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At one point in time, trying to get a job in the film industry was incredibly difficult. Hollywood was a super-selective club that would only consider adding new people if they knew someone who was established in the industry.

However, with the rise of streaming services and independent filmmakers, finding movie set jobs isn’t as challenging as it used to be. If you’re wondering how to get a job in filmmaking, there are several different options to consider.

Despite the increased availability of jobs in the movies, you have to know where to look and consider what you’re getting into. We want to see you succeed in your new career endeavor, so we’ve put together information to help you figure out how to work on movie sets.

How to Get a Job in Filmmaking

director talking How to Get a Job in Filmmaking how to get into movie production

When it comes to working in films, think beyond acting and being in front of the camera. There are many other positions that need to be filled, and learning how to work in the film industry starts with knowing what position you’d enjoy doing. Once you’ve figured that out, follow the tips listed below to help you figure out how to get a job in filmmaking.

Ask Anyone You Already Know in the Film Industry

Even though the film industry isn’t as exclusive as it used to be, having contacts who already work in the industry can be advantageous.

If you’ve ever watched the credits roll on a film, you know that there are a lot of people involved in the process — putting out a production requires teamwork. Most jobs aren’t necessarily advertised on job boards, they are spread through word of mouth. If you happen to know someone in the industry, this could be your chance to land a job.

But how do you build your network and connections? There are a variety of different ways to do this, including attending film school, working for indie or smaller production companies or even becoming a freelancer.

When asking how to work on movie sets, you have to start somewhere, and that might mean starting at the very bottom of the job pile.

Look for Openings in a Good Location

person working on the computer Look for Openings in a Good Location how to get a job in filmmaking

When wondering how to work on a movie set, another thing you might consider is moving to where movies are made. While films can go on location just about anywhere in the world, there are hubs where filmmakers tend to congregate — and those are generally larger cities.

That’s because larger cities offer more opportunities and resources. Technology has made it possible to do a lot of work from remote areas, but if you want to show people you’re serious about your craft — even if you’re just breaking into the industry — move to where the action is.

You can work on your networking by finding out where movie industry peeps like to hang out in their off-hours. This can help you make friends and get your name out there so that when jobs do come up, you pop into people’s minds as a potential hire.

Search On and Bookmark Various Companies’ Career Pages

When learning how to get a job in filmmaking, not all jobs are filled by word of mouth, some companies do post on job boards and their own sites. To figure out if and when they are hiring, search for these particular production companies and check out their career pages often.

There are even special publications that are dedicated specifically to the film industry, and many companies will advertise job openings there. Consider subscribing to these publications or see if they have a blog that you can follow online.

Become an Intern

cartoon of people talking Become an Intern how to work on movie sets

If you’re wondering how to get into film production, another option you have is to become an intern.

Most big studios and TV networks, as well as some smaller, independent companies, offer internships to interested individuals — and they hire more than one person every year.

Depending on the type of internship you get, you might expect to get paid for your job, as well as gain experience within the film industry. The fields you can get an internship in are varied, which means you can learn the skills necessary to do casting, creative development, editing or anything in between.

If you do well as an intern, you may be asked to become a full-time employee. Then, you’ve definitely figured out how to get into movie production.

Start Out Small

When asking how to get a job in filmmaking, you might have dreams of working for a large production company like Disney or Paramount. There’s nothing wrong with having this goal, but keep in mind that a lot of other people are thinking the same thing — which makes the industry incredibly competitive.

If you are just starting out in the industry and you don’t have a lot of experience, the chances are pretty slim that your first job will be with a big company.

To improve your chances when wondering how to get into movie production, consider working for a local production or media company. Not only will you learn valuable skills and gain experience, but this can be a great way to grow and expand your network.

You might also consider volunteering at local film festivals or screenings. Working at these events can give you insight into how the festival circuit works, as well as put you in contact with people within the industry. Film festivals can be a critical factor in starting your career, so take a chance and get involved.

Think Entry Level

When wondering how to get into film production, in addition to starting out with local companies, you can also consider applying for entry-level positions.

Probably the easiest job to get in the film industry is to be a runner. You’ll be the lowest ranking person on the set, and you’ll be expected to do work that most people don’t want to do, but it’s a good way to break into the business.

This role may not be glamorous, and it will involve hard work, but it’s a position you can get without needing any industry experience. Being a runner also gives you the chance to see how a movie set works and gets your foot in the film industry door.

You’ll be able to meet others in the industry, so you’ll be able to build your network, and if you do your job well, people will start to recognize and appreciate you. You may start out at the bottom, but it’s a good way to build yourself up.

Use Social Media

If you find yourself asking how to work on a movie set, another avenue you might consider is using social media. Not only is this a great way to network and connect, but you may also find job opportunities that aren’t advertised anywhere else.

You can also use social media to highlight and show off your skills and abilities in the world of filmmaking. Sites such as LinkedIn are a great way to search for jobs, while YouTube and TikTok allow you to upload your own film creations for people to view and enjoy.

Get the Right Degree

Get the Right Degree how to get a job in filmmaking

When wondering how to get a job in filmmaking, there are some positions you can get that don’t require a degree. These are often entry-level positions including runner, office assistant, trainee, and intern.

While you can use these low positions to work your way up in the industry, having a degree is going to be beneficial.

Filmmaking is a profession. If you want people to take you seriously, having a degree can help with that endeavor. Depending on what you want to do, a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient, but if you want to advance and be the best in your field, then obtaining a master’s degree might be in your best interest.

How far you take your educational career will be based on personal preference. Going to school can be expensive, but you can make that money back and more by establishing yourself in the profession.

Make Your Own Movies

Make Your Own Movies how to get a job in filmmaking

The advances in technology have made it possible for you to create your own movies using your smartphone. Sure, they may not have the same special effects and look as slick as a Hollywood production, but it’s still an option you can take when it comes to getting a job in filmmaking.

You can also get editing software on your computer to help you finalize your film. If you want to make your film as professional as possible, it’s not hard to find sound equipment, tripods and other items that aren’t overly expensive. To keep costs low, you can ask your friends and family to help you create your masterpiece.

You could even upload your production to YouTube and have millions of people view it, which could lead to making a profit on your film.

Doing all of the filmmaking steps yourself could give you the skills and experience you need. As you hone your craft, you could become a freelancer or potentially look for work with larger companies, using your independent productions as proof of your abilities.

How much does it cost to get an application form in the film industry?

When learning how to get a job in filmmaking, the amount you spend on an application form in the film industry can vary. If you’re applying for an entry-level position, you shouldn’t have to spend anything.

However, if you’re going to film school to obtain a degree and become a professional, this could wind up costing you thousands of dollars. However, you may be able to make that money back, as well as turn a profit, if your education helps you land a lucrative career.

How to get into the film industry with no experience.

camera How to get into the film industry with no experience how to work on movie sets

To get into the film industry with no experience, you have to start out at the bottom; that means applying for entry-level positions such as:

  • Runner
  • Trainee
  • Intern
  • Driver
  • Freelancer

What are the most demanding jobs in the film industry?

Some of the most demanding jobs you might find in the film industry include the following:

  • Screenwriter
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Music producer
  • Film producer
  • Investor
  • Actor

Or, really, any other job that is associated with making a movie. The film industry is incredibly tough and competitive; consumers are incredibly fickle about the final product. Movies are expensive, and there are no guarantees that they’ll make back their initial investment and become blockbusters.

Every part of the film industry is a crapshoot, but the people listed above usually take the brunt of criticism if the movie is a flop.

Follow Your Dreams

For a long time, the dazzle of making it big in the movies has lured people to Hollywood. Not all of them have had dreams of becoming an actor, but being part of a movie production made them see stars. Breaking into the movie industry has traditionally been incredibly tough.

However, with new technologies and the rise of independent studios, getting a job in the movie industry is no longer as challenging as it used to be. If you’re wondering how to get a job in filmmaking, consider doing the following:

  • Ask Anyone You Already Know in the Film Industry
  • Look for Openings in a Good Location
  • Search On and Bookmark Various Companies’ Career Pages
  • Become an Intern
  • Start Out Small
  • Think Entry Level
  • Use Social Media
  • Get the Right Degree
  • Make Your Own Movies

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