Productivity & Organization

May 2022

If you are wondering how to be more organized and productive, we have created these comprehensive how-to guides to help you become more effective in life and work.

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how to make a to-do list on Mac

How to Make a to-do List on Mac

To-do lists are beneficial to anyone, no matter your job or schooling. You likely have experience using a notepad and pen to write down everything you need to

how to stop getting emails from someone - how to stop getting emails from someone on Gmail

How to Stop Getting Emails From Someone

Email is one of the most common forms of communication, and more than four billion people worldwide have an email address. It’s quick and easy to send a

how to transcribe an interview quickly - tips on transcribing interviews

How to Transcribe an Interview Quickly

If you’ve ever tried to take notes while someone else was talking, you probably quickly realized that they can speak faster than you can write. That is the

how to change shipping speed on Amazon - changing shipping speed on Amazon

How to Change Shipping Speed on Amazon

Amazon has a group of settings that allows you to change your delivery preferences for any order you place. If you want to know how to change shipping

How to blur out parts of a picture - guy blur eyes

How to Blur Out Parts of a Picture

Blur is more of a norm when it comes to photo editing in recent times. If you have an area in your picture that is out of focus,

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