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For those who have made their living on tips from food delivery jobs, you know the Golden Rule of customer service: smile until your face falls off and be nice. It doesn’t matter if customers act like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest. Be nice as your customer ponders how to rate Doordash driver.

There are days when you’ll get a rude Doordash driver. Their job isn’t easy: all through the pandemic, they’ve waited in a line (sometimes upwards of an hour) wrapped around the building to get your food from the drive-through window, driven in gridlocked traffic, as they navigated weather making the roads iffy. Now picture this when the driver had two or more deliveries to make.

This tutorial deals with reviewing and reporting Doordash drivers. Did you have a rude driver? Was s/he uncooperative? Was s/he not careful with your order (did s/he toss the bag at you or tilt your drinks until they spilled on you?)

In this in-depth, step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to go to the proper place in the app for reporting, you’ll learn how to review Doordash drivers, and you’ll learn how to reach Doordash with a complaint.

How To Rate Doordash Driver

How To Rate Doordash Driver how to improve doordash rating

The first step in reviewing or reporting an unsatisfactory experience with Doordash comes when your app page indicates the order has been delivered. You’ll press the number of stars you want to give the restaurant. A page will pop up with a box for the reason you gave the restaurant those numbers of stars.

Doordash has gotten rid of the driver rating stars, but in the box that pops up, you can write a Doordash review covering both restaurant and driver. Tap on Submit, tap on Done, and you can eat your food.

The process is different, though, if, say the app is stuck, slow, or you’re in a hurry to eat, so you close the app before you write your Doordash complaint about the driver. In that instance, you will:

  1. Open the Doordash app
  2. Tap on Orders
  3. A list of all your orders will come up
  4. Tap on the order you want to rate
  5. The name of your delivery driver will be located under the stars
  6. Tap on a star rating
  7. If you choose less than a five-star rating, Doordash will want to know why
  8. So be prepared for a white box to come up for your explanation
  9. Tap on Submit, and you’re done.

Writing A Doordash Review

Writing A Doordash Review how to rate doordash driver

There are advantages and disadvantages to writing Doordash review for drivers. One of the most important advantages of written reviews is that some companies (and Doordash in particular) use written reviews as a sort of Bible for their drivers. The highest rating a driver can get is a seven, so they work their hearts out to get that rating. They work even harder to keep it. So, here’s how to write a review:

  1. Open the app and choose the order you want to review
  2. In the white box, you can either write a negative or a positive review. Even if you only write a lukewarm review, it’s better than a negative one, and I’ll explain why down the road
  3. Tap Submit

Advantages In Writing A Good Review

How To Rate Doordash Drivers how to improve doordash rating Advantages In Writing A Good Review

Even if your driver wasn’t rude, or s/he was simply having a bad day, writing a good review helps drivers be better drivers. Here’s how:

  • Order amounts. Higher-order totals mean higher tips for drivers, all of which they keep. The higher your order total, the nicer the driver should be. Writing a nice review will ensure s/he’ll be nice, too (trust me, they remember your name)
  • Repeat customers. Drivers who have delivered to you in the past or at least more than once will recognize your name and address. They’ll tap on your order to deliver it. You’ll recognize the face or name of the driver, remember past good experiences with him/her, and so will give him/her a good review
  • From the driver’s point of view. Drivers live and die by reviews. The more five-star ratings they have along with good reviews, the more orders they’re given. The more orders, the more tips, and they can make their car payment that month, or the rent, or pay for the children’s braces, and you get the idea.

What Happens When You Write Bad Doordash Driver Job Review

What Happens When You Write Bad Doordash Driver Job Review

I’m sure you’ve met people for whom nothing is ever right, nothing is ever good quality, everything is full of things that will harm you, and you know the kind of person I’m describing. These people would never dream of writing something good when contemplating how to rate Doordash driver.

Here’s the thing: the more negative reviews Doordash sees, the fewer (if any) drivers will accept an order to go to that person. The wait time will be longer for that person, s/he will write even more bad reviews, and it’s a vicious circle.

Now, the person who honestly gets bad service, a less than nice driver, and waits longer than an hour for their food, will usually only write one bad review. They usually don’t remember the driver’s name, they just remember it wasn’t a happy experience. Doordash will generally give them a discount on their next order and send them a different driver.

The one honest bad review doesn’t make Doordash fight to find a driver for your next order. However, every bad review and/or Doordash complaint about driver gives all Doordash drivers a good idea of what not to do to destroy their rating and get equally bad reviews.

How To Improve Doordash Rating

How To Improve Doordash Rating how to improve doordash rating

While you’re waiting at home or at work for your food order, there are lots of things you don’t see that will affect your rating of the driver. Every Doordash driver is constantly thinking of their customers’ how to rate Doordash driver question, so they are cognizant of many things:

  • Is the line at the drive-through window so long that it will be a while before the driver gets there? Let the customer know. Is the traffic backed up due to road work, slick spots, and/or an accident resulting from the same, or is it a long way from the restaurant to the customer? Send the customer a nice message.
  • Sometimes the restaurant has to cook another batch of whatever is selling like hotcakes that day (and you, of course, ordered it,) which is going to take time. The customer should know. At other times, the restaurant has run out of something everybody wants that day, and, of course, you ordered it. The customer should know, so s/he can choose a replacement item
  • Pleasant message. Sometimes it’s just plain nice when you read a message that says “Hi, I’m (fill in name here) and I’ll be about 30 minutes with your order. Looking forward to meeting you!” It brightens your mood and makes your day a little happier
  • The times most people order food is the lunch rush from 11 am until about 2 pm, the supper rush from about 4 pm until around 8 pm, and the weekends at any and all hours of the day and night (because that’s when people are off work and doing honey-do’s or out doing errands.)
  • This is when savvy drivers schedule themselves to work, so they can both be there when customers need them and make some good tips. Drivers who are available during these hours generally receive good reviews, five stars, and make good money.
  • Client instructions. Another important point of how to rate Doordash driver is how well s/he follows client direction Ask for condiments/utensils? Done. Make sure the meat is medium-rare? Gotcha. Don’t cook the wings too crisp, or I won’t be able to chew them? Can do. Make sure everything the customer ordered is in the bag before you walk out the door! It’s these things upon which a good review from customers rest
  • Politeness at the restaurant. Pushy, rude delivery personnel remain in the minds of the rushing, overworked restaurant workers. Making their day even harder to deal with makes restaurant workers inadvertently mess up an order, not include something that should have been, or just plain not care. The customer gets shafted, and writes a Doordash complaint about driver, when it wasn’t even his/her fault, which then makes the driver suffer. It all could have been avoided by being nice and polite at the restaurant.

Interesting Things To Know About How To Rate Doordash Driver


It’s important to know that both driver and company work on how to improve Doordash rating. The company evaluates each driver’s past 100 deliveries in order to average out a rating. Those with the highest ratings get more and better orders. Those without sometimes get fired.

Also comforting to drivers is the new Doordash position on reviews. If the review was about missing items, the long wait due to weather, and long wait times at the restaurant, then the company doesn’t hold that against the driver. It wasn’t his/her fault and won’t harm his/her rating.

Doordash Complaint Number

Doordash Complaint Number how to rate doordash driver

You’ve just received your order and it’s someone else’s. You have a hungry family at the kitchen table, and this is no time for polite messages on the app. This requires a phone call. You go online to find the Doordash complaint number for the purpose of Doordash report driver because this wasn’t the restaurant’s fault.

The phone number exists for everyone from customers to drivers to restaurants. It’s manned 24/7/365. You can call 1-855-973-1040 in order to speak with customer service to resolve your problem. Keep in mind that this phone number doesn’t exist for small or petty options or just for a chat. Since Doordash is primarily an Internet entity, it uses personal chat and email for the majority of its communications. Use the phone number only in dire cases.


Additionally, the company’s new position on reviews allows customers to rate the restaurant. Only the restaurant can see these reviews, so they can use them to improve their service or whatever else went wrong.

For the most part, Doordash will give you a full refund or a store credit when a restaurant messes up something in your order. They’ll call the restaurant to get the correct order re-delivered or you can use your credits to order something else. If you’ve tried all this and nothing works, you can resort to calling the Doordash complaint number listed above. They’ll get things rolling for you. Your how to rate Doordash driver decision is ever in the back of their minds.

Generally Speaking

As dashers are working out their customers’ how to rate Doordash driver, keep in mind they can’t see your individual ratings. They can, however, keep track of how their ratings develop from individual reports, so they pretty much have an idea of which customers gave them a good rating and/or review. The fact that they’re getting multiple and better orders also gives them a clue.

In fact, your good reviews might have made your dasher a Top Dasher. This means that a driver has consistently good ratings and reviews. The dasher taps on “Dash Now” frequently. It also means the dasher can’t refuse to deliver many if any, orders. This knocks down his/her ratings.


How to rate Doordash driver is as much psychological as it is physical. They can be late with an order with items missing, but if they’re sweet to you, your review and rating will save everyone’s day. You can use the app for your reviews and ratings. If something is badly wrong, you can call the 800 number to speak to a human. Either way, how to rate Doordash driver is a simple matter of a few taps on the app. Bon appetit!

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