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January 2022

If you are wondering how to be more organized and productive, we have created these comprehensive how-to guides to help you become more effective in life and work.

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how to markup a PDF in Adobe Reader

How to Markup a PDF in Adobe Reader

Table of Contents PDFs are popular file options because they protect the information contained within them. It doesn’t matter if you are sending a business proposal, letter, or

how to remove Grammarly from Chrome

How to Remove Grammarly From Chrome

Table of Contents Adding extensions to your browser can be a great way to enhance your computer experience. There are many different options to choose from, and if

How to Sound Professional in an Email

Table of Contents Sounding professional in an email can not only make you sound intelligent and experienced, but this is a great way to prove to your employer

how to save Amazon invoice as PDF

How to Save Amazon Invoice as PDF

Table of Contents Amazon changed how we shop online. The site offers a bit of everything, so it’s possible to find groceries, tools, books, office items, and everything

How to Reduce Price on Facebook Marketplace

How to Reduce Price on Facebook Marketplace

Table of Contents Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms available in modern times. It comes with a wide range of features, including Facebook Marketplace,

how to organize tasks at work

How to Organize Tasks at Work

Table of Contents If there’s one place we spend a lot of time away from our families, it’s at work. While there, employers have an expectation that you

how to structure a tutoring session

How to Structure a Tutoring Session

Table of Contents Tutoring is a thing these days. Wondering how to structure a tutoring session to facilitate the best results for the student is a good question

how to fix grainy photos on iphone

How to Fix Grainy Photos on iPhone

Table of Contents In modern times, some photographers love the look of grainy photos as they give off a vintage-like look. Others, however, would prefer not to have

how to get sharpie off leather

How to Get Sharpie Off Leather

Table of Contents Leather is one of those materials that is incredibly versatile and durable. From belts to purses to wallets to shoes to furniture, leather is rugged

how to make money with my cargo van

How to Make Money With My Cargo Van

Table of Contents If you’re like most people, then having some extra money in your pocket is a good thing. Since you probably aren’t going to find bundles

how to apologize professionally in an email

How to Apologize Professionally in an Email

Table of Contents As humans, we are prone to make mistakes. While perfection may be something we all strive for, it’s not something that anyone has attained, nor

How to delete archived orders on Amazon

How to Delete Archived Orders on Amazon

Table of Contents Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping platforms. You can buy virtually anything you can think of through browsing the website or app.

how to listen to music offline on iPhone

How to Download Single Songs on Spotify

Table of Contents If you are a Spotify premium user, you can download songs to your device for offline listening. This feature is beneficial as you can take

Spotify student renew not working

How to Reverify Spotify Student

Table of Contents Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services available. You can listen to your favorite tunes on the browser, mobile app, or desktop

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