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The trucking industry is one of the most profitable in America. You can ship almost anything in a box truck, especially the 26-foot variety.

You can learn how to make money with a 26ft box truck if you happen to own one. You can become a driver for a contractual company, lease out your vehicle, or rent it to others. The options go much further than these three.

A CDL is not necessary to start any box truck business opportunities, including those outlined below. To learn more about how to make money off of your vehicle, continue reading the 15 tips below.

1. Provide Delivery Services in your Box Truck

Provide Delivery Services in your Box Truck how to make money with a 26ft box truck

The first way to make money from your box truck is to offer delivery services. Reach out to local businesses in your area and offer to ship their products.

When learning how to make money with a box truck, consider offering food delivery services. You can rent out or drive your vehicle for catering and other large-scale events.


  • Flexible work environments
  • Networking opportunities with local businesses
  • Job security in the e-commerce business


  • Inconsistent work some parts of the year
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Need to build your own 26-foot box truck contracts

2. Apply to Be an Independent Contractor

You can learn how to get box truck contracts with a trucking company in your area. Ask these businesses if they have any openings for independent contractors.

As an independent contractor, you can use your vehicle to ship goods in your region or across the country. Show your sense of loyalty and trustworthiness to get larger orders.


  • High pay for any company
  • Truck maintenance services with some businesses
  • Set your own schedule
  • Ability to negotiate a contract


  • Possibility of being away from your family

3. Offer Moving Services in Your City

Offer Moving Services in Your City how to make money with a 26ft box truck

You can learn how to make money with a 26ft box truck by offering moving services in your community. You could even open your own business!

Consider offering your truck as a rental for individuals moving, especially if you do not have your CDL. You could also relocate any individual’s belongings yourself for higher profits.


  • Ability to create your own business
  • No need for a CDL if you offer rentals
  • Flexible work schedules


  • Heavy lifting is necessary, making this opportunity not suitable for individuals in poor health
  • Need to purchase additional equipment, including tarps and straps
  • Inconsistent work during specific parts of the month

4. Offer Towing Services in Your Community

Most box trucks let you tow equipment and other vehicles behind you. All you need is a cable and some chains to get started in this opportunity.

Check with your local government to make sure you do not need special licenses or insurance to offer towing services. Most customers also prefer to know that their belongings are safe.


  • A unique business opportunity with little competition
  • Extra income


  • Need to purchase additional equipment, including cables and chains
  • Insurance is an additional cost to your business
  • Customers could complain about damaged equipment

5. Advertise for Another Business

One of the most lucrative ways to learn how to make money with a 26ft box truck is to advertise another business. This method is passive income, and you have to do very little to make money.

Some advertisers hire you on a contractual basis. Others will provide you commission from how many sales come through the visibility you provide. Others still give you one payout.


  • Passive and easy income
  • Networking opportunities with other companies
  • Make money quickly, especially if there is a single payout


  • Commitment to painting or placing a decal on your truck
  • Added miles to your vehicle from driving and advertising

6. Provide Food Delivery Services

Provide Food Delivery Services how to make money with a 26ft box truck

The first way you can learn how to make money with a box truck mentioned the ability to deliver food. You must receive more details on this opportunity.

Restaurants in your area will likely put you on call. The owners of these companies will see your vehicles as ideal for their products. The truck will insulate the food and keep it safe from bad weather conditions.


  • Network with food businesses in your area
  • Build a reputation and obtain more food delivery jobs
  • Fast and significant income


  • On-call work for most restaurants

7. Offer Retail Delivery Services

There are likely local hardware and appliance stores in your area. You can provide retail delivery services to these companies to learn how to make money with a 26ft box truck.

These companies can call you in a moment, ensuring you can get a new stove, for instance, to a customer. You will need insurance to make money with this opportunity.


  • Networking opportunities with other local businesses
  • Develop a reputation as a reliable and hardworking person


  • Heavy lifting is required for some hardware and appliances
  • Additional costs of an insurance policy

8. Offer Hauling Services

Offer Hauling Services how to make money with a 26ft box truck

Not only can you deliver products in your box truck, but you can also haul them away. Offer these services to businesses and other organizations in your area.

Companies have to get rid of out-of-date or out-of-season products. They constantly go through their inventories.


  • Almost constant opportunities as companies and customers always need to get rid of stuff
  • Develop a niche in your hauling services


  • Some training is required on handling specific substances
  • Added mileage and maintenance on your vehicle

9. Provide Junk Removal Services

Provide Junk Removal Services how to make money with my box truck

If you are willing to get dirty, you can learn how to make money with my box truck by hauling away junk for customers. Set the boundaries upfront for the individuals you serve.

Some junk removal service providers ask that their customers separate the junk beforehand, securing the items in safe containers. You must also collaborate with your local government to determine their trash and recycling ordinances.


  • Keep your community cleaner with proper trash disposal
  • Customer reviews that help build your reputation


  • Additional work in determining local ordinances
  • Gross working environments
  • Handling of some dangerous substances

10. Service Local Weddings

You can learn how to make money with a 26ft box truck by offering local wedding services. Some venues provide decor and seating, while others require the couples to do the work by themselves.

Many couples who need to do their weddings themselves will appreciate the added help you will provide. You can transport food, chairs, tables, linens, decorations, and any other necessary items.


  • Wedding businesses are on the rise
  • Customer referrals when you develop a reputation
  • Satisfaction of helping couples create the perfect wedding


  • Work can be inconsistent
  • More clients in the summer than other times of the year

11. Rent Your Box Truck to Other People

Rent Your Box Truck to Other People how to make money with a box truck

If you do not know how to become a box truck owner operator due to a lack of a CDL, rent out your vehicle. Other individuals can use it for hauling, moving, or towing.

You can earn money without having to drive the truck yourself. There are safety concerns you need to consider. For this reason, you must have insurance and a contract.


  • No need for a CDL
  • Your truck will not take up space in your yard all the time
  • Make money without doing almost anything


  • Other people may damage your truck
  • You need an insurance policy at an added cost

12. Sign Up for Amazon Flex

Sign Up for Amazon Flex box truck business opportunities

You can learn how to make money with my box truck by offering services through Amazon Flex. You can make anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour, plus tips.

To drive for Amazon Flex, you will need to have a CDL, a background check, and a phone with the app. You must also be 21 years old before starting this opportunity.


  • Steady income at an hourly rate
  • Amazon is a trustworthy company to partner with
  • Get paid right after the delivery


  • Only available in a few cities
  • Background check required

13. Sign Up with CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper is another way you can make money with your box truck. Customers will post the items they need drivers to ship.

You can pick up any of the orders, contacting the customer to negotiate the price. Once you reach an agreement, you will determine the terms of the shipping arrangement.


  • Pick up work when you want it
  • Negotiate the price of your services


  • Monthly fee of $24.99 to sign up for CitizenShipper

14. Create a TaskRabbit Account

taskrabbit website how to make money with a 26ft box truck

You can also create a TaskRabbit account to make money with your box truck. Customers can post about the tasks they need you to do on the platform.

Some customers may need help moving, while others may need you to deliver something. You should only accept the orders that are worth it. There is little negotiation available on TaskRabbit.


  • Choose the orders you want to do
  • Jobs are available any time of the day
  • Sort jobs by the relevance of your skills


  • Very few negotiation opportunities on the platform
  • You have to sign up for an account to use TaskRabbit

15. Dolly

dolly website how to make money with my box truck

Finally, you can sign up for an account with Dolly to learn how to make money with a 26ft box truck. This platform wants to find individuals who can provide delivery services to their customers.

You need to prove that you have the capabilities to provide these delivery services and report that they provide up to $35 per hour. You can also use your car if you feel capable of lifting over 75 pounds.


  • Flexible work opportunities
  • Simple application process
  • High income through jobs, allowing for as much as $35 per hour


  • Inconsistent work
  • Some competition

Make Money with a 26ft Box Truck

If you own a box truck, you can make income from your vehicle. Rent it out if you do not have a CDL, letting others use it for hauling or moving needs.

You can also offer these same hauling and moving needs. If you want to think outside of the box, consider working with wedding couples or with toughing companies.

Use your box truck if you want to become an independent contractor. Reach out to trucking companies directly to negotiate a contract for your services.

Finally, if you want to learn how to make money with a 26ft box truck, consider working with a third-party provider. You can sign up for Amazon Flex or Dolly, for instance.

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