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The voice acting industry is a beneficial career for many people. Maintain control over your emotions and know how to speak clearly.

As a voice actor, you can produce advertisements or commercials. Before starting, you need to get high-quality products to show your skills effectively.

You can learn how to get voice-over work with no experience if you are a beginner. This step-by-step guide will help you get started.

Have the Necessary Equipment

Have the Necessary Equipment no experience voice over jobs

If you want to learn how to get voice-over work with no experience, you have to stand out from the crowd. The best way to make yourself known is to submit high-quality audio recordings. You will never achieve the results you want if you do not have the right equipment.

Purchase a Quality Microphone

You have to engage in a process of trial and error to find the best voice-over microphone for you.

Some individuals like to use a product with high levels of response sensitivity. These microphones pick up almost every sound, including voice subtleties. Other individuals prefer to find a product that completely removes background noise.

Buy a Stand or Computer Mount for Your Microphone

No matter the type of microphone you purchase, you need to find a stand for it. These products help eliminate any noise that can occur through movement.

A microphone stand is best if you want to stand and move around when making your recording. A computer mount sits on top of your monitor to capture your voice when sitting at your desk.

Find High-Quality Headphones

Headphones can help you focus on your voice-over work. A high-quality pair will block out any background noise.

Your headphones should also be comfortable. You will have to wear them for, sometimes, hours at a time when doing voice-over work.

Look for Pop Filters

Pop filters will help you learn how to get voice-over work with no experience. They will take your recordings to a new level.

The pop filter sits in front of your microphone. It stops any wind-like noises coming from your mouth, helping to clean up your audio.

Download Appropriate Software

Some software programs for voice-over work are available for free. Audacity is an unpaid program that is easy-to-use for any beginner. GarageBand is another option that comes with every Apple device.

There are other voice-over platforms that require a subscription or payment. Adobe Audition is one of the most comprehensive, as it allows you to perform multitrack and waveform editing. Logic Pro X is the upgraded version of GarageBand and gets you quick results.

Create an Online Presence

Create an Online Presence how to get voice over work with no experience

After you make some recordings, you need to create an online presence. You can better find voice acting jobs for beginners if you have a portfolio.

Build a Website

You need to create a website to help you learn how to get voice-over work with no experience. As mentioned, you can build a portfolio online.

You should first post an about page and a resume on your website. Include examples of your voice-over work to show your skillset.

Use Social Media

You can also link your social media accounts on your website to help you find no experience voice-over jobs. Keep all of the information you post consistently to keep your audience engaged.

Instagram is one of the best sites when looking for voice-acting gigs. You can post reels and stories to show off your work. Share photos of you working behind the scenes to build relationships.

Create an Outstanding Demo

Create an Outstanding Demo how to get voice over work with no experience

You need to post examples of your work when learning how to get voice-over work with no experience. There are different types of reels to share on your website and social media profiles.

Show Reels of Different Dialects and Languages

You need to showcase your experiences with different dialects and languages to find the best voice acting jobs for beginners. You can practice your accents for any country or region. You should also post reels of the different languages you can speak, especially if you are fluent.

Provide Examples of Different Styles

You can also present evidence of the different styles you practice. You can consider the various industries to start, including commercials, cartoons, virtual assistants, and documentaries.

There are also specific styles of narration. You can perform a fully-voiced, partially-voiced, unvoiced, or multicast reading.

Find the Best Type of Voice Over Work for You

Find the Best Type of Voice Over Work for You no experience voice over jobs

There are several types of no experience voice-over jobs you can pursue. All kinds of industries need employees to create recordings and narrations.

You do not only have to do cartoons and movie trailers when you are a voice-over actor. You can perform in a documentary or commercial. Other job opportunities include virtual assistance and audiobooks.


Most voice-over actors make their income by performing in commercials. You have to know how to market a product and represent effective emotions.

You can make your commercial recordings in your home office. Again, you need high-quality products to achieve the best results and get the highest payment.

Video Games

A video game voice recording is one of the most well-renowned in the modern world. More and more opportunities come out every year, and there are new games for every type of console.

Making a voice recording for a video game is similar to one for a cartoon. You have to represent a character, portraying its emotions and interests.


An animation is likely what you initially think of when considering voice acting. You can represent a hand-drawn or digitally-created character.

You could work with a company like Disney if you want to make recordings for animations. Most of these companies require that you go to a studio to complete your job.


You can also record an audiobook as a voice actor. In recent years, these products are some of the most popular forms of entertainment.

You can easily submit an offer to a self-published author you find on Apple Books or Audible. You have to prove that you can play multiple characters in one sitting.

Educational or Business Videos

Many companies and schools choose to use e-learning products. These types of content let your students and employees learn in their own time.

You can create voiceovers for websites, educational apps, and colleges. You can provide pronunciations or narrations for assignments and games.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants like Siri and Amazon Alexa could not exist without voice-over actors. As a professional, you can record several responses to commands and prompts.

You have to maintain a monotonous voice as a virtual assistant. You cannot show too much emotion, but you have to be amicable.


Often, companies will hire a voice actor for their announcements. They can present this information at trade shows and conferences.

You hear a voice-over actor every time you listen to an announcement in a store. Every company that uses an intercom needs these professionals.


Many documentaries require voice-over actors. You can provide the narration for these films to give information to the viewers.

You need to maintain the audience’s attention and give appropriate information. Voice actors have to learn a balance of emotion and intellect.

Health and Wellness

Finally, voice actors can provide their skills for health and wellness needs. You can provide recordings for exercise equipment, such as the Peloton.

You can also create voice recordings for courses on health and wellness. Again, the information needs to be captivating and intellectual.

Take Some Classes

Take Some Classes voice acting salary

One of the best ways to learn how to get voice-over work with no experience is to take classes. You can gain expertise from other professionals in your field. You will understand more about the types of dialects, emotions, and styles appropriate for the industry you want to enter.

Free Online Courses

There are several free online courses you can take for voice acting. You can go on LinkedIn and find training opportunities from other professionals.

Websites like Skillshare also have free classes. You can learn more about speaking in specific dialects and accents. There are also training opportunities on ways to show your emotions.

In-Person Classes

In-person classes are also available for individuals who want to become voice actors. You can travel across the country to attend conferences with other professionals in your industry. If you live in an urban area, you could find these courses in your town.

Consider a Voice Coach

Consider a Voice Coach how to get voice over work with no experience

You can hire a voice coach if you want jobs when voice actors needed. These individuals will help you develop your skills and find the best opportunities based on what you can offer.

Voice actors will help you overcome potential beginner mistakes. They will make you seem professional from the day you start applying.

Find Voice Over Jobs for Beginners from Home

Find Voice Over Jobs for Beginners from Home no experience voice over jobs

There are narration jobs from home. You need to have an office set up where you can minimize any background noise.

Again, if you work from home, you will need the right equipment. Have a high-quality microphone and a stand to minimize exterior sounds. This setup will help you get the most opportunities available.

Check Out Freelance Websites

You can use multiple freelance websites to help you find work-from-home jobs for voice acting.

Some of these websites are free to use, and others require a subscription. You have to showcase your skills and upload a portfolio on most of these sites.

Look for Voice Over Projects in Your Community

Look for Voice Over Projects in Your Community voice acting jobs for beginners

You can also reach out to your local community to find voice-over websites or jobs. Ask your friends and family members if they know anyone who requires your expertise.

You can also attend voice-over jobs in your local community. These opportunities will help you build your portfolio.

Offer Free Services to Build Your Portfolio

You should offer free services initially to get the best results. This step will help you build your portfolio. You will develop a strong reputation in your community. You can also ask for a testimonial!

Contact Local Organizations

As mentioned, always contact organizations that already exist in your community. They can help you find opportunities that best fit your skills and expertise.

Accept an Offer with an Understanding of a Voice Acting Salary

Accept an Offer with an Understanding of a Voice Acting Salary how to get voice over work with no experience

When it is time to accept a voice acting job, you need to stay confident about your salary. Make sure to accept a job that offers an appropriate voice actor pay. You do not want someone to offer you less than what you are worth.

ZipRecruiter Average

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for voice actors is $76,000. You can make this much or more when you find the perfect opportunity that best meets your needs.

A voice acting salary will go higher when you gain more experience. As mentioned, you will have the opportunity to work with companies like Disney.

Get Voice Over Work with No Experience

You should know how to get voice-over work with no experience now that you have this article. Remember, you need to have a comprehensive portfolio to present your skills to others.

You can share your portfolio on your resume or website. You can also link your social media pages to your website to ensure you get the widest audience.

Before you start applying for opportunities, you need to determine the industry where you want to perform. You can work for commercials, audiobooks, or cartoon companies.

Finally, you can start working with a voice acting coach. Start by offering free services in your community. Look on freelancer websites to find the best opportunities for you.

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