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Before the last few years, as soon as you deactivated Facebook, you no longer had Messenger either. In the present time, you still have to deactivate Facebook first before you can disable Messenger. It is important to note that this process means that you know how to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger, as you can reactivate it at a future date.

Learning how to deactivate Facebook Messenger is the best way to stop your friends from messaging you over the app in the short term. To learn how to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger, use the many tips in the information below.

Deactivating Facebook

As mentioned, the first step you have to know how to remove messenger from Facebook is deactivating the latter first. You can start the process to turn off Messenger through Facebook by visiting the website or using the mobile app.

Steps for Facebook Deactivation

1. Open the menu by tapping the three horizontal lines.
2. Click on the button stating “settings & privacy.”
3. Press the button labeled “settings.”

Steps for Facebook Deactivation - click on settings and privacy

4. Go to the option listed as “account ownership and control,” and continue to “deactivation and deletion.”
5. Select the option labeled “deactivate account.”

disable facebook messenger - deactivate account

6. Press the “continue to account deactivation” button.
7. Type in your password and enter “continue,” and select the best reason, pressing “continue.”

disable facebook messenger - click on continue to account deactivation

8. Decide if you want your account reactivated in a certain time period, then press “continue,” and finish off by finally pressing “deactivate my account.”

disable facebook messenger - click on deativate

Deleting Facebook

You can also delete your Facebook account by following the steps above. Instead of, in step six, selecting to deactivate, you choose the option that says “permanently delete account.”

When you delete your Facebook account, you automatically delete Messenger too. Facebook will provide a prompt to you describing that you can reconsider if you still want to message your friends and family members. Finally, you will also find an option to download an archive of all of your data. This content could be beneficial to you if you one day regret your choice to delete both Facebook and Messenger.

Deactivating Messenger

Now that you deactivated Facebook, you can disable Facebook Messenger too. You will have to complete the process via the Messenger app on a smartphone or a browser.

Steps to Deactivate Messenger

If you want to know specifically how to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger, use the steps below.

1. Open Messenger
2. Click on your profile picture, typically found on the top left, to get to settings.

how to temporarily disable facebook messenger - click on your profile picture

3. Scroll down until you see a button called “Legal & Policies.”

how to remove messenger from facebook - click on legal and policies

4. Press on “deactivate Messenger.”
5. Type in your password and click on “continue”.

how to temporarily disable facebook messenger - deactivate messenger

6. Confirm that you want to disable Facebook Messenger by pressing the button labeled “deactivate.”

Turn Off Messenger

It is possible to turn off Messenger instead of knowing how to deactivate Facebook Messenger if you do not want to disable your Facebook. This process could also be beneficial if your reason for deactivation is to stop the excessive notifications you receive. Several ways exist to do this, depending on the device you use.

Via a Computer Browser

  1. Click on Messenger, then go to “options” indicated by three vertical dots.
  2. Press the button saying “turn off active status.”
  3. Confirm by pressing “turn off active status for all contacts” and “okay.”
how to remove messenger from facebook - turn off active status

Via a Mobile Browser

  1. Load up Messenger.
  2. Press the switch next to “show when you’re active.”
  3. Confirm by clicking “turn off.”

Via Messenger App

  1. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Go to a button called “active status.”
  3. Press “show when you’re active.”
  4. Confirm with the button “turn off.”
disable facebook messenger

Delete Messenger

You now know how to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger, but you may be at the point where you want to erase your account. If this sounds like you, use the steps listed above to delete your Facebook.

When you delete your Facebook account, you also get rid of Messenger. It is not possible to keep the latter with this option. If you still want access to your old messages, remember to save the archives and data from these social media accounts.

Messenger Updates

Within the last year, some users on Apple devices report that there are changes to how users can deactivate Messenger. These differences are due to app updates. Owners of these smartphones reported that there is no option to deactivate their accounts from the ios app. If this is the case, you have to go through the browser or permanently delete your Facebook.

With this situation occurring, you could delete the app itself. You will still receive notifications on any browser of messages you may have, however. If you want to know how to remove Messenger from Facebook because you need to avoid the nuisance of constant alerts on your smartphone, however, deleting the app is a perfect solution. Follow the steps you typically take on your device to delete any other mobile app and reinstall it through the app store when you are ready for Messenger again.

What Happens to Messages When You Deactivate a Messenger?

When you decide to learn how to deactivate Facebook Messenger, your friends and family members will no longer have the option to message you. They will not even see your profile show up in their list of friends on the platform, as your account is invisible to the other users. You cannot receive any new messages from any account during this time.

Your friends and family members will still see any previous messages that you sent to one another. They are not able to find your account just by searching your name after deactivation, however. If you decide to reactive your account, you will have access to those chats after logging back into your Messenger.

Can You Remove Just Messenger from Facebook?

As mentioned, you can only deactivate Messenger when you deactivate Facebook. With this in mind, it is possible to have just Messenger without Facebook. If you want to know how to remove Messenger from Facebook, however, it is not possible at the current time.

You cannot have Facebook without Messenger. To still avoid notifications, however, delete the app from your phone as mentioned. Remember, you can also follow the steps above to turn off your Messenger. When you perform this step, your account will show as offline to others. Your phone will not receive any notifications either.

How to Reactivate Messenger

If you know how to disable Facebook Messenger, you have to be comfortable with the process to reenable or reactivate it. It is a simple process for you to follow. Consider the steps below.

  1. Download the Messenger app on your Apple or Android phone.
  2. Log in using your email and password registered previously.
  3. Make sure that you are active, and start sending messages!
how to temporarily disable facebook messenger - get messenger

When you look at the list above, you will better understand that all you have to do is log back into your account!

Reactivate Facebook

Though this information focuses on how to disable Facebook Messenger, it is essential to mention Facebook itself. Remember, you have to deactivate it to do the same to Messenger. You do not have to reactivate it, however, to reactivate Messenger. If you do decide to reactivate your Facebook, use the steps in the information below. First, there are instructions for the mobile app.

  1. Download the Facebook app.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Press “login.”
  4. Ensure your newsfeed opens as it should.

The steps below show you the process to reactivate your Facebook account from a computer or browser.

  1. Type in the web address for Facebook.
  2. Log in using your email address or phone number and password.
  3. Ensure your newsfeed opens.

If you reactivate your Facebook, you will automatically reactivate Messenger. You should also know that sometimes if you wait too long to reactivate, the company may permanently disable your account. You can appeal to Facebook as a whole to get your Messenger and your Facebook profile back to you.

Taking Care of Your Privacy

Most individuals want to know how to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger, or even Facebook itself, to regain a sense of privacy. Some even decide to deactivate their accounts to stop the annoying notifications and emails that come in almost constantly from new messages.

You should know by now that you have to start with Facebook. As soon as you deactivate the social media profile, you will have access to do the same to Messenger. Both types of accounts require a deactivation process through the settings section of their menus.

If you do not want to deactivate Messenger right away, consider turning it off. Just make sure you click the button to remove your active status so that you appear offline. You can also delete the app from your phone if that is the primary way you receive the notifications.

Finally, if you do not want to use the steps on how to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger, you can permanently delete it. The only way to follow through with this step is to delete your Facebook account itself. After, you will not have any access to your messages. Be sure to download your account’s archives if you need to reference past information.

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