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One of the best ways to make money in the modern world is to become an independent contractor. You can find a position with companies like PostMates, Uber, DoorDash, or Instacart.

Postmates is one of the most highly recommended companies for independent contractors. You take home every dollar you make, including the tips!

You can learn how to work for Postmates in the step-by-step guide below. The quicker you get the application done, the quicker you can earn!

Meet the Postmates Driver's Requirements

Meet the Postmates Driver's Requirements Postmates age requirement

If you want to learn how to work for Postmates, you have to ensure that you meet all requirements for the brand. First, you have to know the Postmates age requirements to deliver food and groceries.

18 Years or Older

You have to be 18 to drive for Postmates. You can deliver food and groceries to most customers with this Postmates age requirement.

You will need to submit your birthday to prove your age. Postmates will ask for a copy of your identification or driver’s license to verify the information.

21 Years or Older When Delivering Alcohol

When answering how old do you have to be to do Postmates? you know the answer is 18. These individuals cannot pick up every order. You have to be a bit older to do more specialized deliveries.

You have to be 21 years old to purchase or order alcohol in America. You must also be 21 if you want to deliver these beverages to Postmates customers.

Again, you will need to submit your birthday to prove you are 21. Submit your driver’s license or some other form of legally-issued personal identification.

Have a Smartphone

You have to have access to a smartphone if you want to learn how to work for Postmates. Any iPhone or Android allows you to download the Fleet app.

The operating system on your smartphone will matter. You will need to run at least Android 5.0 or iOS 11.

Obtain a Valid Driver's License for the United States

Obtain a Valid Driver's License for the United States

Part of the application process when you want to become a Postmates driver is to submit your age. This detail will inform you of the types of deliveries you can perform.

One of the ways to prove your age is to submit a copy of your driver’s license. It must be valid, meaning it is in date with your picture and name.

Submit Your Social Security Number

Submit Your Social Security Number

You also need to submit your Social Security number when applying to Postmates. The company will need to run a background check on you, and this information helps to verify your personhood.

Provide Approved Authorization if You are Not a United States Citizen

If you are not a United States citizen, you will not have a Social Security number. Thankfully, Postmates allows anyone authorized to work in the United States to drive for them.

You can submit a work permit or visa if you are a legal resident. This document allows you to work in the United States for a specified period. You can earn a paycheck just as a citizen would.

Meet the Vehicle Requirements

Meet the Vehicle Requirements how to work for postmates

One of the other Postmates job requirements is to ensure your vehicle is appropriate. You do not have to prove you have a car registration or up-to-date inspection. You also do not have to provide evidence of insurance on your vehicle.

List of Vehicles Authorized to Make Deliveries With Postmates

There are other methods besides cars that you can use to make deliveries with Postmates. You only have to get the products to the customers quickly.

Some of the transportation methods you can use are in the below list.

  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Wagons
  • On Food
authorized Vehicles to deliver with postmates how to work for postmates Postmates job requirements


First, you can use your bicycle to deliver products with Postmates. This method is best for smaller orders.

Consider the rules on the road for cyclists when delivering. Maintain awareness of your surroundings to ensure you get to your customer.


If you live in an urban environment, you may want to use a scooter to deliver products with Postmates. Again, this method is most appropriate for small orders.

Many of the rules that apply to cyclists and pedestrians are the same for those on a scooter. Maintain safety at all times to effectively perform your job.


As mentioned, a car is the most obvious way for you to learn how to work for Postmates. You only need to have a vehicle that will make it to the customer’s house in one piece.


A truck is similar to a car when becoming a Postmate. The primary difference is that you now have a bed to place the product in.

If you put the order in your truck’s bed, you need to ensure you will not lose any products. Tie the bags down or only keep the heaviest items in the back.

On Foot

If you live in a small neighborhood, you can walk for Postmates. You can pick up the order at your local store, walking it to the customer’s home.

This method is the best way to get exercise. You will need to consider what you can fit in your arms.


Bring a wagon if you want the ability to pick up larger orders while working for Postmates. You can take it to the store, eliminating your need for a grocery cart. Rather than weighing your arms down, you can transport the groceries to your customers with the wagon.

Complete the Application Process

Complete the Application Process how to work for postmates

You can complete the Postmates driver sign-up process if you determine you meet all requirements. The steps required to apply are in the list below.

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Click on the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Sign Up to Deliver.”
  3. Enter your contact details and press “Next.”
  4. Enter any vehicular details you want to provide.
  5. Provide a mailing address for your welcome kit
  6. Provide all of your identity verification documents.
  7. Wait for a response.

You can also download the Fleet app to complete the application. You can press “Sign Up” when opening the software.

Submit Your Contact Details

Postmates asks for a few contact details when applying. You will have to enter your name, phone number, and email address. Eventually, you will also need to provide your location and birthday.

Choose Your Market

The next step in learning how to work for Postmates is to choose your market. Select the city where you want to work.

If you live in an urban environment, you will likely see if Postmates needs new drivers immediately. You can enter the closest city to you if you reside in a rural area.

Select Your Means of Delivery

You will also need to provide Postmates with the method you want to deliver orders. Select from any of the options outlined above.

Remember, you can take your car, bicycle, scooter, or truck. You can also walk on foot and bring a wagon.

Enter Your Mailing Address to Receive the Welcome Kit

Next, you will need to provide your mailing address. Postmates has to send you the welcome kit if you get approved.

You will receive a response on your application before receiving your welcome kit. Do not worry if you do not get it within a few days.

Submit Your Social Security Number and Birthdate

Finally, you will need to submit your Social Security number and birthday. This information will help Postmates perform a background check on you.

You will eventually need to upload your driver’s license also. This form of identification will give information about your driving history.

Wait for the Background Check to Return

Wait for the Background Check to Return how old do you have to be to do postmates

The longest part of the Postmates application process is the waiting period. Postmates will perform a background check to ensure you are not a danger to potential customers.

When your background check finalizes, you will receive a response from the company. This information will inform you if you can effectively work for Postmates.

Submit All Required Documents

There are three primary documents you need to submit for Postmates to perform a background check. This information will also help the company prove you are who you say you are.

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Birthday
  • Your Social Security Number

Wait for the Results of the DMV Check

Wait for the Results of the DMV Check

Wait for the results from the DMV when submitting your application to Postmates. The company only wants to hire responsible drivers.

Postmates plays a significant risk when allowing drivers to deliver products to customers. They do not want to work with anyone unsafe.

Status of Driver's License

First, Postmates will check the status of your driver’s license. They want to ensure it is up-to-date and not expired.

Postmates will also check to see if you have a suspended license. They do not want to work with someone who cannot legally drive.

Postmates Driver Requirements

The next thing to do is to see if you have any points on your license. Most of the time, minor violations are not a big deal.

Postmates will notice your account if you have repeated violations of this nature. They will also look for serious traffic violations that show a pattern of unsafe driving behaviors.

Accidents or Violations and Associated Fines

As mentioned, Postmates will likely ignore minor infractions on your driving record. Anyone can get a speeding ticket at any time.

The company will review any accidents that are on your record. You may not get the job if you have several reckless driving accusations. You will also reduce your chances if you have a hit and run.


The most serious driving infarctions that Postmates will look for are those associated with driving under the influence. Postmates does not want to work with someone who recklessly operates a motor vehicle in this manner.

Wait for the Results of the Criminal Check

Wait for the Results of the Criminal Check postmates age requirements

Part of the background check process is for Posmates to review your criminal history. You are the face of the company, representing it to any customer you encounter.

Postmates wants its customers to have a safe experience. They have to ensure that you do not pose a risk of danger to them.

Data Obtained on Sexual and Violent Crimes

First, Postmates will look for any evidence of sexual and violent crimes. If they see these convictions in your record, you may lose the chance of driving.

These crimes are some of the most serious offenses. Postmates will not hire someone who has the potential to harm a customer.

Data Obtained on Theft

Next, Postmates will want to ensure that you do not have a history of theft. You have to go to customers’ homes and stores all day.

Postmates will not hire someone who consistently steals. They do not want you taking anything from the customer’s order or the store.

Data Obtained on Property Damage

Property damage is another serious offense under Postmates’ background check policy. Again, you will have to visit different homes and businesses throughout the day.

If you have a history of property damage, you are not trustworthy enough to enter stores and customers’ homes. Postmates wants to work with someone who will respect any location they visit.

Data Obtained on Prior Felonies

Finally, Postmates will look for any other prior felonies. They will consider your previous convictions and the circumstances surrounding those crimes. It is up to Postmates’ discretion to determine if they want to hire you or not.

Upload a Picture

After receiving your acceptance email, you can start setting up your profile. Customers will see your name and picture when you pick up an order for them.

Submit a picture that makes you look friendly and outgoing. Try to look professional while not looking too aggressive.

Wait for Your Welcome Kit

Postmates will automatically send the welcome kit to your home. Remember, you have to enter your mailing address in the application process.

Typically, it takes up to 14 days to receive your welcome kit. Postmates will review your application within a week, and they will send the package out for delivery.

What Comes with the Welcome Kit?

Postmates has two primary items that come in your welcome kit. You will receive your hot and cold bag and your prepaid card.

Hot and Cold Bag

The hot and cold bag lets you safely transport food to your customers’ homes. These individuals do not want to receive products that got lukewarm or that melted while in transport. The hot and cold bag can help keep any food items fresh for as long as possible.

Prepaid Card

The second item you will receive when becoming a Postmate is the prepaid card. Some stores and restaurants require you to pay for the customer’s order.

The card will not take any of your paychecks. The money will come directly from Postmates and what the customer paid for their order.

Download the Fleet App

Download the Fleet App how to work for postmates

Once you receive your welcome kit, you will need to download the Fleet app. Remember, you will need at least Android 5.0 or iOS 11 to use it.

When you download the app, you will enter your email or phone number. A temporary verification code will arrive at either contact method, allowing you to access your account.

Link Your Prepaid Card to Your Account

Link Your Prepaid Card to Your Account how to work for postmates

After you download the Fleet app, you will need to link your prepaid card. The steps are in the list provided below.

  1. Open the Fleet app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the menu in the top left corner.
  3. Press on your picture.
  4. Tap “Prepaid Card,” followed by “Activate New Card.”
  5. Enter the card information.
  6. Provide the last four digits of the prepaid card.
  7. Follow the remaining on-screen prompts.

Start Delivering

After you learn how to work for Postmates, you can start delivering orders! You will see requests show up on your home screen, and you will need to accept or decline them.

Once you accept an order, go to the appropriate store or restaurant. Click “Picked” or “Unavailable,” depending on your order.

Finally, you can navigate to the customer’s home. Again, you can press “Delivered to Customer” or Nobody Available.”

Start Working for Postmates!

You should now know how to work for Postmates! You will have to complete the application, providing your contact details and verification information.

After Postmates receives all the necessary information, you will undergo a background check. Wait for the results to receive your welcome kit and start making money!

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