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To-do lists are beneficial to anyone, no matter your job or schooling. You likely have experience using a notepad and pen to write down everything you need to get done. In modern times, however, there are almost endless digital options available for your to-do list needs.

Most Mac users are individuals who need to perform specific tasks for their classes or jobs. They love the many apps and built-ins available on the computers to make their day-to-day duties easier. Thankfully, you can even learn how to make a to-do list on Mac computers! You are sure to never forget your list by using the below tools.

The Notes App

The Notes app is already built-in to Macs. Anything you type will save to the Cloud as well, meaning you can access your to-do list on your iPhone, computer, or iPad.

You can start your to-do list using the below steps.

1. Open Notes.
2. Press the “compose” button. It resembles a square with a pencil in the top right corner.
3. Type in a title for your list.
4. Choose “return” on the keyboard.
5. Press the “checklist” button. It looks like a circle with a checkmark in the middle.
6. Type in the items on your to-do list in order.

You can add a list anywhere in a note you already have too! As soon as you complete one of your goals, tap on the empty circle next to the item. Following these steps will show you how to make a to-do list on Mac devices using Notes.

how to make a to-do list on Mac - use the notes app

Making Changes to Your Checklist

The Notes app is versatile in that you can easily make changes to your to-do list. The below methods can help you stay organized.

Reorder Items

When learning how to make a to-do list on Mac computers with the Notes app, you likely want to know how to organize your goals effectively. It is essential to list them according to their importance. All you have to do is click on the circle icon, dragging and dropping it to a new location.


If you have subcategories in your to-do list, you may want to use indentation. Put your cursor between the circle and the start of the words, and press “tab” on the keyboard. You will see your list move to the right!

Moving Completed Goals

After you complete a goal on your list, you may want to put it on the bottom. The first time you click on the empty circle, a pop-up notification will show. Press “enable” to have the completed items automatically placed on the bottom of your list.

Sharing To-Do Lists

After you learn how to make a to-do list on Mac, you may want to share it with your loved ones. You likely have a sense of pride in all you have accomplished. Sometimes, however, sharing is necessary in the case of team projects.

All you have to do on a Mac is press the “share note” button on the top horizontal menu. It resembles a person in a circle with a plus sign in the bottom left corner. After clicking it, enter the contact information of who will receive the note.

The Reminders App

Another built-in app that is useful when creating to-do lists is Reminders. This software even allows you to make separate categories for all of your goals for the day. To learn how to make a to-do list on Mac computers using Reminders, consider the below steps.

1. Open the Reminders App.
2. Press the “add list” button. It is on the lower-left corner of the app.
3. Type in an appropriate title.
4. Double-Click on the list in the left sidebar.
5. Press the plus sign in the upper right corner of the pop-up to add new items to the to-do list.

Again, you can access your lists in Reminders on any device connected to your Cloud account. You will also receive notifications for any upcoming deadlines if you set them for your to-do items.

how to make a to-do list on Mac - use reminders app

Personalizing To-Do Lists in Reminders

Learning how to make a to-do list on Mac Reminders is exciting as there are personalization options. You can change the colors associated with it, as well as the title. Start your customization by double-clicking the icon of the list in the sidebar.

Changing the Name

After double-clicking the icon, you can easily change the name if necessary. In the pop-up window, type in what you want the new title to be.

Change the Color

When you first create a to-do list in Reminders, you will receive the default color scheme. You can change this option, however, by double-clicking the icon. On the left side of the pop-up window, press the down arrow next to the image to choose a new color.

Set Priorities

Double-click the name of an item on a list to set it as a high priority. After navigating to the to-do item, press the menu, choosing between none, low, medium, and high.

Create Reminders

As mentioned, the Reminders app allows you to create notifications for a deadline associated with certain to-do items. After selecting your list, click on a task in the list. You can then press the boxes next to “on a day” or “at a location.” Each will give you a different type of notification.

Group Lists Together

As mentioned earlier, the Reminders app allows you to have multiple to-do lists for a specific category or day. This function comes by grouping lists together. Follow the steps below to learn more.

1. Select at least two lists in the sidebar. You can do this by clicking them while holding down the “shift” button on the keyboard.
2. Click the menu labeled “file.”
3. Press “new group” and create a name.

The Apple iCal App

Apple iCal is not as extensive as Reminders and Notes. You can create simple to-do lists through this calendar app, perfect if you need a straightforward option.

Apple iCal has a specific to-do list tab for you to access. Following the below tips for iCal will help you know how to make a to-do list on Mac computers.

1. Open Apple iCal.
2. Press the button that resembles a pushpin on the lower right corner to open the to-do list.
3. Double-click on any empty spot.
4. Replace the text labeled “new to do” with your own text.
5. Press the check box to create a due date.
6. Click “to-do list by priority” to sort your list in the manner you need.

Customization Options in Apple iCal

Apple iCal lets you connect the to-do list you create to your calendar. This feature is only the start of the available customization options, however.

Options Behind the Check Box

The check box was in one of the steps above for creating the to-do list. As mentioned, you can make a due date using this feature. Behind the check box, however, there are additional options to add notes and URLs.

Create Alarms

To create an alarm for an item on the to-do list, you will also click the check box. You can choose between multiple options, including sound notification, message, run script, and email. You can also set the alarm for how soon you want the notice to show up.

Set Priorities

Right-click on a task in your to-do list at any time to set a priority. The setting you choose will show by the darkness of the three horizontal lines.

Feature the Task on the Calendar

To add a task to any of your calendars, you only have to right-click on it. Select the option labeled “calendar” and choose the appropriate option for where this item belongs.

Paid Apps

To learn how to make a to-do list on Mac software, you should also know about the available paid apps. The below options range in price and capabilities.


Todoist is one of the most popular options for Mac users. It allows you to sync your to-do lists between Apple devices, Windows, Android, and any other digital platform you can imagine.

Todoist is downloadable from the App Store. It is also relatively simple to use, though there are plenty of advanced features for you to check out. You will have to pay for a subscription that is $3 a month.

to-do list on Mac - use todoist

Starting with Todoist

When learning how to make a to-do list on Mac computers using additional software like Todoist, it is essential to start basic. All you have to do is press the plus sign icon. You will then type out what you need to complete, then press “add task.”

To complete a task, you will click on the circle icon next to an item. If you make a mistake, “uncomplete” it.

Todoist Features

All you have to do to create a due date in Todoist is type it out. When writing a new item for your list, add the time next to it. You can also click on the calendar icon to manually select a date.

The inbox tool on Todoist allows you to see all of your newest tasks in one place. Choose the today tab, however, if you want to view every item scheduled for that day. Finally, the upcoming tab shows you what is soon in the future.

Finally, Todoist allows you to create project-related to-do lists for the larger goals you have in mind. On the project list menu, scroll down and press “add project.” Under each section, click “add task” to make categorical to-do lists.


Trello is unique when learning how to make a to-do list on Mac computers. It is not necessarily software dedicated to making these itemized records, but it is all about organization.

In Trello, you only work with projects. It helps you manage every detail that goes into each necessary task.

to-do list on Mac - use trello

Start Creating Lists

To make a to-do list in Trello, you have to make a board. Click on the tab labeled “workspace,” then “create new board.” Type in a title that makes sense for you.

You can set your work board to private or public, which is imperative if you have stressful circumstances going on in your life. You can add others to your workspace, however, especially if working on a group project.

Trello Customization

As with the other software mentioned thus far, Trello has plenty of customization options available. To start, you can add personalized images as your backgrounds. If you want to keep things more private, opt for a color option instead.

Trello also allows you to organize your to-do items by status. In the software, they are “cards.” You can label it after adding it, listing it as “to do,” “doing,” or “done.” may be the simplest option for learning how to make a to-do list on Mac apps. All you have to do when organizing your items, for instance, is drag and drop them. To start your first to-do list, follow the below steps.

1. Open
2. Click on the “navigation” tab.
3. Press the plus sign.
4. Type in an appropriate title.
5. Click “create.”

Organizing Your List

To start, you can sort your list on You can choose between a timeline view and an itemized view. Determine if you want multiple or single columns as well.

To reorder your lists, you can use the icon resembling a pencil. You will press and hold on to the six dots next to the appropriate items, dragging them to where you need them to be. After, press the icon that looks like a checkmark.


TickTick is also a popular to-do list app available on Mac computers. It is the perfect option if you need to collaborate with others on your assignments. To create your first list, use the below steps.

1. Open TickTick.
2. Click on the menu, and press “add list.”
3. Enter a name, and press “done.”

to-do list on Mac - use tiktik

TickTick Customization

Customization options are so easily accessible on TickTick. After you press “add list,” you can quickly change the color and the location in the pop-up.


By now, you should know that when you learn how to make a to-list on Mac software, there are many available features. TickTick is no different. First, it has the standard drag and drop organization capabilities when you have multiple lists.

TickTick also allows for time tracking. It has a Pomodoro timer built-in, allowing you to monitor the deadlines on specific tasks.

Finally, collaboration, as mentioned, is necessary to TickTick. There is even an inbox in which you can share ideas with others.

Get Your Day-to-Day Life Organized

The information above provided you with the details you need to understand how to make a to-do list on Mac computers. These itemized records are the perfect way to maintain organization in your daily life.

Use a built-in app already present on your Mac like iCal or Reminders to start. If these do not meet your needs, consider an option from the App Store such as Trello or TickTick.

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