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A lot of the best Tiktoks use green screen backgrounds. These come in handy for everything from educational clips, to comedy, to those times when you’re filming somewhere that just isn’t very photogenic. If you know how to green screen on TikTok with multiple pictures, you can expand your content-creating capabilities even further.

Tiktok makes using a green screen pretty easy, and this is true of backgrounds with multiple pics as well. Follow this guide to learn how to make a green screen video on TikTok, and even how to make a TikTok with multiple videos and pictures. You’ll be putting out polished, professional-looking videos in no time!

How to Use a Green Screen on Tiktok With Multiple Photos (Step by Step)

To start with, let’s get ready by opening up the Tiktok app. From there, you can learn how to make a green screen video on TikTok, then expand on that knowledge to add multiple pictures, and even videos.

How to Make a Green Screen Video on TikTok

1. Make a new video.

Open the app, and tap on the plus sign (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Choose the length you'd like your video to be.

Select the video length. You can choose from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 3 minutes.

3. Choose your green screen effect.

In the bottom left corner, you should see the icon for “Effects.” (It looks like a ghost sneaking up on someone.) Tap on it, and it’ll take you to a list of several effects you can put into your clips.

4. Go to "Trending."

Under the “Trending” tab, you’ll see the icons for green screens. They look like green boxes with either a picture and a white down arrow or a picture with a play symbol and a white up arrow.

If you anticipate using the Green Screen effect a lot, you may want to favorite it to make it easier to find in the future.

5. Tap on the picture "Green Screen" icon.

Skip the video green screen for now, and choose the one for still pictures.

6. Choose your background.

Once you select the “Green Screen” function, you’ll see your camera roll appear just above the “Trending” tab. Otherwise, you’ll get a generic background that Tiktok puts up.

If you don’t like any of the options on your camera, you might want to get some other options from royalty-free stock photo websites like Pixabay or Pexels.

7. Start recording!

Tap on the red button to begin recording your video. Your background will be replaced with the image you choose. You’re all set!

How to Do Reen Screen on TikTok with Multiple Pictures

Now that you know how to create a Tiktok video with a single background photo, the process for using multiple pictures is pretty easy. It’s the same as the guide above, but with a few extra steps at the end. Once you’ve started making your video with your first background image, here’s how to do green screen on TikTok with multiple pictures:

1. Stop recording when you're at the point where you'd like to set a new background photo.

Take your finger off of the red record button.

2. Select a different photo from your camera roll.

Pick the next background image you’d like for your video.

3. Tap and hold the red button again.

Start recording the next portion of your video. Tiktok will seamlessly stitch the clips together for you.

Note that, in the “Preview” screen, you’ll only be able to delete the last portion you recorded. If you want to change something in one of the earlier clips in the video, you’ll have to start over.

4. Finish your recording, and tap "Next."

Tap on “Next” to add a caption and hashtags, and post your finished video. Don’t forget to scope out the most popular hashtags to make sure that your videos get seen.

How to Make a TikTok with Multiple Videos and Pictures

Now that you know how to do reen screen on TikTok with multiple pictures, let’s expand on that to include some videos, too. If you’d like to switch your background between multiple pictures and videos, here’s what you can do:

1. Choose your starting background.

If you want to use a still image to start your video, go to the “Effects” tab, then “Green Screen,” and choose your picture. If you want to use a video, go to “Effects,” then “Green Screen Video,” and pick a background video clip.

2. Start recording.

Once you’re all set up with the right background, hold the red button to record.

3. Stop recording.

Once you’re at the point at which you’d like to change backgrounds, stop recording. Either pick a new background or return to the “Effects” tab and switch to either a photo or video.

4. Start recording again.

Hold the red button to record the next portion of your video.

5. Repeat this process.

Continue recording, stopping, and changing backgrounds until you’ve created the video you want to make. Tiktok will put it all together for you.

6. Preview the finished product.

Make sure that your finished video looks and sounds the way you want it to.

7. Tap "Next."

Tap “Next” to hashtag, caption, and finalize your video, or save it to “Drafts” to post later.

How to Add a Video to TikTok After Recording

You’ve already recorded your video, but still want to use a video clip in the next portion. Here’s how to add a video to TikTok after recording:

1. Record the first part of your video.

Hold the red button, and record the portion you’d like to appear without a video clip. When you’re ready to insert the video, let go of the button to stop recording.

2. Go to "Effects" and "Green Screen Video."

Go to the “Effects” tab, and choose “Green Screen Video.”

3. Choose your background video.

“Green Screen Video” allows you to select a video clip from your phone’s camera. If you don’t have one of your own to use, you can try a royalty-free stock video from a site like Storyblocks or video.

4. Trim the clip to the desired length.

Trim the video clip to the length you want it to be.

5. Start recording again.

Resume your video. If you don’t want to appear in it, just duck out of the way of your camera. It’ll still play your background video.

6. Finish, preview, and post.

Finish up your video, preview it to make sure it’s good, and tap “Next.” Add your caption and hashtags, and you’re ready to post!

How to add Pictures to TikTok Without Green Screen

All this green screen stuff is fine, but what if you don’t need to know how to do reen screen on TikTok with multiple pictures? What if you just want to add pictures without using a green screen at all? You’re in luck — Tiktok offers a slideshow option too. Here’s what to do:

1. Tap the plus icon (+) to start a new video.

Open the app, and tap on the plus icon. This will set you up to create a new video.

2. Go to the "Upload" tab.

The “Upload” tab is in the bottom right corner, opposite the “Effects” tab.

3. Go to the "Photos" tab.

The “Upload” screen gives you two options: Videos and Photos. Tap on the “Photos” tab.

4. Start selecting the pictures you'd like to appear in your slideshow.

Choose a maximum of 35 pictures to include in your video. Make sure that they’re in the right order.

If you’re adding a lot of photos, your video might not be long enough to show them all. Tap on the “Speed” icon in the top right, and make sure it’s set to triple the normal speed. This will display your photos more quickly, so you’ll be able to fit all of them in.

5. Tap "Next."

At this point, you can add voiceovers and music, or edit other settings for your video.

6. Add a caption and hashtags, then post.

Your slideshow is all set!


How do you make a green screen slideshow on TikTok?

Even if you don’t know how to do green screen on TikTok with multiple pictures, it’s pretty easy. Go to “Effects,” “Green Screen,” and select your first background photo. Start recording your video until you get to the point where you’d like to change backgrounds. Stop recording, select a new photo, and repeat the process until your green screen slideshow is complete.

How do you put multiple pictures on a TikTok?

You can either create a slideshow by uploading multiple photos and adding music or voiceovers, or record your video with a green screen and change your background partway through. Experiment with both processes to see which one is best for your video.

How do you use more than one effect TikTok at the same time?

Tap the plus icon to start a new video. Pick the first effect you’d like to use in the “Effects” tab. Start recording, and stop when you’d like to switch effects. Return to the “Effects” tab, and choose a new effect. Repeat the process until your video is complete.

How do you speed up photos on TikTok?

Follow the guide above on how to add pictures to TikTok without green screen. Before adding images to your slideshow, tap the “Speed” icon in the top right. Adjust it to whatever you’d like, then resume choosing photos for your video.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Remember: Keep your background plain.

If you’re going to use a green screen, you’ll have an easier time if you’re not recording in front of a lot of furniture or busy wallpaper. The flatter and plainer the background, the better.

2. Avoid wearing green.

Even though Tiktok’s green screen isn’t like a traditional green screen, you might still find yourself blending into your videos if you wear the wrong color. Avoid shades of green for this reason.

Not sure how to do a green screen on TikTok with multiple pictures?

Even if you’re a Tiktok newbie, you can create polished videos using the app’s “Green Screen” or “Green Screen Video.” Here’s how:

  1. Tap the plus icon to start a new video.
  2. Go to the “Effects” tab.
  3. Choose “Green Screen” or “Green Screen Video.”
  4. Select the first photo or video from your camera roll.
  5. Start recording.
  6. Stop recording when you’d like to transition to a new background.
  7. Choose the next background from your camera roll.
  8. Repeat as needed.

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