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Instagram is the best social media platform to let your creativity flow. You can post pictures, put filters on them, and create fun stories on your page. One of the best ways to get creative is to use a custom Instagram font! You can create these by using a third-party generator or website. Consider using the font options available on stories that are built-in to Instagram too. Continue reading below to learn more about how to get cool fonts on Instagram, no matter what you want to create.

Standard Instagram Fonts

The standard font on Instagram is Neue Helvetica. Any words on a post’s captions, in the comment section, or on your profile bio will be in this typeface.

It is important to note that headlines do use a different standard. This font option is Freight Sans.

There are nine font options for you to choose from in your stories that come with Instagram. These are in the list below.

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Neon
  • Typewriter
  • Sans Serif
  • Comic Sans
  • Serif
  • Drop-Shadow
  • Strong

Choosing Standard Story Fonts

If you want to learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram story posts, understand better the nine typography options mentioned below. Use the Stories Editor, selecting the font icon in the upper right corner to browse through them.


Strong is one of the most popular IG fonts. It provides a background highlight behind your text.


Drop-Shadow is a variation of the Strong font. Rather than a background highlight, you will see a black drop shadow under your text. Switch the colors by using the highlight option.


Modern is another fun option that gives a simplistic feel. There is now an outline variant that leaves the middle of your letters transparent.

Comic Sans

Comic Sans is a font option that users either love or hate. It has an informal look to it, giving it a playful vibe. You can add on a splash of color as a background highlight behind it.


The Serif font is one of the most modern that feels refined. It is available with a black highlight or without. Choose between the italicized or standard print.


Sans-Serif is an all-caps font with a clean look. Again, you can highlight the text in this font, and it will show up with rounded edges.


The Neon font is cursive, giving it some class. It does not neglect the fun, however, as it automatically comes in bright colors.


The Typewriter option looks exactly like letters produced by one of these machines and is one size only. You can highlight the font with a yellow background.


The Classic font is the same Neue Helvetica used on bios and posts. Again, it is the standard text in the platform.

Other Font Options

This social media platform does offer other options for how to get cool fonts on Instagram story posts. These do not change the style itself, however, as they are primarily customization variations.

Use the Color Selection Tool

If you do not like one of the standard color options for your text, use the selection tool. After clicking the eyedropper, hold your finger down on any of the included options. A palette will show up that you can move your finger over to choose the color you want.

Make an Ombre Effect

Use any of the included IG fonts to create an ombre effect for your stories. Follow the below steps to learn how.

1. Select all written text.
2. Press down on a color option of your choice.

how to get cool fonts on Instagram - create a ombre effect

3. Use your other hand to press on the text cursor.
4. Slide both of your hands to the left, while keeping your finger pressed down.

how to get cool fonts on Instagram - swipe left

Tips on Changing Fonts on Instagram Bios, Posts, and Stories

To know how to get cool fonts on Instagram for your story, bio, or post, you will start with an Instagram font generator primarily. There are a variety of these tools available, and after creation, you simply have to copy and paste the text.

No matter the custom font you want to use, it is essential to maintain consistency, especially if you have a brand. Make sure that the text is legible and meets your aesthetic.

Font Generators

Again, an Instagram font generator is the best tool for you to learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram. Most of these are easy to use as you only have to type, press enter, then copy and paste. Some of the best are below.

Cool Fonts for Instagram

Cool Fonts for Instagram is free on any smart device. When you type your text, you will immediately see a list of options to the right. Just press copy next to the one you want to use.

Fonts Art

Fonts Art is a useful Instagram font generator to easily help you learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram. The app is free on smart devices, and there is even a panel that will automatically show up on your keyboard. This tool allows you to choose customizable fonts even when typing in the Instagram app itself!

Fonts Art - how to get cool fonts on Instagram story

Font for Instagram - Fontfull

Fonts for Instagram is an app available on smartphones of any type. It provides Instagram bio fonts, text for captions, and more. You can also customize emojis for your posts using this platform.

Fonts for instagram app - how to get cool fonts on Instagram story


Fontify generates a list of a variety of custom Instagram font options after typing your text. This app is different in that there is a shortcut for migrating your content directly to the social media platform.


Animoto is a great way that you can learn how to use different fonts on Instagram on both a desktop and a smartphone. It works perfectly for stories, video clips, and more.


Fontsy has both a premium and paid feature to help you access customizable IG fonts. It does not only correlate with Instagram, however, as you can use it with Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media sites too.

Web-Based Tools

If you want to learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram for the web, an online tool may be best for you. Remember, you have to adjust your browser settings to upload a story with any custom Instagram font.


Lingojam is one of the simplest web-based tools. On the left side of the screen, you will enter your text. On the right side of the screen, there are custom Instagram font options. All you have to do is copy and paste them into the social media platform.

Font Space

Font Space has thousands of options available for Instagram bio fonts or any other use. At the top of the page, you will type your text. Below that, your options will show up for you to copy and paste.

Font Space - how to get cool fonts on Instagram

Using Graphic Design Software

So many graphic design software options are available to help you learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram. These are best when you want to customize the text on your stories, however, as many of the tools come with templates.


Canva has a variety of templates for both Instagram posts and stories. You can use the font options available or upload your own.

the Canva App - how to get cool fonts on Instagram

Go Daddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio is a similar platform to Canva. After uploading an image for your story, you can scroll through the vast library of font options.


Later has a built-in text editor tool. This software does only have 10 font options to choose from.

Change Fonts on Stories Using Your Computer

You can learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram story posts and upload them on the computer. It is important to make some changes to the browser of your choice first, however.

Google Chrome

When you upload a story to Instagram, there are options to edit the font on Google Chrome. You need to access developer tools, however. Follow the steps below to help you in this process.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the “View” menu, then “Developer” and “Developer Tools.”
  3. Hover your mouse over the icon resembling a smartphone.
  4. Click “toggle device bar.”
  5. Log in to Instagram.
  6. Click on the plus sign over your profile image.
  7. Select the images to upload and add font as necessary.


For Safari, you will need to use Portrait Orientation options to learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram story posts on a computer. The list below will show you the process.

  1. Open “Safari Preferences” and click “advanced.”
  2. Press “show develop menu in the menu bar.”
  3. Choose the “Develop menu” and scroll down to “user agent.”
  4. Select “Safari iOS – 11.3 – iPhone.”
  5. Log in to your Instagram account.
  6. Press the plus sign on the small circular profile image to upload a story and edit fonts.

Changing Font Style

Instagram does not have built-in features that allow you to customize the style of any Instagram bio fonts or story and caption text. Third-party apps are available, allowing you to learn how to get cool fonts on Instagram and change their style.


YayText lets you convert any of your caption or bio to bold or italic letters. After making the changes, you only have to copy and paste the information into your Instagram. This software does let you preview first to ensure you are satisfied too.

Customize Your Instagram Font

Next time you create a post or a story on Instagram, you should feel confident about customizing it. Not only can you change the filter, but you can also adjust the font. If you want your profile to stand out, consider even customizing the text in your bio.

The above information taught you how to get cool fonts on Instagram. Unfortunately, the social media platform only offers one option for your bio and posts. There are nine font variations for your Instagram stories, each with its background highlights.

Consider using a font generator to create custom fonts no matter where you want to place them on Instagram. There are both web-based platforms, desktop downloads, and smartphone apps that can help you in this process. Some even allow you to stylize your font by making it bold or italicized.

When changing your fonts on Instagram, make sure that you maintain a consistent look. This tip will ensure you always bring in the right audience and make others notice your brand quickly. Make sure that all of the typography features you choose match the aesthetic you want to create.

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