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Amazon is a loved e-commerce site by millions of customers around the world. You can buy almost anything you can imagine, including expensive pieces of furniture and electronics.

These electronics and furniture pieces are often more inexpensive on Amazon than elsewhere. Sometimes the price is still slightly too high for your budget, however.

You can learn how to do monthly payments on Amazon to avoid paying the total cost upfront. You must find an eligible product for these arrangements to begin.

If you are not happy with what Amazon can offer, consider using Affirm instead. You can learn more about either option by reading the guide below.

How to Do Monthly Payments on Amazon

You can learn how to do monthly payments on Amazon if you find eligible products that are worth at least $50.

Look for a button labeled “Monthly Payments” by the product. Some individuals report not seeing the option until they are on the checkout page. Click the button wherever it is to start the process of learning how to pay monthly on Amazon.

Can Every Customer Make Monthly Payments?

Amazon will determine if you meet Amazon monthly payments eligibility. This benefit is not automatically available to every customer.

Amazon will review your account to determine if you are eligible to learn how to make payments on Amazon. They will pay specific attention to your purchase history. Amazon employees will also consider the price of the item you want.

You must confirm that you want to purchase the goods for personal rather than professional use. You do not need to worry, as Amazon does not perform a credit check.


You must meet more specific qualifications to set up Amazon monthly payments for electronics or other products. Learn more about each of the details below.

A resident of the United States

A resident of the United States how to do monthly payments on amazon

First, you have to be a resident of the United States. You do not necessarily have to be a citizen.

You must provide your mailing address when submitting your billing and shipping details. This information will help Amazon determine if you live in the United States when determining your Amazon monthly payments eligibility.

Active Amazon Accounts

Active Amazon Accounts amazon prime monthly payments

Second, you have to have an active Amazon account. It cannot be less than a year old.

Amazon has to prove that you are who you say you are. They do not want to set up payment plans for scammers or other misinformed individuals.

Active Credit Card

Active Credit Card amazon monthly payment products

You should have an active credit card when learning how to do monthly payments on Amazon. The company has to know the location of your money for the arrangement.

Amazon prefers that the credit card already has a connection to your Amazon account. Add a new payment method before signing up for an arrangement using your choice of funding sources.

Positive Payment History

Positive Payment History amazon monthly payments electronics

Finally, Amazon requests that you have a positive payment history with their company. You must prove that you paid on time every month if you have another arrangement on your account.

Amazon payments do not come out until regular orders ship. The company also wants to ensure you never miss one of those bills.

What Rights Do You Have Under an Amazon Payment Plan?

Amazon has the right to limit how many Amazon Prime monthly payments you can have. They do not want you overwhelmed will bills.

You cannot transfer your payment plan to another product. Amazon also has the right to cancel your arrangement, especially if you do not pay your balance on time.

Amazon will attempt to collect its money if you do not make your monthly payments on time. They might disconnect your Amazon devices like Alexa. They can also block your access to Amazon content or cancel your Amazon account.

You have the right to prepay the balance on your Nintendo Switch payment plan on Amazon at any time. Give a lump sum of what you still owe, or pay that month’s arrangement.

What is the Schedule of an Amazon Payment Plan?

What is the Schedule of an Amazon Payment Plan how to do monthly payments on amazon

Before you learn how to do monthly payments on Amazon, you should better understand the schedule. This basic overview will help you more effectively plan a budget for your purchase.

  • Initial Down Payment – Due on the date of shipment.
  • First Installment Payment – Due 30 days after the shipment date.
  • Second Installment Payment – Due 60 days after the shipment date.
  • Third Installment Payment – Due 90 days after the initial shipment.

Fourth Installment Payment – Due 120 days after the shipment of your order

Is there Interest in Amazon Payment Plans?

You do not have to pay interest when learning how to pay monthly on Amazon. You will only put money towards the cost of the product.

There are no hidden fees associated with the purchase either. The total tax comes out on the first deposit.

How It Works

There are basic steps you can follow to learn how to start Amazon monthly payments electronics. Read below to learn more about this process.

  1. Go to on your browser and start shopping.
  2. Sign in to your account to ensure you can pay.
  3. Press the search bar at the top of the screen and type the title of the product you want to buy.
  4. Look for a button labeled “Monthly Payments.”
  5. If you do not see the button, press “Checkout Now.” Click on “Monthly Payments.”
  6. The product is likely not eligible if you still do not see a button for the payment plan.
  7. Review the breakdown of the five payments you will make.
  8. Pay for the first payment using a credit card on file. Remember, it includes your tax and shipping costs.
  9. Wait for the rest of the payments to automatically draft from your banking account every 30 days.

Sign Up for a Payment Plan on the Amazon App

You can also sign up for a payment plan on the Amazon mobile app. This shopping software is available on iPhones and Androids. The below steps will help you make a Nintendo Switch payment plan on Amazon.

1. Download the Amazon app on your smartphone and enter your email address and password.
2. Click on the different category tabs to find a product you want to purchase.

Download the Amazon app on your smartphone how to do monthly payments on amazon

3. Look for the option labeled “Monthly Payments.” You may have to press “Checkout” first.
4. If the button does not appear, the product is not eligible for payment arrangements.

Look for the option labeled Monthly Payments You may have to press Checkout first

5. Read through the terms and conditions of the payment plan.

Read through the terms and conditions of the payment plan

6. Select the credit card you want to use for your initial deposit under “Payment Method.”

Select the credit card you want to use for your initial deposit under Payment Method

7. Change the shipping address if needed.
8. Receive your product and wait for the other payments to come out every month.

Change the shipping address if needed how to do monthly payments on amazon

Amazon Five Monthly Payments Items

If you want to set up a payment plan, you may not know where to begin. It can feel overwhelming to visit an e-commerce site with millions of items without knowing what you want to purchase.

You can find Amazon’s 5 monthly payment items specifically on the Amazon mobile app or website. You will need to navigate to the search bar to begin.

How to Find Them

The easiest way to find Amazon monthly payment products is to use the search bar. You will type “5 monthly payment plan items” specifically.

After pressing “Enter” or “Return,” search results will load. You will likely feel surprised at the thousands of items you can purchase with a payment plan on Amazon.

Types of Items

There are so many different Amazon 5 monthly payment items. You can purchase anything you can imagine and anything you may need for yourself, your family, or your home.

The most popular items will load first in search results. Most frequently, you will find computers, tablets, smartphones, and other forms of technology at the top of the list. Other electronic items include smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Some of the other popular Amazon monthly payment products include home goods. You can purchase decor items, practical solutions, and furniture.

Finally, you can find personal care items, clothing, and accessories on the list of available products. Most customers prefer to use a payment plan with more expensive goods, but almost anything qualifies.

What Items Do Not Qualify?

Some items do not qualify for Amazon Prime monthly payments. You can buy anything on Amazon with a payment plan except for the below products.

  • Items currently out of stock
  • Items not yet available for sale (“Coming Soon” products)
  • gift cards
  • Amazon Prime subscriptions
  • Amazon Prime subscribe & save deals
  • Amazon recurring deliveries
  • Digital content or products
  • Grocery items
  • Prescription medications
  • Vehicles
  • Collectible items and coins
  • Items bought elsewhere

Set Up a Payment Plan with Affirm

You can also learn how to make payments on Amazon with Affirm. This third-party provider lets you receive your products in a matter of days, but you do not have to pay until later. They also claim to have no hidden fees.

You can use Affirm to learn how to do monthly payments on Amazon by following the steps outlined below.

1. Go to or open the Amazon mobile app on your Android or iPhone.

Download the Amazon app on your smartphone how to do monthly payments on amazon

2. Use the search bar to type the name of the product you want to buy.
3. Click on the product when you find it.
4. Press “Checkout” on the right side.
5. Choose “Affirm” as your payment method.
6. Enter your personal details, including your name, address, salary, and financial information.
7. Wait for the real-time decision to appear.
8. Choose the schedule that you want to use for your payments.
9. Wait for your product to arrive and remember to make your payments!


  • You will receive a quote in real-time.
  • You can make purchases with regular monthly payments.
  • Affirm does not charge late fees.


  • Affirm checks your credit when completing the application process.
  • Affirm will not send positive credit information to credit bureaus.

Sign Up for Monthly Payments on Amazon

This article showed you how to do monthly payments on Amazon. The above tips make your large purchases from Amazon even more affordable.

You must find a product that is eligible for a payment arrangement first. Most items are, but you cannot buy cars, collectibles, digital goods, and gift cards with this method.

After you find a product, navigate to the checkout page. Click “Monthly Payments” and set up the schedule to your liking. Complete checkout, and remember to make your payments on time!

You can use Affirm instead of Amazon arrangements if a product or your account does not qualify. Submit the application and make your scheduled payments on time every month. You will receive your product as soon as you make the initial payment to set up the plan.

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