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Getting people to reshare your content is one way to grow your Instagram account. The more people share your images, the more potential audience you can reach. In order to take advantage of this, however, it helps to be able to stay on top of how, when, and how often your content is being shared. If you don’t know how to see reshares on Instagram, this can be a challenge.

This simple guide outlines the steps the pros use to keep tabs on their Instagram content. You’ll learn how to see who shared your Instagram reel, images, and more.

How To View Current Public Reshares On Instagram -- Step by Step

Your public reshares let you see how far your content reaches. Shares mean that not only do your subscribers see it, some of their subscribers do, too.

Option one: Check from the post itself.

You can check just by tapping on “View story reshares.” Here’s how to find it:

1. Open the Instagram app.

The Instagram app is a lot simpler to use for this purpose. If you want to learn how to see reshares on Instagram, you’re better off doing it directly from Insta itself.

2. Navigate to the post you're curious about.

Go to your profile, and tap on the exact photo you’d like to see sharing stats for.

3. Tap on the kebab menu icon.

There will be a kebab icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right of your screen. Tap on this. It’ll bring up a list of options.

4. Tap on "View story reshares."

If your post has been shared on someone else’s story, tapping on “View story reshares” will take you to it. Be aware that this has a time limit — once the sharer’s story expires (after 24 hours), you’ll no longer be able to view it.

Option two: Check from your insights.

You can also learn how to see reshares on Instagram via the “View insights” link. This works great for photos but also helps when you need to know how to see who shared your Instagram reel.

1. Go to the post you'd like to check.

Just like option one, you’re going to open Instagram and navigate to the specific post you’d like to see the stats of.

2. Tap on the "View insights" link.

Just below your photo, you should see a blue link marked “View insights.” Tap on it to go directly to the metrics for that specific post.

3. Look for the paper plane icon.

The number directly below this icon indicates how many times your post has been shared.

Option three: Stalk your hashtags.

For this, it helps to have a custom or little-used hashtag that you attach to each of your posts. If you do that, then all you need to do to see potential reshares is look up that hashtag.

This method only works if the reposter uses your same hashtag, and will also pick up unrelated posts. It’s the most roundabout and least accurate way to spot reposts, but it’s still good to know.

How to Turn on Resharing

Wondering how to see reshares on Instagram won’t help if you haven’t got resharing enabled. If you’d like people to be able to post your content to their stories, here’s what to do:

1. Tap on your profile pic.

This will take you to your profile page, where you can see your feed and make changes.

2. Tap the hamburger menu icon.

The hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other) will be at the top right of your screen. Tap on it to bring up a list of options.

3. Tap on "Settings."

The top of this list should be “Settings,” with a gear icon. Tap on that to go to the Settings screen.

4. Tap "Privacy."

This option has a lock icon beside it. Tapping it will take you to your privacy settings, where you can set up interaction limits, make your profile private, and more.

5. Tap "Story."

This will show you a list of options related to your stories. Scroll all the way to the bottom, to the section marked “Sharing.”

6. Make sure the "Allow sharing to story" slider is blue.

If it isn’t, tap the slider to move it to the right. That will enable others to share your feed posts and IGTV videos to their stories.

If you like, you can also allow people to share your posts to their messages from here.

7. Hit the back arrow until you return to your feed.

You’re all set, and now anyone who views your content can share it to their audiences!

How to Get More Reshares on Instagram

If you want to get more followers, knowing how to see reshares on Instagram is just the beginning. The next step is leveraging this information. Here’s how you can encourage more people to reshare your posts:

1. Make sure reshares are enabled on your account.

Follow the instructions above to make sure your posts can be shared to people’s stories and messages.

2. Optimize your post captions.

Use hashtags, but make sure you change up which ones you use periodically. Don’t just stick to the most popular tags, either — while these do get more viewers, it’s also more likely that your content will be drowned out by the sheer volume of posts.

3. Work on Instagram SEO.

“SEO” stands for search engine optimization. It refers to the tricks you use to make sure your content gets highly recommended for certain search terms. While it’s usually applied to Google, Bing, and other search engines, Instagram SEO is definitely its own thing.

4. Encourage engagement.

Get people to interact with your content more. Ask questions and request that they comment with an answer. Ask them to tag their friends who might be interested in your posts.

5. Curate a unique (but consistent) look and feel for your grid.

People often recommend that you use the same filters to give your Instagram posts a consistent look, but you’re not limited to what Insta provides. Apps like VSCO and Lightroom offer more powerful photo editing tools. You can also use Pinterest to find special recipes to create your own Instagram filters.

Can I see who shared my Instagram story?

“Seeing who shared my posts is all well and good,” you might be saying to yourself, “but can I see who shared my Instagram story?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes and no. If your story is shareable, and another user shares it by tapping on the paper airplane icon, you’ll be notified. If someone shares it by taking a screenshot, you won’t be. Whether or not you can see who shared your story depends entirely on how they shared it.

Why can't I see my story reshares?

As mentioned above, you might not see story reshares if the person doing the sharing only took a screenshot. You also might not see them if it’s been more than 24 hours since the resharing occurred. Even if you know how to see reshares on Instagram, people’s stories expire after a day. You won’t be able to view reshares beyond that point.

Another possibility is that they’ve used a third-party app. This can let them share your story without tagging you.

Would it help to have an app to see who shared your Instagram story?

Not really. The Instagram app already notifies you if anyone shares content tagged with your username. An app to see who shared your Instagram story would most likely return the same results that Instagram does.

Where can I see my archived stories on Instagram?

To see your archived stories, go to your profile. Below the “Edit Profile” button, to the left, you should see a button marked “View archive.” Tap on this, and you’ll be taken to your story archive.

You Can See Which of Your Insta Posts Get Reshared. Here's How:

If you need to know how to see reshares on Instagram, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to the specific post you want to check.
  2. Either tap on the “View insights” link, or the three dots icon in the upper corner.
  3. Look at the number under the paper plane icon on the insights screen. Otherwise, tap on “View story reshares.”
  4. Don’t forget that you can only view current stories — you won’t be able to see expired reshares.
  5. Use this data to grow your Instagram audience!

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