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Inmotion Hosting
Review 2020

A US-based host that supports open-source technologies, is highly scalable, has blazing speeds and promises great uptime, and has a great variety of plan options.


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inmotion hosting full review

Why Choose Inmotion Hosting?

InMotion makes web hosting easy. Every common operation, such as installing WordPress, can be done in one click. For those who prefer command-lines, you may use SSH as well! With a free domain name, state-of-the-art security, and even free marketing tools, InMotion is a great choice for almost any user!



an uptime guarantee

Dual data center approach allows great accessibility for US-based users.


blazing speeds in North America

Dual data center approach allows great accessibility for US-based users.


WordPress-friendly options

Dual data center approach allows great accessibility for US-based users.


support for different platforms

Dual data center approach allows great accessibility for US-based users.


SSD Drives

SSD-based plans allow users peace of mind that their content will be served and processed quickly.


scaling for all kinds of businesses and blogs:

Dual data center approach allows great accessibility for US-based users.


24/7 support

Dual data center approach allows great accessibility for US-based users.



Data Centers

InMotion Hosting’s data centers are located only in the United States. If you are trying to reach customers in Asia, for example, there might be higher latency.

inmotion hosting reliable hosting overview

What is Inmotion Hosting?

Botton Line: InMotion Hosting is a US-based host that specializes in WordPress sites (but does support other platforms). Many of its features are helpful for those in the eCommerce business. It prides itself on its “A+” BBB rating and seemingly infinite customer support options and its commitment to high speeds and uptime.

InMotion Hosting is a popular web hosting service, which has an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a private organization that’s been around since 1916.  BBB rates businesses based on the quality of their products and customer satisfaction.

Types of Plans

Looking for a WordPress host that will actually set up or migrate your site with zero hassle? InMotion doesn’t just offer WordPress installations. It will provide full-service Managed WordPress hosting! No more worrying about databases and backups!

InMotion doesn’t just do WordPress hosting. Here are some services it offers:

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Website Creator
  • Business-class Hosting

All of these come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your hosting package, you can get a refund on most packages just by submitting a ticket!

bbb rate for inmotion hosting

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a major concern for most potential clients. Some hosts make signing up and “provisioning,” or setting up your server, take what seems to be an eternity, but then expect you to always pay right on time. On the other hand, InMotion Hosting makes the whole process streamlined and straightforward as “1-2-3”. Here’s how.


Simple Sign Up Process

Enter your basic information after picking your plan. Note: 24/7 Support chat is available to assist you!


Personalized Experience

You are contacted immediately by the Inmotion Team. You’ll be asked what your goals are, what type of site you want, and perhaps a few other short questions.


Create a Website!

You will be sent a few different logins for panels and InMotion’s Premium “Boldgrid” Site Builder. This allows you to create websites without writing code! You can also choose to make or migrate your WordPress site!


Inmotion's Features


Botton Line:  InMotion has lots of features, mostly geared towards WordPress administrators. They allow webmasters to either perform certain actions or pay InMotion to do it! Notably, InMotion offers every major eCommerce plug-in, a one-click app installation wizard, a full suite of marketing tools, fully managed security, and even a free domain!


InMotion Hosting gives customers several options when it comes to WordPress. Since customers have varying levels of experience with the program, there are many ways to get it up and running painlessly.

Let InMotion Handle It

If you don’t want to deal with WordPress installation, let the pros tackle it for you! Within two business days, you can have a beautiful WordPress site up and running! (Note: This service costs a one-time fee of $99.)

inmotion hosting ease of use

Use BoldGrid

If you’d rather handle it yourself, you can sign up for WordPress hosting, which allows you to install the WordPress base painlessly. You can then use InMotion’s site builder to create new pages.

Manually Install

You always have the option of manually installing WordPress yourself. If you’re already an expert, you can install it using FTP and your command line. For a detailed tutorial on this, click here.


It seems like every day, we hear about another data breach.

When I had my first WordPress site up and running, I was very proud. However, I left it on “autopilot” and did not set up any security measures, and my site was ultimately hacked.

Many business and website owners don’t take cybersecurity seriously until they have an incident. With InMotion’s security tools, you can have an online shop and know that your customers’ data is safe and sound! The Security Suite for all plans includes:

Free SSL

Free SSL with each plan allows your users to know it is actually your trusted website they are accessing. This prevents “man-in-the-middle attacks” and helps build trust in your brand.

Hack Protection

Imagine waking up one morning and seeing your website completely defaced, all your databases stolen, and many customers lost. With InMotion Hosting, you are protected against these threats!

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks occur when malicious users send a massive amount of traffic to your website at once with the intent of making it inaccessible. This makes it impossible for people to use your website or purchase your products. InMotion Hosting protects against these attacks (up to 50 Gigabits).

E-commerce Tools

Have a shop and ready to expand to the web? Let InMotion Hosting help you! Some of your free eShop options include:


Completely open source plug-in based on PHP that allows for store management. Supports multiple countries and currencies.


“Freemium” software (the core is free, but users can choose to use paid plug-ins) that is similar to OpenCart and supports more than 60 languages.


Another completely open-source plug-in that allows for shops using all common currencies and languages. Very similar to OpenCart.


With so many options, you can easily select one that works for you. Don’t get ripped off by other hosts that force you to pay a monthly fee simply so you can sell your items!

Free & Regular Backups

So maybe you accidentally deleted an important database, or you deleted a table that you need. Without you needing to do anything, free and regular backups of your content are done to ensure that you can operate without a hitch!

Domain Name Included

A “Top-Level Domain” (TLD) is included in your package for the first year and can be renewed at a discounted price in later years. That means that you can have a professional presence online with a “.com,” “.org,” “.net,” or many more.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Rather than use old-school storage technology, InMotion Hosting uses state of the art storage mechanisms, allowing easy access to data you host. Solid State Drives (SSDs) do not get overheated nearly as easily as their alternatives.

Access times to everything are much faster. This is because, unlike older types of storage like HDDs, there are no moving parts to wait for.

This makes the physical hardware behind your site more secure and far less prone to failure. Wait time is critical in customers’ and users’ decisions to pay for or use your service or forego it. Don’t lose business opportunities; commit to using SSD today!

Installation Wizard for Apps

Tired of finagling with the command line just to install a simple application on your site? InMotion Hosting saves you the trouble with a graphical installation wizard that will drop any of hundreds of apps on your site in seconds!

Open Source Software

InMotion Hosting uses Open Source software, like WordPress. Rather than using paid tools, you get to use the best technology in the Open Source arena! This helps free, Open Source developer communities grow, and it passes the savings along to you. In short, using Open Source software is a win for everyone!

Your name @ Your Domain

Still using an email address with a standard provider, or even your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Always look sharper and more professional with an email address that is actually from your website. Show your customers and associates that you mean business with an “original” email, like (your_name)@(! Remember, this feature is included for free, and since you also get your domain for free with most packages, there isn’t a reason to not take advantage of it!

Unmetered Transfer

Rather than have some arbitrary limit of data you can use until your website is shut down (or you get charged more), InMotion decided to remove data transfer limits. No more worrying about hitting a “data cap” or getting charged extra because more people are using your web application or visiting your site!

Marketing Tools

A suite of tools designed to help all of your marketing campaigns, from emails out to a customer list to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools so that new customers can find your website, producing fresh leads for your business!

inmotion hosting performance and uptime

Inmotion's Performance


Botton Line:  With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and strategically located data centers in Virginia and California, InMotion’s data centers are never far from your US customers! This, combined with WordPress optimizations, a quick response time, and full CDN access, creates a great performance for US-based websites (but international visitors may experience “lag”)!


With InMotion Hosting, you’re guaranteed 99.9% uptime. This allows for the (very) occasional downtime if there is a slip-up beyond their control, but that your website will be up at least 999.99 out of every 1,000 minutes!

InMotion Hosting is so certain of their services that most packages qualify for a month of free service if their 99.99% uptime guarantee is not met.

If you would like to see their published guarantee, along with more detailed information about how their data pipeline works, click here!


When your business is online, speed is everything.

InMotion is constantly partnering with new peers, acquiring more modern hardware to provide the fastest experience possible as technology evolves, and keeping a team in-tact to respond to network downtime incidents on-call all to ensure you and your customers get the best experience possible!

Data Centers:

Latency creates headaches for users when your servers are located too far away. Using one single data center allows for no redundancy, which is key to reliability. This is why InMotion Hosting uses two strategically located data centers. Since they are on each coast, US-based users will experience blazing speeds.

Ashburn, Virginia

This data center relies on a Tier 1 ISP and has a total of 30 gigabits of connectivity. This strategic location allows customers from the eastern half of the country to access your content quickly.

Los Angeles, California

This data center also relies on a Tier 1 ISP. It has a total of 60 gigabits of connectivity. This strategic location allows users from the western half of the country to access your content with minimal latency.

One data center on the east coast and one on the west coast of the country means that people all over the country will be able to access your website quickly. From a computer shop in California to a local brewery in South Carolina, you’ll never need to worry about losing business or users.

inmotion security suit

Inmotion's Security


Botton Line: InMotion utilizes the “defense-in-depth” principle with security. Their engineers use advanced systems to monitor the network for malicious traffic and attack attempts and block them. You’re also given the Sucuri Anti-Malware plug-in for free, so their engineers can deal with network-wide threats, and you can maintain your own site’s security!

monitors the network for malicious activities

The company begins its security all the way up to the network layer, where it constantly monitors for attempted break-ins using an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

Regardless of the type of hosting you choose, your site will be logically separated from other users’ sites. This means that, for all intents and purposes, there is a “wall” between your content and their content. If another user chooses to install dangerous software, it will never affect your content.

Sucuri anti-malware plug-in

Even at the session and application layers, InMotion Hosting makes security a top priority. For WordPress customers, the Sucuri anti-malware plug-in is provided for free. For every customer, Managed hosting comes with constant monitoring for threats and attacks.

You don’t need to be a cybersecurity expert to know that your business and website are safe and secure with InMotion Hosting!

inmotion hosting plans and services

Inmotion's Plans and Services


Botton Line:  InMotion offers plans at every level. You can get shared hosting, WordPress-optimized hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and even dedicated server hosting (dedicated network uptime is 99.999%)! You decide whether you’d like your site(s) to be managed by InMotion or if you’d like to do it yourself.

It’s no secret that there is plenty of competition in the hosting market. That’s why InMotion Hosting has a plan to fit every need and a price to fit every budget.

For Small Businesses/eCommerce Sites, Small Forums, and Developers

The best bang for your buck will likely be “Shared Hosting.” All of these plans come with free SSL, a free marketing suite, and a free security suite. All plans also get you unlimited data transfer, emails, and disk space. You’ll also receive a domain for free.

inmotion hosting shared hosting

Launch Plan (currently $6.39/mo):

Best for those who are just starting out. It comes with support for two domains and decent performance.

Pro Plan (currently $14.71/mo)

Best for rapidly growing businesses or resource-intensive web applications. This plan has quadruple the performance power of the “Launch” Plan. This plan simply offers unlimited everything! It comes with the 99.9% uptime guarantee within the Service-Level Agreement (SLA)!

Power Plan (currently $8.49/mo):

Best for small businesses. This plan has double the performance power of the “Launch” Plan and support for six domains.

For Larger Businesses/eCommerce Sites and Larger Forums or SaaS Products

If you have a larger business or eCommerce Site, you might benefit from one of InMotion Hosting’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) Plans! This gives you root access to your own virtual server! All come with free SSL, server management, cPanel licenses, and management! You even choose your own data center!

inmotion hosting vps hosting

VPS-1000HA-S (currently $29.19/mo)

Best for users who need “root access” to a virtual server (or access to a command-line terminal) but need less resources. It comes with 4GB RAM, 75GB Storage, and 4TB Bandwidth.

VPS-3000HA-S (currently $69.34/mo)

Best for users who need terminal access and expect a high volume of traffic and resource consumption. It comes with 8GB RAM, 260GB Storage, and 6TB Bandwidth.

VPS-2000HA-S (currently $47.39/mo)

Best for users who expect their web application to consume a moderate amount of resources and require terminal access. It comes with 6GB RAM, 150GB Storage, and 5TB Bandwidth.

For Huge Businesses

If you’ve outgrown a VPS, it’s time to consider dedicated servers. This means you rent your own physical server at a data center of your choice.

There are several Dedicated Server plans to fit your needs, and all of them come with at least two hours of server management time. You may choose a higher space plan (using an HDD) or a higher performance plan (using an SDD).

All hardware options, such as RAM, CPU speed and core amount, storage, and even IP count, can be customized and scaled as needed. They start at $105.69/mo.

inmotion hosting dedicated server hosting

Just a Domain

Already host a site but need a domain for it? Purchase one for just $15.99!

inmotion hosting customer support

Inmotion's Customer Support


Botton Line:  InMotion offers a wealth of support options to fit every need. Of course, you’ll get the standard options of email, tickets, and chat. However, you also will get domestic and international phone-based support. InMotion even offers alternative contact options, such as Skype, to help you manage your site more effectively!


Frequently Asked Questions

Search for instant answers!


Account Management Panel (AMP) Ticket

Can’t get an answer from the FAQs? Send in a ticket describing your problem, and a technician will be on it as soon as possible! AMP.


Send an Email

Can’t access your AMP? Send an email to [email protected] and get fast support!


Live Chat

If you need help now, you can use the Live Chat feature! This gives you instant access to customized help!


Phone Support

If you need help now, InMotion Hosting provides a 24/7 support line! Just call 1-888-321-HOST (4678) and then press 4 to be connected to a live agent!


International Phone Support

Not in the United States but need help? Call 1-757-416-6575 and select Option 4!


Even More Options!

Need more options, like Skype? Just go to the Contact Us page!

inmotion hosting full review

Final Verdict


If you have a blog, business, forum, or anything in between, and your target demographic is North America, InMotion is a great choice!