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The online dating world is better than ever before. There are even mobile apps that you can download straight to your Android or iPhone!

One of the most popular mobile dating apps is Tinder. You can “swipe right” on someone to determine if you are a match.

Once you find a match, you can start messaging. You can also find out if someone ghosted you by learning how to know if someone deleted their Tinder. Learn more below.

Why Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world. You can meet new friends, find potential dates, and connect with people around the globe.

College students invented Tinder in 2012, and it is now available in over 190 countries. Over 340 million people downloaded this dating app as of today.

If you want to try to match with someone, swipe right on their profile. If that person likes you back, they will perform the same action. Both of your swipes will result in a match, meaning you can start engaging with and messaging one another.

What is the Purpose of Tinder?

Tinder focuses on matching people because of physical attraction. When a profile shows up on your feed, you will only get that person’s bio and picture. If you like what you see, you can try to set up a match.

When using Twitter, you will see if you have any mutual friends with the potential match. You can also specify the types of results you want to see in your feed.

You can select your sexual orientation and the age range of the person you want to date. Tinder also allows you to choose a specific geographical location for your potential matches. Ultimately, the dating app wants to make connecting with others easy.

Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Tinder Account

If you connect with someone on Tinder, you likely want to keep up-to-date with that person. Sometimes, that individual will suddenly stop messaging you. Thankfully, you can learn how to know if someone deleted their Tinder with the steps outlined below.

How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Tinder Account

How to Know if Someone Deleted Their Tinder Account if I delete Tinder app will I lose my messages

The easiest way to learn how to know if someone deleted their Tinder is to determine if they disappeared from your matches. Your profile will contain a list of the people you can message. If you no longer see a specific person on your matches, that user likely deleted their account.

When someone deletes their Tinder account, they will lose all of their data. You will no longer see their pictures, matches, or other user information. There is no ability to contact them unless they have additional contact information.

Log Into Their Tinder Account

The first step to finding out how to know if someone deleted their Tinder is to log into your account and go to your matches list. You can find the specific user there if they still have their profile.

You can find your matches list on the browser or mobile app.


  1. Log into your Tinder on the desktop browser.
  2. Type in and enter your username and password.
  3. Look for the sidebar option labeled “Matches.”
  4. Click on “Matches” and look for that user in the list.

Tinder App

  1. Download the Tinder app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Click on the messages icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Look for your matches at the top of the messages screen.
  4. Scroll until you find a specific user.

Search Username

You can also search someone’s username to learn how to check if someone is on Tinder. The below steps are only possible if you are a match with someone.

    1. Open the Tinder app on your iPhone or Android.
    2. Click on the message icon.
    3. Press your finger to the screen and pull down on it.
    4. Wait for the search bar to appear.
    5. Type someone’s name and load the results.

Search Images

You can also search images to learn how to know if someone is using Tinder still. You will have to use Google Search and must have a screenshot of that person’s profile to use the below steps.

  1. Save the screenshot you captured to your computer.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the camera icon to upload an image.
  4. Select the image you want to upload.
  5. Wait for the results to show up.
  6. Click on the link associated with that person’s picture.
  7. A Tinder profile will load if you were a match with the person. It will not show up if they deleted their profile.

Confirm Their Status

This dating app does not have specific features that let you know how to check if someone is on Tinder. You cannot see when someone was last active or online.

You can check someone’s location to see if it is different. If the geolocation is new, that individual will no longer be a match on your profile, especially if you have a specific mileage marked.

You can also click on the messages you had someone. Look to see if the typing bubble shows up to see if they are active.

Finally, you can look for updates to the person’s biography or profile picture. Any changes would indicate an active presence on Tinder.

How to Get Verified on Tinder

How to Get Verified on Tinder how to check if someone is on Tinder

You will find more reliable matches on Tinder if you have a verified profile. You will likely have fewer scammers in your inbox. The steps below will help you get the blue checkmark you deserve.

Confirm Your Profile

You can gain a more trustworthy presence on Tinder by verifying your account. The steps below will help you get verified on the Tinder app.

  1. Download the Tinder app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Click on the profile icon.
  3. Press the grey checkmark next to your name.
  4. Wait for the screen to appear that says “Get Verified.”
  5. Press “Continue.”
  6. Take a selfie doing the provided pose.
  7. Confirm that you matched the provided pose.
  8. Press “Submit for Review.”
  9. Repeat steps six through eight two more times.
  10. Wait for your blue checkmark!

Confirm Verification Status

You need to open the Tinder app again to confirm you got verified. You will also receive a notification after submitting all of your selfies.

Once you open the Tinder app, you will need to navigate to your profile. Look for the symbol next to your name.

If you have a verified profile, you will see a blue checkmark. If the process did not work, you will still see a green clock.

Stay Active

You will need to stay active on Tinder to keep your verified status. Message the matches you already make.

Try to update your profile picture and bio as you have life events that change your circumstances. These steps will help you find more suitable matches.

Make New Friends

Part of staying active on Tinder is the process of making new friends. You can use the steps above to learn how to know if someone is using Tinder, and you can scroll through the feed.

When scrolling through the feed, swipe right on anyone who piques your interest. Wait for that person to swipe back to make a match.

How to Get a Blue Checkmark on Tinder

To get a blue checkmark on Tinder, you have to prove that you are a person. You will have to request verification by pressing the symbol next to your name.

You can submit selfies for review after you continue the verification process. Tinder has to verify that you are a person.

How Long Does It Take to Get Verified on Tinder?

After you submit your selfies, you will receive a response almost immediately. You will get a notification to your app, and you will see the blue checkmark on your profile.

The Tinder Ranking System

The Tinder Ranking System how to know if someone deleted their Tinder

Tinder does have a ranking system called the Tinder Elo Score.

This process helps you appear higher in the feed. It affects the algorithm.

The Tinder Elo Score uses the attraction two individuals have for one another. It will rate you based on your looks. If you are more attractive, you will rank higher on the app.

How to Know a Fake Tinder Profile

How to Know a Fake Tinder Profile how to know if someone deleted their Tinder

There are steps you can take to learn how to check if someone is on Tinder with a fake profile. The process below will help you avoid potential scammers.

Confirm User's Basic Information

You need to see if the profile has a bio. If someone lacks this essential information, you need to proceed with caution. You also should not match with someone if their bio only consists of links.

Confirm User's Photos and Messages

You should also confirm someone’s photos on Tinder. Do a Google Reverse Image Search to verify that these pictures are not stock images.

You should also ensure the user’s messages are not too robotic. These steps will help you find the best connection when finding a match on Tinder.


Does Uninstalling the Tinder App Delete the Account?

You may ask yourself, “if I delete the Tinder app will I lose my messages or account?” Thankfully, just deleting the software does not erase your profile.

You have to navigate to “Settings” within the app to remove your profile. Press “Delete Account” to get rid of your Tinder.

How Do I Retrieve a Deleted Tinder Account?

You can recover a deleted Tinder account. You will have to contact customer service to complete this process.

When contacting customer service, you will have to verify information concerning your account. The team will restore your profile after.

Does Tinder Have a Secret Ranking System?

Tinder does have a secret ranking system. They claim they no longer use it, but there is evidence of it in the algorithm.

Tinder will rank your profile based on your attractiveness. Try to post your best photos on the app to find a match.

If I Delete Tinder will I Lose My Messages?

You may wonder, “if I delete the Tinder app will I lose my messages?” Removing the app from your phone does not erase any of your matches.

You will lose your messages when you delete your Tinder account from the “Settings” page. You will also erase all of your matches.

Find Out if Someone Deleted Their Tinder

You should feel confident learning how to know if someone deleted their Tinder. They will not show up in search results or your matches list.

When making a Twitter, you can find better matches by having a verified profile. Avoid as many fake users as possible. This tip will help you stay away from potential scams.

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