How to get multiple orders on DoorDash is a simple matter of analyzing the delivery areas ordering the most food, and intelligent managing of the orders accepted. This increases the money drivers make, and increases their acceptance rating as well as their customer rating, which increases the likelihood of driver bonuses.

Back in the day, it was just pizza being delivered to your door. If you wanted other food, you had to drive to a restaurant to dine. When the pandemic hit, delivery services became a lifeline between frightened people trapped at home and the retail (and wholesale) world.

So now you’ve had enough DoorDash orders delivered, and you’re thinking it looks easy enough to Dash. How to get started, how to get DoorDash orders, and what are the best times to DoorDash are swirling through your head. We wrote this step-by-step tutorial for you, because we know the answers you need to these and more questions about DoorDash.

How To Get Multiple Orders On DoorDash

How To Get Multiple Orders On DoorDash

How DoorDash Works

In order to know how to get more orders on DoorDash, you’ll need to know how it works. As a driver, you’ll download the app onto your phone. When an order is available, the driver will have 45 seconds to accept or decline the DoorDash order. All the driver sees is the order total and the tip. He doesn’t see the customer’s address. This ensures no discrimination is involved.

The company assigns orders to drivers near the restaurant. Drivers hang out near popular eateries, so the food is delivered hot. This is more so when drivers hang out in the red zones on the app. Now the driver will drive to the restaurant, pick up the order, deliver it to the customer, and head back to his hang-out spot for another order.

How To Get DoorDash Orders: Choose Wisely

The number one rule for how to get multiple orders on DoorDash is to work during peak hours or work the lunch and supper rush (generally, the lunch rush is between 11 am and 2 pm, and the supper rush is between 4 pm and 8 pm.) Not only are these the best times to DoorDash, people know how busy it is during these times. They’re willing to pay more in tips or order total for their food. So drivers need to choose their delivery times wisely.

The drivers who know how to get more orders on DoorDash work the holidays. Restaurants are pretty generally snowed under on Easter, Super Bowl, July 4th, and so on. The wise driver will position himself in the red zone near popular restaurants, and just snag all the orders he can reasonably deliver in the time allotted to him.

Flexibility In Accepting Or Declining Assignments

Drivers with the highest customer ratings and acceptance ratings are offered DoorDash delivery orders first. You have the ability to accept or decline these orders. The more you accept, the more orders you’ll get. That’s how to get multiple orders on DoorDash. You also have the ability to pre-schedule orders in the areas in which you want to deliver.

What this means is that the company will gray out certain areas. This means the area is being taken care of by other Dashers, and they don’t need you there. Try to schedule your shifts on those days in the red or busiest areas, and you should have more orders to take.

Wisely Choosing Orders Increases Earnings

Okay, you have high customer ratings, high acceptance ratings, and you’re parked in the red zone on the DoorDash app near popular eateries during the supper rush, one of the best times to DoorDash. The app assigns you two orders, and you press Accept. While you’re on your way to the deliveries, another order comes in that’s close to where you’re delivering. Just press “Add Order To Route,” and you’ll know how to get more orders on DoorDash.

Incentives And Rewards For Completing Orders

We’re sure you’ve noticed the prices at the gas pumps lately. It’s enough to make you park the car and take the bus, isn’t it? We understand that big boys like Uber and Lyft are helping their drivers fight back by giving them gas bonuses. The snag to that is that customers will pay the bonus.

Not with DoorDash. The cashback program began March 17 and will continue through April, 2022, says the company. Drivers racking up more than 100 miles on their cars will get an extra ten percent back toward gas. The customers will not be tapped for this.

  • Potential new drivers can earn anywhere from $300 up to $750 with a sign-up bonus. The money is included in your paycheck.

Note: You’ll be required to make a minimum amount of deliveries to quality for any bonuses or rewards programs.

  • DoorDash drivers may refer friends and family to the company to receive a reward. There will be a code for the newbie to include in his application so the Dasher will be paid the reward.
  • Peak Pay is an incentive used to attract Dashers to hit the streets during peak ordering times.
  • Challenges are incentives used to pay drivers for matching a certain number of orders for usually a month. For example, Dashers might be challenged to deliver 100 orders during the month of June in return for, say, $150 on your paycheck.
  • Top Dasher is the reward for the company’s top producers. Drivers knowing how to get DoorDash orders garner the highest customer ratings and acceptance ratings. They qualify for specific monies and benefits.

Low Paying Orders

Some say that lower-paying orders aren’t worth the effort. I, personally, disagree with this. A customer who is ill or disabled and can’t stand at the stove to cook will order from DoorDash. He might not order much, but he did, after all, choose DoorDash. He could have chosen another delivery service. That’s worth something.

Drivers taking low-paying orders are not only helping someone, but they’re also building good acceptance and customer ratings. Drivers knowing how to get multiple orders on DoorDash, even if they’re low-paying orders, are building a good reputation not only with the company but with their loyal customers.

Managing Multiple Orders

Managing Multiple Orders

One of the DoorDash tips and tricks is the wise management of multiple orders. Now you know to stay in the red zones of the app for max earnings. You also know that taking multiple orders increases your ratings as well as your earnings. Managing these multiple orders can be a bit tricky, though, so we’ll walk you through it.

  • Dashers might accept two to three orders from the same restaurant going to different offices in an office complex downtown or stores in a shopping strip. The same could be true of homes in a neighborhood. All the Dasher has to do is tap “Add Order To Route.” The app color codes the orders to help the driver manage his orders.
  • Dashers also manage multiple orders through the strategic use of Post-It notes and Sharpies. They label separate orders in order to keep their deliveries smooth and quick.
  • DoorDash provides red Dash bags to their drivers. With multiple orders, though, it could prove wiser to buy a couple of cold bags at your local grocery store. Your multiple orders go in these bags with a Post-It note on the bag detailing each address.
  • Plan your route wisely. You know which streets are packed at different times of the day and night. You know which side streets to take to reach your deliveries on time. You know which connecting streets to take for multiple deliveries. Added to this, your GPS or Maps apps on your smartphone will help you plan your routes wisely.

The Best Times To Dash

The Best Times To Dash how to get multiple orders on Doordash

Your shift or when you Dash will depend on the times of greatest business. Many businesses order out for lunch between 11 am and 2 pm. Some businesses, like retail stores, are open during the supper rush from 4 pm to 8 pm. These are the best shifts for a Dasher to pick up.

You’ll find Saturdays and Sundays busy shifts, too. People are out doing their marketing, attending events, attending church, and so on. They don’t have the time or the mind to cook, so they order out.

Holidays are much the same. Ordering goes on all day and night. Be prepared to pick up these shifts, because it’s how to get multiple orders on DoorDash. Besides Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, Halloween is a biggie. Other holidays popular for ordering out are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Super Bowl, Black Friday, Easter, and July 4th.

The Best Places To Dash

The Best Places To Dash

If you’re like pizza delivery drivers, then you know the neighborhoods that tip the best. You know which businesses order the highest totals and tip accordingly. DoorDash is no different. Park in the red zone servicing these neighborhoods and businesses, and you’ll be set regarding how to get multiple orders on DoorDash.

If you’re new to Dashing, then you won’t know this information. Not to worry, DoorDash does know this information and has set up ways to help you make the most of your Dashing experience:

  • DoorDash highlights its heaviest ordering areas in red. Park in the red zone, and you’ll be able to snag multiple orders.
  • If you are near an area loaded with restaurants, then hit “Dash Now” in order to pick up multiple orders.
  • DoorDash offers its drivers Peak Pay campaigns, in which you can make top dollar for driving during peak order hours and/or in heavily ordering neighborhoods.

Schedule Shifts Ahead Of Time

Schedule Shifts Ahead Of Time how to get multiple orders on Doordash

DoorDash gives its drivers the opportunity to schedule their shifts ahead of time. You can schedule shifts up to five days in advance. You’ll usually know which areas on the map are red or super busy. Schedule your shift in those areas at peak times. This will almost guarantee you more work than you can handle.

When you’ve learned how to get multiple orders on Doordash, you will also have learned how to manage them well. Using extra cold bags, Post-It notes, and Sharpies will help you manage multiple orders.

DoorDash Tips And Tricks

DoorDash Tips And Tricks how to get multiple orders on Doordash

The information we’ve given you in the above tutorial will get you to the top ranks of DoorDash drivers. What about the new guy, though? He could probably use some tips and hacks to get him going. We thought about you, newbie, so here you go.

1. Double Check The Order

If your object is higher paying orders and better tips, then pay attention to the details. I’ve ordered from DoorDash only to have some items left off the order. As a consequence, I haven’t ordered from those restaurants in over a year. If you want your customer service to be outstanding, check those orders before you leave the building.

2. Snag Extras For The Customer

Many customers have received orders with no sauce packets, plastic sporks, or napkins. Grab a healthy handful of each to put in the bag. It only takes a second, but your customer will remember it for a long time to come. Remember to do this during learning how to get multiple orders on DoorDash, and your tips will get better.

3. Keep Hot Hot And Cold Cold

No one wants to receive a bag of food only to find that the Coke made the hot things cold. If at all possible, collect up some plastic bags like the bags you’d get at the grocery store. Keep them in your car for keeping the cold drinks separate from hot food. Your customers will love you for it.

4. Contact The Customer

Is the line at the pick-up window stretched around the building? The customer needs to know why their order is taking so long, so take a second to let them know. Is traffic heavy on your way to the customer’s house? Call the customer to let them know (we don’t recommend texting while driving.) Are you almost there? Let your customer know.

5. Look Professional

You’re working, you represent the company for which you work, so looking professional is part of the job. You don’t have to do a dress and heels or a suit and tie, but looking like a wreck is the other extreme. Dressing nicely impresses your customers, even if you wear jeans and a DoorDash T-shirt.

6. Be Professional But Friendly

One thing that has stood me in good stead over the years is that I smile until my face breaks. Even when you’re wearing a mask, a smile shows in your eyes. Give your customers your smile – it might be the only one they see all day. That customer will return because you’re a professional, smiling representative of your company.

7. Strategically Avoid Some Orders

Driving ten miles to deliver a $6 order takes more gas than the order pays. Additionally, those cheaper orders might have been declined by multiple drivers. Taking one of them will increase your acceptance rate, though, which is a good idea. However, you should be avoiding areas that don’t pay much, snarled up places like Walmart grocery deliveries, and the drive-through of fast-food restaurants, where you’ll sit all day in line.

8. Only Rarely Cancel An Accepted Order

There will be days when you drive to a restaurant only to find the order will take over 20 minutes to be completed. Your time is worth more than that, so cancel the order. Always let the customer know why you did and that another Dasher will be along soon to pick up the order for delivery. Then hit the red zone for a quicker delivery. Don’t do this too often, as you would be let go for refusing too many orders.

9. Restart The DoorDash App Frequently

Glitches are a well-known fact with electronics and especially on the Internet. If you’ve noticed you haven’t gotten Dashes in quite some time, restart the app. You could be out of range, or your phone could be slipping. Not only that, but every time you restart the app, new orders appear. So refresh your app regularly in order to keep up on new orders.

Final Thoughts

You took a job with DoorDash to make extra money. It’s great fun, and you’ll learn how to get multiple orders on DoorDash. Managing those orders is a simple matter of choosing orders wisely, keeping an eye on driver rewards and incentives, intelligent management of multiple orders, as well as knowing the best times and places to DoorDash. We hope this step-by-step tutorial helps.

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