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If you work in the retail or food industry, you know that you ship products to customers or other companies. If you work in a warehouse or other processing facility, you likely understand the need for employees to pack boxes for the road.

If you need packing station ideas, read the details in the article below. You will find details about layout options, the best portable workspaces, and more. Bringing a sturdy packing station to your workplace can make a difference for yourself, your employees, and coworkers.

Packing Stations are Essential to Many Businesses

If you work in a warehouse or have experience in one, you likely know what a packing station is. This distribution center feature provides you the space you need to place outgoing products in boxes. They also have storage solutions to keep your packing materials in one place.

Packing station ideas are necessary for other industries as well. If you work in a packhouse, you will need an extremely sanitary environment. Try to place your table in a closed space.

If you have a small retail space, you only need a portable packing station that gives enough room for one or two people.

Packing Station Layout Ideas

As mentioned, several work industries require you to determine a packing station layout. Find out more about the most common in the information below.


A packhouse is a warehouse specifically for the shipment of foods, including fruits and vegetables. Sanitation is the top priority of these facilities. Ultimately, employees have to prevent making customers sick.

packing station ideas warehouse packing station layout

One of the packing station ideas for a packhouse is to keep the area in an enclosed space. Most experts agree that you can work among open walls if you have a way to keep pests away.

Ultimately, try to keep the packing station free of clutter. As mentioned, sanitation is the top priority of facilities such as packhouses. Try to develop a cleaning schedule with your coworkers or employees.

Make sure any lights on your packing station tables are shatter-proof. Ensure that water has a place to drain. Keep just enough space between the wall and the packing station to eliminate the risks of pests.

Distribution Centers

A distribution center, also known as a warehouse, is a facility where employees fulfill orders from an e-commerce site or other company. Packing station ideas for these spaces are slightly less stressful than for packhouses.

gravity flow tracks wearhouse shelves packing station ideas warehouse packing station layout

A warehouse packing station layout requires enough space to place products in boxes. Usually, some shelves are present to give you room for shipping materials and other items.

Some warehouses install gravity flow tracks on their packing station tables. These features give you easy access to your packing paper, tape, boxes, and other shipping supplies. You can hang tools, such as scissors or tape guns, on the edge of the packing station.

Online Retail Spaces

The setup for an online retailer is very similar to the warehouse packing station layout. You will need the space to place your products in the appropriate boxes as they come up.

women working from home taking picture of an open box packing station ideas

If you have a small e-commerce business, you will not need as much space as massive warehouses. You can use a portable packing station, as outlined in the below information. Many of those options will include shelves for your storage needs, including packing materials and other necessary products.

Ultimately, the size of the bench has enough space for one or two people to work at it. Many of these smaller options come with adjustable height settings to keep you comfortable.

Even smaller packing station ideas can fit upwards of 1,000 pounds. Always read the product specifications on anything you purchase.

Where to Purchase Moveable Packing Station Designs and Accessories

Amazon is an e-commerce site where you can find a DIY packing station or other moveable designs. Learn more about some of the best options in the list below.

Seville Classics Ultrahd Rolling Workbench (Granite)

The first portable packing station that you can consider on Amazon is the Seville Classics Ultra HD Rolling Workbench. As you can assume from the title, this option has wheels so that you can roll it wherever you need it.

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The front of this portable packing station has several drawers and cubby spaces, all different in size. The two largest have shelves in them that allow you to adjust the height. The stainless steel on the packing station is fingerprint-resistant, meaning it will stay clean.

This packing station will allow you to store and carry up to 500 pounds. The workbench itself weighs 250 pounds, so it is sturdy.

Do not worry, push-bars made from stainless steel are on either side of the station. These features allow you to move it with ease.

GOLDORO Tools Multipurpose Workbench with Power Outlets and Light

One of the most popular packing station ideas is the GOLDORO Tools Multipurpose Workbench. This option has power outlets so that you can plug in any devices you need for your workplace processes.

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This station comes with a pegboard, giving you space to hang up the tools and documents you need. There is a 14-watt light to let you see in the darkest areas of the warehouse.

The power strip has three outlets, allowing you to plugin, at most, three devices. There are several small drawers on the station for your storage needs while at work.

Finally, this workstation is ultra-durable steel. It will last you for years to come, and the tabletop can handle up to 220 pounds. If you want to work on the top shelf, you will get a weight allowance of 44 pounds.

Seville Classics UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench on Wheels with Sliding Organizer Drawer Table


Consider the Seville Classics UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench if you want to consider compact packing station ideas. The surface is a one-inch thick piece of wood, giving you plenty of durabilities.

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02/18/2024 01:23 am GMT

The wood tabletop surface has a layer of polyurethane on it, further enhancing the durability of this workstation. It can accommodate power tools, clamps, mounts, and any other equipment you need to use in your workplace.

The frame of this workstation is steel, and it will withstand any tough jobs you have to do. There are two pull-out drawers on the front, including compartments for your organizational needs.

This workstation has wheels on the bottom of it, allowing you to move it wherever you need it. There are two locks to prevent the product from rolling away.

John Boos JNS10 Maple Top Work Table with Galvanized Steel Base

The last on this list of packing station tables is the John Boos JNS10 Maple Top Work Table with Galvanized Steel Base and Adjustable Galvanized Lower Shelf. This option has an extra-long workspace that is 60 inches long.

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The maple wood top uses grain construction, which helps to reinforce its durability. Underneath, you will find a stainless steel base to store your heaviest equipment.

The stainless steel base on the bottom of this workstation is adjustable. You can move it to your desired height for ease of access.

Some individuals will enjoy that the manufacturing facility for this product is in the United States. It uses local maple wood to give you the highest quality workstation possible.

Why Is It Important to Configure a Packing Station?

You need to look for packing station ideas if you want your work processes to go smoother. You will have access to all of your supplies and the products that need to ship in one seamless place. Other employees will likely be at the table with you, meaning you can ensure accurate results.

Components of an Ideal Packing Station

Components of an Ideal Packing Station packing station ideas

There are several components to consider when coming up with packing station ideas. Some of the most essential are below.

Wheels with Lock Mechanisms

When looking at a warehouse packing station layout, you need to ensure that your table has wheels. These features will help you move your workbench where you need it.

Shelf Dividers

Not only should your packing station have shelves, but it should also have dividers. Keep your shipping materials organized using these features.

Some of these packing stations have shelves on the top and bottom. Place your heavier goods on the latter.

LCD Monitor and Arm

If you have automated processes in place at your business, you need an LCD monitor and extending arm. The latter will help you extend out and move the screen as necessary. You can monitor the data no matter where you choose to work at the packing station.

Power-Assistance Features

You will need your packing station to have power-assistance features if you use heavy equipment in your workplace. Use a vertical lift module if you need to ship massive products. Consider a horizontal carousel to keep the heavy shipments moving through the process.

Useful Tips for Designing a Packing Station

Useful Tips for Designing a Packing Station

If you want to build a DIY packing station, use the below tips.

  • Give your packing station a job title. Treat is as an additional employee. This tip will encourage you to take care of your equipment, plus you can determine what you want the station to do for you.
  • Write out a detailed list of all of the equipment and features you want on the packing station. Keep an inventory of the materials you will store on the table.
  • Document the policies and procedures surrounding the use of the packing station. Make sure every employee knows about the strategies you will use in the packing process.
  • Work with a contractor to design the model you want. These professionals can help you get the exact station you need for your workplace.

Functions that Packing Stations and Workstations Should Accomplish

Functions that Packing Stations and Workstations Should Accomplish

There are several functions that you can accomplish when working with a packing station. Some of the most common workflows are below.

Consolidate Orders

Packing stations can help you stay organized when packing orders. Some individuals are in charge of receiving and boxing the products, while others send them off for shipment.


You should keep any labeling tools you need at your packing station. As soon as the products go into a box, print out the shipping information. Attach the email to the outside of the package.

Double-Check Shipping Details

Before you send the package off, take time at the packing station to look over the order. You need to confirm the accuracy of the information on the shipping label. Finally, take the time to ensure that the product remains of the highest possible quality.

Future Growth of Packing Stations

Future Growth of Packing Stations packing station ideas

The goal in the future of packing stations is to continue making the process more efficient and accurate. Your customers deserve to receive their packages promptly without having to deal with errors.

Part of the future endeavors in the packing process involves automated processes. You can read more about those in the below section.

Automation Requirements for Packing Stations

Part of the future of packing stations includes the automation process. This feature can improve accuracy and efficiency in your workplace.

The automation process can retrieve an order from an appropriate shelf, placing it in the appropriate carton. It can fold the box shut, sealing it after. Finally, the automated processes will weigh and measure the carton to get it ready for shipment.

Layout Ideas for Packing Stations

If you have a business in the retail or food industries, you need to come up with packing station ideas. You likely have corporate and personal customers that require shipments from your company. A packing station is a tool in your workplace where your employees can work together to box and fulfill orders.

Each specific business will require a different packing station. If you have a startup business, you likely only need a small workspace. It is completely up to you and your needs, so keep in mind what your company needs.

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