Productivity & Organization

June 2022

If you are wondering how to be more organized and productive, we have created these comprehensive how-to guides to help you become more effective in life and work.

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best place to get art prints made

Best Place to Get Art Prints Made

Emtpy Table of Contents If you are an artist, you likely enjoy making prints of your work. You can use these canvases in your home as decor or

how to search within a website on google

How to Search Within a Website on Google

Table of Contents You Might Also Like: Google Drive Tricks The internet has made it possible for you to get information quickly and easily, whether you are at

how to close instacart account

How to Close Instacart Account

Table of Contents Instacart became one of the most popular apps on smartphones in the middle of the pandemic. Customers wanted to order groceries to avoid crowded public

how to reactivate lyft account

How to Reactivate Lyft Account

Table of Contents Gig jobs are more popular than ever before. You can find side work driving passengers or delivering food and groceries. Lyft is one of the

how reliable is lyft scheduled rides

How Reliable Is Lyft Scheduled Rides

Table of Contents If you’re pondering how reliable is Lyft scheduled rides, then you’ve come to the right place. Lyft didn’t like the idea when it was first

how to write a book with no experience

How to Write a Book With No Experience

Table of Contents Do you have a story rumbling around in your brain? Are you an avid reader that thinks you have the imagination to create a story

how to make a grid in InDesign

How to Make a Grid in Indesign

Table of Contents InDesign is the perfect software program for any business or designer. It is also beneficial for editors of magazines, newspapers, and books. There are so

how to use similac checks on amazon

How to Use Similac Checks on Amazon

Table of Contents Prices increase every day, and they continue to be higher in stores across America. Parents especially struggle to afford the costs of baby food and

how to remove Grammarly from Chrome

How to Remove Grammarly From Chrome

Table of Contents Adding extensions to your browser can be a great way to enhance your computer experience. There are many different options to choose from, and if

How to Get Multiple Orders on Doordash

How to Get Multiple Orders on Doordash

How to get multiple orders on DoorDash is a simple matter of analyzing the delivery areas ordering the most food, and intelligent managing of the orders accepted. This

how to find someone on venmo

How to Find Someone on Venmo

Table of Contents Venmo is one of the best payment platforms that are available for free. You can use this “digital wallet” as a social platform as you

How to Merge Voice Memos

How to Merge Voice Memos

Table of Contents If you have a smartphone or a computer, you can easily create a voice memo. These recordings help you create a speech, remember information, or

How to Put a Video on Top of Another Video

How to Put a Video on Top of Another Video

Table of Contents Videos have always been a quick, easy way to interact with large audiences. In the past, creating and editing videos was an expensive endeavor and

how to downgrade costco membership

How to Downgrade Costco Membership

Table of Contents Being a member of a warehouse store can be incredibly beneficial. You get access to large quantities of products that often aren’t available anywhere else,

how to add gift card to venmo

How to Add Gift Card to Venmo

Table of Contents Venmo is one of the most popular payment apps. Friends and family members can send money to one another, including GIFs and images for a

How to delete archived orders on Amazon

How to Delete Archived Orders on Amazon

Table of Contents Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping platforms. You can buy virtually anything you can think of through browsing the website or app.

How to Submit a Screenplay to Netflix

How to Submit a Screenplay to Netflix

Table of Contents When you think of the film industry, you likely think of the big box offices and the productions that everyone knows about. Your mind likely

how to highlight text in Canva

How to Highlight Text in Canva

Table of Contents Canva is one of the best graphic design tools that are available for free. You can use the mobile app or the desktop browser to