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August 2021

Whether you’re a tech rookie or vet or know someone who’s into tech, check out our hand-picked list of cool stuff! As techies ourselves, we compiled these awesome lists of cost-effective products! Whether you’re looking for something educational, something practical, or just something fun, we’ve got you covered.

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awesome products for developers
15 Phone Stands to Record Drawings

Deciding to make videos to post online can be an incredibly fun and lucrative endeavor to explore. If you enjoy drawing and are looking for

best lap desks for gaming
21 Best Lap Desks for Gaming

As we continuously find new and innovative ways to make technology smaller and smarter, a new trend has emerged: gaming laptops. These laptops are often

best office chairs under 400 - best ergonomic office chair for lower back pain
27 Best Office Chairs Under $400

These days, everyone wants to design the perfect home office. Work-from-home positions are on the rise, meaning that an ideal setup is essential to productivity.

Best lighting for zoom calls
Best lighting for Zoom Calls

The new normal for many people includes talking to friends, family, and coworkers over the computer. Zoom has become the go-to when it comes to

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