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You might have encountered a business that gives you vouchers as a reward or a gift for using their company. Vouchers are similar to gift cards and are used strictly for the purpose of the voucher. Rides on Uber or food delivery from Uber Eats are such purposes.

If you’ve received a voucher from a company you’ve used, then you might wonder how to use Uber Eats voucher. It’s a simple process. We’ll walk you through it in this tutorial. We have experience using Uber Eats meal voucher, and we’ll be happy to help you use yours in this in-depth, step-by-step tutorial.

How To Use Or Redeem Your Uber Eats Voucher

A business uses vouchers to cover ride costs or meal costs for select customers or clients. Vouchers are generally sent by email, text, or push notifications. When you’re ready to book a ride or order a meal, simply click on the link:

  • Users must have the newest version of the Uber app on their phones
  • Users with no Uber app downloaded must download the Uber app
  • Users will log into the app and choose either rides or food delivery
  • Users will be prompted to add the voucher to the app they choose
  • Book a ride or order a meal
  • The voucher will be applied at checkout
  • The voucher doesn’t provide a tip for the driver. Users will be prompted to add a tip.

Tips On How To Use Uber Eats Voucher

You must use your personal profile in order to have your voucher redeemed. Your personal profile is the same for both rides and food delivery. If you use your business profile, the voucher won’t show up on any screen. Otherwise, the voucher will only appear at the checkout screen.

What Should I Do If My Uber Voucher Not Working?

Users should keep in mind that companies issuing an Uber business voucher to select customers or clients can’t see the voucher once it leaves their computers. When they push send, it’s all on you.

Now, there are reasons why your Uber voucher not working:

  • You aren’t using the newest version of the Uber app
  • You aren’t ordering or riding within the perimeters of the voucher (you’re trying to order $50 worth of food on a $25 voucher)
  • You’re not ordering or riding on the date specified on the voucher
  • You didn’t add an additional payment method
  • Your location isn’t turned on.

Tips On How To Use Uber Eats Voucher

If you’ve applied the voucher but the app isn’t accepting it, then you’ll have to contact Uber Support. You can use the Help button on the app, but the FAQ sometimes doesn’t cover your particular problem. If you can’t get answers from, then try getting a human at 1-800-593-7069.

Can I Use Tesla Uber Voucher For Uber Eats?

Tesla often gives clients an Uber voucher to cover rides while their automobile is in the shop. The link will appear on the payment method page just above the Confirm button. Tap the On button to turn on the voucher. The link should have been emailed, texted, or push-notified to you. If it wasn’t, then contact the Tesla service center to send you the link.

That’s what a Tesla Uber voucher is. Can I use Tesla Uber voucher for Uber Eats? It depends on what the voucher says; the voucher may only cover rides, or it could cover both. Check the voucher first. If it covers Uber Eats, then you should know:

  • You might be charged an extra delivery fee over and above the cost of your food
  • Check to see if your voucher has an expiration date
  • Previously, users have reported not being able to use the vouchers. Go through the ordering process to see if yours works.

How To Use Your Tesla Uber Eats Voucher

First, you need to add the voucher to your account. On the Payment screen, tap on Add Payment Method. Tap on Gift Cards And Vouchers. Add the voucher code. Now that your voucher is added, you can use it.

How To Use Uber Eats Voucher: Pros And Cons Of Using The Tesla Uber Eats Voucher

As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages. Tesla’s Uber Eats voucher is no different:


  • The voucher can be used to order any food on the Uber Eats app, so be adventurous! Order something different or from a part of town you’ve never seen
  • The voucher can be used many times, so eat up! Have the family over for dinner, treat the office to lunch, or pig out on your own.


  • The vouchers are only good for Uber Eats. If something looks good on PostIt or DoorDash, you’re out of luck
  • The voucher is only good for 30 days. If you can’t or don’t want to eat all that food in 30 days, just remember it won’t come back.

How To Use Uber Eats Voucher FAQ

1. How Long Do Uber Eats Vouchers Last?

Vouchers are only good up to a certain date at a certain time. It will only be paid by that date and time, or in other words when the voucher expires.

2. Are Uber Vouchers And Uber Gift Cards The Same Thing?

No. Vouchers are sometimes called “gift” vouchers, but they’re not gift cards. Gift cards are a physical thing given to someone as a gift. Hence, the name. Vouchers are a digital thing given to clients or customers as a thank you for using someone’s products or services such as Tesla.

3. So An Uber Voucher Isn’t Only For A One-Time Purchase?

No. The voucher is for a pre-determined amount. You can combine Uber rides and Uber Eats up to the dollar amount of the voucher. For example, if the voucher is for $200, you can ride to work and back as well as have lunch or perhaps even dinner ordered from Uber Eats, as long as the costs don’t exceed the $200.

4. Why Don’t Uber Vouchers Cover A Tip For The Driver?

Because you used a company’s products or services, a thank you voucher is issued to you. The Uber driver didn’t use the company’s products or services, so the redeemed voucher won’t cover a tip for the driver. The payment method on your Uber account will be charged for any tip you want to give the driver.

5. Why Is Uber Charging Me? I Have A Voucher

You can only use your personal profile when using a voucher. They don’t work with business profiles. The voucher only applies to the cost of the trip or the food. Anything over that, like tips, isn’t covered. Use your personal payment method for anything over the cost as specified on the voucher.

6. How To Use Uber Eats Voucher: What’s Tesla Got To Do With It?

It all began when Uber made a deal with Hertz in 2021. Hertz would rent Teslas to Uber drivers, who would make a lot of money. Teslas rate as “Lux,” which costs more per ride. So when a Tesla goes into the shop for some reason, the driver would get a voucher. Bon appetit!

7. What Should I Do When I Claim My Voucher, But It Doesn’t Show Up At Checkout?

First, make sure you’re in your personal profile and not your business profile. Second, make sure you have a personal method of payment going on. Now, get out of the Uber app and restart it. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the app. Reinstall the app, which will be the latest or newest version. If all this doesn’t work, then call Uber Support. There could be a glitch somewhere, and they’ll know what to do.

8. Is An Uber Voucher Reloadable Like A Gift Card?

No. An Uber voucher is not a gift card and cannot be reloaded. It’s a gift, yes, but a digital one. It can only be used for the specified amount in the specified time limit on either rides or Uber Eats. That’s it.

9. How To Use Uber Eats Voucher: Are They Transferrable?

No. Vouchers are made out to the customer or client using a company’s services or products. The voucher only goes into this person’s Uber account. Now, the user can always send food to someone else (I’ve used my account to send food to my granddaughter when she was short on funds, for example.) The user can also pay for a ride for someone else. The point is that these things are done in the user’s name and not anyone else’s name.

10. Can I Use Two Vouchers On The Same Order Or Ride?

No. Each voucher is issued for a certain amount to be used within a certain window of time. The vouchers are listed separately on the payment method portion of the app, and cannot be combined to cover one ride or meal.

How Did Vouchers Begin?

A voucher is no more than the disbursement of funds. It works like writing a check: you want to buy something, so you write a check to the company selling the item. The company and the bank exchange cash (or a credit in the company bank account) for the check. It’s the same with a voucher.

That’s physical vouchers. The loyalty side of it has been in evidence since time began. Mankind gives gifts to those who have his back or who buy his products or services. Still, mankind needed some incentive to spend his specie or trade for it at one particular caveman’s establishment instead of someone else’s. The gift voucher answered the need.

Paper gift certificates or vouchers became common in the 1930s at department stores, when they were given to only select customers. Restaurants caught on and began using them. However, fraudsters began Xeroxing near-identical copies of these certificates. No one knew what to do until 1994. That’s when Neiman Marcus began displaying gift cards. The company? Blockbuster.

Now gift vouchers are issued digitally. There’s no danger of the paper certificates being duplicated. There’s also the plus of constantly having on hand (or the nose in) a smartphone or tablet. Hungry? No problem, grab your phone and pull up Uber Eats. Stranded without a car? Got you covered. Pull up Uber and get a ride.


This tutorial is a step-by-step look at how to use Uber Eats voucher. The voucher is emailed, texted, or SMS-ed to you. You open your Uber account, search the payment method for the voucher, tap on it to add it to the payment method, and then order a ride or food. The voucher will appear on the payment screen. Tap on it to pay for the ride or food, and you’re done.

That’s the theory. There could be reasons why it isn’t that simple, such as needing to download the most recent or newest version of the Uber app. We’ve detailed what you should do in case of a glitch, as well as calling Uber Support for help.

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