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November 2020

Whether you’re a tech rookie or vet or know someone who’s into tech, check out our hand-picked list of cool stuff! As techies ourselves, we compiled these awesome lists of cost-effective products! Whether you’re looking for something educational, something practical, or just something fun, we’ve got you covered.

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awesome products for developers
best office chairs under 400 - best ergonomic office chair for lower back pain
27 Best Office Chairs Under $400

These days, everyone wants to design the perfect home office. Work-from-home positions are on the rise, meaning that an ideal setup is essential to productivity.

best gifts for game developers
25 Awesome Gifts For Game Developers

Home Product Reviews Gifts Get Awesome Gifts for Game Developers As expert reviewers, we’ll give you 25 great ideas for gifts for game developers, straight

Best Gifts for instagrammers and influencers social media
37 Best Gifts for Instagrammers

Though Instagram has been around for quite some time, its digital dominance wasn’t fully known until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With many people around the

best computer monitors under 300 dollars
16 Best Computer Monitors Under $300

You may not have thought about what a difference a high-quality computer monitor can make in your life. Additionally, you might think that you don’t

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