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Hollister is one of the most recognizable fashion brands. It offers stylish clothing and accessories for young adults and teenagers.

You can become a Hollister model no matter your gender. The requirements slightly vary, depending on if you are male or female. The basic steps are the same, as shown in the step-by-step guide at the bottom of this article.

There are 15 tips in the below information that will help you learn how to model for Hollister. You could build a lucrative career from this opportunity!

How to Become a Hollister Model

How to Become a Hollister Model Hollister model female and male looking at their phones

If you want to learn how to model for Hollister, use the steps outlined below.

  1. Determine if you meet the measurements required to be a Hollister model. Gather the right clothes and makeup.
  2. Take photos that you can present as part of your portfolio.
  3. Reach out to Hollister with your portfolio. Complete the required application that they provide you.
  4. Try to obtain a job at Hollister. You will receive immediate notifications about any modeling openings.
  5. Research the brand. Reach out to other models and learn the appropriate requirements. Learn the new styles in your area.

How to Model for Hollister | 15 Tips

Consider the below tips to effectively learn how to model for Hollister.

1. Select the Right Outfits

Select the Right Outfits Hollister model female

If you want to learn how to model for Hollister, you must have the best look. This brand wants its partners to impact their specific audience members.

Be as selective as possible when choosing the outfits you want to present to the world. If you need inspiration, look at pictures of other Hollister models on social media platforms.

Consider the clothing pieces or accessories that the models use to stand out. Give attention to the lighting styles they use on their posts. Look at the poses used by the other models, which help present the clothing in the best possible way.

2. Consider Your Makeup Styles

When you look at other Hollister models on social media, you may notice a specific makeup style. If you are a female, you need to have a clean and light look.

Avoid light or overly dark colors when building your Hollister look with makeup. You want your audience to focus on your outfit instead of your face.

You want to look natural as this allows you to attract as many customers as possible. People want to relate to you as the model, which is impossible if you appear fake.

3. Keep Up with Your Figure

Keep Up with Your Figure how to become a Hollister model

If you want to learn how to become a Hollister model, you have to fit the mold. The brand requests that you have a specific figure to promote their clothing.

Ultimately, you have to fit comfortably in Hollister’s apparel. Most individuals try to pursue a diet or exercise regularly to get the best figure.

Your height and age will alter the measurements you need to be a model for Hollister. Men will have a higher body mass index than females due to muscle mass. Gender is also an essential consideration for this reason.

4. Build Your Confidence

Build Your Confidence how to model for Hollister

When you complete the Hollister models application, you need to portray a sense of confidence. Customers want to look up to you when seeing the representation you make for the brand.

Be willing to present positive emotions to the customers who want to learn more about the Hollister brand. Your posts and pictures should reflect how much you love the company.

You need to show customers how good you feel in the clothes you wear by Hollister. When the audience sees your confidence, they will think they can experience the same emotions in the clothing.

5. Prepare Yourself for Strict Schedules

Prepare Yourself for Strict Schedules Hollister models application

If you are a model, you do not have as much free time as you once did. You will have to tell your family members and friends that you are not as social as you used to be.

You will need to dedicate time to work and exercise. You also need to set time aside in your day to post to social media and schedule interviews.

To be a Hollister model female or male, you will need to learn to stay organized. Create a schedule so that you do not become overwhelmed.

6. Develop a Sense of Loyalty and Commitment

As mentioned, when you are a model, most of your time will go to work and job-related tasks. You need to have a sense of commitment towards the roles you have.

If you do not have a sense of commitment, Hollister can find other models with ease. Work with your team to determine the ways you can improve and become more loyal to the company.

Be willing to put forth the effort to achieve your dreams if you want to become a model. Do not let criticism get to you and use it as a learning opportunity.

7. Maintain a Sense of Courage

Maintain a Sense of Courage

You should also be courageous if you want to become a Hollister model female or male. You, as mentioned, are sure to face criticism.

The criticism will not only come from your team and the Hollister brand. You will find negative remarks from individuals on social media and in publications.

Remain strong in the face of these negative comments and remarks. Be willing to remain confident in yourself and the decisions you make. Focus on the love you have for the field of modeling and the success you achieve.

8. Study Other Hollister Models

If you want to learn how to model for Hollister, study the process. As mentioned above, you need to look at the clothing and makeup that these other professionals use.

You should also watch runway videos to practice your walk. You need to look like a professional when you are in the Hollister models application process.

Look at publications and social media posts to determine the poses that could work for your modeling career with Hollister. This career path requires an art form, which you need to focus on if you want to become well-known.

9. Build a Portfolio

When you are in the process of becoming a Hollister model, you should have a portfolio ready. This folder should contain headshots and medium shots, which include your look from your waist up.

Provide some wide shots in your Hollister portfolio. These images should showcase the poses that you practice. You need to show that you already have some expertise in the field.

The images you share in your portfolio should be of the highest possible quality. Ensure that there is no sense of blurriness. Remember, you want the focus to be on your personality and your outfit.

10. Develop a Social Media Following

Develop a Social Media Following how to model for Hollister

Hollister will want to ensure that you have a following for their brand. When you apply, you will likely have to provide links to your social media pages.

Before applying to Hollister, try to develop a social media following. Tag Hollister when you wear the brand’s clothing or accessories. Use Hollister hashtags in the comments on your posts.

Encourage a sense of relationship with your followers on social media. Reply to the comments they leave on your posts and make your pages interactive. Create stories that give a deeper view of your personality.

11. Choose a Photographer You Trust

Choose a Photographer You Trust how to model for Hollister

When you work as a model with Hollister, you will use the company’s photographer. Until you get hired, you will not have access to this professional.

As mentioned, you will need to have headshots in your portfolio. You should also have clear and fun images on your social media pages that showcase your expertise.

Work with a photographer you can trust who can represent you and your skills. In your search engine of choice, type “commercial photographers.” Browse through each individual’s portfolio to find one with work that meets your art style.

12. Include Images without Makeup

As mentioned above, when you prepare your makeup for modeling with Hollister, you need to only wear light or natural colors. These images should always be in your portfolio and on your social media pages.

You also need to include some images in which you do not wear makeup. Hollister will want to see what your natural look is.

When creating these makeup-free images, use good lighting. Sit in front of a window, and do not use editing features that will retouch your skin. Again, you need to look as natural as possible.

13. Include Information About Your Special Skills and Hobbies

If you want to learn how to model for Hollister, consider including information that encompasses your hobbies and special skills. Hollister wants to work with unique individuals who will bring something different to the table.

If you are a dancer, consider including a photo that shows you standing on pointe. If you are a photographer, include an image of you holding your camera.

If you provide Hollister with a digital application, you can submit videos of you engaging in your hobby. Present a short clip of dance or of you singing, for instance.

14. Perform Your Research

Perform Your Research how to become a Hollister model

As mentioned throughout this article, you need to take the time to look at images from other Hollister models. Research does not end with that process, however.

Look over the requirements of being a Hollister model. Ensure that you have the right measurements. Review the job requirements to note if your schedule can fit the needs.

It is also imperative that you look over the application process. Read reviews from other models to determine what made them successful. Ultimately, you need to do everything you can to ensure you receive approval for being a Hollister partner or model.

15. Prepare Yourself for Rejection

As mentioned, if you want to be a Hollister model, you need to maintain a sense of confidence. You also should be realistic, however, especially since you will not always receive a yes.

When you apply to be a Hollister partner or model, you may not get the answer you want. Take the provided feedback to heart and make the necessary changes. Once you are ready, you can apply again.

After you receive your rejection, take the time to practice. Develop new images showcasing the poses and personality. Ensure that you eventually get to the right measurements as needed.

Becoming a Hollister Model

Learning how to model for Hollister is a lengthy process. You have to develop your look to ensure you meet the requirements made by the brand.

When you develop your look, you need to obtain light makeup and Hollister clothes. Take professional images to use in your portfolio. Submit these to the company and wait to see if you get approval!

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