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As you get older and more mature, you may realize how outdated some of your old social media posts are. Twitter is one of those sites where you can express your emotions or life events in short, few-sentence snippets. There is a high likelihood that some of your old Tweets should no longer be on the internet for others to enjoy.

Thankfully, it is entirely possible to delete old Tweets. You do not even have to deactivate your Twitter account or block other users. Learn how to delete all Tweets before a certain date by considering the information below.

Deleting Old Tweets by Use of the Mobile App

If you want to know how to delete all Tweets before a certain date, consider using the mobile app available on Apple and Android devices. You will still utilize the advanced search feature on the iPhone, but the process is slightly different for Androids.

Steps for the Advanced Search on Apple Devices

Follow the steps below to filter your search results on the ios app of Twitter.

  1. At the top of the app, enter your keyword.
  2. Filter results by selecting the category for location, photo, or latest.
  3. Refine results based on accounts by pressing the filter icon at the top of the page.
Steps for the Advanced Search on Apple Devices

Advanced Search on Androids

The advanced search feature is not currently available on Android phones. You can visit the website via the browser option on Android using the same search option on computers.

Deleting Old Tweets on the Mobile App

If you want to know how to delete all Tweets before a certain date on the mobile app, you may notice there is no way to filter by date. If you want to find a specific post to delete, you can search by keyword or location on ios devices. Again, for Android devices, you can get rid of Tweets via the browser options above. Follow the steps below when you find the Tweet to delete.

  1. Click on the three vertical dots next to a Tweet.
  2. Press the button that says “delete Tweet.”
  3. Choose the option that says “Delete” in the dialog box.
Deleting Old Tweets on the Mobile App - how to delete all tweets before a certain date

How to Delete Old Tweets Via Computer

Whether you use a Mac or PC, you will use a browser to delete all Tweets before a certain date. After logging in, you will navigate to the advanced search feature. This tool allows you to filter your Tweets by date.

Steps to Use the Advanced Search

Use the steps below to use the advanced search tool. The most obvious search options are by using words or hashtags, for instance. You can also search old Tweets by multiple accounts you may own.

  1. Enter a word or a hashtag and the account to search.
  2. Press the “search” button.
  3. Click the word “delete” under each Tweet.
Steps to Use the Advanced Search - computer

You can also use this feature to search your Tweets by date without entering a keyword. Follow the steps below.

  1. Enter dates in the “from” and “to” boxes.
  2. Type in the account you want to search.
  3. Press the button labeled “delete” under each Tweet.
search Tweets by date - delete tweets in bulk

This method is best on a desktop that allows you to delete Tweets by date while seeing a list of them all at once. It does take time, however, to complete the process.

Programs to Automatically Delete Tweets

As you may notice by now, the process of how to delete all Tweets before a certain date manually on a desktop or mobile device can be tedious. Third-party programs do exist to make your life easier as they automatically delete posts. Read about some of the best options, both free and paid included.

Free Options

Delete old Tweets by year or date by using any of the free options below. Any of these will automatically get rid of your content, whether you specifically select specific posts or erase any that are before the timeframe you determine.

1. Circleboom

CircleBoom is a powerful management tool for your Twitter profile. You can use this software whether you have a personal or business account. Through the free tier edition of CircleBoom, you can manage one profile and use some of the most basic features.


The Publish tool is free to use on CircleBoom, with some limitations. With the most basic tier, you can select up to three articles in your interests that you can automatically share to your feed. CircleBoom has settings that allow you to schedule these posts too.

Twitter Management Tools
CircleBoom gives you total control over your social media profile. You can quickly find tweets you accidentally liked, unliking them as necessary. If you need to, you can delete all of your personal tweets or retweets with the click of a button.
circleboom twitter management tool
Smart Search

Smart Search is available with the free tier as well. Search for a specific keyword, and the software will load any tweets or profiles using the term. Use the Find Friends setting to locate influencers and other accounts who hold many of the same interests as you.

Twitter Analytics

If you want to monitor your Twitter activity and the engagement of your audience members, use the Twitter Analytics feature. View the growth graphs to see a list of your followers, including how many you gain or lose in a specific amount of time. Use the Best Time to Tweet feature to better understand when to make posts with your audience in mind.

twitter user analytics circleboom

2. Semiphemeral

To use Semiphemeral, you will set criteria about the Tweets you want to keep. You can keep any posts that have a certain number of likes or that created a thread. Delete Tweets by date by entering the number of weeks or years past included in the list to trash.

3. Tweet Deleter

Tweet Deleter is so easy to use. It has an automatic mode that will delete all Tweets before a certain date, slowly getting rid of some of your oldest posts. A filter exists that allows you to erase anything with crude language. Finally, you can delete specific posts by selecting the box next to those options you do not need anymore.

Tweet Deleter - delete old tweets

4. Tweet Delete

Tweet Delete is one of the best ways to delete Tweets in bulk, as you can erase 3,200 at a time. These do have to be less than a year old, however. You can delete older posts so long as there are not over 3,200 present.

Tweet Delete - delete old tweets

Paid Options

1. Circleboom

If you want to experience all that CircleBoom offers, you should consider the paid options. These include the pro pack and the business pack, for instance. The latter allows businesses to manage up to 30 profiles simultaneously, keeping your audience members connected with a consistent message.

Multiple Social Media Management

CircleBoom does not only have a Twitter management tool, especially when you use a paid account. The social media management tools are available on Facebook, InstagramLinkedin and more. Remember, the business edition lets you work with up to 30 social media profiles.

time queue settings
Social Media Schedulers

With the unpaid version of CircleBoom, you can schedule up to 30 posts. If you choose the premium or business pack, you can queue an unlimited number. The pro version, however, lets you schedule up to 120 posts.

circleboom twitter scheduler
Design Tool

The paid versions of CircleBoom are the only options that let you use the Design Tool. This feature easily allows you to create beautiful graphics that you can post straight to your social media feed. CircleBoom partners with Canva to give you this fun feature.

how to delete all tweets before a certain date - design with canva
No-Banner Posts

If you use the free edition of CircleBoom, every post you schedule will tag the software company. If you want to avoid this graphic, use any of the three paid options aforementioned. Your business will appear much more professional to all of your audience members.

2. Tweeticide

Tweeticide is an option that pairs with the ios mobile app version of Twitter. It costs $3 to install and can delete up to 3,200 posts. They have to be recent Tweets created within the last year, however.


3. Twit Wipe

Twit Wipe is another mobile application. This one is different, as it deletes all of your Tweets with the press of a button. It will keep any of your followers and Tweets that mention you if you so desire.

Twit Wipe

4. Twitter Archive Eraser

Twitter Archive Eraser lets you delete Tweets in bulk. It does not matter the age of the over 3,200 posts you can erase manually. The automatic software even allows you to delete up to 6,000 deletes in less than a minute. You will work from the archive of your Twitter account rather than the actual feed for this option.

delete old tweets - Twitter Archive Eraser

How to Delete Tweets by a Specific Date

Again, if you want to, you can delete old Tweets by year. All you have to do is use the advanced search feature on any browser, entering January 1 and December 31 of whatever year you want to delete. Again, unless you use one of the specific platforms above, you will need to manually delete each Tweet from that period by utilizing the small menu next to the post. Semiphemeral, and other platforms, allow you to enter information on the year that you want to get rid of and do it automatically for you.

How to Delete Old Tweets in Bulk

In wanting to know how to delete all Tweets before a certain date, you should clear them out in bulk. The software listed above is the best approach. Twitter Archive Eraser will automatically erase over 6,000 posts utilizing the filters you submit from any time, for instance. You can manually select all Tweets within a specific period or with a keyword you enter too. Otherwise, you have the option of completely deleting your Twitter account and starting fresh, especially if you have a bad reputation on the social media platform.

How to Delete Your Mentions on Twitter

It is not possible to delete others’ posts on Twitter. You can erase mentions, however. If these come from a spam account, be sure to block the user too. Follow the steps below to erase mentions on the Twitter app.

  1. Click on the bell.
  2. Go to the tab labeled “mentions.”
  3. Remove any mention you do not approve of.
How to Delete Your Mentions on Twitter - how to delete all tweets before a certain date

The process is the same for desktop, but you will go to your profile to find the appropriate tab. Be sure to report any users that harassed you through the mention so that you can maintain safety for yourself and others.

Restore Deleted Tweets

By now, you know how to delete all Tweets before a certain date and even how to delete mentions. You may accidentally erase content that you still want and not know what to do. To recover your deleted information, follow the tips below.

  1. Click on the “Settings and Privacy” button.
  2. Press the button that says “account,” then go to “Your Twitter data.”
  3. Enter your password to your account under the section titled “download your Twitter data.”
  4. Press confirm.
  5. Click on the button that says “request archive.”
  6. Open your email from the Twitter team, and download the archive when it arrives.
  7. Extract the ZIP file.
  8. Open the desktop folder called “Tweets.”
  9. Open the file called “index.html”
Restore Deleted Tweets - how to delete all tweets before a certain date
request archive - delete tweets in bulk
click on the tweets folder and then on Index file

Another way to recover your Tweets is to use an internet archive. You will only need to enter the URL of your profile but maintain awareness of privacy concerns. Be careful how you do use this website and watch out for any compromised data.

Delete Embarrassing Memories

If you want to delete Tweets by date, utilize the platforms above or go through the manual process. To erase posts yourself, you can use the advanced search tool available on browsers and the filter settings on the ios app. Just click on any Tweets you want to delete, and they will disappear.

Remember, Android devices do not have access to the filter settings on their mobile apps. You can, however, utilize the browser. If you would rather, there are also third-party apps that can delete Tweets in bulk. These are available on Apple and Android devices for free or a charge.

These third-party services are not only available on mobile devices, and you can access others through a browser or desktop application. Some of the platforms can delete as many as 6,000 Tweets at a time! That is a powerful way to get rid of so much embarrassing information on your Twitter account.

Though you now know how to delete all Tweets before a certain date, you may one day regret your choice. If this is the case, utilize your Twitter archive to see your profile full of every post again. Always know, however, that it is best to be respectful and kind to others, no matter the presence you have on the internet and social media.

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