If you work on your computer, you likely have several tasks you have to complete. Sometimes, these jobs can take unnecessary time and are obscenely repetitive.

Thankfully, there are tools to help you learn how to get macros on PC computers. These sequences will help you avoid repetitive tasks and get the job done quicker.

What are Macros?

Before you learn how to get macros on PC computers, you must understand what they are. These shortcuts create a sequence of events using the user interface systems on your device.

You can create a mouse click macro, for instance, to perform a sequence by pressing a button. Your computer will record the actions you want to occur when completing a specific task. Macros are compatible with your mouse and keyboard.

Why Would You Want to Use Macros on Your PC?

When you set up a mouse or keyboard macro on Windows 10 computers, you can save time. Complete repetitive tasks in a matter of seconds rather than monotonous minutes.

Most individuals report saving at least 15 to 30 minutes when setting up macros on their computers. These sequences are compatible with task-related applications you need for work, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

You can also use macros when participating in fun activities on your computer. Build quickly using these event sequences on Fortnite or refill your weapon without delay.

What are the Benefits of Using Macros?

There are many benefits to learning how to get macros on PC computers. You can also use these task assistants in video games like Fortnite.

Benefits of Using Macros on Your PC

1. You Will Save Time

The first benefit of learning how to use macros on your computer is the ability to save time. The macros do not require you to press your mouse repeatedly or use numerous keys. You can complete a task with the click of a button.

2. Setting Up Macros is a User-Friendly Process

You do not have to be a technological expert to set up macros on your computer. The interface required is simple and easy to learn. You only have to click a button and wait for the software to record your actions.

3. You Will Encounter Fewer Errors in Your Documents

Many individuals report that they encounter fewer errors when using macros in their documents. If you set up the creation process correctly, you do not have to worry about mistakes. Manually entering the data increases the risks of potential errors and miscalculations.

Benefits of Using Macros in Fortnite

Be careful if you choose to learn how to set up macros in Fortnite. You cannot use these in the game if you want to play competitively.

Fornite will ban players who choose to incorporate macros in the competition process. You can practice using these sequences when playing practice rather than live rounds.

1. Speed Up the Building Process

The most obvious benefit of using macros in Fortnite is the ability to speed up the building process. You can execute several of the required movements with a single click. Other players will wonder how you can build your structures so quickly.

2. Reload Your Gear

There is a slight delay when you reload your gear in Fornite. You have to press another button and wait to fire another round. When using macros in the video game, you can click a button while fighting to reload your gun or crossbow.

How to Create Macros on PC

You can learn how to set up macros on your PC using Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. The event sequences will show up as a .mhm extension on your computer. You can find the file in the Macros subfolder, which is under Microsoft Hardware in My Documents.

These tools are interchangeable if you set up keyboard and mouse macro sequences. You can use either device to use what you set up.

You can also edit your keyboard and mouse macro sequences at any time. The changes you make will affect both programs.

To learn how to set up a macro on your PC, use the steps below.

  1. Get the mouse you want to use with your macros.
  2. Open the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center on your PC.
  3. Look for the button you want to reconfigure.
  4. Select “Macro” in the list of available options.
  5. Press “Create a New Macro.”
  6. Select the empty option in the macro list.
  7. Create a title for the macro in the field labeled “Name.”
  8. Press “Editor.”
  9. Enter the sequence. Record a keystroke, create a mouse click macro, or assign a delay.
  10. Look at the “Available Macros” list and select the new macro.

Record Multiple Events Simultaneously

When learning how to get macros on PC, you may want to consider recording multiple events. The steps below will help you in this process.

  1. Use the above steps to record your first macro.
  2. Open the “Available Macros” list and right-click on it.
  3. Press “Split.”
  4. Choose if you want the second event to occur before or after the time delay.
  5. Use the steps in the above section to create another event.

Edit Your Macros

After you set up a keyboard macro on Windows 10 computers, you can edit them. Adjust the button or the event with the steps below.

  1. Get the mouse you configured for your macros.
  2. Open the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center on your computer.
  3. Find the button you want to edit. Press “Macro.”
  4. Scroll to the “Available Macros” list and choose the appropriate option.
  5. Click on the “Editor” to make any changes.

You can also repeat macros when editing them. After pressing “Edit Macro,” select “Repeat.”

How Does the Macro Process Work?

When you create a macro, you have to let the software record your actions. To start this process, you have to choose the button you want to use.

After choosing the button for starting the sequence, you need to choose the actions that will occur. You can link the macros with any tools on your computer, including those owned by Microsoft, video games, and Google products.

If you need to make changes or want to reassign the button, you will need to go back into the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. Choose the sequence you need to edit and let it record a new action.

What Can You Expect After Creating Macros?

When you open the linked program, you will need to press the button you assigned to the macro. You will immediately notice the program start to execute the process by itself. It will go through each step independently.

You may want to review the completed data if you use macros with work-related or school-related documents and programs. Examine it for potential errors and make edits as necessary.

Most of the time, you can expect macros to work without error. A mistake will likely occur if you set the sequence up wrong in the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There are a couple of drawbacks to consider if you want to learn how to set up a macro.

1. The File Size is Huge

Most of the time, macro files are massive. They use a VBA code full of unnecessary data that only takes up space on your computer.

2. Macros are Dangerous with Sensitive Data

You need to be careful if you want to use macros with sensitive data. Sometimes, the event sequences contain malware. You must work with a trustworthy provider if you want to download macros from a third-party server.

How Can I Get Started?

You can use several tools to learn how to set up macros on a PC. Some of the best options are below.

1. Mousekey Recorder

Mousekey Recorder is best if you are a beginner. You can record mouse and keyboard actions in real-time.

You cannot adjust the speed of the sequence after using Mousekey Recorder to record your actions. There is a free trial available to you before paying for the services.

2. Automate.io

Automate.io is best if you want to record repetitive tasks to enhance your work duties. You can integrate Google and Microsoft apps using this software.

Automate.io is user-friendly for beginners, allowing you to create macros with ease. You can even incorporate this software with your team to increase workplace productivity.

3. Robotask

Robotask lets you automate tasks for your work, including checking your email, backing up your files, and creating a schedule. This software is also compatible with more complex actions like downloading files.

You can customize the Robotask interface to your preferences. Only make the options you need to use visible.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

There are a few tips you can use when learning how to get macros on PC computers, including those below.

1. Keep Names Short

As mentioned, you have to give your macros a name when creating them. Keep their titles short to make them more easily identifiable.

You cannot use spaces, punctuation marks, or other symbols when naming your macros. The maximum length for most tools is 80 characters.

2. Make Your Macros Specific

Keep your macros small to limit how much storage space they take on your computer. You can create more if you have more room for them.

Your macros will run much faster if they are smaller. Try to keep the tasks specific when creating these sequences.

3. Make a Custom Button for Your Macro

You can create a custom button for your macro on the Quick Access tool. This option lets you have a shortcut for the event sequence.

To set up this shortcut, use the steps below.

  1. Click on the “File” menu, followed by “Options.”
  2. Press “Quick Access Toolbar.”
  3. Select “Choose Commands From,” pressing the small arrow. Choose “Macros.”
  4. Press “Ok” twice.

Create Macros on Your PC

Macros are event sequences that help you automate tasks on your computer. You can press a single button and complete a long list of actions.

You should feel confident knowing how to get macros on PC computers. The easiest method is to use the Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center.

You can use macros for virtually any program on your computer. It is compatible with Microsoft and Google programs, for instance.

Macros are also compatible with video games. Some of these programs will ban you if you use the event sequences, so do your research first.

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