using this site, either online or on your computer makes the editing process quick and easy. The site is free and supported by ads, but you can also pay a premium non-subscription. What makes the payment ideal is that it’s not taken out every month. If you only want to pay to use the site for one month, you won’t be penalized if you stop paying.

open photopea click on psd how to cut the background out of a picture
import your image and lick on magic wand then click on the background you want to delete and press delete
the image has a deleted background

3. Photoshop

As you can imagine, Photoshop has the ability to help you remove the white background from your photos. You can also do a whole bunch of other edits with this software to create images that are breath-taking and awe-inspiring.

Of course, using Photoshop comes with a cost. After a 7-day free trial, you’ll have to determine which payment plan is most affordable to keep using this software for your photo editing needs.

4. Microsoft

Another way to remove the background from a photo is to upload it to Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook and edit it from there.

Using Microsoft can be useful if you’re using images to enhance your text or data. Editing images with this option compared to other options on the list is more limited, but it could be helpful if you need something quick and easy.

Using Microsoft works best if you already have Microsoft Office downloaded. You probably don’t want to pay for this software if all you need to do is remove the background of a few images.

Focus the Attention of Your Audience

Images have been used for a long time to engage an audience, and artists have done what they can to focus the attention of the audience on what they think is important. When it comes to photos, if you want to remove the background so that one particular image is the focus of attention, there are ways to do that.

When wondering how to cut the background out of a picture using Canva, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Your Canva Account
  2. Upload Your Image
  3. Edit the Image
  4. Remove the Background
  5. Erase the Background
  6. Apply and Save Changes
  7. Download Your Photo

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