The invitations on Etsy range from a child’s fun design to adorable baby shower invitations. The invitations are made to look retro or even Victorian. If they don’t read the way you want them to read, then you might wonder how to make editable invitations for Etsy.

An Etsy wedding invitation template or a general Etsy invitation template can be made using an Adobe Illustrator wedding invitation template program and saved as a pdf file. The program opens in Photoshop and can use either Adobe or Microsoft fonts. This way, the designer can edit the template using the customer’s instructions. The customer can also buy the file from the designer and input the pertinent information.

We’ve designed this tutorial for the ease of application for the template design as well as including instructions to give to your customers. If you look online, you’ll find plenty of templates outside Etsy, but they won’t be specifically Etsy templates. Allow us to help you with this how to make editable invitations for Etsy tutorial.

Best Selling Etsy Editable Invitation Templates

Wedding invitations are the most popular invitations on Etsy. By far the best-selling Etsy wedding invitation template is the Purple Floral Wedding Bundle for $15.00. It comprises the invitation, RSVP card, and reception menu on a pretty gray background with a white plate with the printing on it, and all surrounded by lovely purple and pink flowers. This is offered as a digital download with pdf and png file types. Other best sellers include:

Top Selling Purple Floral Wedding Bundle how to make editable invitations for Etsy
  • Elegant Eucalyptus Wedding Invitation Template for $10.00. On a hunter-green background, a white plate with the script on it is surrounded by green flora. It’s a digital download with pdf and png file types.
  • Swan Wedding Save The Date cards and invitations for $1.41 each. Two cute swans remind you to save the date for these two people’s wedding and the date. The printing can be done in a variety of colors. This is not a digital download; the designer consults with the client before going to print. The materials are good quality cards and envelopes.
  • Ballerina Invitation for girls at $10.59. A ballerina twirls amid pink balloons and banners on this cute invitation to a birthday party. This is a digital download with a jpg file.
  • Superhero Birthday Invitation for boys for $8.42. Captain America wants you to celebrate this child’s birthday in brightly colored print against a black background with Captain America himself on the card. This is a digital download in a jpg file.
  • Magnolia Bridal Shower Invitation for $10.00 is a pretty representation of the flowering tree as it invites you to a bridal shower. This is not a digital product, but the designer consults with you to deliver the perfect invitation.

Learning How To Make Editable Invitations For Etsy

You’ll require a few options in your choice of Etsy invitation template. You should see:

  • Options to upload or change images
  • Options to alter the background
  • Options for adding animation
  • An extensive library of various templates
  • A library with different stickers or animation

With that being said, these template creating software are the most popular:

Adobe Illustrator Wedding Invitation Template

Launch Illustrator. Go to File and select New. Go to Start and select New or Start New. Now right-click the tab for open document and select New Document.

This is where you’ll find the library we discussed above. Choose one or several templates from Adobe Stock and save them. Now go to Blank Document to begin designing your own how to make editable invitations for Etsy creation.

To begin, click a choice such as art and illustration or print. Choose a preset. Choose Create. Modify your preset with the name of the file, height and width, color, and so on. Now choose Preview and modify your document before hitting Create.

Adobe Illustrator comes highly recommended, isn’t complicated, and can be used by a beginner as well as experienced invite designers.

Canva Invitation Software

Canva is the second most popular invitation maker with scores of templates in their library:

Launch Canva. Search for Invitation. Choose a template or do it yourself. You can choose a template based on the type of invitation you’re designing. Search by using keywords relative to your subjects such as color, theme, and style.

go to canva how to make editable invitations for Etsy

Modify your design using animation, images, and text. Drag and drop the pictures from the library to your design and modify it until it’s just right. You can also upload your own pictures and designs to give the invitations that personal touch only you can do. Mix and match until you’ve customized your invitation just the way you want it.

how to make editable invitations for Etsy drag designs and fonts to your invitation

Now you can save your file to download as a digital product. You can also print it out for a physical product.

Canva is the simplest software to use and is just right for the beginner invite designer.


Edraw is used primarily for business diagrams such as flow charts, but don’t worry. Wedding invitations, birthday, and anniversary invitations among dozens of others are available to the how to make editable invitations for Etsy designers, to-wit:

go to edrawsoft how to make digital invitations to sell

Launch Edraw. Open Edraw and choose New – Card – Invitation Card. Choose a template from the library and open it. The picture will be on the plate with the top and right of the plate containing editing tools and menus.

how to make editable invitations for Etsy choose a template

Now that you’ve chosen your template and edited it, now it’s time to save the file to jpg, pdf, or one of the other choices of digital saves.

Edraw is one of the easiest and quickest invitation software out there and is suitable for both the newbie and the pro.

Why Etsy Shops Offer Multiples Of Editable Invitations Instead Of A Single Template

Now that you’ve learned how to make digital invitations, it’s time to learn how to make digital invitations to sell. Etsy is the queen of design and handmade craft experts, so it makes total sense to sell your designs there.

How It Works

They only charge 20 cents per item for four months. They take 3.5 percent of your sales. Sounds reasonable, right? You, however, have dozens and dozens of designs to sell. Now that 20 cents gets a bit steep. Alternatively, think of the millions of shoppers worldwide that will visit your store, and that 20 cents doesn’t sound so bad.

Occasions For Designer Invitations

We’ll never know how many occasions families and individuals celebrate over and above the usual holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and such. Your sales would skyrocket if you could anticipate families’ and individuals’ need for invitations with which to celebrate:

  • Promotions at work or at school
  • Selling your first online business product or your first 100 products
  • Congratulations (on losing weight, getting your first car, come on, think outside the box!)
  • It’s 2022: We survived two years of Covid!
  • Celebrate Betty White (she’s earned it, and she deserves it!)

There are as many celebrations requiring an invitation as there are people to think them up. We guarantee if you design invitations that no one else thought of and are totally cool, then you’ve mastered how to make digital invitations to sell.

Template File Formats, And Reasons To Name Them Factually

Students, business persons, and creators are used to file formats such as .doc, pdf, and jpg. However, depending on the OS you use on your Mac or Android computer, laptop, smartphone, or pad, there are several other file formats available:

  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF or TIF.) This format is for images and photos. Your file should be named for its actual purpose to avoid mixing it up with another file format
  • EDRW. Edrawings file. Your file should be named for its actual purpose because you might create hundreds of graphics
  • OBJ. Animations on your invitations are supported by 3D technology. If you want a textured invitation, you’ll need this technology. You’ll use either OBJ, STL, or 3MF, all neutral or open-source file formats as opposed to proprietary, meaning someone owns it.

Customer Purchases Of Invitation Templates Following Sales Of Invitations Process

How to make editable invitations for Etsy involves selling the templates once you’ve made a sale to a customer. Lots of people have extended families and scores of friends to invite to something, so they’ll need that template for new occasions. Numerous businesses throw a bash for no other reason than employee morale, so they, too, will need a template. Here is the process for selling the templates:

You are allowed five digital uploads. The size of the files is 20MB. These are the file endings Etsy uses:

  • .bmp
  • .doc
  • .gif
  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .mobi
  • .mov
  • .mp3
  • .mpeg
  • .pdf
  • .png
  • .rtf
  • .stl
  • .zip

Files will be uploaded in a list with their file names, sizes, and date of upload. Etsy can’t edit the file name, so be sure you get it right the first time before you upload it to the customer. File names can only include 70 characters, alphanumeric, periods, hyphens, and underscores.

Be sure to include a note to buyers describing the digital listings they purchased. The customer will see the note on their downloads page. Make very sure you list your digital products as digital and not physical, as physical products require shipping labels and go through the shipping process.

How To Make Editable Invitations For Etsy: Marketing Them To Make Sales

Marketing your invitations to make sales is the goal of beginning your business (or any business, for that matter.) Marketing is a science. Keywords, SEO, and social media marketing have all been streamlined, but it works. There are marketing companies, both local and national, that will work with you for a price. You can always start small yourself by using social media and local print media until you gain a following.

You can also, and this is the smartest way to do it, start with family and friends. This will give you a portfolio with which to dazzle future clients. Make friends with a couple of local wedding planners. They’ll recommend you to their clients. Establish a relationship with local greeting card shops that might let you post your business card there.

Using Etsy Marketing Tools

In this step-by-step tutorial on how to make editable invitations for Etsy, you’ve learned how to design them, what file formats Etsy supports, in addition to selling the templates after a customer has ordered invitations from you. You’re in this to make money, so marketing your templates comes next. We’ve explained some marketing methods, but you should know about Etsy’s marketing tools.

Etsy’s owners want to make money, too, so helping you succeed in marketing your store with every tool available to them is the goal. Etsy’s marketing tools include:

  • Banners and stickers. These make the listings as well as your store catch customers’ eyes
  • Video marketing. More people check out a video than check out the text. Video is more often in the Google top ten than text. Need any more incentives?
  • Email marketing. Most people are a little leery of email marketers due to viruses and evil things being downloaded once they open the email. However, Etsy sellers are trusted, so their email lists are a great way to market their invitations
  • Social media marketing. Automatic postings to Facebook (and your Facebook store,) Twitter, and Pinterest.

These are just a few of the marketing tools Etsy uses in your efforts on how to make editable invitations for Etsy and make money at it. The tools cost $120 per year or $14 per month.

Final Thoughts

How to make editable invitations for Etsy is a great outlet for creative types, work-at-home types, as well as young persons in college or just starting out who could use some extra bucks. All you need is a pad, laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer, software we listed above, and an idea. Let us know how you do because we’d love to see your successful designs.

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