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If you want to be a musician, you are not alone. Millions worldwide work consistently to get the money to take their audio tracks to a production studio or record label.

Believe it or not, you can learn how to promote your music with no money. You can share it on social media, send it to your loved ones, and create a website. Production companies may reach out to you if your content is good enough.

How to Promote Your Music on Social Media

How to Promote Your Music with Zero Budget

This guide will help you learn how to promote your music for free. You can use social media, audio streaming platforms, and word of mouth.

How to Promote Your Music with No Money

You can use the below tips to learn how to promote a single release or album with no money.

Friends and Family

Friends and Family how to promote your music with no money

The first method you can use to learn how to promote your music with no money is to talk with your friends and family members. They may have links to professionals in the industry. Eventually, your loved ones may connect you with these music mentors.

Your friends and family members can also promote your content online. Have them share the links to your songs on social media, allowing others to view your content.

Social Media

Social Media music promotion sites free

You can learn how to promote your music on Instagram or other social media platforms for free. Upload your songs to these websites, or share a link to the music.

You can upload your music on a site like YouTube or SoundCloud to share a direct link to it. Ask your followers to share the content for better opportunities.

Music Blogs

Music Blogs how to promote your music on tiktok

Try promoting your music by starting a blog. Share content about you, why you love performing, and what the lyrics mean to you. Make readers feel like they will receive a personal insight into your life.

You can also ask other bloggers to use your music on their websites. Promote their content on your social media pages for mutual benefits.


Playlists how to promote your music on tiktok

Learn how to promote your music with no money by sharing it directly to playlists. Sign up for Spotify for Artists to start.

  1. Go to the Spotify for Artists website.
  2. Press “Claim Artist Profile.”
  3. If you are the musician, click “Artist.” Otherwise, press “Label Team Member.”
  4. Copy the artist link and paste it in the search bar.
  5. Ask for access to Spotify for Artists.
  6. Verify your identity and wait a few days for the results.
  7. Provide links to your social media accounts, a background image, and music.

Content Creators

Content Creators how to promote your music on social media

You can reach out to content creators to promote your music for free. Ask them if they want to use your audio, and promote their websites or pages on your social media.

Make Free Music

Make Free Music how to promote your music with no money

Content creators consistently search for royalty-free music for their websites or platforms. These audio tracks do not have copyright associations.

You can produce royalty-free music and post it to websites like YouTube Audio Library. Ask individuals who download your tracks to tag you in credits and captions for the content.

Meetups and Groups

Meetups and Groups how to promote your music with no money

Another way to promote your content for free is to attend a meetup or group session. These events let you talk to the best music promotion companies.

You can let content creators and music producers listen to your tracks when attending these events. Have a small sample available at a moment’s notice. Carry business cards or other marketing tools with you to allow these individuals to retain your contact information.

Best Places to Upload Your Music for Free

You can learn how to promote your music for free by uploading it to specific platforms and websites. Consider the list below to find the best option for your needs.

Create a Website

Create a Website how to promote your music for free

The best way to learn how to promote your music with no money is to create a website. There are several free platforms to help in this process, including WordPress and Wix.

Legit music promotion companies and everyday listeners can find your website after creating it. Link it on your social media pages, and provide the URL in messages and marketing materials.


Spotify how to promote your music with no money

You can upload your music on Spotify by creating a profile with Spotify for Artists. This feature lets you share your audio tracks to playlists and with other users.

You can keep track of the data analytics concerning your music using the free tools on Spotify. Monitor how many users downloaded your song or played the content.

Post Tracks to Reddit Music

Post Tracks to Reddit Music how to promote a single release

One of the best music promotion sites is Reddit. Share the audio tracks to subreddits and in comments.

Build a reputation on Reddit to take advantage of its benefits. Post constructive criticism on other individuals’ accounts and listen to their music. Become an active member of any subreddits you join by making frequent comments and posts.

Upload Your Music Videos to YouTube

Upload Your Music Videos to YouTube how to promote your music with no money

Legit music promotion companies will find your audio tracks if you upload your music videos to YouTube. You do not have to have a professional film if you do not have the budget. Consider uploading a video of yourself singing in front of a microphone or the lyrics over the track.

You can upload a music video to YouTube by going to on your browser. Sign in to your account and press the plus sign. Upload the video you want to share, and follow the on-screen instructions.


TikTok how to promote your music with no money

You can learn how to promote your music on TikTok to take advantage of one of the most popular social media platforms. Your tracks should be friendly enough for your audience members, meaning you should highlight the best 15 seconds.

Follow other musicians and Omari music promotion or other companies. Use hashtags to help audience members find your content.


The last of the music promotion sites free is SoundCloud. This website is notorious for successful artists like Post Malone and Tyler the Creator.

You can add your music to SoundCloud using the below steps.

  1. Go to and create or log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the “Upload” tab.
  3. Drag and drop the track you want to promote.
  4. Wait for the transcoding process to complete.
  5. Add track information. Optimize it for discovery by providing hashtags, a detailed description, and an efficient title.

How to Promote Your Music on Social Media

Bea: For the infographic, please use titles only

There are specific tips to follow if you decide to learn how to promote your music on Instagram or any other platform. Learn how to make your brand stand out on social media with the below information.

Create a Strategy

The first and most essential tip is to develop a strategy. Set goals for yourself and determine how much you want to grow before you begin. Make a list of legit music promotion companies you want to notice your content.

Think about the best social media platforms for sharing your content. Younger adults and teenagers prefer to use sites like TikTok and Instagram.

Keep Your Brand Consistent

It is better to post your content to multiple websites and social media pages. This process will help you reach the largest possible audience.

Your brand needs to stay consistent, no matter the platforms or websites used for your posts. Use the same logo, the same type of language, and the same design effects on your content.

Discover Which Platforms are Best for You

As mentioned, Instagram and TikTok are best when wanting to reach a younger audience. Facebook is another popular social media platform that many young adults, teenagers, and mid-aged people use. It is best for sharing only the music, while Instagram and TikTok are best for videos.

Post on a Consistent Schedule

Maintain a consistent schedule when you make your social media posts. Your audience members will learn to expect content from you at specific times.

Try to share content on the same days each week. You can also share each post around a similar time.

Make Connections with Fans

As your social media presence grows, you will start to develop fans. They will likely message you and leave comments on your page.

Try to respond to a few comments per day. You can also check your messages to build the connections your fans crave.

Spread Out Your Content

Another tip to use when learning how to promote your music with no money is to spread out your content. Do not release all of your songs in one day.

Audience members crave suspense. Do not drop all of your music in one night, and make your followers feel surprised with new content.

Schedule Posts in Advance

Most social media platforms let you schedule your posts in advance. You can use the business tools on Facebook, for example, to determine the specific day you want your content to appear.

The posts will automatically populate on your account. You can edit them if there is information you need to change.

Be Authentic

You must always be yourself, no matter how famous you get. If you become inauthentic, your audience members will know.

Focus on developing your brand, but make it true to who you are. Do not become someone you are not, as you will lose passion for your projects.

Sync Your Posts Across All Your Platforms

Finally, you should sync your posts across your platforms. You can automatically send Instagram content to Facebook when sharing your music.

Try to share similar content on TikTok and Twitter. You do not want your audience members on any platform to miss out on your new music.

Promote Your Music with Zero Budget

You can learn how to promote your music with no money. You can start by sharing the content with your friends and family, encouraging them to post it on their social media platforms. Eventually, you can offer your music to content creators online.

One way to get noticed is to create royalty-free music. Content creators consistently need access to copyright-free music they can use on their platforms. You can also attend events to meet these individuals face-to-face and determine what they need.

There are several digital locations where you can upload your music. Create a Spotify for Artists account to add your audio tracks to your profile. Post videos of your content to YouTube or TikTok.

Consider adding your music to social media. Your brand must stay consistent, and you must have a strategy before you begin. Connect with your fans and show them how much they mean to you.

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