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If you are an artist, you likely know about Etsy. This e-commerce platform lets you list your products, including paintings and digital prints.

You can learn how to make art prints for Etsy using the tips listed in this guide. Remember, be specific about your brand to find the perfect customers for you.

How to Make Art Prints to Sell on Etsy

This step-by-step guide will show you how to make art prints for Etsy. You must know how to market yourself, design your artwork, and print your designs to begin.

Consider the tips below before you start selling digital art on Etsy.

Create an Unmistakable Brand

You must have an undeniable brand to learn how to make art prints for Etsy. Customers should immediately recognize and not forget you.

Keep every piece of artwork within a specific theme. Use a logo and bio that reflect who you are and what you sell.

Be Professional When Communicating with Others

Customers will reach out to you when you start selling digital art on Etsy. They will have questions about their orders or your products.

Maintain a sense of professionalism when communicating with these individuals. Remember, you are a business owner and need your audience members to spread your brand.

Order in Bulk

Order in bulk if you want to sell pre-made artwork. You should also print as many copies of your original paintings as possible.

You do not want your customers to wait longer than they need to for their orders. Keep them happy by having their products ready for shipment.

Keep Organized

You will start to have more orders as your Etsy business grows. Stay organized when dealing with several customers at once.

Make sure each customer gets their correct orders. There is a risk of shipping the wrong package to someone if you keep your artwork or products unorganized.

Be Careful When Handling Prints

If you are an artist, you know how careful you must be with sellable Etsy prints. You do not want to leave behind thumbprints or other residues.

Avoid crinkling or folding the paper or canvas used for the painting. You want the artwork to lay flat, which allows it to sit nicely in a frame or on a wall.

Package Your Prints Properly

You should also handle your prints carefully when packing them for shipment. First, you do not want them to fold or crease in transit.

Wrap the prints in bubble wrap, though consider putting tissue paper around them first. Place the artwork in an envelope that is the same size.

Be Prepared for Mishaps

There is always a risk of mishaps, no matter how many precautions you take. Be prepared to talk to your customers about any errors that occur, and remember to maintain a sense of professionalism.

If you send the wrong order to someone, correct your mistake and replace the package. You can also give a refund if you deem it necessary. If you mess up your artwork somehow, replace it again.

Share on Social Media

One of the basic steps of learning how to make art prints for Etsy is to share about your business. Provide the link to your store on social media.

You can also create social media pages specific to your Etsy business. Share pictures of your products and provide a direct link to the webpage where customers can purchase them.

Try Other Types of Prints

Consider branching out when your Etsy business starts to grow. If you typically sell portraits, consider adding pet photos.

If you create the paintings or artwork yourself, incorporate new colors. Remember to always stay on theme. You want your customers to continue to recognize your brand.

What Type of Paintings Sell Best on Etsy?

You can learn more about what type of paintings sell best on Etsy in the list below.

Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings are some of the most popular on Etsy. These types of artwork do not have a meaning, but they are attractive as wall art in your home.

Abstract paintings range from simplistic to complex. You can find some pieces with a few shapes or lines and others that use tens of different colors.

Paintings of Animals, Especially Dogs

The second most popular types of paintings that sell on Etsy are those of animals. Many individuals living in rural communities love images of chickens or cows hanging in their homes.

People from all corners of the world love the idea of dog paintings. You could offer customized artwork of people’s pets!

Traditional Landscapes

Traditional landscapes are some of the most common paintings used in homes worldwide. You can create artwork of mountains, forests, or lakes.

Again, you can offer customized paintings of landscapes. Have your customers send images of their properties or favorite places and create artwork from them. Anyone would love to have a personalized piece of art in their home!

Beach Scenes

Beach scenes are some of the most popular Etsy prints. The coast is immediately recognizable to anyone, no matter where they live.

If you want to target customers in your region, paint a beach in your state. If you live in the midwest, consider one of the sandy areas on the Great Lakes.

Where is the Best Place to Print Etsy Downloads?

You must consider where to print digital art from Etsy before you start selling it. You can use the below locations if you purchase or design artwork.

Home Printer

Consider your home if you want to know where to print digital art from Etsy! All you need is a printer, high-quality photo paper, and ink.

You can also purchase canvas paper that will fit in your printer! Change the media type to “Canvas” when adjusting your print settings.


You can go to a Staples Print Center in your local town to make copies of your paintings. If you place an order online by 2:00 pm, you can pick up your artwork on the same day.

You will receive free shipping If your order is more than $49.99. If you are unhappy with your Etsy prints, return them for free.


The Walgreens Print Center primarily works with photos, but you can also print your paintings and artwork. You can create wall decor, canvases, picture frames, or acrylic blocks at this store.

You can upload your paintings to the website from your computer, Google Drive account, or social media page. Build an account to track your order after placing it.

Other Local Print Shops

You can visit any local print shop in your community to find where to print digital art from Etsy. These businesses may be more expensive than Staples or Walgreens, but you will get a much higher quality print.

If you order your prints from a local shop, you can sell them for a higher price. Customers will appreciate the quality of the products they purchase.


Consider Shutterfly if you want to learn where to print Etsy downloads. This website lets you order copies of your artwork in bulk.

Shutterfly often offers free shipping or products with a coupon code, making it budget-friendly for a first-time business owner. Purchase unique versions of your artwork on this website, including mugs, picture frames, canvases, ornaments, and calendars.

Vista Print

Vista Print is another e-commerce site you can use if you want to know where to print Etsy downloads. You can design posters, a-frame signs, and decals using your artwork!

Vista Print is also the perfect company to use if you need to create marketing materials for your Etsy company. You can design business cards and flyers on this website. Display your logo and mission statement on every project you create.

Other Online Print Shops

There are other online print shops you can use when you want to learn how to make prints to sell on Etsy. Use Zazzle if you want to make licensed merchandise with your logo, or consider GotPrint if you are on a budget. Snapfish is best if you will sell photographs rather than paintings.

How to Make Printable Wall Art to Sell on Etsy

You can learn how to make art prints for Etsy now that you know where to print them and how to start.

Decide on a Theme

You have to decide on a theme before you start selling on Etsy. You can stick to abstract or landscape designs, as mentioned earlier, or make something completely different!

Your theme will help your customers recognize your Etsy business. They should see one of your products and know it came from you immediately.

Create Artwork by Hand

After deciding on a theme, you have to determine the type of artwork you want to sell. You can start with hand-painted or hand-drawn canvases.

You can also create artwork through more uncommon means. Take photos, for example, or work with spray paint to design graffiti-like art.

Use Online Design Tools like Canva

If you want to learn how to make printable wall art to sell on Etsy, consider using an online design tool. One of the best options is Canva.

Canva has hundreds of templates you can use to design your artwork. Choose from several different sizes and add some of the included icons and graphics.

Use Free Digital Art

You can also access free digital artwork online. Print these designs on canvases, wood panels, or metal plaques to offer a unique product to your customers.

You can also upload these free art pieces to an online design tool. Use them as a background in your digital graphics if that is what you choose for how to make art prints for Etsy.

Size Your Artwork

Part of learning how to make art prints for Etsy is to decide on your artwork’s size. Two of the most popular options are in the below list.


8X10 art prints are some of the most standard available on Etsy. These paintings or graphics are best for going in a frame. They show every detail of your artwork, helping your customers appreciate the hard work you put into your products.


11×14 art prints are much larger than 8X10s. These options are more similar to art or photo panels.

11x14s are the smallest of the larger-size art prints. Other options for an upsized painting include 12X12, 12X18, 16X20, and 20X30 posters.

List Your Wall Art in Your Etsy Shop

The last step in learning how to make art prints for Etsy is to list them in an Etsy shop, as shown in the steps below.

1. Create an Etsy Shop

First, you need to create your Etsy shop with the below steps.

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. Press “Get Started.”
  3. Choose your language, currency, and country.
  4. Press “Save” to continue the process.
  5. Give your Etsy shop a name.

Press “Save and Continue” again.

2. List Your Artwork

Second, you need to list your paintings and other artwork in your Etsy store, as shown below.

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. Tap on “Shop Manager.”
  3. Click “Listings” to add a new product or “Your Shop” if you are new.
  4. Press “Add a Listing.”
  5. Add photos of your artwork and choose a thumbnail.
  6. Provide details about your artwork, including its size and quality.
  7. Add your pricing.
  8. Upload the digital files if needed.
  9. Press “Publish” to finalize your listing.

3. Wait for Customers

Finally, you need to start marketing your company! This process will let Etsy customers find your shop and purchase your products.

Make Art Prints to Sell on Etsy

This article helped you learn how to make art prints for Etsy. You have to create your storefront first to list the artwork you create.

You can upload digital files or allow customers to purchase physical products. You will ship the paintings and canvases to your customers with the latter option, taking care to not ruin the products.

Try to stick to a theme when selling your artwork. Think about the types of prints you want to offer and the branding materials you will use. Both of these features will attract the perfect customers for you.

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