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Instacart became increasingly popular after the pandemic. More and more customers resorted to having their products delivered than going to the store themselves.

You can become a shopper with Instacart or link your small business to the platform. In either situation, you will grow your company.

You can learn how to sell on Instacart by following the guide below. At the bottom of the article, you will find information about becoming a shopper with the company.

Tips to Sell on Instacart as a Small Business | The Ultimate Guide

This article will show you how to sell on Instacart if you own a small business. You must develop an effective storefront for the customers you want to reach.

This article will also show you how to start delivery opportunities with the company. Learn how to run your business through Instacart by reading below!

How to Become an Instacart Retailer

Instacart already partners with over 750 retailers. They allow customers to order from over 70,000 retail locations in the United States.

The easiest way to become an Instacart merchant is to contact the company. Learn more below.

Contact Instacart

The easiest way to start selling on Instacart is to contact the company. You can go to the Retailer Inquiry link to begin.

  1. After you click on the above link, scroll until you get to the “Retailer Inquiries” section.
  2. Click on “Request.”
  3. Provide your name, company, title, and email address.
  4. Leave a comment to provide more details about your reason for partnering with Instacart.
  5. Press “Submit.”

You should receive a response within a couple of weeks!

I Am a New Retailer. Now What?

You will receive the technology you need to learn how to sell on Instacart after you receive an approval email. These features will get your business on the platform, allowing you to reach more customers.

Build Your Storefront

After you get approved to become an Instacart merchant, you can start building your storefront. You can include specific features in it, including those options below.

Active Online Ordering

If your customers want someone else to shop for their groceries, they can place an online order. They may not know what they need before going to Instacart.

Your customers can browse your brand when on the Instacart app or website. They can log into their account to see their favorite stores and any deals or coupons available.

Finally, they can start working on their orders. They can select “Pick-up” or “Delivery” to determine if they want to go to the store or not. The customers can add items up until the shopper checks out!


Part of learning how to sell on Instacart is to offer your customers your company’s best products. Instacart will eventually detect the types of goods these individuals enjoy purchasing.

Customers can receive recommendations on new products when they start their order. They can decide if they want to add the items to their purchases.

Sometimes, a store is out of products your customer put on their grocery list. Instacart will recommend potential replacements to the individuals who shop at your company. The customers can choose to add the items as a backup to the originals.

Two-Way Chat

If you decide you want Instacart for my business, you will have to put a high level of trust in the shoppers. These individuals have the necessary qualities to treat your customers with the highest service level and respect your store.

Shoppers provide two-way chat options to your customers as part of the high-quality service. They can ask questions about replacements and provide information about out-of-stock items. Your customers can also ask questions to the shoppers.

Finally, shoppers can send pictures through two-way chat. This feature helps customers determine the items they want to include in their order, especially if a product is out of stock.

Payment Options

When you learn how to sell on Instacart, you will feel pleasantly surprised at the numerous payment options offered to your customers. The Instacart platform accepts debit and credit cards first.

Instacart also allows your customers to pay with their digital wallets. They can choose the platform they want to use when purchasing products from your stores.

Finally, Instacart allows for EBT SNAP payments. This integration is best for your low-income customers if you sell food at your store. This feature helps these individuals get what they need without worrying about transportation.

Offer Loyalty Programs

You can offer loyalty programs to customers. Let customers upload the card associated with their membership at your store.

Kroger offers loyalty programs through their Kroger card. Food Lion lets customers check out with their MVP program. Petco and Petsmart also come with loyalty programs to give your customers added benefits to every order.

Another loyalty experience you can offer is Instacart Express. Customers can place their orders for same-day delivery or pick-up. Some of the retailers currently offering this service are in the below list.

  • Kroger
  • Sam’s Club
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • ALDI
  • Food Lion
  • Target
  • The Fresh Market
  • Walgreens
  • Petco
  • Staples

Let Customers See Their Orders in Realtime

Customers will always receive real-time updates about their orders. They can receive messages from the shoppers in the app. Instacart also provides automatic messages about the order.

Instacart customers see when the shoppers enter the checkout lane. They also receive a notification when someone arrives at the store.

Your customers will know where the shopper is if they order delivery. They can watch the map to see when the associate gets close to their homes.

Let Customers Chat with Your Customer Representatives

Instacart customers will always know where they shop. They have to choose the store for their order when placing it.

Customers may feel frustrated if your store is constantly out-of-stock of the same items. They may want to talk to you about an experience at your store or the missing products they wanted to purchase.

Instacart customers can contact one of your customer service representatives from the Instacart app. They will get redirected to your website for live chat services or will receive your phone number. It is up to you how you will handle the customer’s issues.

Delivery Options

You can offer your customers a wide range of delivery services. Instacart has several fulfillment options that you can include through your company.

First, you can offer priority delivery services to your customers. These orders will cost more, but the individuals will receive their orders faster.

Customers can also select a scheduled time slot to receive their order. This method helps these individuals manage their work or daily schedules.

Finally, you can offer long-distance delivery services. Customers will also pay extra for the additional mileage. Shoppers will have to go much further to bring the goods to the individuals served.

See How Your Store Managers Handle Your Customers

When you learn how to sell on Instacart, you can monitor the strength of your store managers.

Some stores choose to have their employees complete Instacart orders. They work with in-store purchases that do not require delivery.

You will receive insights about how the store handles the Instacart orders sent to them. Pay attention to how the products get staged first.

You can also look to see how the employees did when shopping for the products. Look to see how many items they found and if the store appeared to have the shelves stocked. Finally, pay attention to the handoff time.

Not a Retailer but Interested in Delivery Business Opportunities

You can start an Instacart business yourself if you are not a retailer. You can apply to become an in-store shopper only or a delivery driver.

You will be an independent contractor when you build delivery business opportunities through Instacart. This title means that you are a freelancer, and you do not pay taxes like salaried employees.

Apply through the Instacart App

You can apply to become an in-store shopper or delivery driver through the Instacart app. You will receive a decision within a couple of days.

  1. Download the Instacart Shopper app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Enter your basic information. You will provide your name, email, phone number, and zip code.
  3. Press “Create Account.”
  4. Enter the verification code sent to your phone.
  5. Confirm that you meet the requirements by pressing “I Meet the Requirements.”
  6. If you want to be a delivery driver, press “Yes, I Do Have a Car.” An in-store shopper should tap “No, I Don’t Have a Car.”
  7. Choose “Full-Service Shopper” or “In-Store Shopper.” Click “Choose This Role” under the one you want to be.
  8. Press “Start” to begin the questionnaire.
  9. Tap “Take Photo” to upload your license for the background check.
  10. Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize a background check.
  11. Wait for your debit card to arrive to start delivering or shopping!


You must meet specific requirements to run your Instacart business. Read the list below to learn more before you apply.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have access to a car if you want to deliver.
  • You must pass a background check.
  • You must have a recent smartphone.
  • You must be able to lift at least 50 pounds.
  • You must be eligible to work in the United States.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Instacart?

There are over 750 retailers who use Instacart for their business. The company offers delivery opportunities for over 70,000 locations in the United States.

Instacart takes a five to 10% commission from every order. The store will make most of the profit, but Instacart will receive a portion.

What Makes More Money, Instacart or DoorDash?

Most of the time, DoorDash pays more than Instacart. You will receive a higher base pay on shopping orders with the app.

Instacart customers are more likely to give higher tips when placing a larger order. Unfortunately, no one has to leave gratuity when shopping with Instacart.

Sell on Instacart as a Small Business

You can learn how to sell on Instacart by contacting the delivery company. You will need to fill out the inquiry form to get approval.

After you get approved, you will need to set up your storefront with Instacart. You can determine the types of orders you want to accept and the delivery options you will make available.

After you create your storefront, your customers can directly contact you or the shoppers. They can receive real-time alerts about their orders, up until the moment of delivery.

If you want to become a shopper with Instacart, you can easily sign up. Download the Instacart app and fill out the necessary information.

You will need to upload your license for a background check and confirm that you are eligible to work. Wait for approval and start shopping after you receive your debit card!

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