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The internet is constantly changing and evolving; what’s popular one day may fall out of favor the next, and trying to stay up-to-date on the new fads and trends can be incredibly challenging.

Images and video continue to dominate what audiences want to see on the web, but a new trend has emerged: ASMR. If you are a content creator wanting to get in on this new craze, then you may be wondering how to do ASMR without a microphone.

It is possible to achieve your goals, and we want you to be successful in your endeavors, so you’ve put together the step-by-step instructions to help you create the best ASMR content you can.

Q&A | 1
Do you need a microphone for ASMR?

You don’t, you can use the recording device on your camera or smartphone, but keep in mind that the quality may not be the same as when you use a mic.

What is ASMR?

Before answering your question about how to do ASMR without a microphone, it’s important for you to understand exactly what ASMR is. What it all boils down to is sound.

ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Many people describe the response as a tingling sensation that starts on their head or scalp and travels down their body. Viewers may also experience a sensation close to euphoria, which means that if your videos make them feel good, they’ll keep coming back to watch them.

In essence, adding ASMR to your content is a way to get audiences to engage with your videos on a whole-body level.

Creating this tingling response in people requires using sound correctly, and it’s often the little sounds that have the biggest impact, such as people whispering or even the sound of chewing.

Adding these sounds to your videos can make them more realistic and engage with your audience on a whole new level. Because these sounds are generally soft, using special mics is beneficial, but not required.

When it comes to learning how to do ASMR without a microphone, we’ve got you covered.

How to do ASMR Without a Microphone

While using a mic is ideal when it comes to recording ASMR for your video, it’s not essential. When it comes to wondering how to do ASMR without a microphone, here are some things to help you achieve your goals.

two hands with slime get your camera as close as possible

Get Your Camera as Close as Possible

If you are using the mic that is built into your camera, you need to get it as close to the source of sound as possible. This will limit what can be shown in your video, but it will ensure you get the sound you want to add.

Q&A | 2
How much does ASMR MIC cost?

The cost of an ASMR mic will vary depending on the quality and features you’re looking for. A good quality ASMR mic will cost around $100. However, there are less expensive and more expensive options available.

Finding the right mic will require doing some research and considering your video and recording needs.

asmr and headphones limit background noise how to do ASMR without a microphone

Limit Background Noise

Since the sounds you are going to be recording for your ASMR are soft and subtle, you don’t want them to be drowned out by background noise. To limit the background noise in your recording, you need to pick a quiet location to film your video.

This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people don’t consider their filming locations before they start shooting. If they have a home office with a door that they can close, they assume that the room will be quiet enough. However, if it’s right next to the bathroom or the kitchen (where people are always coming and going), those sounds might be picked up on your camera’s mic.

If there’s a window in your room and a busy street outside, those background noises might also get picked up in your recording. Perhaps you shoot in your basement where the walls are concrete, this can create an echo that interferes with your softer sounds.

Finding a place that is truly quiet is essential when learning how to do ASMR without a microphone. Consider going into a closet or hanging blankets or soundproofing up in your recording room. All of these can help reduce background noise.

person with headphones on listening Find the Right Room

Find the Right Room

In addition to thinking about background noises in the room in which you’re recording, there are other things you need to take into consideration. The first is the size. If the room is too large, no matter how close you bring the mic, it still might have a hard time picking up the soft sounds.

What types of surfaces are found in the room? If there are lots of hard, shiny surfaces, these will make your voice echo and/or sound distorted. When learning how to make ASMR food, being in the kitchen might seem like a good idea, but with the size and appliances, this could create an echo and drown out your subtle sounds.

Finding a room that is the right size and full of soft items, such as couches and/or beds, is in your best interest when you’re attempting to record ASMR without a microphone.

person holding an umbrella Block Out the Wind how to do ASMR without a microphone

Block Out the Wind

Ideally, when it comes to getting the ASMR recording for your video, you want to be inside, but you might not always have that option. Outdoor shots can make videos fun and exciting — and you want to offer your audience something that keeps them interested.

If you are going to be outside recording, you have to protect your mic from the wind. Even if it doesn’t seem breezy at all, any current of air can ruin your audio and make your subtle sounds hard to hear.

Block your mic from the wind can be done in a couple of different ways:

  • For hand-held close-up shots, you can use your finger to partially cover your camera’s mic. Don’t cover it completely or press your finger into the mic; you’ll mute yourself or sound muffled.
  • For distance shots, adding something fuzzy to your mic can help block out the wind. There are items you can buy online for this task, but you can also use things around your house such as the fur from a stuffed animal, a scrunchy, or whatever.
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What video editing software do I need?

When it comes to the video editing software to use for making ASMR videos, some of the best options include Adobe Premiere Pro for the video side and Adobe Audition for the sound aspect.

However, there are other options available, and doing some research and knowing your budget will help you find the best choice based on your needs.

Before You Start Recording, Do a Sound Check

When asking how to do ASMR without a microphone, once you have set up your shot, before you start filming, make sure to do a soundcheck. This will ensure that you are picking up the sounds you want and blocking out the others.

The last thing you want is to record your entire video only to find that the sound didn’t record properly. Doing this step now can save you a lot of time and frustration, as well as allow you to make tweaks so that your ASMR is as effective as possible.

Recording ASMR with an Android Phone

If you use your Android phone to record your online videos, you can still add ASMR. Here’s how you’ll achieve that goal:

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What camera should I use?

The type of camera you use to create ASMR videos will be totally up to your wants and needs, as well as your budget. The prices of this equipment can range from affordable to ridiculously expensive, and knowing what you can afford and use will depend on your skills and the type of video you want to offer your audience.

Step 1: Download an Audio Recording App

There are a variety of options to choose from, with some being free and some having associated costs.

Deciding which one works best for you will depend on personal preference and how polished and professional you want your videos to be. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get high-quality video sounds, but if creating videos is something you plan on doing often, then investing in good equipment might be worth it.

Once you’ve found the app you want to use, download it to your phone following the instructions.

Step 2: Set Up Your Phone

After downloading the audio app of your choosing, the next thing you want to do is to set up your phone.

You’ll want to make sure your mouthpiece is free of dust or other debris.

download dolby on app click on install then click on the gear icon how to do ASMR without a microphone

Step 3: Set the Audio App to the Right Setting

Once your mouthpiece has been cleared of debris, you’ll then need to open the audio app and set it to the correct setting. ASMR works best on the threshold effect, so find the right one for your recording needs.

Step 4: Record Your Audio

You’re now ready to record your audio! Make sure your mouth or the other source of sound is as close to the mouthpiece as possible.

Step 5: Edit the Recording (if necessary)

When you’ve finished recording, you can edit the audio clip within the app if necessary.

click on the microphone then start recording how to do ASMR with headphones
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How do I structure my thoughts?

When it comes to structuring your thoughts, consider using some of the brainstorming techniques and the steps we’ve listed above.

How to do ASMR with Headphones

Another option you might be wondering about is how to do ASMR with headphones. Here are the steps to help you achieve this goal:

Step 1: Check the Size of Your Headphone Connector

The first thing you need to do is check the size of the connector on your headphones to ensure they are compatible with your recording device. There are adaptors you can use if you need to.

Step 2: Connect the Two Devices

Once you’ve plugged your headphones in to your recording device, the next thing you’ll need to do is connect them.

If using a computer to create your ASMR video, you go to the sound settings and find the input that you plugged your headphones in to and select that option.

Step 3: Record Your Sounds

After determining that your recording device is picking up the sounds from your headphones, you can then start recording for your video.

While headphones are a good option when it comes to recording ASMR, they may not be the best. The quality of sound can be greatly reduced with this process. If you’re wondering how to make ASMR food, using your phone or other recording devices might be in your best interest.

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How do I train myself to be organized?

As with learning any new trait or behavior, consistency is key.

Creating an Enthralling ASMR Experience

If you are wondering how to do ASMR without a microphone, here’s the steps you’ll need to undertake:

  • Get Your Camera as Close as Possible
  • Limit Background Noise
  • Find the Right Room
  • Block Out the Wind
  • Before You Start Recording, Do a Sound Check

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