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Entrepreneurs have been busy as bees these days of the pandemic. Look around, and you’ll see imaginative home businesses that have sprung up over the last couple of years. In fact, home businesses have survived better than their brick and mortar cousins. One of the survivors is a dump truck business.

If you’ve been wondering how to make money with a dump truck, then you’ve come to the right place. We know 15 tips that will help you start a dump truck business in 2022. We’ll show you the answer to the question is a dump truck business profitable. Ready?

How To Make Money With A Dump Truck

Of course, the first thing you’ll need is a dump truck. Whether it’s used or brand new, it will make starting a dump truck business a little easier. You’ll need a CDL to drive it. You’d be wise to use a lawyer and accountant to deal with all the legal and tax bits that are going to come up.

With that said, you have two methods of how to make money with a small dump truck: rent out your truck, or do it yourself. So, here are 15 tips on how to make money with a dump truck.


Construction how to start a dump truck business

1. Hauling dirt

Houses aren’t the only things constructed. New roads are being cut, and someone has to haul away the dirt. New bridges are being built, and someone has to bring stone and dirt for anchoring the abutments. New tunnels are being constructed for traffic, and someone’s dump truck has to haul away dirt and stone, not to mention bringing in building materials. Research the building companies, contractors, and prices before seeking a contract.

Pros And Cons

With each load, you’re building a good reputation for your new dump truck company. You’re making money. You’re networking, so you’ll almost always have work.

The only disadvantage to dirt hauling is if you’re underbid for a job, so you have to scramble to find another job.

2. Hauling stone

Again, home construction isn’t the only place for stone. Sure, you can be the dump truck business near me that hauls gravel for a house’s driveway, but you can also haul stone for pool construction, hardscape construction, and building pathways through the garden.

You can also haul stones for the building of breakwater in a cove or bay. Stone is used to stop the erosion of many properties, including homes, especially those on a rise of ground. Stone is used beneath bridge abutments for support. It’s also used for domestic fencing.

Research stone companies, building contractors, and prices before seeking a contract.

Pros And Cons

Not many dump trucks want to load stone, due to the stress on the undercarriage of the truck. However, if you’ll load stone, then you’ll pretty much have a limitless amount of work.

The only con to loading stone is the damage it can do to your truck, but the money you’ll be making will cover the repairs.

3. Hauling Wood

We bet you didn’t know that how to make money with a small dump truck could include carrying cords of fireplace wood to sell at stores. Dump trucks carry logs for building homes, beams for their ceilings, and the lumber to frame the house, too. Research logging companies, lumber companies, building contractors, and prices before seeking a contract.

Pros And Cons

There aren’t really any disadvantages to moving wood in a dump truck. It won’t harm the truck supports, it’s not as difficult to unload as stone or dirt, and it doesn’t take as long to unload the wood. Go for it!

4. Hauling Heavy Equipment

Most heavy equipment is loaded onto a flatbed truck and transported to the construction site. This is especially true of road-building equipment. However, some of the smaller pieces of equipment can be loaded and transported in dump trucks. Research the weight limitations, consult with building equipment companies, consult the contractors building the roads, and come up with a competitive price for hauling the equipment. Then seek a contract.


Demolition how to make money with a small dump truck

5. Renovations

Depending on if you’re Chip Gaines or a DIY-er, you’ll use a dumpster or a dump truck for your demolition. Prices vary, but a dump truck is generally quicker to arrive, just as easy to fill, and quicker to return for another load. Contact the building contractor and research prices before asking for a contract.

Pros And Cons

Those are the benefits, but the disadvantages are that the bed of the truck might not be as big as a 40-yard dumpster. It will take more than one trip to the dump to remove the results of the demo.

6. Building Implosion

They’re rebuilding the hospital or an office building, so they’re going to make it implode. Prepare yourself for how to make money with a small dump truck, because someone has to carry away the rubble. Lock in a contract before the event.

Pros And Cons

A crane’s bucket will load the rubble onto your dump truck. You’ll take it to the dump and return it for another load.

The only disadvantage to this is the damage done to the truck’s supports from the heavy load.

7. Sinkholes

Sometimes the best efforts can’t tell us what’s beneath a road, a sidewalk, or a stretch of ground. Sinkholes have been known to bring down roads, building lots, and other things. When the destruction is over, someone has to carry away the torn-up asphalt, concrete, spanning, and other detritus of destruction. Contact the city or county services to ask about a contract.

Pros And Cons

Depending on where the sinkhole was located, you could be hauling heavy materials out of there. It could damage the supports of your truck. About the only benefit of hauling away these materials is the fee paid for recycling them.


Landscaping how to make money with a small dump truck

8. Curb Appeal

Adding the following landscaping items increase curb appeal, for which almost all homeowners go:

  • Pea gravel
  • Pavers and other types of stone
  • Mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Fill dirt

Pros And Cons

It’s fun to watch as the muck you’ve hauled away turns into a pretty property that will be someone’s home. It’s fun to bring the above items to turn them into that pretty property.

About the only disadvantage of carrying landscaping materials is the weight it puts on the truck supports. However, if you charge enough for your services, it will pay for the repairs.

9. Plants

You can’t have a home without trees, shrubs, and plants of all kinds including flowers. Starting a dump truck business means you’ll be transporting these plants to new properties.

Pros And Cons

How to make money with a dump truck includes charging for transporting delicate plants and trees. The root balls of the trees require some care, so you can charge more for this transportation.

The care of the root balls can form a disadvantage if they encounter high temperatures or lack of water before they’re planted.

Landscaping companies can tell you how to go about securing a contract.


Mining how to make money with a dump truck

10. Quarries

Granite and marble for countertops, slate for pavers, and natural stone for fireplaces are just a few of the materials quarried for use in buildings, swimming pool decks, and patios. The materials have to be carried from quarry to retail seller to customer, so this is where you enter the picture, learning how to make money with a dump truck.

Pros And Cons

These natural stones and other mined materials are heavy, so you can charge more for this transportation.

The disadvantage in it is the weight on the truck supports, so you’ll have to get them reinforced before any damages occur.


Moving how to make money with a dump truck

11. Moving House

Sometimes only moving a short distance doesn’t require Atlas Van Lines. I’ve seen a neighbor use a dump trailer to move their furnishings to a new house a short distance from the old one. So thinking outside the box can get your house moved quickly with no muss and no fuss.

You can base how to start a dump truck business on moving heavy things like pool tables, the riding lawn mower, an ATV, or heavy wooden furnishings. You can charge by the weight or by the item, however your clients agree to pay.

Pros And Cons

Loading and carrying domestic items won’t take as long as loading dirt, so you’ll finish a project quicker. Nor will domestic items harm the supports of your dump truck.

About the only disadvantage in hauling domestic items is taking out the insurance you’ll need to cover any unforeseen circumstances like damages to the items.

12. Projects

Some homeowners have projects like rebuilding cars, motorbikes, or perhaps trains set up on sawhorses and sheets of plywood. Such projects aren’t easy to break down and move in a car or pickup truck. They certainly won’t be entrusted to a moving van. How else can these projects be moved?

If you based your how to start a dump truck business on thinking outside the box, this is the way you can make a boatload of money. People pay extra for the entrepreneur who will take on a project like this with care and respect.e

Pros And Cons

The benefits of thinking outside the box will bring you a whole new clientele. Networking will bring you more. You can charge whatever you like within reason, and most clients will go with it.

About the only disadvantage of moving special projects is taking out the insurance you’ll need against damages of any kind.

13. Containers

Many homeowners move house with a majority of their belongings in a shipping container. This is especially true of those moving across a couple of states or across the country. Depending on how big the bed of the dump truck is, such containers can be moved by your dump truck company. Do some research on moving containers and the prices for moving them, and you’ll be more aware of how to make money with a dump truck.

Pros And Cons

The benefits of moving shipping containers in a dump truck include the ability to go where big rigs can’t, the speed of transportation, as well as the security of the seals on the shipping containers. No one will get into the container while it’s on your truck.

You’ll need a crane to unload the shipping container. This can be a big disadvantage financially, along with paying the insurance necessary to accept the load and move it. This is where that lawyer and accountant will benefit your dump truck company.

Weather Services

Weather Services how to make money with a dump truck

14. Storm Damages

If you live in an area of the country susceptible to damages from hurricanes, tornadoes, and vicious thunderstorms, then you’re set regarding how to make money with a dump truck. Your advertising and marketing efforts will alert homeowners to your company and its capability of removing the tree that cleaved their roof in twain and other natural litter in their yards.

Work with a landscaping company, because they use chainsaws and other equipment to make the removal of the trees easier. If you do it yourself, you can charge a more competitive price.

Pros And Cons

There aren’t really any disadvantages to helping homeowners out of a stormy spot, so go for it!

15. Snow

No homeowner who’s late for work (nor their teenage sons) feels like shoveling snow. With your dump truck, you can aid landscaping companies who do remove snow. Contracts with several landscaping companies will net you a respectable income.

Pros And Cons

This one is a win-win, so go with it!

Final Thoughts

Owning your own business in these tough financial times is a great way to both help someone else as well as ensure your family’s financial security. Make sure you have a lawyer and an accountant to help you with contracts and taxes. These 15 ways of how to make money with a dump truck will give you a good basis for your new company.

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